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Lunch at the Faculty Club.

By the third footfall, Seth's tensed body relaxed and the throes of his orgasm hit. The churning mass of cum that he had made found its way into Madeline's mouth. She swallowed, her lips clamped around his pulsing tip, her hand working to shoot all of the semen into her waiting throat as quickly as she could.

Emma had reached the last step by then, she was approaching and panic was setting in, Madeline had only just taken her mouth off of his spent cock. He struggled to push his wet rod back into his jeans. Madeline stood calmly, wiping her hand across her lips. She gulped loudly, swallowing the last mouthful of spunk as Emma turned the corner.

Seth was enclosed, his jeans zipped by then, but he felt disheveled and weak in the knees. The sound of Madeline swallowing his semen while smiling to greet his wife's return sparked something in him. He should have felt shame or disgust, but somehow, knowing that his wife had almost caught them, and that she was unaware that her husband had just deposited a load of cum into the realtor's stomach was a huge turn on for him.

"Sorry about that," Emma said apologetically, "they are lost without me. So, did I miss anything?"

"I was going over some details with Madeline." Seth said, almost too quickly and too automatically.

"Yes," Madeline smiled warmly, "it was quite a mouthful to go over but I think I covered all of it for him pretty well."

Her word play was making Seth's head spin, he was dizzy and hot, "If you two will excuse me, I think I'm going to check the yard out once more while I process what we just went over." Seth spoke and headed for the stairs.

Madeline called after him, "don't worry, us girls will be going over some of these details. We'll be here when you're ready." The implication was clear, but Seth would have to leave Emma to her own devices while he recovered from the thorough draining Madeline had given him.

As soon as he scuttled off upstairs, Madeline set to work on Emma. The young wife watched her husband turn and retreat from the basement, and she was a little confused if not worried that maybe Seth was feeling ill.

"What do you think of the house?" She asked, starting her seduction of Emma in earnest.

"It's beautiful," Emma replied grinning, "I can see us being very happy here."

"Good," Madeline responded, "let's have a seat and discuss some things then." She motioned to the bar stools, and followed Emma over taking a seat beside her. She rested her hand briefly on Emma's thigh as she sat. She felt Emma shy away slightly at her touch, but with a warm smile she put the younger woman at ease, and she smiled back at Madeline. "Now then, I just want to go over some stuff with you about closing costs, things like that."

As Madeline spoke, she swayed back and forth, the bar stool rotated, and soon she had Emma glancing down from time to time. Because she kept one leg on her stool's foot rest and the other on pressed against the bar's surface to propel the stool, Madeline's legs would open and close. Her carefully hiked skirt allowed just enough exposed. When open, the light spilled across her thighs and up her skirt giving Emma the brief image of black lace above the tops of her stockings, before closing again.

"Often I can get the seller to cover the closing costs," Madeline continued, noting Emma's eyes now stayed exclusively downward at her plied legs, "but I will need a good faith effort on the part of the buyer. A show of good commitment, if you will. Seth was pretty firm in his willingness to show me, are you able to give me something as well?"

"Yeah, I believe I can," Emma repeated, her eyes were glued to the space between Madeline's thighs where the milky flesh parted, she became aware that her legs were staying open. It was almost hesitantly that she pried her eyes upward to see the look in Madeline's eyes.

"Then get on your knees for me.

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