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She finds the Jacuzzi to be very refreshing.

Gordon was with a Jamaican chick named Melanie something or other at the time. Don't remember much about her except that she was nearly six feet tall, dark-skinned and, like so many women from the Caribbean, she had a huge ass...no, I wasn't jealous. Or so I told myself. Besides, I had Stefan Abdullah, a nice guy from my own culture, and he was a devout Catholic. I'd heard horror stories about dating Muslim guys from Arab Christian women who emigrated to Canada from places like Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. At first, the Muslim guy will be charming, generous and the most considerate person in the world. Once he has the woman in his power, he'll reveal his true face and then try to convert her to Islam, through charm if possible and by force if necessary.

I had Stefan and Gordon had Melanie, and we were both happy with our significant others, I think. Still, there was this...thing between us. Whenever Stefan and I had any relationship trouble, Gordon's the one I ran to. I don't know why but I felt safe with him, like I could confide in him. I've always been more comfortable making friends with guys than with girls. Less drama and bullshit, you know? Gordon seemed equally comfortable with me, in fact, we sometimes met to hang out without our respective 'others'. One night, while watching the movie Cloverfield inside the Silver City movie theater in Ottawa's east end, something unusual but altogether fun happened between Stefan and I. We kind of, um, kissed.

I still remember the feel of Gordon's lips against mine, and his agile tongue darting into my mouth. I remember his arms around me, and my heart thundering in my chest as he touched me so firmly yet gently. I remember that I didn't want the kiss to end. Afterwards, Gordon and I sat quietly in the theater, looking into each other's eyes like lovebirds. Yeah, there was definitely something between us but by the time we left the theater, we agreed that it couldn't happen again. For the sake of our relationships with Stefan and Melanie, and our friendship. Interesting rationale, isn't it? Anyways, that was in 2008. Here we are now, in 2013, back to square one.

Let's grab a drink afterwards, I told Gordon and he hastily agreed. For old time's sakes, he said with that fearless smile I knew so well. After our workout, Gordon and I went to this little Shawarma place near the Rideau Center and had veggie sandwiches with Pepsi. I'm not one to eat so quickly after a workout but I wanted to talk to Gordon. For over an hour we sat in that little restaurant, catching up. Gordon told me how, after getting his bachelor's degree in criminal justice from University of Ottawa he went to Toronto and earned his Law degree at the prestigious Osgood Hall Law School of York University. Damn you've been busy, I said wistfully. Gordon looked at me, smiled and nodded. It's a living my dear, he shrugged.

I looked at Gordon and smiled, and for the umpteenth time I wished I'd met him before Stefan. If only I'd known that the handsome Mr. Abdullah would turn out to be a piece of shit. He cheated on me with Kristen Tremblay, a plump French Canadian chick from my literature class. I caught him red-handed. What a colossal waste of time. Looking at Gordon, I noted that his ring fingers were empty. Smiling coyly I asked him about his sex life. I'm an overworked clerk at the Ontario Provincial Court so I have no sex life, Gordon said, matter-of-factly. I smiled at that. We're going to have to change that, I smiled, gently touching his arm.

Gordon and I left the Shawarma restaurant after two hours of talking and catching up.

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