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Furniture saleswoman and interior decorator join the fun.

little teeny-bopper under the bleachers?"

"It's against the law, mom," I said finally.

"Fuck the Goddamned law!" she blurted. "How are they going to know, if we don't tell them?"

And I had no answer for her. How, indeed?

"Look, Bobby," she said, laying her hand on my thigh, "I'm not a prude when it comes to sex, okay? I'll do anything you want anytime you want it. I've already shown you that I'll suck your cock. If you want to fuck, we'll fuck. If you want to eat a little pussy, that's fine with me. If you want to fuck me in the ass, we can do that, too. Anything, anytime, any-where. And I mean that."

I don't think she had any idea what her words were doing to me, and I didn't know how to tell her. "Jesus, mom!" I moaned.

She stopped talking then and squinted at me, trying to figure out what was wrong, and her eyes went wide with surprise when the understanding of it finally hit her.

"Well, I'll be damned," she murmured. "You're getting fired up just talking about it!"

She slid her hand up my thigh, bringing it to rest on the growing bulge inside my jeans. Deftly, she unzipped my pants and pulled my burgeoning cock out into the open.

"This is for me?" she asked, gazing at it dreamily. "Just from talking?"

Dumbly, I nodded my head.

"You do have a nice one, Bobby," she purred. "What do you want? More head?"

"No," I croaked. "I want ... I want to fuck you, mom! I want to have it in your pussy."

She stood up then, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the skimpy bikini bottom, pushed it down over the flare of her hips, and stepped out of it; one long leg, and then the other.

It was the first time I'd ever seen her pussy; the delicate, pink cunt lips protruding slightly from the soft down at the juncture of her thighs, the tiny pearls of moisture clinging to them, glistening in the morning sunlight. My cock swelled even further in anticipation.

"That's funny," mom said softly. "That's what I want, too."

Without another word, she stepped across me on the chair, held the engorged head of my member up to the dewy opening of her cunt, and lowered herself onto me with a gasp of pleasure.

I could feel her cunt lips opening up to accept my girth, and the slippery tightness of her as she slid slowly down on my cock. A fraction of an inch at a time, I entered her, and her quim molded around my prick like a tight, oily glove. The sensation of having her hot flesh gripping my rod so tightly sent shivers of delight coursing through my body.

"Oh, my God, mom!" I breathed. "This is wonderful!"

"Better than my mouth?" she whispered close to my ear.

"I ... I don't know. It's a different feeling. I don't think anything could be better than your mouth. Does that sound strange?"

"Not at all," she purred. "Men always like being sucked off better than fucking. And women like sucking them, too - having the power to make a man spurt in their mouths whenever they want - but this is what makes a woman cum, Bobby; having a stiff dick or a long tongue rammed up their cunt."

"Are you going to cum, mom?" I asked.

"Jesus, I hope so!"

She started riding me then, rocking her hips and grinding her clit against the base of my shaft. Her beautiful tits were swaying up and down, a scant inch in front of my face, and, without asking permission, I shoved her tee shirt up and took one, erect nipple between my lips.

"Oh, yes!" she groaned. "Suck it, baby! Suck it!"

Her cunt muscles contracted down around my prick when I laved her nipple with my tongue, clasping me tightly, and she started plunging up and down on me furiously, sluicing my rock hard crank in and out of her steaming hole.

It occurred to me that there were other areas on her body that were just as sensitive as her breasts.

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