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The adventure continues with a great trip to the beach.


Edward finished the thought, "In this way we establish the bond between what has been and what will be."

All three went to their knees. The one in front of me began to lick and suck my balls. The other two, nibbled, licked and kissed my ass cheeks. In a few minutes they began to rotate around me. My head spun as my cock went in and out of different mouths and tongues found their way to all of my most imitate places. As my cock exploded, I looked down. I saw that it was Ralph's belly that was receiving my cum. However, I was certain that my time with the alumni was not over. As Ralph milked every last drop of cum from my slowly shrinking cock the other two stood up and held me. If not for them I might have fallen as I felt wobbly like my knees were made of Jello.

When Ralph released my cock they helped me into a chair. They stood in front of me letting me admire their bodies. They all had great looking cocks. There was no more than an inch separating them in length. I guessed they were around seven inches; all were cut and had nice mushroom heads and thickness. Only Edward's graying pubic hair gave a hint of their ages. Ralph's pubic hair was trimmed and I assumed dyed. Stanley had a very small patch of light brown curls at the base of his dick with tattoo of a cheetah in full stride running above it. I assumed the custom was oldest first when Ralph stepped up in front of me.

I didn't need any commands. It was obvious that I was going to suck them all. At least I hoped that was the plan. I began to fondle the older man's balls as I took his still viral cock between my lips. I could feel the other two staring at me as I began to suck Ralph's cock. I did my best to put on a good show. For the next ten or fifteen minutes I lustfully sucked his cock taking him deep. Without warning he pulled away, grabbed his cock and jacked off on my face. He had a very satisfied look on his face as he wiped the last droplets on my lips. I ignored the cum dripping down my cheek as Edward stepped in front of me and presented his twitching cock to be sucked. I gave him the same treatment and in less than five minutes he was spraying his cum all over my face. He too seemed very satisfied.

When Stanley moved in front of me I could see a large bead of precum oozing out of his cum hole. I grabbed his cock and licked the sickly fluid from his cock. The way he reacted I could tell he had a very sensitive cock head. I began to swirl my tongue around his spongy glans and teased the flared ridge and tiny little slit with the tip of my tongue. He jerked around and moaned seductively.

"Jesus, are driving me nuts! I am going to have to fuck that hot mouth if you keep it up!" He exclaimed.

Those were the first words that any of them had spoken since the cock sucking had begun. I knew I was really getting him going and took it as a challenge. I had never really had my mouth fucked fully. I was ready for a new experience if he was ready to give it so I kept up the licking and teasing. In another couple of minutes he grabbed my head and began forcing his cock into my mouth. I forced myself to relax and breathe through my nose as he pushed his cock deeper. Soon he was pistoning in and out of my mouth pushing his cock into my throat with each thrust. He didn't manage to pull away before cumming. A huge ribbon of cum splashed against the back of my throat. I happily swallowed the musky treat as he sprayed the rest of his cum on my lips and chin.

I was hard again and ready to go for more. However, it appeared that my alumni cum exchange might be over when I saw Edward start to dress. Stanley was sitting in the chair next to me still trying to catch his breath. Ralph was playing with his semi erect dick and ogling my erection with a lustful gleam in his eye.

"John, you are going to be a great addition to the brotherhood. Keep up the good work," Edward said as he fastened his belt.

"Brother Ed, I don't think we can leave the young man just yet," Ralph said slyly.

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