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Orcs and humans find the grace of the Dark God.

Another woman sat at a desk and greeted Shelly. She showed Shelly a list of spa packages. Apparently, the free massage was for a basic 10 minute back rub. She decided to purchase one of the deluxe packages. She started off with a manicure, pedicure and facial. She was in total heaven. She was then taken to a private room for a massage. She took off her bathing suit, wrapped a towel around her and laid down.

A few minutes later she heard a knock at the door and someone entered. They turned on some relaxing music and turned down the lights. They put a towel over her butt and unwrapped the towel from around Shelly to access her back.

A moment later she felt a pair of strong well-oiled hands on her shoulders. Any remaining tension quickly disappeared. As the hands rubbed down her back and sides she started to imagine it was Jerrick. The warmth started to grow inside her and she could feel herself starting to get wet.

"Please roll-over" She heard a quiet soothing man say in a very thick accent. As she rolled over the man was very professional and kept towels in front of private areas. She looked up at the masseuse as she rolled over and he smiled. The room felt like it was spinning from the alcohol. This man was probably almost 40 and had very black skin. He had long dreadlocks that went down to his shoulders. He wasn't as handsome as Jerrick and Shelly found herself disappointed.

As Shelly settled on her back she closed her eyes again thinking of Jerrick. Her nipples turned so hard it was almost painful and her pussy began to ache. He rubbed the top of her chest and moved down her sides brushing the sides of her breasts. His large hands moved over her stomach gently rubbing the oil in. As he moved down her sides her body trembled. She wondered if he could feel it. He went to each leg massaging up and down. His hands went up her inner thigh and she opened her legs slightly hoping he would go all the way up.

"All done my lady" he suddenly said.

Shelly opened her eyes and the man was already walking out the door. She was frustrated and horny. She put her bathing suit back on and went back to her room.

Shelly took her bathing suit off and laid on the bed. She put two fingers in her pussy and started massaging it. She started rubbing her clit, but it wasn't enough. She looked around the room for something to use. She grabbed a hair brush and went back to the bed. She slowly put it in her pussy and started pulling it out then in. It wasn't doing the trick though.

Shelly looked around the room like an addict looking for a fix. She walked out to the balcony looking to see if Jerrick was out there. She stood out there nude. The light breeze hit her body and she got goose-bumps. She didn't see Jerrick. She went back inside ashamed of herself again.

Shelly argued with herself. Why was she doing this? This wasn't like her. She needed relief. Shelly called AJ to see if they could webcam, but it went straight to voicemail. She decided to get dressed and go down to the restaurant. She threw on some shorts and a tank top.

Down at the restaurant she was looking at the menu and saw a bowl of fruit listed. When the server came she ordered the fruit and asked if they had any whole bananas.

While impatiently waiting at the table by herself, a man approached her. He was a tall man, probably about 6'4" and white. His hair was brown and short. It was starting to gray slightly. Shelly looked up and he was holding two drinks.

"Mind if I join you?" The stranger asked. Shelly wasn't interested in some cheesy pick-up lines and really just wanted to go back to her room. "I was just about to go back to my room" "Then it will be a short stay." The man said sitting down across from her at the small table. He handed her one of the drinks. She got a better look at him and he looked to be in his late forties. He wasn't bad looking though. Kind of distinguished.

"Thanks." Shelly said as she inspected him.

They introduced each other and and started talking when the server brough

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