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Terri left in tears, and I went out to talk to the kids.

Three months later things were settling in for the three of us. I was making absolutely sure that Terri got her visitation, and the kids were beginning to forgive her a bit, as well as becoming accustomed to just the three of us living together. James had turned 16, and I bought him a car, so he could pick up Leslie from school, and run errands for us.

On a Friday, I got a call from James.

"Dad, Tiana and her mother have a problem."

Tiana was James' girlfriend, and had been for about two months.

"What's going on?"

"Their condo just burned down, and they really don't have any place to stay. Can they stay with us for awhile?"

I inquired a bit more, and finally told James to meet me at the house, and we could see what could be done. I had gotten Tiana's mother's cell phone number and talked to her a bit, indicating that something could well be done, but that we needed to talk about it.
I had met Tiana before; it was one of my rules, that I meet anyone that James was dating. Tiana was a quite pretty young woman, Eurasian it appeared, but very self-possessed. When I met her mother, Ginny, I could see where Tiana had gotten her looks. Ginny was probably a couple of inches or so shorter than I am, Eurasian as her daughter was, but with smaller breasts that Tiana had.

It turned out that Ginny and Tiana had lost everything in the fire. Ginny still had her car and her laptop, but other than that they had only the clothes on their backs.

I told Ginny that she and Tiana could use the mother-in-law apartment over the garage, there wasn't a kitchen, but there was a bedroom and bath, which should serve them. The only problem was that it had never been set up that way and there were no beds.

Ginny looked at me, thanked me, and told me that there was one additional problem.

"I was laid-off from my job a week ago, and unemployment has not kicked in yet. I've spent a good portion of my savings on buying the condo; I don't think that I am going to be able to find an apartment without having a job. I also can't ask you to house us until I do get a job."

I thought about it for a couple of minutes, and then decided.

"Tonight you and Tiana are going to have to settle for sleeping bags. Tomorrow we will go down and get a couple of beds. You are welcome to stay with us until you get yourself back on your feet. I would prefer that you spend your money on clothes for you and Tiana. We can deal with the rest of it as it comes along."

A couple of days later we had beds for Ginny and Tiana. Ginny was going to use her unemployment and savings to buy clothes for the two of them. The cost of food would be shared, 80%-20%. Other than that, we would just share whatever expenses we ran up against.

Monday I came home to a completely clean house, and dinner cooking in the oven. I told Ginny that this was not expected, but she simply laughed and told me that she was going to contribute, even if I didn't want her to.

It was interesting, the first time Terri came by to pick up the kids, and Ginny answered the door. Terri went ballistic. Apparently the kids had just not said anything about Ginny. When I came in, Terri started screaming at me that she knew I had been having affairs and now she had proof.

I simply told Terri that my life was none of her business and if she didn't like it, too bad. We weren't married any longer, and she had no hold on me at all.

Six months later, Ginny and Tiana were still living with us.

Ginny and I had fallen into a routine.

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