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Hallie makes a confession.

out? No more eggshells around, are there?"

"Actually," Mother replied. "Everything's just fine now. Couldn't be better, in fact. Jenny wants to stick around, and I have given her my blessing."

Upon hearing such good news, all the girls cheered, jumping up and down like twelve year-olds at a slumber party.

"We do, however," she continued. "Still have to talk over specifics, for example, how far does she wish to take this dressing up, does she want to go on female hormones, breast implants, and finally, surgery.

"And if that far, we'll need to discuss psychotherapy, possibly even the need for therapy before we get to that point just to smooth out any bumps in the road that may come up down the line."

"MOTHER!!!" Jenny shouted in embarrassment. "Is all this necessary?!"

"I know, I know," she said. "And I don't mean to push you into making a decision right away, because right now there is no immediate need to rush into this.

"I only mean to suggest that there are options out there to consider that perhaps no one has even suggested yet, and that soon we will have to discuss these options.

"I just want you to know of them so that you realize, since you have decided to stay as Jenny, that there are more options available to you other than pasted-on silicon gel tits and fake pussy's.

"That's the only reason I bring them up now. Don't worry, the discussion about which of these you might like will be very private."

"Jeez! Mothers," Jenny muttered, walking out of the clinic.

"Yeah," agreed Cindi with a laugh. "Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!"

"You got that right, bitch," I agreed.

As we were leaving, I remembered that we had the money to give the theater manager for the damage we had leveled up in his balcony last night.

Thinking this was also a good time for Mother and Jenny to take a break and get some personal space between each other, even if only for the few minutes it took to get to our destination, I took Cindi aside and gave her the money and whispered my plan to her:

"Cindi," I said. "You and Jenny take my car and drive to the theater. I think it's time she and Mother took a break from one another, anyway. Once there, give the money to the manager for our part in the balcony debacle.

"If you're still of a mind, maybe you'll be able to find the time to talk to Jenny about your wedding plans, if, as I said, you're still of a mind.

"Whatever you decide, I think she's ready to hear and listen to your ideas."

"Thanks, Lori," Cindi said. "You are the best. I'll make sure the guy gets his money. But you talk to Jenny first, send her over to the car, OK? She might not understand me coming over and just dragging her away."

"Yeah," I answered. "Good idea. "I'll explain everything to her and make sure she understands why she's going with you, or at least most of the reason why she's going with you."

Sliding over to Jenny, who was walking along with Mother, I proposed my suggestion to her, actually through Mother.

"Mother," I started. "I need Jenny to go with Cindi to take care of a situation that came up this morning. We wee going to deal with it after the game anyway, but as a group. Since you're here, These two can handle it by themselves and then meet us at the pizza parlor when they finish up. Is that alright with you?"

"I suppose so, Lori," she replied. "But how are we going to get back and forth then?"

"Well," I said. "I just figured that the girls and I would go with you in your car to the parlor and let Cindi and Jenny take my car. When they get back we can go back to using our regular vehicles, OK?"

"Sure, Lori," Mother answered. "That sounds fine, dear."

"OK, thanks, Mother," I said. "Come on, Jenny. Go on with Cindi."

Jenny gave me a very curious, almost accusing look - if I could interpret it correctly, I'd almost say she was wanting to say, "What the hell are you getting me into?" - and I suppose I couldn't really blame her after last night.

However, after her performance this afternoon, I felt that any trouble that might befall her this evening, Jenny would be able

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