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Don't put this on me, Robin. I'm sorry you made a bad decision, but you made it."

"I know that," she hissed defensively. Her hard features relaxed slowly, and she slid back across the table, taking up her drink. "I'll sweeten the bet."

I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. "How so?"

She gulped down the rest of her cosmo, took a breath to steady herself. "One round, five large," she said. "Cobb deals. I win, I take your money and pay off Navokov and go home with my kneecaps intact."

"And if you lose . . . ." I prompted.

Robin stared at the top of the table, licking the edges of her teeth. Her pale cheeks colored slightly. "If I lose . . . I still get the five."

I snorted. "And what the hell do I get?"

She lifted her dazzling green eyes slowly. "Me."

"Ooo," I heard Cobb mutter in interest.

I blinked, wondering if I had heard Robin correctly. "What was that?" I asked.
Robin closed her eyes, her narrow chest swelling as she filled her lungs. She gave me a brave look. "If you win, you can have me, Nick, all night. Any way you want, as much as you want. I won't say no, I won't have a headache. Anything you want, Nick. Anything."

I felt my libido stirring, making my cock swell in my slacks. "And you still get your five large," I said.

Robin nodded slowly. "Yes."

I snickered. "Sounds like you can't lose," I said.

She shrugged, then smiled in that confident way I had seen several times across the green felt of a poker table. "No, but you can."

I fell quiet, contemplating the eight-thousand-plus sitting in my wallet, how I had come to the casino with only five hundred. If I agreed to Robin's proposal, I would still head home with over six times as much as I had invested in the night . . . and, if I won, carnal knowledge of Robin. As a gambler, I could appreciate the intricacy of the bet. Five grand on the line, versus Robin's charms and complete submission.

I looked to Cobb for his input, saw the encouraging grin there. If nothing else, I knew, Cobb wanted the vicarious thrill of having been part of this deal, come what may.

I met Robin's eyes once more. "I'm a fairly kinky guy," I said.

She nodded. "I know," she said with a sly smile.

I laughed, downed my Scotch. "What the hell. You're on."


Both Cobb and I were pretty well 'in' with the casino owner, so it took only a simple request to get a private room. Robin and I faced one another across the small, felt-topped table as Cobb took the dealer's post. We did not use chips, nor cash. The stakes were clear.

"Five card stud," Cobb said, flipping the cards out fluidly. Robin and I stared at one another as we caught and gathered them up. Her bright green orbs glittered in the light of the room, fixated upon me.

"No bets, no raises," Cobb continued. "One round to exchange cards. It's put up, or, uh . . . put out."

I smirked slightly at his words, only briefly taking my eyes off Robin to check my hand. I had crap. Only the queen of diamonds to sit high, if it came to that.

Robin stared back. "Two cards," she said, sliding her discards across the table. Cobb cast two fresh ones to her, and she took them up, her eyes blazing fiercely at me. Her doll-pale cheeks glowed with rouge.

"Two," I said as well, and took up the new cards Cobb gave me. I tried not to grin as I settled the queen of hearts next to her sister. A high pair. Tough to beat.

For a long moment, Robin and I simply gazed into one another's eyes. I relished the thought that I had a chance to bed her, and not only that, but in any way I wished. As much as I wished. I could see myself as a happy, content, and thoroughly satisfied man come the morning.

"Call," I said, and set my queens upon the table.

Robin stared at my cards for a long moment, her lips slowly parting. She looked to her hand, breathed slowly in and out . . . then folded her cards down. She pushed back from the table and regarded me with an inscrutable expression.

"What room?" she asked me.

For a moment, I took pity upon her once more. "You don't—"


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