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Grandson takes good care of his busty grandmother.

00 of chips in front of him. J.P. remarked dryly that $150.00 was his contribution to the shopping fund. While the laugh sounded friendly, his eyes I saw were less so. My husband, wanting to watch the game rather than play any more poker suggested that they end the game and cash out as is. J.P. had objections to that, stating, "I'd like to get my money back?"

"Nah, we've played for 7 hours and it is getting late, and com' on the games in the second half." He said, almost pleading with J.P.

"Well that is all fine and good for you." J.P. replied. "You have all the money and a hot little wife. I'm getting to go after getting my balls busted. It isn't fair."

"Thank you for the compliment, but the game is on, I'm cashing out." He said. Maybe next time you can get a chance to get some of your money back." Smiling a genuine smile.

Grumbling, J.P. conceded and started to count his chips up. It was then that the game on the TV became a good deal more exciting. Indiana had just lost a lead to a team that I leave out on a three point shot. There was less than 50 seconds in the game and Indiana had the ball. J.P. then turned to my hubby and said, "I'll give you 2-1 odds that Indiana doesn't come back to win this game for the money I'm done."

"That's a sucker bet. No way I'm doing that." He remarked during the commercial. "Besides, I never bet on Indiana basketball. I'm not objective and hate feeling like that. He turned to me and said, "well, how about you sweet cheeks?"

Evidently, the TV networks were slow in coming back to the game and Indiana had hit a 3 pointer of their own to take a two point lead and 42 seconds remained on the clock. Without a second thought and before J.P. could get a word in edge wise, I said, "Okay, I'll take the bet."

My hubby grinned but didn't turn his head from the screen. J.P., who I guessed like to gamble said, "Ok, baby your on, but You have to stake something other than money, if you don't have it on you right now!"

I pointed to the table, to which he interjected, "Nope, that is my money, not yours." "You need $150.00 bucks to cover the bet. Here is my $300.00." As he pulled out his wallet and laid 7 $20.00 bills next to his chips.

Unfortunately, I'd spent my wallet dry buying things that I thought at the time I needed, but now felt that I needed not have to purchased the stuff. My husband, glanced over at me and asked what he had missed. I told him and he indicated that the rule was that money was on the table or the wager was lost. He indicated that the game was flowing Indiana's way and it wouldn't likely matter anyway. J.P. said, "Heck man, I'll let her use collateral. It wouldn't be sporting after all if I shot my mouth off and didn't back it up?"

"Ok," I stated calmly, "what is that you want?"

"Well, I love what you've done with the place. I could use with a maid at my place for the remaining part of the week end." "Being a bachelor, I've let the place slip a bit. So you'll have to do what ever I say for the week end. Agreed?"

"OK" I said, a good deal less calmly than before but noticed the Indiana had hit a free-throw to go up by two with 22 seconds left. With the TV time-out, J.P. stated with out emotion, "You know of course, I mean everything from the moment that the game is decided til this time Sunday night?"

"Yeah sure, what ever." I said.

And then the worse thing that could happen happened. An Indiana player had stolen a ball and was driving in the lane and was fouled, which of course was missed by the official. However, they didn't miss the coach running out on to the court slapping himself in the head. He was immediately call for a technical and the opposing team was rewarded a shot and the ball. To make a long story short, they made the shot and then made a three point shot to go up by two with 8 seconds left. The inbounds pass was tipped and stolen and the clock was ran out in the scramble.

I stood their dumb-struck, open mouthed. J.P. only laughed as he held his stomach.

"That's it baby, time to pay up."

My husband only shrugged his shoulders an

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