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He follows Misako home and meets Maria.

Nor will you rush out and try a jump any time soon.

Driving a race car on a closed track and speeding on a highway will not give you the same thrill.

Loosening a tether on a mountain side to assist another cannot be fully experienced unless you have been in a similar situation.

Sewing a dress and wearing it to a dance is such a rush that I cannot describe while you wear your very expensive one.

I cannot relate fully what living two weeks in foster care is like much as one who has lived there all their childhood can get me to understand their plight.

I don't know the feeling of walking down an aisle after saying, "I will marry you" ...

I don't know the feeling of having a baby ...

I can only tell you what I have done and what I have not done in an effort to draw you a picture of it.

Only a second from now and so, I sit on my knees awaiting my lover's throw for the first time. I see his cock for the first time in such a different light knowing he seemingly does not care where his cum is going to land as long as I catch it. I am not really ready for it nor do I want it, but I know he does and that is enough. Imagine having a hard cock at point blank range to your face furiously being pumped with a strong hand. To me it was such a strange and foreign concept.

Perhaps, you might want one to point a water pistol to your face. Then tell them not to announce when they are going to shoot you. Maybe a fresh tube of toothpaste will work. I don't know as I have never tried it. Maybe the sudden blast of the water will give you a clue as what a cum wad coming at you at speeds equal to a winning race house would be like.

This time, and in future ones, one can expect him to announce he his cumming. One can also expect him to gently grab the back of your head ... I don't why ... perhaps making sure you won't move, I guess.

He might ask you to keep your eyes on him looking at his face. You will look down on him jerking and he may think your eyes are close. He will remind you, "Look at me!"

I suggest laying some ground rules that are easy enough for him to accept. I insisted on his throw to land on my cheek and not a frontal facial. It was my first and I was scared.

I also did not want his cum wad to shoot in my mouth. I had tasted cum and been in positions of receiving ejaculations, but never just sitting there waiting for it. It felt just a tad bid odd.

Keep the cock a few inches from your cheek so he won't hit you accidentally with one of his jerks as he kneads the top of his cock head. Obviously, this is a cum spot in your man, so stay clear of the top of his cock. When he is in his throws of cum, he will slow his jerk down a bit and then you can get closer.

No matter how you time it, cum will startle you upon ejaculation. He expects you to jump a bit. If it helps, I guess you can wear glasses, but I have never done so.

I have had men apologize after wards. Expect it and just say nothing or say something like it is OK. You may not have had much time to consider the facial, but if you really liked it, saying something like "Yummy" or 'You are fantastic 'pays future dividends and you have not really committed yourself to any future assaults. Keep in mind that men jerk off in private and his jerking off in front of you may not be something he is used to doing.

That reminds me, have a jack-rag on hand. If you don't know what a jack-rag is, he will.

Most will want to see your face, so don't wipe his gift off your face immediately as you may be prone to do.

And don't be disappointed if he will not kiss you at any point soon thereafter. My experience is men may have tasted their cum at some far distant past, but they don't eat cum as might be expected of you.

And be strong, he will learn that if you say, NO, you mean NO to any of his fetishes.

Perhaps, you can look on-line and get more and better advice.

For now, a second is ov

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