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submissive slut & her adventures.

"Then clasp your hands behind the base of your neck and lace your fingers together. And spread your legs. I want your feet at least thirty inches apart."

I was uneasy about doing this in front of the maid. "Ulrike," I said uncertain, "couldn't you at least have the maid leave the room before you start...?"

But Ulrike interrupted me in mid-sentence. "Be silent," Ulrike commanded. "You said that you would do whatever I required. Are you going to go back on your word the minute you set foot into my room?"

When she put it like that I really couldn't argue. I spread my legs and clasped my hands behind the base of my neck.

"Now it is time to examine you and see how well you followed my instructions," Ulrike said and then she proceeded to get up from her desk and walk over to where I was standing.

She ran her hands all over my body, grabbing my arms, fondling my chest, fondling my underarms, squeezing my nipples, squeezing my thighs, squeezing my calves, fondly and squeezing my buttocks, and of course she spent a lot of time examining touching, examining and squeezing my cock and balls.

She cupped my balls in her hands, commenting on how smooth and hairless they seemed. Then she held the shaft of my cock in her hands and slid her hand up and down the shaft. "This seems awfully smooth as well," she commented and turned my cock to the left and to the right, running her fingers up and down it, allegedly looking for any signs of pubic hair.

I gasped and my legs trembled when she pulled my buttocks apart and pressed a finger, gently but firmly into my anus.

"Don't move!" she commanded. "There's still some body hair back here! How could you come into my house with body hair between your buttocks? I told you how much I despise body hair!"

"I'm sorry," I protested, trying desperately not to move while she pushed her finger harder and harder against my sphincter muscle, "but it's not like I can see back there. I had to guess how good a job I was doing when I shaved that part!"

"Couldn't you get anyone to assist you?" she inquired. "Doesn't anyone else live with you? Couldn't you have asked anyone in your household for assistance?"

"I live with my mother," I explained.

"I see no reason why you couldn't have asked her for help," Ulrike retorted.

"What?" I said, shocked at the suggestion. "Strip naked in front of my mother and ask her to help shave my asshole? What would she say?"

Ulrike then smacked my ass hard and admonished me, "Don't take that tone with me ever! I'm certain by now that your mother knows that he son is a submissive! And if by some miracle she hasn't realized it yet, you should probably tell her!"

"Oh God, no! I could never tell her anything like that!"

"I don't know why not," Ulrike countered. "My mother knows all about my dominant tendencies. She understands my needs and my preferences."

I didn't have an answer to that one and eventually Ulrike just sighed in disgust and said, "Amber, take him to the bathroom and finish shaving him. Bring him back to me when you're through."

So, I allowed myself to be taken naked, to the bathroom by the maid and she ordered me to lean over the tub, with my hands against the bathroom tiles and with my legs obscenely far apart.

"So, do you get some sort of sexual thrill from shaving naked men that Ulrike brings over to the house," I asked, feeling somewhat sorry for myself and lashing out at the only available target.

"If she orders me to scrub the kitchen floor, I scrub the kitchen floor," she said. "If she orders me to shave naked men, I shave naked men. I get paid the same amount either way. It's a job."

Amber got soap and hot water and lathered me up and with a few careful strokes she shaved away the body hair hidden between my buttocks. It felt weird having a total stranger touch me back there in that most intimate of places, but as humiliating and debasing as it was, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if I had somehow talked my mother into doing it.
"Don't move," Amber ordered, "I still need to rinse off the lather and then towe

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