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Keith meets Ginny, who is an exhibitionist.

She sat on the edge of the bed, still in her heels, ankles crossed and leaning back on her elbows, watching him as he set her coat down across the back of one of the chairs, leaving her dress and underthings on the seat.

"So, what's first?"

"Lie back," he instructed, taking off his suit jacket and setting it down with her coat as she scooted back on the bed and laid down.

"Like this?"

He walked over to the bed, loosening his tie. "Hands above your head."

Her breath came faster, pupils huge as she lifted her arms and he took off his tie, slipping it over her wrists and tightening it before tying it to the headboard. She wiggled and struggled a little, testing the makeshift bindings; tight enough to keep her from slipping free without being uncomfortable.

Exposed and vulnerable, she shuddered as he stepped back, eyes roaming over her body like lovers touch. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of one of the hotels sleep masks on the bedside table and he smiled, picking it up.

Her eyes widened but she didn't say a word as he fastened it over her eyes, leaving her helpless in total darkness. Nodding, satisfied with his handiwork he stepped back and took his time undressing.

Taking off his shoes and shocks (items he was fairly certain could not be removed attractively, regardless of gender) he set them on the mat before hanging up his shirt and finally lying his pants across the chair with their coats.

She squeaked with surprise as he climbed on the bed, grabbing her ankles and easing her legs open. He leaned in and kissed the inside of her thigh, gently brushing his lips across the sensitive flesh. With a low moan she spread her legs wider as he started to move his way up her leg with a deliberate slowness. He kissed and teased her skin, sometimes nipping gently with his teeth or tracing abstract patterns with his tongue.

Her moans rise in volume and desperation as he climbs higher, trembling as she struggles to lie still on the bed. Tongue inches from her cunt, he suddenly pulls away and she cries out in desperate frustration as his lips move to her other leg, working their way up slowly just as they had the first.

Her hips rocked and twisted unconsciously as her neared her sex again, low moans escaping her lips and the sweet smell of her arousal drifting through the air. Lips hovering inches from her honey slick pussy he blows gently, a little gust of cool air on her lips that makes her gasp, hips bucking at the sensation.

His hands slide up her legs, pressing her back down to the bed as he leans in. His tongue darts out to lap at her swollen lips bottom to top, savoring the sweet spice of her juices. The tip of his tongue slips between her folds before he pulls it back, placing several kisses on her lips. Nibbling at the bottom before working his way slowly upwards, brushing the tip of his nose over the hood of her clit before giving it a quick lick.

Her moans grow in pitch and intensity and his are forced to hold tighter to keep her still as she writhes under his tongue, hips straining upwards against his mouth. Satisfied with her state of desperation his tongue slips inside her sex, teasing this way and that as he pushes it as deep into her core as he can. Curling and twisting his nimble tongue strokes her insides and she cries out, jerking involuntarily against her restraints. Pulling his tongue out he slides over her lips, collecting her juices before it teases around her clit, slipping under her hood to lash across the sensitive bundle of nerves.

With a wordless cry her body goes rigid, her cunt flooding with fresh juices as her orgasm tears through her, but between her legs he doesn't relent with his assault, pushing his tongue back into her pussy as it clenches and ripples.

It's only when she collapses limp and shuddering onto the bed sheets that he pulls his lips from her sex, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and smiling down at her.

Between his legs his cock his swollen painfully hard, precum beading at the tip.

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