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A ponygirl for my mistress, and a friend.

At the same time, I was trailing kisses along his legs, brushing through the forest of wiry hairs and taking occasional little nips at the receptive flesh, which somehow still smelled of the mountains, of the harvest of opium.

Closer and closer together we moved, and soon I felt his hand - his hand! It was the first time he had actually touched me! - snake up my legs, grab my panties, and pull them down over my hips. At the same time he pushed my dress up so that both my buttocks and the moistened mouth of my pussy were exposed to him. He grabbed my legs at the knees and pulled them as wide apart as they would go, then went back to kissing his way up my calves, my quaking thighs.

"Yes, darling..." I cried. "Come to me, darling... closer... closer..."

It was all I could do to keep from jamming back against him with all my strength, grinding my aroused cunny into his waiting mouth. I was absolutely overcome with the white heat of my desire, with the feeling of his hot mouth on my flesh, and I wanted nothing more than to feel his lips make contact with the lips of my hungry pussy, to feel his tongue sear its way into me.

At the same time, I was moving closer and closer to his groin, which was undulating in lazy little circles, pressing the hard flesh of his cock against my belly. I parted his legs at the knees just as he had done to me, and teasingly ran my fingernails along the insides of his thighs, caressing and scrapping them, feeling him buck a bit harder against me in response.

"Do you like that?" I cooed. "Do you like it when I touch you?"

In answer, he slid his head up suddenly and planted a quick kiss on the flanges of my starving vagina, at the same time inserting his tongue between the yielding labia and running it in one long swipe along my clitoris. Again I had to overcome the urge to simply push back against him as hard as I could, to glue my pussy to the wonderful softness of his lips. But I held myself back, shuddering a bit when he withdrew from me, and groaning as if in protest at my own control.

I also began to flick my fingernails along the base of his balls, teasing the sensitive scrotum and bringing his cock to greater and greater life. I could tell by the increasing force of his writhing that I would not have much longer to wait, so I moved my head back further, drawing closer and closer to the sensitive mass of flesh at his crotch, drawing up my knees so as to provide exactly the right fit.

Slowly, slowly I drew back, moving my mouth along the insides of his thighs, then brushing my lips through the spindly little hairs at the base of his balls. With that first touch of my mouth at the nerve-riddled flesh of his scrotum, he exploded, twisting and turning underneath me, grinding his massive cock up against my neck.

"Christina!" he yelled. "I can't take it any more! Suck me, Christina! Take me in your mouth and suck me!"

"Gladly, darling," I said. "But I want you too, you know... I want to feel your mouth on my pussy..."

"Yes, yes!... anything! Just do it, Christina! Do it!"

But I was not quite ready. I wanted to draw it out a bit, make him wait as he had done to me. So I propped myself up fully on my hands and knees, and began taking long, languid swipes at his balls with the broad surface of my tongue. Over and over I caressed him that way as he cursed and roiled beneath me. Then, finally, when I knew he could take it no more, I nibbled my way up the warm stem of his cock and finally plunged the head of it into my mouth, feeling the hard flesh burrow into me as I heard him groan with satisfaction.

A moment later I felt the splendid touch of his lips again at the entrance to my cunt, felt them nibble and press against my tingling flesh like a snail crawling up a blade of grass.

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