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David explores his sexuality with other men.

He grabbed Anna's head with both hands and started to pump his hips off the seat, fucking her mouth with his dick as he held her down into his lap.

Half a dozen thrusts was all it took and pretty soon he was spurting heavily down his partners throat, filling her mouth with his sticky cum.

Once he was spent and released her head, Anna straightened up, a dark look on her face and a couple of dribbles of cum around her lips. Before she could tell him off however their booth was approached by a tall, skinny black man.

"I'm Leroy, I understand you want to meet the Boss," he said taking both of the secret agents by surprise.

Chapter Two

Anna Nicole Smith and Jimbo Bond were given a surprising sight when they were brought to speak with The Boss. The Boss himself was nothing unusual, a middle aged Italian man with gray hair and a constant angry scowl on his face.

It was not the sight of The Boss that surprised them, but two other things. Firstly he had his pants down around his knees and a voluptuous blonde was bent over the desk in front of him as he held her nicely curved hips and was busy fucking her vigorously. The second thing was the fact that the voluptuous blonde was none other than the famous actress of Baywatch fame - Erika Eleniak.

"Welcome to my home," the Boss said in greeting, not stopping pumping his dick against Erika's pussy, his balls slapping her ass with every thrust.

Jimbo licked his lips and felt his recently spend dick stir at the sight of the big busted blonde being screwed by the Boss, her heavy breasts jiggling and swaying as he rammed her hard from behind.

"Thanks for the invite," said Anna after Jimbo didn't answer right away.

The Boss paused for a moment, his cock buried to the hilt up inside Erika, "I understand you were looking for me. What is it that you want?"

Anna elbowed Jimbo in the ribs. He gasped in pain and managed to tear his eyes off the sight of Erika Eleniak getting fucked doggy style, "We want work. We wanted to join your organization."

The Boss smiled and drew his large penis out of Erika's cunt, when the head of his cock was just passing her vaginal lips he rammed it back in hard and deep causing Erika to moan loudly.

"Who are you both and why would I want you?" he asked, sliding a hand along Erika's side and reaching under to grab a swinging breast and pinch the nipple.

"I'm James Cameron and this is my wife Anna. Surely you have heard of us," said Jimbo licking his lips as he watched the Boss resume his thrusting.

"The movie director?" asked Leroy from behind.

"No you idiot," replied Jimbo, "The criminal mastermind."

"Oh," the tall black man replied sheepishly.

"Well you've got my attention," said the Boss once again pausing his assault on Erika's pussy, "I'll tell you what. I will give you a chance to prove yourselves. In a couple of hours Leroy and a few of my men are meeting a contact for a drug pickup. I want the two of you to go along and help out."

"Done!" said Jimbo a little to enthusiastically for Anna's liking.

The Boss waved them away as he again grabbed Erika's hips and started to pump against her well rounded ass.


It was freezing cold that night out on the docks and Anna's tiny skirt and halter outfit did nothing to keep her warm. The cold was making her nipples jut out like bullets, something that seemed to attract the attention of both Leroy and Jimbo.

"Come over here Anna, and I'll keep you warm," Jimbo offered with a lecherous smile.

"I'm okay," replied Anna through chattering teeth, at least he wasn't calling her Agent Titties at the moment.

It wasn't much longer before their contact for the deal arrived. At the sight of him however Anna's face went pale.

On her very first assignment for the agency she had been sent undercover as a junkie to do a drug bust.

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