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Couple's swap leads to hubby's cuckolding.

Daddy Max's Bad little Angel. It was for the best. Daddy Max walked to the wardrobe that he kept his special toys in. He opened the door and took out the box. alice continued to sleep peacefully completely unaware of what he had in store for her.

Reaching into the box Daddy Max removed his candles, some rope, and a paddle.

He stood over top of her taking in the sight of her. She was cheeky and thought she knew better than Daddy Max.

This would not do. Daddy Max unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. His cock was especially hard tonight. Taking his cock in his hand he lay it on to alice's pussy.

alice stirred as she felt the heat and throbbing from his cock on her pussy.

"Move up to the top of the bed alice" he directed.

Startled, she removed her hand from her pussy, and scooted up to the top.

"Face down alice", he said.

Rolling over on her tummy, she looked back at him over her shoulder.

Taking her hands he tied each one to the bed posts, and then proceeded to tie her feet to the rings he had installed for such an occasion. She squirmed a little trying to adjust to the tension of the ropes.

Daddy Max stood looking down at his little slave, knowing what he was about to do was for her own good. He held the paddle in his hands and asked her if she had anything to say for herself. alice thought about it for a moment and realized that she had what ever correction Daddy Max was about to give her coming to her.

An explanation was silly as she had disobeyed.

"No Daddy Max, I have nothing to say for myself".

"Fine", he said."

"Perhaps this will help you remember then." "Lift your bum up for Daddy Max".

Lifting her bum up in this position left her completely exposed to him.

Suddenly she felt the sting of the paddle land across her bottom.

She cringed and lifted her hips higher, which was met with another swat. Her ass began to take on a rosy hue as he continued to paddle her.

Daddy Max's cock was now so hard and erect that he had to stop and stroke it.

He looked down at alice's sooth ass and saw that her little pussy was wet and her sweet lil asshole quivering.

Rubbing his cock on her ass, he felt a little pre cum leak out onto her rosy ass.

Daddy Max took his cock and placed it on her ass hole. He toyed with her ass, as he could see that alice wanted his cock in her lil ass again.

He leaned over and kissed her cheeks, He could taste her salty tears. He whispered in here ear,

"Does alice want my cock?."

"Yes please Daddy Max", "I will be good for now on", she replied.

He pulled back and watched as he pushed the head of his cock into her ass.

Her tight lil hole stretched around to accommodate his cock.

He pulled back out completely and popped it back in again. Each time alice squirmed a little more.

Suddenly Daddy Max pulled his cock from her ass and walked to the other side of the bed.

Setting the candles out carefully Daddy Max lit the large one that he had placed on a plate.

Sitting himself against the stack of pillows Daddy Max reached for his glass of wine and sipped it casually.

He admired her little ass, especially when is was so pink and swollen.

He ran his hand over her ass, and asked her again what she might have to say for herself as she had not only worn panties with out his permission, but her had caught her touching her pussy with out permission as well.

"Tell Daddy Max alice", he said softly.

Between sobs alice explained that she had disobeyed.

"I missed you so much when you left today and I was thinking about our party. My pussy kept getting wet and then I thought maybe it would help if I put panties on", she replied.

Daddy Max took another sip from his wine and listened to her explanation.

"Tell me what you did when you thought of our party?", he asked.

Still sniffling, alice admitted to playing with her pussy, but again tried to say that she could not help herself. Daddy Max reached over for the candle and played with the flame.

Warm wax rolled down the side of candle form

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