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Kat takes the friendship to a new level.

I'm sure she must of read my entire profile. Can I really do this? I continued to dress. I pulled on a loose fitting T-shirt, my fishnet underwear over the harness and tan hiking shorts. I didn't bother with socks and slipped on my running shoes.

I arrived 5 minutes early and rang the doorbell. Miss K opened the door and greeted me with a big smile. She invited me in while she looked me over from head to toe. I started to get a bit embarrassed and erect. I wasn't used to being looked at like that. When she looked back at my face, I was blushing; her expression gave her thoughts away.

He'll do nicely indeed she thought to herself. She took me by the hand and led me through the house to the back yard, where a deck with several lawn chairs sat before the lighted pool. She then suggested we go for a quick dip in the pool before the other guests arrived. I didn't bring a swimsuit I had relied.

It's Ok James you won't be needing one tonight. The grin on her face told me right away that my fantasy or so I thought was about to start and it did.

"Now hurry up James." As again her eyes scanned me head to waist. Her obvious arousal at the situation evident on her face.

Man I was so nervous! I barely knew her, yet she knew some of my kinkiest secrets. I undressed slowly still pretty nervous. Pulling off my T-shirt, my almost hairless chest with my nipples hard.

"Oh nice pointy sensitive nipples James," she commented. Her comments made me blush. Oh very nice James I think we will have some fun with those tonight, as she touched them.

At the time I didn't realize she had said we. Next came my shorts, oh my god, I was getting fully erect. I slowly pulled my zipper down while the bulge in my pants pressed out for release. The harness pushing everything forward, the fishnet straining to contain my enlarging cock. I couldn't believe at the time how nervous I was and how excited I was.

"Nice undies James, fishnet too, very sexy" she grinned. "Turn around let me get a good look at you. Oh James, my, my, what a cute ass you have!" her hand gently gave it a light squeeze.

I turned around to face her. "That harness shows you off nicely too. I see the fruits are ripe too" she said, as her fingers gently tickled my balls. I was harder than ever before. You behave and you'll have a great time tonight. I already see how excited you are!" she smiled, as her hand stroked me in one long cupping motion, on the underside of my now throbbing erection.

"Change of plans James" she informed me, then took hold of my erection and led me inside. I pulsed in her soft but firm hand. "Turn around James and place your hands behind your back." She then attached handcuffs to my wrists. I was so excited. Next came a body harness with lots of rings on it. Then she had me bend over and put something cool and slippery on my ass and inserted a small object.

She grabbed hold of my cock and led me up a couple steps to a platform with stocks but they strangely mounted to the ceiling leaving my body fully exposed and facing the semi-circle of chairs. I couldn't believe it was happening at the time. She had me place my hands and head into the stocks. I was then blindfolded and a penis gag was placed in my mouth. She fondled and teased my erection always seemly aware when I was about to release. It must have been at least 30 minutes of me moaning and dancing to her talented hand! By the time she finished I was begging her to let me cum! "The guests should be here any minute, James!" I could tell by her voice she was enjoying the teasing.

I remember hearing voices, maybe about a dozen. I heard someone ask what's behind the curtain and she was told that it was a surprise for later.

The party went on for about 30 minutes when I felt a vibration in my ass.

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