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A challenger approaches!

"You see me, what, a couple times a year, Terry? It's not his interests you have in mind. And quite frankly, I'm disgusted you'd even make the suggestion to a woman you hardly know," she shook her head and stood up, the baby now full on upset and trying his best to find Amanda's nipple despite her bra and shirt being between them.

"Sit down, Amanda," Terry told her in a calm, yet threatening tone.

She didn't. Instead, Amanda leaned down and placed Christopher gently back into his car seat. She was sure Terry wasn't a threat, even when he stood up and told her to sit down once again. "I'm leaving," she said simply.

Before Amanda had the baby strapped in, Terry grabbed her roughly by her wrists and pulled her up. "I told you to sit down, Amanda," he said menacingly.

Amanda struggled, trying to pull her hands away, but she was no match for the man. "Terry, stop," she mumbled. "Let me go. I need to go, the baby is crying. You don't want someone to hear-"

"Then I strongly suggest that you take your top off and give him what he wants, or I will make sure that no matter how much money you come up with, you'll still find yourself facing an eviction," he threatened, the smile on his lips making the young woman fearful.

"Please, Terry," she quietly begged, hardly able to hear over the loud crying of her son now. Tears came to her own eyes as Terry gripped her wrists hard, and she was scared that if he so much as snapped one or both back, she'd have broken bones. She could feel her breasts ache, and she knew that her son's crying was causing them to leak. "Please let me go home."

Terry leaned down close to Amanda's ear and pushed her hair back with the tip of his nose. "If you stay in this office and shut the fuck up, and stop being such a rude little bitch who turns down every nice offer I extend to you, I won't add on anymore late fees until you can come up with the money," he offered, breath warm against her ear as he pressed his body up against hers.

Amanda whimpered and tried to take a step back, but Terry pulled her flush against him once more. "I..." she whispered, mentally trying to decide what to do. If she left now, she didn't doubt that Terry would make it impossible for her to come up with the large sum of money that would be owed; after all, he was the manager and did as he pleased. But the offer? She felt dirty even thinking about it, but as her baby continued to wail on in hunger, she felt she had no choice. "All I have to do is feed him?" she asked quietly, voice barely above a whisper.

Terry smiled, pleased with her choice. "Yes, all you have to do is let me watch you nurse and I'll stop all upcoming late charges," he promised, letting go of her wrists and moving to cup her face. "You're so fucking beautiful, Amanda. You really don't know how much. I feel a little bad for you, having to raise a kid on your own, but that's what you get for spreading your legs. Might as well resolve to putting this sexy little body of yours to good use."

Tears began to fall down Amanda's cheeks, and she trembled. "Terry," she pleaded once more, but he didn't listen. Instead, he moved his hands lower on her body. First they trailed down her neck, where his thumbs pressed roughly against her throat-she almost thought he was going to choke her.

"You give me what I want, I'll help you out," he told her. Terry then took the opportunity to cup Amanda's tits, uncaring towards the woman's quiet crying that had started. "Do they hurt?" he asked curiously. "I use to screw a woman who said her tits would ache whenever her baby cried for her."

"They hurt," Amanda confirmed. "Please stop touching me."

Terry laughed. "Don't be stupid, Amanda," he warned. He squeezed her breasts through the thin material of her t-shirt and bra and smiled, feeling himself growing harder. "Lucky baby," he murmured, roughly kneading the round orbs as Amanda cried harder. "Your boyfriend must have a field day with you."

Amanda closed her eyes and did her best to pretend she was somewhere else when she felt Terry's lips on her neck and hands a

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