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Russ and Becca shop an adult toy store.

I reached behind me to find his cock so hard and straining against his pants. In just a little bit, my dad's cock will be inside me. I felt his hand reach down and finger my pussy. My clit was so ready for his touch. All day long I'd been thinking about getting laid and I remember in economics class I spaced out for just a minute thinking about the way his cock just opens the lips of my sensitive labia and I just tingled again.

"Dad, I need you inside me!" It was a long breathy growl as he slipped a finger deep inside. I squeezed his cock and began to turn around to finish undressing him.

"I'll put on the answering machine and meet you upstairs, Sweetheart." I could hear he was out of breath as well. I pulled away and picked up my clothes to go upstairs. I passed my room and realized, for over two months on rotation with my Mom's place, I hadn't even slept in my bed here. Wow! At least two weeks of every month I don't sleep alone. Not something a sixteen year-old can brag about to her friends, but certainly something I can feel warm and loved about inside.

Dad grabbed my hand and we smiled at each other. Both naked now we went to our bedroom and embraced. Dad looked at me and said; "I've got a surprise for you."

I laughed and said; "I like your surprise every time I stay here." He pulled back the bedspread and I saw satin sheets just like in the movies. They were all silky and glistened in the afternoon light. I sat down and he stood in front of me as the satin texture just caressed my ass. I looked up at him and knew what he wanted. I'd only done it a few times, but, it was becoming one of my favorite things to do.

I reached for his penis and brought my head close to kiss the tip. It was wet with pre-cum and I brought it to my lips. I slowly kissed and licked it like an Ice cream cone and took more and more into my mouth. I opened up and brought my head forward. It's interesting to think that I feel my father's balls against my chin as I swallow the head of his cock. I wondered what it meant when someone said "Cocksucker." Now I am one.

I heard my dad groaning with the pleasure of my ministrations. One of his hands caressed the back of my head as I bobbed forward and back again bringing him closer to a climax. Yes; he's going to cum in my mouth and I looked up to see him bending forward with his eyes closed. His other hand sought and found my breast. He's getting closer as I felt his balls rising tighter to his body. Now the flared tip of his penis was expanding and getting firmer. I reached up and squeezed his balls and a moment later the first squirt of semen hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as more and more cum unloaded. My breast was in a firm grip and the hand at the back of my head grabbed my hair as he fired four solid blasts of cum down my throat.

I popped his cock out of my mouth and lay back on the satin sheets glowing with a sense of accomplishment. Dad rolled in next to me and kissed me as his hands swept over my body. It was an electric touch and he started to focus again as his tongue entered my mouth. Passion raged into a higher flame as my legs spread for his hand to attack my pussy. I was wetter than ever and his kisses traveled down the side of my neck to my breasts. My nipples were pointed and sensitive as he sucked them to prominence. One finger entered my cunt and his thumb began to stroke my clit.

Gradually he moved down my body. I knew what was coming. Daddy was going to give me a lickin'. His head moved down as he reversed himself against me. I felt him lift me and my legs spread over his head. He leaned forward and I felt his tongue slide up and down my soaking slit. The sparks flew. I was so turned on I knew it wouldn't be long until I came. Just as I started to peak, dad slowed and concentrated on my clit. Both his hand squeezed my ass to bring me forward. I felt his breath and I really came! Oh, god did I come.

He rolled me on my back again as I slowly recovered from such a huge orgasm.

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