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Cal and Claire's story.

Torc had his arm around me his cock still nestled inside my ass.

I snuggled back in to Torc's muscular embrace. 'I could get used to this.' I thought sleepily. It took a moment for that to sink in. 'What the hell am I thinking? I have to get out of here!'

I wiggled as carefully as I could to dislodge Torc. I slid Toby's leg off mine and slowly rose to my feet. Gingerly stepping over body parts and suspicious puddles I slipped into the bedroom.

I dashed around grabbing clothes and throwing them on. I couldn't find a bra in the dark, but with Ben snoring softly on the bed I just tied the shirt to support me. Luckily my car keys were near the shorts I pulled on.

Once outside, I ran to the car and promptly swallowed a scream of frustration.

My car was supported by two carjacks. They'd removed two of the wheels. Including the router thingies.

Looking back at the cabin, I considered going back for the keys to the truck. Going back in meant a higher risk of getting caught. If someone woke up...

So I turned and ran.

Down the mountain as fast as I could, staying on the road. A fall would cause serious damage, but if I had to run on a broken leg I would. I focused on keeping my footing while running as fast as I could. And then a figure stepped out onto the road. I swallowed a shriek while trying to dodge the figure.

Two hands darted out and wrapped around my waist.

"Where's the fire, beautiful?"

"Let me go!"

"Do you really want that, or is it part of your little game?"

"Game? You're one of them! Let go of me!"

"Oh, no sweetness. I'm Roy. I haven't been one of them for a while. They are afraid of me. Do you want me to tell you why?"

"I don't really give a rats ass! Get your hands off me!"

"I don't mind a little resistance, Hell, I even enjoy it. But if you don't settle down, I'm going to have to quiet you."

I didn't like the sound of that. So I kept quiet and glared at him in stony silence.

"Now let's see what we got here. Pretty little thing, ain't cha? I've seen prettier, though, you'll do."

"Oh, I'm so relieved I have your approval. I said let me go!" I bit down hard on his arm.

"Obviously those boys haven't trained you properly yet, so I'll do them a favor and give you a free lesson. Causing me pain," He let his hand fly and clubbed me across the cheek. "causes you more pain."

I hit the ground hard, my face on fire. He jerked me to my feet and ripped my shirt open. His calloused hands engulfed my breasts and squeezed cruelly. I whimpered in pain and then said through gritted teeth, "Look, they are not stress balls. You can't grip them like that. It hurts."

"Does it? I never knew. Now shut up. I'm exploring." His hand drifted lower. "What do we have here?" He cupped my ass.

I pushed against his shoulders. "Stop, stop! I'm sore! That fucking hurts!"

"Anymore sass, girl, and I'll have to pop you one again." He squeezed again for good measure, causing me to cry out. "Oh baby, make that noise again. It does things inside."

"I'll scream, bring them down here, and they'll kick your ass!"

"You assume they care enough to bother. They'll get another girl, always do..."

"They like me. Like to fuck me, anyway. They say I have the best pussy."

"You really think so, you idiot? They always say that!"

"Be that as it may, I know they'll come for me."

"You sound so sure. Do you think they'll want you after I've stretched you out? When you're covered in my cum, reeking of our sweat? I promise once I'm done with you're cunt, I'm gonna split your ass wide open."

He forced me to the ground, slobbering all over my face while he fumbled with his zipper. His oversize belly was keeping me from breathing properly. "Let me up, I mean it!" I gasped.

Roy just laughed. I heard a noise in the woods behind him. I glanced over his shoulder and saw nothing but shadows.

"What do you think, boys? Should we help her?" That sounded like Torc.

"She did run away from us." Toby stated.

"I say let Roy have her. Serves her right."

"Now Ben, you don't mean that."

"Can you think of a wo

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