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Madi's foot desire finally because a reality for her.

She introduces me to her daughter, and Jan kisses me full on the lips as well, startling me a little. Quickly glancing over to her mother I see Ellen smiling in approval.

They close the door and I walk with the into the living room. There's Frank, the guy I work with, sitting on the sofa with his 22 year old son, Jim. Well, I start to take a seat in an armchair, but Frank says to come over and sit on the sofa. Jim slides over a little so that I have room to sit between them.

We all chat for awhile about the weather, sports and nothing in particular. Gradually the conversation turns more and more towards sex. Jan goes into the kitchen to bring Frank and I another beer and when she returns, she leans over to hand me mine, and I can see her nipples straining against her black bra. Her hand sort of lingers on mine as she hands me the beer, and she give me a very seductive smile. Ellen is smiling from her seat across the room. I'm half afraid to look in Frank's direction. But he breaks the silence by slapping me on the thigh and asking me if I didn't think Jan was rather sexy. I couldn't believe that he would ask me that about his daughter any more than the fact that he never did remove his hand from my thigh.

Jan was walking away from us when she "accidentally" drops the tray, and with her back to us guys bends over at the waist to retrieve it. There was a clear view of her garters, framing what appeared to be a thong, it was that tiny.

As the three of us stared at her, Frank's hand slid up a little higher on my thigh. Through all this Jim started to unconsciously place one hand on the bulge in his pants and the other on my other thigh.

Ellen was smiling broadly from her vantage point at the show her daughter was putting on for us. She stood up, went over to her daughter, turned Jan around to face us, cupping one breast as she did. She told Jan to look what she had done to the three guys. We were all sitting there with bulges in our pants and me with a sheepish grin on my face.

Ellen said she was afraid this would happen and that she had laid out some more comfortable attire for us guys. She suggested that the Frank, Jim and I go change into it. I was not about to argue, as the evening was going a hell of a lot better than I expected. Frank and Jim stood up, and I followed. We went into Frank and Ellen's bedroom where we found our clothes laid out for us on the bed.

Frank and Jim started to undress to put on what appeared to be a loose loincloth which wouldn't leave much to the imagination, but would be loose. They noticed that I was hesitating and Jim, already down to his mini briefs, comes over to me and says, "Let me help you." He takes off my shoes and socks as I unbutton my shirt. Sliding the shirt off, I'm about to unbuckle my belt when Jim says, "Here, let me do that for you." Frank smiles at me and give me a knowing nod.

Jim slides my trousers down and I stand there in my silk briefs which don't disguise how excited I am. My cock is straining against the material. Jim slips his thumb into the waistband on one side and Frank does the same on the other. Simultaneously, they slide my briefs down over my raging hardon.

Frank looks down at it and says that he's glad that I'm enjoying myself, also noting that Ellen and Jan will like what I have to offer, with Jim sliding his fingers around it as we talk. I start to reach for the loincloth, not knowing how this was going to conceal me in my condition. As I do, Frank says that Ellen and Jan would like us to wear these also, displaying three ball and cock straps. Jim suggests that I allow him to put it on me. Can't deny that I was getting, and staying, excited at the prospect of having this boy put on the strap. Expertly he slid it beneath my balls and snapped it where it met at the base of my cock. His hand slid along my rigid member as his hand let me.

Frank squeezed my ass and asked if I didn't like Jim.

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