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She's taken advantage of onstage...or is she?

I gave her the message my eyes riveted on her big breasts and her bushy underarms. A musky odor wafted across the room from her bushy underarms. It smelled of sweat and sweetness and I felt like kissing them. She had put her arms down though she was still standing in her white sports bra and her track pants. Clearly the bushy hair in her underarms could not be hidden even with her arms clamped down as it stuck out in sharp contrast with the whiteness of her white bra. The jet-black hair of her bushy armpits grew thickly and evenly and stuck out a few inches from the sides too. I told her I would check the flight arrivals but when I went down there was another call from Milan that the flight had been cancelled and she was coming by train on the following day.

I went back to tell Silvia that Gina was only coming the following day. She was in the bath and I waited till she came out. She was a sight and I knew that she was trying to excite me. I told her "I have never seen a woman with bushy armpits in my life. It looks so sexy and I have always fantasized about hairy pits but here in England all women shave their underarms." I did not dare tell her that I was a virgin I had not yet made love to a woman though I must have masturbated a million times. I had an aching erection, which was throbbing, in my underpants waiting to jump out.

She looked at me amazed "How come you are a virgin. I know you English shave off your body hair not like we Italians we like showing our body hair." Saying this she lifted her arms and gave me another eyeful of her hirsute armpits. I wanted to crawl into the foliage in her armpits but I did have the courage or the experience to tackle her.

I sloppily kissed her and she squeezed my prick. Though I am saying so myself I have a very large prick. I unzipped myself and Silvia's eyes fell on my cock and she pulled up a stool, sat down and began gently jerking my cock. I instantly got hard, practically knocking her off the stool with the sudden force of my erection. It took a woman's touch, I figured. She took the head of my cock and tried to suck it. I groaned with ecstasy and disappointment, as all she could do was lick it.

Silvia said, "You know you are awfully big and rather unusually sized. How big is your shaft". This kind of talk was tough to digest. "I am at least twelve inches" "Twelve inches she gasped. I want to measure it. She took out a measuring tape and placed it along side my shaft and said "Eleven and a half inches." She pooped it back into her excited mouth and just continued to slobber along the side of my cock, rubbing it over her face, and rubbing it with her hands.

"I'm never going to get that thing inside of me, but I think I can do this," she said as she put my cock between her tits. This was new to me, and she had me fuck the space between her heavy breasts as she bent her head over and mouthed the head of my cock each time it emerged a alternatively along it to graze the lush carpet in her unshaven armpit gardens. I fucked away at her face with her breasts gently cradling me and she wrapped both hands around my cock, which felt much better but still it wasn't going to get me off.

Silvia said I would have to wait till I could fill her pussy with my cock. "Do you have a condom?" she said. I said "No". How was I to know that I would be able to fuck this awesome Italian? I was still shy in going to a shop and picking up a condom. She said "I will still educate you" and she turned around and asked me to fuck her in her ass. Whew, I had never done that before but I sure was willing to try! Her anus was painfully tight, even with a whole bunch of lubricant inserted and all this was exciting me beyond the brink. I did not know how my massive dick would enter her soft hairy ass but I pushed it in as her ass adjusted to my enormous prick. I knew that this would push me over the edge and I just leaned back and blasted her insides with my molten cum.

Silvia pulled me away from her and began mouthing my still blasting d

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