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TS couple faces prejudice.

For some of these procedures you will be conscious, for others, you will not. If you give bother to any of the employees then you will be sedated for the entire duration of your preparation.'

I didn't bother to reply to her. I gave her an icy-cold stare until she turned around and left. Soon after a team entered 'to pamper me' they said. I spat at them and bit at one girl's finger that came too close to my mouth. There was a sharp pain in my arm and I was out again.

I awoke once again in a cell, not unlike the last, but with the addition of what I presumed to be a two-way mirror. I slowly rose from the floor and stared at my reflection. Regrettably I had to admit they had made me look quite pretty. My honey hair was artfully curled in soft voluptuous curls. My eyebrows were pristinely plucked and my make-up was immaculate. I could feel the smoothness of my hairless legs brush against the fabric of my clothes. I was wearing a deep wine coloured dress with gold detailing. It came to a collar in my neck and flowed down the rest of my body and had a slit cut up its side so that my leg peeked out. It was quite revealing, ending at my upper thigh. The back of the dress was practically non-existent as it began at the small of my back, leaving me feeling quite exposed. I turned around and pushed the hair away from the back of my neck, exposing my still irritated branding tattoo. It honestly looked like a bunch of squiggles to me. There were deep red cuffs around my wrists too, but luckily I was not chained to anything. I presumed they were for restraining me during the auction.

Having nothing better to do I simply sat in the room and contemplated my fate. I assumed I was well and truly trapped. This slaving company clearly had high paying buyers if they could afford to so thoroughly prep me before selling me. It was fairly likely that I was no longer even in my country any more. My homeland was not rich enough that people could afford to buy people, especially from such a high-quality dealer. I presumed I was in Pangea. The slave trade there was practically legal. No one there would bat and eye to someone tied to a leash in the middle of the street. It was often used as an alternative to imprisonment, whereby one could choose to a designated period of servitude or wait out their sentence in jail. Pangea was probably one of the most powerful countries in the world. It was a militant nation and in the past few decades they had developed a nasty habit of going to war with countries and swallowing them whole. I was fairly certain they wanted to take over the world. Luckily my home country of Oocyte had been spared from their advances, though I assumed they'd eventually move to take us as well. We were not a priority, being a small neutral island country. I guessed that my nationality was another factor contributing towards my high auction value. It would be quite rare to find a slave from a 'free' nation. Most slaves would have been taken from countries which had already been conquered.

I waited in pensive silence for what seemed to be another hour before the door to the cell opened. Another burly man stepped into the room. He chained my wrists together using the cuffs and attached a second chain to the collar of my dress. He tugged me forward gently yet firmly and I slowly followed. I felt like an animal.

'Sir, may I ask you something?' I ventured. He grunted in response. I took it as a yes. 'Am I in Pangea by any chance?' I looked back at me, seeming a little surprised by the question.

'Uh, yeah you are. Why where are you from?' I was honestly surprised that he seemed okay with conversing.

'I'm from Oocyte sir.'

'Oocyte, really? It's a damn shame they took a girl from a free country. You probably never expected it.'

'Yeah, I didn't.

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