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Lady Christina's past is more perverse than Sander expected.

By now, it was Anton and Heather tying the knot. She had her own distinct way of celebrating once the vows were said, in that she lifted her wedding dress right afterward to moon us all. Sure enough, she had the tattoo as well, though I already knew that, of course. Actually, they all did except Ninve and Sandra, who were too far along for safe tattoos, and they naturally seemed eager to get inked as my property as well.

As it was, Heather was in the early stages of her own pregnancy, too, though none of us were sure of the paternity, given that she seemed to have been knocked up during a gang-bang the month before. All five of us guys had her at that time, starting with me, followed by Eric, Max, Anton, and Jean-Baptiste. Given her age, as with Cherry, this was likely to be her last baby. In fact, I had decided to insist upon it for the sake of the health of both women. They already had one high-risk pregnancy each. Those tubes were going to be cut and tied, per my instructions.

Shelby was finally pregnant, too, though again we weren't clear about paternity there, either. She was very happy, at least. Then again, she had five men and twelve women to service her if she ever got horny, which she often did. Admittedly, I was her favorite, and she made no attempt to hide that fact. I was her uncle, after all. Her tattoo even read "Uncle Mark's Property." Josie deliberately chose a matching one, which wasn't too surprising, as she had taken to calling me "Uncle Mark" as well. Her husband even got exactly the same words on his.

All of my ladies were present, both as witnesses and bridesmaids, though there wasn't much of an audience outside of our close friends. Ana and Teresa were there to marry as well, however, as were Eric and Jannat. Sure enough, it was now Eric's turn to legally wed Jannat. Everyone knew, however, that she belonged to me first. Then again, Eric might be my bitch, but his heart was still owned by his mother, Heather. He would always be a Mama's Boy, among other things. Jannat was mainly relieved to have an official husband, so that Faisal couldn't marry her after all, even if he found her.

Well, after Ana and Teresa wed, both wearing matching white gowns, incidentally, they kissed in front of all and we were pleased to hear the announcement that they were formally woman and wife (or was that wife and wife, I'm not sure). It was another triumph for marriage equality, or as I prefer to call it, marriage liberty. Now, to one day see plural marriage and incest marriage allowed, that would be progress indeed.

In fact, there was one more wedding, thrown in at the last minute, due to the opportunity, and thankfully, the two grooms brought in some guests for a slightly larger audience than we expected. They just arrived late and all, but they had their marriage license ready, and the men were very familiar to both of us. It was Ray and Daryl, Nydia's father and ex-husband respectively, taking the plunge to become man and husband, or whatever. Both men were stylish in their matching navy blue tuxedos. Ray had grown a more conspicuous mustache, one meant to advertise his sexual orientation a little more boldly, while Daryl remained clean-shaven, of course. One could certainly tell who wore the pants in that marriage, and it wasn't Daryl.

"Oh, Daddy, what a nice surprise!" Nydia hugged her father, not letting on that she also called me by the same affectionate title yet.

So there was a slight delay compared to the plans, but I was fine with that, knowing that Rachel seemed even more eager to jump my brotherly bones now. When the announcement was made and the two men kissed in front of us, Rachel almost literally tore me away the second that the kiss was over. She gave me the classic "come hither" which Sinatra rightly called witchcraft, while Tamara took photos of us all, and Lucy and Ashley whistled at my back.

Before I knew it, I was in the guest house, my belt was unbuckle

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