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Young lactating Latina housewife seduces Grandfather.

I crave him, but I crave him for me.

Soon my hands are at his towel, cinched at the waist and tucked under itself to stay in place. I give it a gentle tug, and in one smooth motion the towel falls to the floor, leaving him standing naked in front of me. My eyes scan his body again, looking first into his eyes then moving slowly southwards towards the prize between his legs. I never grow tired of seeing it. It's not his cock. It's mine.

My girlfriends and I talk about our men all the time. We talk about the things we like most. Their eyes, their bodies, the way they treat us, how they make us feel. How they treat their children, their friends, their co-workers. But my admiration is more simple, more carnal. I so love his (my) dick.

His (My) cock is thick and smooth, and already semi-hard. (My) uncircumcised flesh hides a meaty head, only the tip peeking out of its fleshy sheath. My cock is complemented by heavy balls, shaved and smooth, hanging loosely from the hot shower. This creature gives me much pleasure. My pleasure.

I run a fingertip along its underside, watching as my cock wakes up further, standing on end, the glans willing itself out further from its covering. I circle the head with a fingertip, seeing it twitch involuntarily. I reach for his balls, squeezing, pulling on them firmly, hearing a moan coming from above. But I don't care. This is my cock.

I grasp its thickness in my hands, squeezing it, feeling a pulse. I tug and pull lightly, bringing the foreskin down and revealing the entire head to the air. It is smooth and fat, with a heavy ridge. A thick clear bead forms on the tip, and I rub it in with my thumb. My eyes are locked on my tease. I want my dick hard. I want my dick aching. I want this dick to give me pleasure.

My tongue dances slowly on the underside, a smooth, slow, deliberate lick from stem to tip, leaving a wet trail on the skin. I pause at the cleft, narrowing the tip of my tongue and teasing it menacingly. My hand stays gripped around his balls, squeezing the loose flesh above them, pushing them downward with a moderate amount of pressure. I collect another transparent dollop oozing from the small opening, tasting its saltiness.

Still gripping his sack tightly, I coat his balls with my spit, sucking one into my mouth, then the other, nibbling, biting, enjoying. More muffled sounds from above me, but I ignore them, focusing entirely on my cock. I take another long lick northward, up every delicious inch of meat, before pressing my lips to the head and slowly engulfing it, the head hitting the roof of my mouth and my adjusting accordingly, pushing him down my throat.

I swallow every inch, the entire length, holding my breath, my nose pressing against his abdomen. My tongue snakes outward, licking the underside of his balls while keeping my cock enveloped in my warm, hungry mouth. I then release, a brief gasp for hair, stroking the shaft with my hand as I momentarily recover, watching the foreskin pull and recede. Then I do it again, throating, swallowing, holding, teasing.

I get into a steady rhythm, hands-free, just my mouth and my cock, swallowing, withdrawing entirely, and swallowing again. My hands reach around his hips, holding his ass, pushing him towards me, a slippery battle of wills. Drool begins to collect around my mouth and lips, multiple long, sinewy strands of spit dangling down my chin, swaying like plumbobs looking for water. I moan on my cock, the heat from between my legs working its way up my spine and through my extremities, my body tingling, buzzing with delight.

Withdrawing, I once again grasp the firm flesh in my hand, slippery and shiny from my attention. My free hand reaches between my legs, fingertips curling into my panties, finding my opening wet, warm, and willing. The fingers dance and explore, testing my cunt, finding the perfect spot to linger. My other hand strokes his (my) cock, mouth quickly following behind, bathing it with my tongue and lips.

My body shudders as I touch myself, and I close my eyes and

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