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Former lovers rekindle their passion.

Licking her own lips seductively, she ground her piss-wet crotch against Penny's as she stared at her.

"Natalie, what...what..." Penny could not form a coherent thought. This was so, so wrong. She'd grown up with Natalie, as sisters, and now they were in a piss-wet bed together, and Penny was acutely aware that her step-sisters pee wasn't the only reason that she was wet between her slender thighs.

"I was awake, Pen. When you were playing with my boobs and bringing yourself off. I was awake the whole time."

"I...no..." There was nothing Penny could say. Her cheeks were flushed with shame and she was beyond confused now.

Nat grinned wickedly, and kissed her stunned step-sister again. "It's ok, Pen, I won't tell anyone that you touched me up when you thought I was asleep. That you groped my boobs and touched yourself." Hot shame brought tears to Penny's eyes, but her nipples were so hard they felt sore, and she desperately wanted to touch herself again. "I won't tell, so long as you take the blame with Hannah for the wet bed. Do that, and I'll keep your dirty, lesbian secret."

Before Penny could respond, Natalie suddenly rolled off her, turned her back and snuggled down into her pillow, happily nestling down to sleep in the pissy sheets.

Penny lay still, stunned. Her sense of guilt overwhelmed her ability to think clearly. Natalie had wet the bed on purpose, had done it on her, and had seemed to enjoy kissing and rubbing on her step-sister. On the other hand, Penny had started it, stroking her younger step-sister without consent and touching her pussy whilst thinking about having sex with her. But now Natalie was blackmailing her, asking her to face the embarrassment of telling Hannah that at 23-years of age she'd peed herself like a child. What should she do?

* * *

Three hours later the washing machine rumbled in the kitchen, Hannah sat in the living room drinking a cup of tea and looking irritated and Penny sat on the edge of the tub in the bathroom dressed in a towelling robe, looking downcast. Hannah had been exasperated and annoyed when Penny had told her what 'she'd' done, and Natalie had acted suitably aggrieved, making a great show of throwing back the duvet to show the large, wet spot, and moaning indignantly that her pyjamas now smelled of pee. Penny had simply stayed shamefaced throughout and had finally retreated to the bathroom.

Natalie slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Penny looked up at her and frowned, but there was no anger in her.

"Nat, look, what happened...what I did..."

"It's okay, Pen," said Natalie gently, walking up to her disconsolate step-sister. Even depressed and confused, Penny couldn't help but ogle the younger girl, tumbled or red hair, large, firm boobs under a cotton shirt, and curvy hips and thighs in a short, pleated, plaid skirt. "It was mean of me to do what I did, too. And to make you take the blame. I'm sorry." Standing in front of Penny, Natalie offered her hand and drew the dark-haired girl to her feet so they stood facing each other. "Besides," she continued, "I enjoyed it."

Giving Penny no chance to reply, Natalie kissed her, pressing her soft lips against her step-sister's. Penny initially stiffened in shock, but as Natalie stepped closer and ran her hands across Penny's hips and then down, behind, to cup and squeeze Penny's bottom, she relaxed, and returned the kiss, reaching up to caress Nat's heavy breasts. They continued to kiss with increasing passion, until Natalie broke the lip-lock. Her eyes were ablaze with desire. She put a finger to her lips to indicate that Penny should be quiet, and then dropped to her knees, loosening the belt of Penny's robe and then opening it, leaving her step-sister's pert breasts and hot pussy, topped with a neat triangle of dark hair, exposed.

"Nat, no.

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