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Lucky guy acquires a second sex slave. Oh dear!

"Your penis is like a hanging labia, Palmer...isn't that too bad?"

But Tammi's body was formidable, and she would also decorate her own peach breasts in frilly underwire bras, and sometimes she would tie me to the bed, remove my underwear and then dance in front of me, laughing nastily as my cock would grow.

As I lay there, bound and writhing, my horny body bouncing, Tammi would lean down and rub her pink orbs against my own narrow chest and then sometimes rub her nipples on my penis, which would harden into a baseball bat, it seemed...

Tammi would sometimes then lecture me solemnly for my bad wee- wee, and take one of her thick mules off, and beat my balls with the heel until I screamed!

Before dropping the shoe again... and kissing my tear stained face, and telling me she was my sweet baby, as she'd stroke my nipples, before of course, twisting them!

Other times Tammi would jerk my cock for hours, pulling back just as I was on the brink of cumming...

Yes, she'd sometimes shove one of her pointed purple nails into my urethra until I was about to scream, though of course I didn't want Mistress Hedwig to catch us!

Three hours into a teasing, my cock and balls would be quite a hue of blue, and Tammi would be laughing as she'd bunch her cleavage together with one hand as she stroked the pulsing, throbbing vein on the bottom of my engorged penis with the other.

"You are such a dork, Palmer. I know you want me. My boyfriend, Skezz Mulcahy, the head gangster in the Smoking area thinks you are such an honor society dork.

He really loves punching your face in when you sneak by the Engineering seminar on your way to choir practice. What a little faggot you are...and you'd do anything to get in my pants, wouldn't you?"

And there she had me...

One of the worst situations that Tammi put me in, was when she invited me to a rainbow party.

A rainbow party is when a group of twentysomethings get together, and the girls try on different lipsticks and then give the boys blowjobs.

I had seen my cousin and her friends holding multicolored lipsticks at the cosmetics counter at Walgreens, and I was excited for attending this...

After all, I was a star athlete, and thought all the high school football stars would be there...and they were!

I'd heard from a friend that after one party he'd been at, (I had wanted to go, but Mistress Hedwig wouldn't let me out that night)

That he'd had a rainbow of different lipstick marks on his penis, as seven different girls had gone down on him...what fun!

And Tammi ran interference with Mistress Hedwig so I could get out...but when I got to the party, Tammi and her friends Naomi, Rachel, Eden and Ruthie, put me in a ballet tutu and gave me a wig...

Yes and told me that I would be "Pernilla" for the night...they wanted my cocksucking skills!

It was true that Mistress Hedwig had taken my brothers and I to raise money for one of her charities, and had us suck off drunken transients in the public restrooms ($10 a blowjob) in a local park...

But Mistress Hedwig had promised me she wouldn't tell anyone that she'd done this...but Tammi smirked at me that night and apparently Mistress Hedwig had betrayed my confidence....

I did try to balk, and Tammi held me down while Ruthie whipped my ass with her mom's broomstick and I don't take pain well...

And then she ran the stick up my ass...and I submitted! And they sure painted me up!

I do have a pretty face, and the girls stuffed my top with breast forms and Kleenex, and when I went out, seeing my buddies on the football team...

No, they didn't recognize me, miraculously....and I left many rainbows on many penises...Oh, it was so disgusting!

Then the girls let a couple fellows fuck me in the ass, pulling up my tutu and having the boys pound their penises in!

They made the boys wear condoms, and I don't have AIDS today...I should be grateful, right?

After I finished grad school and moved to the big city, I thought I could go back to being sexually normal.

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