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Jean tells all.

We'll be storing all of the hardware and china in our bin outside behind the bar. If you have any questions step up and ask." He said, waiting. "If we don't have any questions the kitchen crew can get back to their duties. Serving and cleanup crew will proceed out back and check on the tables. Make sure that the tablecloths are still in place, silverware is set and candles lit at the tables. Questions?"
He looked around but didn't find any. Apparently this was a well-oiled operation, with only I being a potential squeaky cog. Without saying a word, the group disbanded to their various tasks. I noticed Tina heading through the doorwall onto the deck and I followed, trying to keep up. It was a cool afternoon and I could feel the breeze as it ran across my legs. I wasn't cold because the adrenaline running in me now was firing the internal furnace.

My breathing had picked up as we got ready for guests and I noticed the large tent for the first time. It literally looked like something from a circus and my mind did a quick check of the tables, calculating two hundred plus placesettings. Tonight looked more like a large wedding reception instead of a fund raising party.

Tina stepped up next to me and explained the layout.

"Our area of responsibility for tonight is the deck here and everyone on the lawn. Our group doesn't have assigned tables so we move amidst them all. Bringing drinks, clearing plates to that hopper." She said, pointing behind the bar. It's a buffet so we won't be serving anyone but there is bread and butter on the tables that will need refilling from the area next to our BBQ's." I followed her finger to where she was pointing and could see a setup off to one side of the yard, the blue smoke rising from the portable grills, the smell of cooking meet was marvelous.

"On the tables you'll also find various salad dressing, etc. that will need refilling early on until the main course is ready. If someone asks for something and you're not sure, flag me down. If I don't know we go to Anthony or Jerry. Sound easy enough?" she asked, studying me.

I nodded; looking around the yard as the sounds of the first guests reached us.

"Looks like we're on. Wait until they leave the hosts and come down into the yard before asking if they would like something to drink."

With that, Tina walked towards the house and I followed, hoping to get in the groove quick.

Debbie was standing on the deck with her husband greeting the first guests when we approached. Tina handed me a small tray and I was grateful for something to hold on to as we positioned ourselves between the deck and the bar ready to serve the guests.

Debbie and her husband were the last in the gauntlet the guests had to traverse before being allowed entry to the party. She had on a beaded black gown with mesh sleeves and long skirt. Apparently I was the one who would be showing some leg tonight, I thought to myself, cognizant again of the breeze blowing into my nether regions. Her husband was last, dressed in a tux and shook hands as the first few couples worked through the line and stepped either out onto the lawn or towards the bar. The other servers in front of me fanned out and approached them, taking the drink orders. I followed suit and stepped up finally when the others were gone.

"Good evening." I said to a young couple in their early twenties. "Can I get you something from the bar?"

Bottle beer and white wine.

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