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Her bad day ends well.

Ella looked pretty strung out too; she thanked me, and asked if I would mind doing it for her the following day too. Then, before I had even left the room she rolled over, still naked, and appeared to have fallen straight to sleep. I didn't sleep quite so well that night, giving myself a good seeing to with my favourite vibrator and tossing and turning through the stifling night with visions of Ella's amazing face and boobs floating before my eyes.

The next day I passed through the room Ella was in just once, and she gave me a little wave and mouthed "See you later". All afternoon I told myself I was going to be good, and not take advantage of an innocent patient. I don't think I believed it for a moment, but I was certainly going to try. As it was, Ella inadvertently made it easy for me. (She swore later that she really hadn't been flirting with me, but I occasionally wondered.) We were in the same situation as the evening before, with me feeling just as uncomfortable, when, in a gasp, Ella asked, "Nurse, can I ask you something, well, sort of personal?" Given that I was sitting there with her bare tit in my hand, the soaking wet gusset of my knickers sticking to my pussy, I didn't really see how I could refuse! I thought my guardian angel must be somewhere close when I heard her question though: "Is it normal for a woman in the last stages of pregnancy to feel, erm, incredibly randy? I do, all the time."

This was a sort of moment of truth for me. Was I simply going to answer her question as best I could, never having been pregnant myself, and innocently finish helping her expel her unwanted lactose? Was I bugger! I told her I understood it was quite common. Then I stretched out a hand and brushed a strand of hair from her damp forehead. My voice trembling slightly, I added in the sweetest tone I could manage, "We can do something about that too, if you like."

Ella's eyes opened wide and she gave me a slightly bewildered look. Then, a picture of innocence, she looked into my eyes and asked, in a little girl voice, "Can we? But..."

I placed a finger over her lips to silence her then, my body moving before my rational mind could catch up with it, I lowered my head and sucked one of Ella's beautiful breasts into my mouth. As I gently nibbled on her nipple, tasting her rich, sweet milk for the first time, I felt her hips buck under the bed and her head fell back as she gasped, "Oh shit!" I just couldn't stop myself, despite the huge risk I was taking. The only other time I had made love with a patient it had been in a private room; now I was in an open ward with six other young mothers dozing yards away, separated from us only by a thin curtain. I guzzled Ella's milk greedily, then switched breasts. As I did she placed a hand on the back of my head, her fingers trailing softly through my short brown hair. Her breath was roaring, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

I trailed a hand down Ella's large bump, and rested it beneath the swelling, just above her shaved pubic bone. The only sounds she was able to make at that point were a series of small sighs, but she pressed a hand feebly against my wrist, pushing it downwards. It was all the encouragement I needed. My palm glided down her slick, sweaty Mons Venus, and my middle finger naturally alighted on her prominent clitoris. As I began pressing it, she clamped her forearm to her mouth to stifle the groan which erupted from her. I slipped my finger from her clit and deep inside her pussy, replacing it on her love button with my thumb. Another finger followed the first inside her, and I began slowly fucking her with them, sliding my thumb across her clit in rhythm with my thrusts.

Ella's moans were getting louder by the moment and, as much to suppress them as anything else, I pressed my mouth to hers, my tongue roaming her mouth.

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