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He didn't care about the nightladies and vagrants, but knew he couldn't forcibly evict them, as it would be bad publicity for him. He wanted the cops to clear his land, but they saw the nightladies as nothing more than an inconvenience, and didn't consider prostitution a serious offence. They would only make the occasion token arrest, and often would do nothing, in exchange for a freebie.'

'Lansdown knew that if the cops wouldn't take care of the nightladies, then Falcon would. You have a reputation as an honest crimefighter with high morals. I knew the nightladies weren't afraid of the cops, but they were scared of you. It was only a matter of time before you did the cops dirty work and captured all of them. Once the land had been redeveloped, the vagrants would have nowhere to live, and the nightladies would lose their only source of income. I knew I had to use my inside knowledge to thwart Lansdown's operation. It was while I was at The Kandy Klub, that I noticed how much the dominatrices would control their male slaves, and often subject them to humiliation. I knew that the only way to stop Falcon, would be to trap and humiliate you, so that you wouldn't return.'

'I discovered the old warehouse and equipped it with some unwanted pieces of S&M furniture from The Kandy Klub. I designed my costume using the dominatrices as inspiration, and decided to wear a wig as well as a mask, to protect my identity from any of Lansdown's cronies who might see me. I also disguised my voice for good measure. All I needed was a name for my alter-ego. Then while playing Prudence's grandfather at dominoes, I finally beat him. He was shocked to lose, but accepted defeat gracefully. He laughed as he slammed his final domino tile on the table, and told me that I whipped his ass. I knew that my new creation would be called Domino.'

Falcon nodded and listened intently.

'In order to lure you into my lair, I laid the bait by robbing a few local convenience stores. The staff had no idea that I was using an imitation pistol. I only took a few hundred dollars from their tills, but I knew they would call the cops -- and then call their insurance companies. A few days later, I would return and discretely leave the cash in an unmarked bag for them to find -- although I doubt whether they told their insurance companies about that!'

'I then arranged for the nightladies to start the rumours about me, to lay a trail to my lair. It was easy for me to set my traps, as I majored in science and knew exactly what to do. I knew the knockout gas, electric shocks and sedatives would all temporarily disable you, without causing any permanent effects. I simply wanted to get the upper hand, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause you any serious injury.'

'So everything was organized methodically?' asked Falcon.

'Yes - to the exact milligram of sedative in my heels, to the number of volts in my mask. My intention was to simply unmask you, and release you once I had done so. I knew that no one had ever seen Falcon's face before, and I figured that you wouldn't return to the place where you had been unmasked. I used a hidden camera to film it, but only as a precaution.'

'Why didn't you release me after removing just my mask?'

Sadie bowed her head in the manner of a naughty child. 'I'm afraid I got carried away. When I saw your handsome face and muscular body inside your tight fitting costume, I knew I wanted to see more. I just couldn't help myself and had to strip you naked. Then when I saw your huge cock, I knew I had to have it and couldn't stop myself. I felt quite ashamed afterwards. Although I did watch the recording of it many times afterwards,' she added, while grinning.

'I felt totally humiliated being jerked off by a woman who had just stripped me,' he said.

'Earlier this evening, just before Lansdown arrived, you were about to answer my question.

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