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Sara's secret discovery.

I removed my shirt and kicked my legs up on the side of the boat as I leaned back in the driver's seat. The sun felt amazing on my skin, as I had yearned for ability to tan like was possible year round in Southern California.

"Joe, can you hand me my sunscreen from my bag?" Kaley asked.

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind rubbing it on us, Kaley. He seems like the type of guy who would be into that," Dove said as an obvious jab at our time together in Jamaica.

"Uhh, no he would probably be uncomfortable with that," Kaley replied, confused as to why she would make that suggestion.

"Oh, I actually know for a fact he would. He actually rubbed sunscreen on me in Jamaica a few months ago. That's not all you did, was it Joe?" Dove snapped.

Kaley now seemed very confused by what was going on, so I knew I needed to explain the situation.

"Kaley, a few months ago I worked for Jennifer Lawrence in Jamaica as a butler. When I was working there, Dove was also in the movie and came over one night to hang out with Jennifer. One thing led to another, and Dove and I slept together. Dove was obviously not expecting to see me again, especially here in Canada, so she has had some issues comprehending what is going on."

Kaley looked at Dove who was glaring angrily at me. Kaley obviously realized that it didn't make sense to try to lie anymore about the situation any longer.

"Dove, I need to explain why Joe is actually here. He works for a company called The Agency which specializes in sending companions for celebrities while they are on location filming or on tour. This is an agency I used to use before I got married, so that I had a companion to attend to my sexual needs while I was filming the occasional movie. Joe is the first person I have hired since my divorce, and he has been here to fulfill my sexual needs, but also some of the emotional and companionship needs that have gone unfilled since my divorce.

"I don't know what happened between the two of you, but I can only speak as to why I have him here. Joe is a really nice guy, and I am sure that he has an explanation for you too."

Dove's anger changed more toward confusion as she stared at me from across the boat.

"Dove, you need to realize that I wanted to tell you about why I was actually in Jamaica after we slept together," I said, "But, it made more sense to not explain it once I realized we both wanted the encounter to stay secretive. I regretted sleeping with you because I don't think you would have tried to seduce me if you were sober. I should have declined when you made your pass at me, but I let my emotions take over instead of listening to my brain.

"I am incredibly sorry for any embarrassment that I have caused you. You seem like a great girl, and I would like to try and start over as friends, now that everything is out in the open."

Dove sat back and appeared to be processing the entire conversation. Kaley and I exchanged a nervous glance before Dove finally came to a conclusion.

"Kaley, can you give Joe and me a moment to speak privately?"

Kaley obliged and stayed at the front of the boat as Dove and I walked to the rear of the boat.

Dove sighed before she finally explained what she was feeling, "Joe, I don't regret what happened back in Jamaica. It was a wild moment in my otherwise boring life. I will always remember that night and how sexy you made me feel.

"I was just upset when I saw you here, because I didn't know how to process what was going on. I wasn't sure if you were here to let out my secret or if you were stalking me or whatever. I am actually kind of glad to know that you were just here for Kaley and that it was just bad luck that you ran into me. I want you to know that I'm okay, if you are."

I smiled, relieved that Dove was not angry about what had happened and that everything appeared to be okay.

We returned to the front of the boat and Dove informed Kaley that all was well as long as everything that had been mentioned remained a secret.

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