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Keep your eyes closed and relax.

Quietly Gerald pulled out his dick. He put a drop of pre-cum on his finger and said, "Here open your mouth and wet my finger, keep your eyes closed and relax."

The pre-cum dissolved on Nicky's tongue. He did not react right away but the taste was familiar. He was sort of in an open minded trance, kind of mellow and buzzed from the joints and beer.

Gerald gently wetted Nicky's lips with the wet finger getting more and more drops of cum and spreading it on Nicky's lips and tongue.

Nicky felt heat near his face, and something brush against it while Gerald kept circling his open mouth lips with his finger. Sometimes when he wetted his finger on Nicky's tongue he gently stroked the tongue in and out with his two fingers.

Gerald said, "Close your lips around the fingers." Just keep sitting there and let me hug you. Keep an open mind and just relax.

Nicky was so stoned by now he could not keep a straight thought, and just went with the flow.

"Open your mouth again." Gerald took the head of his dick and massaged it all around Nicky's lips. "Lick your lips some more." As the tongue went around the lips collecting the pre-cum the head of Gerald's dick was in the opening and the tongue went around the dick head as well. Then Gerald inserted the dick in his mouth and rubbed his dick back and forth on the tongue. "Close your lips around it." He said this without directly saying suck the dick.

He was already pretty hard and now he came quickly, "Don't spill a drop. Taste every bit of it and swallow. Keep sucking until my dick is clean and you have every drop. We are friends and I want you to know what my cum tastes like so you can get over it all. Now suck my balls do it like you did your uncle but now do it better. Taste and lick everything he made you do but now do more."

Nicky notice the cum tasted similar but a little different. Now it appeared he was getting to know everyone by the taste of their cum.

He pushed Nicky on his back then straddled his face. "Lick my asshole and cheeks. Tongue fuck my asshole. Now I want you to kiss and lick my whole ass."

Nicky fell asleep on Gerald's bed thinking now he had tasted cum 3 times, and sucked two dicks and balls.

Chapter Three

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Nicky came back to his uncle's house. His Uncle Bob went to the fridge and got them both a wine cooler, and hugged Nicky. It was a long hug and Nicky started to feel warm. His uncle reached around to the small of his back and pulled Nicky closer so that Nicky's dick was riding on his uncle's leg. He could feel hardness in his uncle's pants. "Drink it down," his uncle said.

After about three wine coolers Nicky had a buzz. His uncle said come here let's smoke one. So they went into the bedroom where Nicky sat on the edge of the bed while his uncle lit up a joint. They took a few tokes and his uncle gave Nicky power hits until the joint was gone.

"Now close your eyes and open your mouth." Nicky felt a dick slide into his mouth. He was a little dizzy. His uncle held Nicky's head in place. "Keep your eyes closed." He thought he heard footsteps above the music. "Okay, open your eyes." Joe, Uncle Bob's friend had come over with a camera. The camera flashed, and Nicky was caught on film with a dick in his mouth. He felt a little dizzy and almost pulled away but his uncle held him firmly. "He is going to take your pictures and film you. Look up at the camera for a minute and then look into my eyes."

"Alright, hold your mouth open.

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