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Her plan backfired.

"God, you drive me crazy."

I smiled sweetly up at you. "That's the point." I pushed you roughly over onto the bed, catching you off guard. You fell, sprawling over it and I was immediately on top of you, straddling your chest and pinning you down. I manouevred you into place and tied off the knots at the wrists. I told you there were scissors in the drawer beside the bed to put your mind at ease, and kissed you gently. I wiggled down to the end of the bed and tied your legs apart. Spread eagle and at my mercy.

I jumped off the bed and stood back a bit, and continued my slow stripping. The shirt fluttered to the floor, soon followed by my skirt. You were so hard at this point, so ready. If you weren't tied down you'd have knocked me to the floor and fucked me senseless. I was tempted to untie you but I hoped my games would satisfy you.

Slowly, one bra strap and then the other were slipped off my shoulders, and the back of the bra unclasped. It hung loosely, concealing my breasts from your view.

"Don't do this to me, please."

I slipped a thumb under the waistband of my panties and slowly pushed one side down. You groaned. I stepped out of them and tossed them aside, then let my bra drop to the floor. I was thankful for your appreciative look, and for the fact that you were so turned on. I went back to the bed and lick your arm from wrist to elbow in a light, tickling way. I then climbed onto the bed and straddled your chest. You could feel my warm, wet pussy pressing against your chest and smelled the scent of my arousal. I looked down on you and smiled.

Thinking a moment, I slid my hips down until they were level with yours but just out of reach. I leaned over and positioned my head above your nipple, licking gently in large circles around it. The circles got smaller and smaller until I took your nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. I bit it sharply yet gently, and then soothed it with my tongue, sucking once again. While I suckled I ran my hands across your chest and shoulders, rubbing the muscles and caressing the skin. I caught the other nipple in my teeth and ran my tongue lightly across the top.

You arched your back, trying to allow your aching cock access to my pussy, but I merely wiggled up your body more, licked your collarbone and lazily planted a kiss in the hollow. I bit the side of your neck and watched the colour rise to the surface, then soothed it with a lick.

I held your earlobe in my teeth and sucked on it, then breathed warmly in your ear and whispered "I love you". Your eyes were closed and you were breathing rapidly, but you replied in kind.

Wiggling up your body, I placed my pussy ever so close to your mouth. Your tongue snaked out to meet it, but I moved away until it was just out of reach. You could feel the wetness on your skin and smell the scent unique to me, to our lovemaking. I knew that you wanted nothing more but to have me bury your face in my pussy, and the thought made me shiver. I couldn't resist letting your tongue make contact, and then allowing you to suck on my clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

I then moved away from you, leaving a cold wet spot on your chest. You shivered slightly and missed the heat of my body on yours. I pulled a blindfold out from under a pillow and rob you of your sight, kissing each eyelid before I tied it on. I then walked away from the bed and watched you.

Your head cocked in the direction you thought I had taken, trying to hear me, and you begged me to come back. I watched you as you tested your bonds, and finding them sound, groaned in frustration. Very slowly and very quietly, I stole back to the bed and suddenly licked your inner thigh, caressingly and widely, then moved away again. You next felt me biting your shoulder gently, rubbing your skin with my lips and breathing warmly on you. You feel so helpless, not knowing where I will strike next.

Your back arched when I took the head of your cock into my warm mouth, caressing it with my tongue and gently sucking.

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