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Shedding guilt in a blog, she contemplates an incestuous.

That had been nine years ago but Carl didn't start fucking the students until four years ago. His wife lost interest in herself and she let herself go physically. Elaine now weighed over 200 pounds and Carl was sure that she was close to 250. She began binge eating and drinking which when coupled with no exercise was a formula for disaster.

It was then that Carl, a handsome fit man, started checking out the students. It happened quite by accident when he had caught two boys having sex. Both boys were cute and effeminate looking and Carl had no trouble fucking them both. After that they came to his office many times for an encore. The two boys had since graduated but Carl then sought out other boys that he thought to be approachable. The academy had its share of gay students and as was the case with Andy, some who didn't know they were gay yet. Carl thought back to when he caught the two boys in the shower. He had been working out in the school's gym and when he went to take his shower afterward is when he spotted the two naked boys kissing and hugging in the shower.

Carl watched the two boys undetected as the boys thought that they were alone in the locker room shower. He studied their lithe bodies as they kissed and hugged one another. Both boys were slender with very nice curvy asses and virtually no body hair. Carl knew that Willy and Timmy were both 18years old. He had surprised himself and both boys when he striped and joined them in the shower.

Carl recalled how he had the two boys stand back to back with their buttocks touching. Their erections stood out from their bodies and they had moaned with pleasure when Carl stroked their cocks. Then he remembered taking it to the next step with Willy first and then Timmy. He had continued to stroke Willy's cock with one hand and fingered Willy's asshole with his other hand. Timmy had stood by in amazement and stroked his own cock as he watched his classmate get fondled and fingered. Then Carl had turned his attention to Timmy and Willy had stroked his cock while he watched the doctor play with Timmy's body.

Dr. Martin had kept stroking the two young cocks until they shot their first loads of the day. Timmy came first and fired a barrage of cum across the shower room. Dr. Martin kept stroking Timmy's cock until Timmy was weak kneed and begged for a break. Dr. Martin had then turned his full attention to Willy. He rubbed Willy's balls as he jerked Willy's cock and within minutes Willy was spurting cum all over the shower floor.

Then Carl fucked his first male ass. Timmy turned to the shower wall and placed his hands on the wall. He arched his back slightly further accentuating his curvy ass. Carl noticed that Timmy had a nice ass with no body hair and he looked very fuckable and very vulnerable at the moment. Dr. Martin had stepped up behind Timmy and eased his tapered cock into the student's asshole. Timmy gasped and dropped his head as he felt the impressive tool spread his anus. Timmy had been fucked before but every time he had the same sensation of being stretched open. Dr. Martin was gentle with Timmy and slowly fed his cock to him a little at a time. He would back out a little and then feed more of his cock into Timmy's ass. Once the cock was embedded in Timmy's ass Carl had began to fuck him slowly.

Carl had also directed Willy to suck Timmy's cock. Willy got down on his knees in front of Timmy and began blowing his classmate. Willy had obviously done this before and he handled Timmy's cock quite easily. Timmy was beside himself with the dual attention and it wasn't long before Timmy shot a load into Willy's mouth. Carl watched as Willy seemed to swallow rapidly to keep cum from running out of his mouth. Once again Timmy got weak kneed and he pushed Willy's mouth off of his cock.

After Willy had sucked Timmy's cock dry, he changed places with Timmy.

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