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As they walked along the path, Nikki saw that Elena was walking ahead eagerly, taking the lead, and was content to drop back to Amarisa's side.

"Do you walk this path often? When you lived here, I mean." She said, and Amarisa nodded.

"It's peaceful, some of the mermaids come here every single day. This is the main path but the path splits into multiple paths once we get higher, you can also make your own path, but I don't recommend it, everyone takes care to move fallen branches off the path but there's no way to do that everywhere. Ooh hold on." She walked off the path and started kicking the ground as she walked.

"Hehehe!" She said, as mushrooms and bits of dirt flew into the air away from her feet.

"Oh my god, you like to do that too!" Nikki said with a laugh, following behind Amarisa to do the same.


"We're almost there!" Ahri turned around to call to the two giggling girls twenty minutes later. Amarisa and Nikki were both sweaty from the mushroom kicking exercise and they walked up to her eagerly. They scaled one final small hill before they reached the clearing, a lake that was small enough that they could see its entire area, but large enough to look very welcoming in the noon's heat.

"Why don't we all wash up and we can have some lunch." Ahri said, spreading out a picnic blanket and placing the backpack she had brought on it.

"Okay!" Nikki said eagerly, grabbing Amarisa's hand and pulling her to the lake.

"They're so cute together." Elena watched them fondly, and she heard Ahri agree behind her.

When the two girls returned, they sat down to enjoy the sandwiches Ahri had made for them.

"Mm..." Nikki and Amarisa said in unison, and Elena begrudgingly had to admit that the chicken salad sandwiches were really good.

"Looks like you have a rival, Elena." Amarisa commented with a chuckle.

"Perhaps." Elena said, looking over at Ahri, "Maybe we should have a cook off and determine who is the best chef."

"You're on." Ahri said, a gleam in her eye. Ah so there is some fight in you, even though you pretend to be the dutiful housewife, Elena thought to herself.

Elena and Ahri sat on the picnic blanket, taking turns drinking from the thermos of tea that Ahri had packed. Amarisa and Nikki had left for a walk, and sensing that the two wanted to be alone, Ahri and Elena decided to stay behind.

"This is a great place." Elena said, watching the wind blow ripples across the lake, the chatter of birds in the trees. She stood up, walking to the lake, the turquoise lake was so clear she could see to the bottom of it.

"I'm going to go for a run before they get back." She decided suddenly as she walked back to the picnic blanket. "Want to come with?"

Her feet danced across the forest floor, snapping branches underneath her feet. She felt that rush of adrenaline whenever she ran in a foreign area, the excitement of not knowing what lay ahead, she lived for these moments, when nothing else mattered except the feeling of blood pumping through her body, her own breathing. She ran fast and hard, past towering oak trees, over clumps of moss, up and down the roughly made path.

"Elena!" She heard a raspy gasp behind her and finally slowed down. A feeling of guilt washed over her when she saw how pale and out of breath Ahri was, she had assumed the mermaid could keep up.

"Whew, maybe we should sit down." She said, but Ahri stumbled past her, to the lake. She splashed in, the area was deep enough so she could sink in up to her neck, and there she treaded water, the gills on her side of her neck working furiously. Elena walked over to sit down on the ground next to her.

"Are you ok?" She asked, concerned. Oh god Amarisa will murder me if she finds out I killed her cousin, Elena thought. But Ahri was already looking a lot better.

"I didn't know you were so fast." Ahri said, impressed.

"Yeah, well I've had a lot of practice.

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