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Three men teach office bigot some manners.

Rolling her onto her back, he spreads her legs apart, and slowly enters her, releasing a breath he did not know he was holding. Slowly, he began fucking her, hitting hard when their hips met. He fingered her clit until she held herself open for him of her own accord. He leaned to grasp a breast in his hand and rolled the nipple between his fingers, then bent to suck it. Cain discovers he can't get enough of her, of her body, of her cries as he fucks her, of how she begs. She is begging him to not stop, for more, always more, and hard, god it has to be hard. And he is. He doesn't think he's ever been this hard before in his life. As he feels her orgasm getting nearer, he leans down to whisper in her ear.

"Fuck, Anise. God you feel good. Do you like this, does my dick feel good? Shit, you are so sweet, that's it moan for me, let me hear you, come on, baby, scream for me, show me you like this."

Anise can't believe the sounds she is hearing are coming out of her mouth. After a few minutes she doesn't care, because the feel of Cain as he shoves in and out of her is painfully good, that pleasure that is so sweet, it hurts, and you would walk over hot coals to make it last.

"Oh, my god, oh, fuck. Oh, yes, Cain, oh god please fuck me. Mmmm, yes, oh, yes, oh, god that feels, Cain, ah, ah yes.."

And then she is screaming, screaming from the pleasure, screaming as every atom of her being is shattered in an electric shock that bows her back lifting them both off of the floor. And she feels Cain start pounding into her like a man possessed as she convulses around him, and then he is groaning as he comes inside of her, calling her his poppet, his pet, and she knows that her life just got interesting. She realizes that he is an addiction. And she can't wait for her next fix.

The next morning she wakes on the floor beside his bed, and is a little sore from more than the amazing sex from the night before. She sits up and stretches taking her time, looking around, and is startled to see the pair of blue eyes staring back at her.

"Good morning, poppet. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, Sir, I did." He smiled at her response, and leaned down to kiss her cheek tenderly.

"Now, one of your duties when we are on a business trip is to wake me in the morning. We will be reserving two rooms, but using only one of them, unless something interesting was to happen. When you wake me in the morning, I do not want you to call my name or expect me to wake to an alarm clock. You are to use your mouth. Shall we have a practice round?"

Anise watches as he makes himself comfortable on the bed, a confused look on her face. Practice round? What is the man babbling about? Why would she use her mouth to...?

Cain almost laughs aloud as he watches Anise muddle through his instructions. She was no virgin but she was as innocent as one. Oh, the joy to be had in training innocents.

Anise moves to the foot of the bed, crawling per her instructions the previous night. She slowly raises herself to slither towards him, being sure to kiss here, and nibble a bit there. She ignores his groin altogether, going instead for his chest, the chiseled proof of his workouts too tempting to resist. She attacks his nipples with her tongue, going from one to the other in timed intervals. When he pulls her from his chest to furiously kiss her mouth, she feels a hand fondling her breast, and leans into it, enjoying the sensation traveling straight to her clit.

Breaking away from his mouth, Anise begins to lick and kiss her way down his chest, making her way along what Shay had once called a happy trail. Based on the gasps she was hearing, Anise was beginning to understand the term. Cain's legs fell open, and his hand pushed in an obvious...suggestion of where she was to concentrate her endeavors next, but she boldly ignored his demand.

His stomach fascinates her, covered by a light dusting of hair and hard, again the proof of

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