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Gigolo ponders a career change during a marital crisis.

Apparently, her breasts had made it difficult for the male priests to focus on their work so she was sent to repent it away to the borders.

Lora was treated like a holy object, worshipped from all directions. More orcs came around her as they heard her moaning summons. The seed was flowing through her body from many holes but nothing came out, her skin stayed clean and pure.

"May this great offering please the Great God who watches over us if you so may give these fine males your grace and blessing, make them strong and virile to serve your cause."

The priestess stopped taking a green pole to her mouth just to deliver her prayer to the heavens. Her lips soon found a new one and began sucking the seed to serve a greater cause.

A faint glow of green mixed with purple began glowing around the group of the twelve orcs taking turns to get inside the inviting holy woman. Their bodies began to grow and get hues of violet in them, muscles bulged to levels no human nor orc could normally achieve.

"Be praised, our prayers have been answered. The God has given us her blessing," Lora announced feeling the two rods in her nether holes expand to more than one direction.

The orc now with purplish rod reached through the holy gates guarding the chamber of child making and Lora let go a moan to herald its arrival. She felt closer to her God she had ever been when the now purple seed was poured into her desiring womb. Walls of the twitching hole absorbed it as an offering to her God. Soon Lora's other holes received the purple offering that was sent to her God in great volume.

** * **

The Dark God could already feel that enhancing these warriors would serve her well indeed. Her darkness would soon fill the world or to her, it was the light of truth but she did not like to use the same words than her sister so she preferred to be called the dark one just to irk the one who acted so holy.

** * **

"We must march south and we must start calling ourselves as the Curia of Lust to irk the eviler god," announced Lora after receiving direct vision-dream from the god.

Vivian did doubt its validity coming from someone who fucked orcs with smile and laugher but she was again outvoted by the other two. So the three members of the Curia of Lust and the human thralls began their journey to south with part of the gathered orcs. Even if the orcs already numbered in the hundreds more would come so some were left behind to guide the rest.

Followers of the Lustful God had been ordered to march south for the purpose of calling to arms the desert tribes of the sandmen. These men were not made of sand but their bodies suffered from an ancient curse that made them bony and pale white. Not a great combination in a desert so they wear full body outfits making it so most who have not killed one would not know how they looked.

** * **

Sandmen scouts soon found the horde and guided them to their chief. He did not talk just like the other sandmen they had met. All of their tongues were too dry to talk.

The only communication they gave to Vivian was a paper note, "Destroy the tormenting fort of the pure humans and we will send all our best bowmen with you."

Sandmen tribe would be useless in melee but their ranged skill and speed was unique among the servants of the Dark God who mostly believed in brute strength.

** * **

Vivian wanted to figure out some way to make the humans occupying the small fort go away but the paladin would not be held back. Caro had sensed another paladin nearby and simply marched to the wooden castle gate. It was not exactly the biggest or sturdiest castle. Just a makeshift clay, sand and wood fort made by the soldiers keeping the sandmen population in check. They often needed to rebuild it to chase after the tribesmen so making a proper stone fort made no sense.

"I challenge your champion to a duel," announced Caro to the men standing on top of the gate who were visibly confused.

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