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The new couple in the neighborhood share a sexy afternoon.

She raised her ass up off the couch so that I could slide them off then spread her legs for me once they'd been cast aside. I was kissing her smooth inner thighs while again admiring her trim silver bush before running my tongue up her juicy slit. She moaned even louder as I slurped up her flowing nectar before slipping a couple of fingers into her. As I started pumping them in and out, I was licking and sucking her clit while she continued moaning and humped toward my face.

I glanced up beyond her scrumptious titties and saw a look of happiness and pleasure on her face and was pleased that I'd been able to put it there. Her moaning was turning to heavy breathing that was almost panting until her body suddenly began to shake and she let out a cry. I knew that she was worked up and had been full of anticipation, but I hadn't expected her to cum so quickly. On the other hand, she'd had more than sixty years to get to know her body and figure out how to cum. I didn't know how long her husband had been gone and whether she'd been getting laid at all since then, but I was sure that she'd taken the time to become intimately familiar with herself. I continued eating her pussy because I wasn't nearly ready to be done even though she'd cum. She didn't seem to have an issue with me remaining on my knees with my face between her thighs and very quickly sounded as though she was building to another orgasm.

I didn't change my technique since it appeared to be working just fine and I suspected Lois wouldn't be shy about telling me if she wanted something different. Her pussy seemed to get even wetter and hotter the longer I went down on her and each time she came it seemed to get a flood of additional lubrication. I think it was about four orgasms before my tongue was starting to wear out and my cock was threatening to burst from my jeans so, once she was coming down from the last one, I straightened up and pushed my jeans and underwear down to my knees. She was breathing heavy and had a glazed look in her eyes but smiled as I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her hot, wet pussy. She moaned again as I slipped easily into her then reached up to pull me toward her. We started making out again as I slid my cock in and out of her.

I reached down to fondle her tits, savoring the feel of the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples against my palms. Her pussy felt outstanding and it was an effort to fuck her slowly rather than just pounding her pussy until I shot into it. I might have gotten to that point too quickly if she hadn't noticed something.

"You're still dressed," she said, pulling her mouth from mine. It was true; I'd dropped my pants but still had them and my shirt on. I pulled out of her and yanked my shirt off then stood up. She sat up and started taking my pants the rest of the way down as I kicked off my shoes. I stepped out of my pants and underwear then she slipped my socks off. She indicated for me to sit beside her as she slipped her stockings off then she turned and straddled me, reaching down to guide my cock back into her as I brought my hands to her tits again. She started out riding me slowly and brought her lips to mine again, her tongue slipping into my mouth. My hands snuck around to squeeze her ass as it bounced up and down and I was soon pushing up into her each time she came down. I could feel her tits bouncing so I started to alternate between her tits and her ass while she slipped a hand down to rub her clit as she rode me.

We had to stop making out as she rode me harder and faster because it just became too difficult.

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