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It left me with an empty kind of feeling, that we hadn't had time to relax or kiss and cuddle, but also excitement at the idea that we nearly got caught, only the dog had caught us, luckily!"

Louise giggled a little as she looked at Jane, she had been listening so intently and not interrupted the last bit at all, it was as if she was hardly there, but as the memory faded, she noticed Jane was still on the edge of her seat, still had the glass in her hand with her elbows on her knees and her upper arms close to the sides of her breasts, as Louise had talked, she had moved her glass around a lot but not taken much drink, her chest was rising and falling slightly more than just breathing and she seemed to be moving on the edge of the seat a little more than before, was that her imagination, or wishful thinking.

"Jane, what must you think of me? Just meeting tonight and me telling all these intimate details about what we've done, where we've done it, how we've done it and what effect it had on us."

"Louise don't worry, I can keep a secret, the deepest of secrets."

"Thank you Jane, another drink."

They ordered another drink and as the waiter left Jane took a long lingering look at the waiter.

"I wonder what kind of room service they do here?"

They both giggled knowing they'd had enough to drink and eat.

"After listening to you I could do with a little more than a lonely bed tonight, the way I'm feeling nobody is safe,......."

"Nobody?.........Surely you mean, no man is safe?"

" Well if you shut your eyes and get the pleasure, would it make any difference whatsoever if it was a woman?....... not that I have,........... yet, .............. But, I don't think there would be a vast difference, so long as the pleasure was there, would it really matter." "So you would be with a woman if the chance came along?"

"Well my guy and I have talked about it............a bit............... and it would be only under rules that we have talked about........... We both have rules and can both see pleasure in it, but we haven't found anyone suitable so far.........."

"Do you mind me asking, what you have talked about"?

"No, of course not, I could tell you, but I may get a little embarrassed"

"Well don't, I've given you a lot of my detail." Louise felt a little cheated, if she had opened up all her secrets to Jane, and Jane wasn't going to reciprocate.

"Well.......... A while ago........ We were........ Watching an adult movie ........Ok, I caught him watching one I stood and watched a while................. He had the volume down low so I didn't hear it, he'd been watching while I'd been upstairs having a bath. So I turned it up.............I love the noises of people having sex, -from the talk just before, when there's anticipation in their voices through the initial Mmm's as they undress to the full on screams of orgasm and everything in between, the rubbing of skin, the slapping of skin against skin, the noises of a wet pussy being satisfied, -I love them all.

I was dressed in my gown, and he was just in his shorts so I teased him I sat on him so he could look over my shoulder and still watch while I could hear everything, as I rubbed myself up and down him, I could hear on the porn that they were really going for it.

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