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I didn't know it was a sexual experiment at the time!

Due to her current position, this time the tops of her feet positioned in front of his mouth. Tom wasted little time and started lapping at the tops of Jane's sticky nylon feet, like a puppy in front of it's water bowl, causing Jane to giggle a little at his eagerness to please her. As Tom was cleaning the top of her feet and ankles, she leaned down and very slowly swirled her tongue around the head of his cock, immediately causing Tom to gasp and his body to jerk as she caught him off guard as he was completely enthralled in his foot worship duties.

Then, very carefully, Jane slowly opened her mouth and playfully yet gently bit down on the head of Tom's cock and slowly slid her teeth to the end of his head causing Tom to moan and shiver with excitement. A large drop of precum formed at the tip of his cock and Jane eagerly devoured it, making the tip of her tongue into a little point and swabbed the tiny slit in his head. "Jesus Christ Jane!" Tom gasped as his cock started twitching immediately under her ministrations. Jane knew exactly what got Tom off and she was delighted at his obvious arousal from her teasing and yet again she found herself at the crossroads of continuing to passionately tease him or bring him to climax quickly. As much as she wanted to make his cock explode with her lips, teeth, and tongue, she opted to deny him his impending climax. Before she did however, she once again repeated her previous actions of her one-two punch by teasingly biting down on the engorged head of his cock and tantalizingly raking her teeth playfully across the taught skin of his cock head then forcing her tongue into his slit and giving Tom a powerful lick. He threw his head back and groaned loudly as his cock expanded even more and began to throb uncontrollably. Jane quickly wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, squeezing unmercifully to deny Tom the satisfaction of his imminent orgasm. Tom was panting by now, his head spinning with lust for his girlfriend as she continued to exert her total control over his mind and body.

Once Jane was satisfied that her nylon feet had been licked sufficiently clean of Tom's sperm, she slowly began to inch her way back to Tom with her ass sticking out right in his face. "Okay Tom, I think its time we got down to business. If you want to get to my pussy through my nylons then you are going to have to work for it. I won't tear them open for you, but I will help you a little along the way. First raise your head up as far as you can." Once Tom had raised his head up as far as he could, Jane inched back until the gusset of her hose were firmly planted next to his mouth.

"Alright Tom, what I want you to do now is bite down on the material and once you have a firm grip with your teeth I want you to slowly lower your head back down onto the mattress." Jane ordered. Tom quickly complied after taking a long, delicious lick from the top to the bottom of the crotch of her hose. He had a tiny mouthful of her nylons; her scent was intoxicatingly strong making Tom's arousal sore even higher. Once he was sure that he had a proper grip on the nylon he slowly lowered his head back down to the mattress, watching as the nylon fibers gradually stretched and gave way, a little tear forming. Tom was excited by the fact that he was that much closer to having direct access to Jane's succulent pussy. With his teeth still firmly grasping the initial nylon, Jane started to scoot forward causing the gusset to eventually rip open at it's seams. Tom let go of the nylon in his mouth and it immediately snapped back into place, lightly smacking Jane square on her clit causing her to moan. Tom inspected the hole they had both worked to create and fortunately it was perfect, framing Jane's pussy and ass for him to adore, with several sexy runs traveling several inches down the insides of her thighs.

Jane could wait no longer and she turned around and immediately straddled and

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