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There was no other source of heat in the cabin. So it looked like we'd be sleeping in front of the fire.

I was about to go to the other cabins to explore them, when I discovered that we were snowed in. I spent the rest of the day talking to Delilah.

Although the conversations were purely superficial, the growing intimacy between us couldn't be denied. Delilah seemed to enjoy teasing me and testing my limits. We would be talking about the most innocent subjects, when she would just level those blue-green eyes at me and say, "You like me don't you?"

Or just when I was telling her that I had to fight my way through the snow to bring in more firewood before we ran out, she really got to me.

"It's freezing out there," she declared.

"I know," I said. "But I can't let you get cold."

"You really can't," she said innocently. "When I get cold my nipples stand straight up like bullets. They were doing that this morning too, when I was rubbing my ass against your dick before you woke up." I turned so red that she laughed at me. I plunged right out into the snow just to get away from her.

I made several trips and stacked enough firewood just inside of our doorway to keep us warm for a couple of days. Delilah just smiled at me.

"Are ya cold," she asked.

"Not really," I said.

"I guess it worked," she said. "I got you a little heated up so you wouldn't get cold while you got wood for us." Then she just started laughing for no reason.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"You got wood FROM me, so you could get wood FOR me," she laughed.

I went out on the porch and grabbed the blanket with all of our food in it. I let her look over our choices for dinner. She picked meat loaf, and I picked a chicken parmesan that looked really good on the package.

After dinner, I took one of the bottles of water and used it to wash our dishes, using some soap I found in the kitchen under the sink. I was glad that we had the sink. It would have been so much better though if we had running water.

"I haven't gotten off of my ass all day, except for hopping over to the back door to use that porta potty," she said. "But I'm exhausted. Are you coming to bed?"

I hesitated. "Come on Clint," she said. "It's getting dark and we have nothing else to do. So throw a couple of logs on the fire and come get under this blanket with me."

We had a really good talk before we fell asleep. Delilah told me her life story, and she didn't hold anything back this time.

I was totally wrong about her. She wasn't what she seemed at all. Her father had been a store owner. He raised her to be a good girl. She married her high school sweetheart when they turned eighteen. He joined the army, and they decided to hold off on having kids until he left the service and went to college. He re-upped for another tour of duty to max out his military benefits. Things were looking good for them. They had bought a house and started to prepare for his impending return to civilian life.

David had always been a very gentle, yet protective man. He was funny, shy, and very committed to both her and his country. He was as clumsy as they come though and couldn't dance to save his ass. He was always tripping over something or stepping on her feet whenever they tried to dance. She wore a beautiful dress with steel-toed work shoes under it to their senior prom. And they danced or tried to the whole night long. Just before he took her home, with her parents' permission, he asked her to marry him. She had loved him with all of her heart and was sure that he felt the same.

He'd fallen in love with her mind before her body developed. And even though her body wasn't the ideal type for people of their age, he never faltered. When she sat home wishing she was taller and thinner, he just laughed and told her how glad he was that she wasn't.

The day before he was due to come home for good, he tripped and fell one last time.

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