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It consisted of a variety of salads and seafood and other tasty morsels, and a bottle of red. When we finished, we just had to have a short nap before we continued our trek.

Ryan stretched out on the blanket and I lay with my head on his lap. I could feel his reaction to that and wondered about it. We woke about 3pm and realised that it was too late to continue our trek, so we returned to the car and went back to the Resort.

"I'm going for a shower" we both said at the same time, and laughed.

"You go first Ryan", I said. "I will probably take longer than you anyway".

When Ryan came back into the lounge he was only wearing a robe, saying that he felt a lot more relaxed.

I then went and had my shower and thought I may as well just put on a robe too.

Ryan said, "I think we will order in tonight, what do you think".

"That sounds good to me," I replied.

"What would you like?"

"What about some Chinese."

While waiting for the meal to be delivered, we sat on the patio and watched the sunset together, it was so peaceful there.

After dinner, we again had coffee and Tia Maria's, this time I let my hair down and had about 6 drinks. I was feeling a little woozy but not really drunk, I still knew what I was doing and saying.

I remarked to Ryan how he had changed body-wise. He said he had been advised by his Doctor that he had to get fitter if he still wanted to keep on surfing, so he was going to a gym daily now and working out with weights etc.

I said "I only have an average body, I haven't really looked after myself since having the kids and them leaving home."

Ryan then told me he thought my body was very sexy. "At least you have a bit of meat on your bones, not like so many of those matchsticks out there; and most men love to have something to hang on to."

I laughed and said, "Thank you, kind sir."

Ryan then moved to the lounge beside me and kissed me; not a brotherly kiss either, but a full on French Kiss which enveloped my lips and tongue. At the same time, his hand went to my breast and started to rub the nipple through my negligee. "We shouldn't be doing this Ryan, it is wrong."

"Why is it wrong Sis, when someone loves someone else the way I have loved you for so long, it can't be wrong.

"What do you mean."

"Well from the time that I realised what men and women do together, I have wanted to do the same thing to you." "I have wanted to make love to my wonderful older sister and make her happy."

As he said this to me, his fingers were slowly working their magic on my nipples and he bent his head, pulling the robe aside, and tenderly licked and suckled my nipples. They became so hard and the feelings flowed down to the most sensitive area of my body, my pussy. "Oh Ryan, you don't know how much that pleases me to hear you say that. After all these years since the divorce I have been trying to fight the feelings I had for you last time we met. I feel the same way that you do." Even after so many years of marriage, I knew there was something missing in my life; now I know what it was. It was YOU!!!!"

"Come and let us make love together and make up for all those missed years."

We proceeded to my bedroom and slowly stripped each other of all our garments as we approached the bed.

"Just let me hold you Sis, I want to experience all the feelings that we would have if this was a normal date, and we were going to make love for the first time."

"Oh Ryan", I murmured.

"I want to gently make love to you, my sweet sister. I don't want to ever forget or want you to forget what is going to happen here this week."

As we are both single, and without any obligations I knew that everything would be wonderful and that this will go on for a long time after this week.

Ryan eased me down onto the bed and held me in his arms - as he kissed my forehead, my eyes, my nose and my neck, and then he started to kiss my breasts and down my stomach until he ended up at the hub of my desire, my hot, wet shaven pussy.

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