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The start of awakening my wife to new sexual adventures

Now it was almost obvious that the guys walking quickly into the little viewing booths were entering so they could finally release their cocks from the pants that choked them and stroke them tightly while either thinking about this lovely ass or peeking out of the door to the booth and stroking while watching her.

We would work our way down to the booths ourselves and when we arrived at an open door, we would enter but not before she would turn and face her following for a brief second. Almost as if to let them know that she was ready for something. We would close the door, lock it and examine the room carefully. We would try to see the walls and inspect the floor for cum so as not to rest in the mess and once we were sure it was clean, we would just stand in there and tease each other.

I would undo my fly and pull out my cock. Already rock hard and difficult to remove from the tightness of my pants I almost always use this as an excuse to rub into her with it. While she just lifts up the front of her dress exposing only her pussy mound to me while rubbing her clit in small circles. I stroke my cock real easy, spreading the pre-cum, which has already gathered on the head, all up and down my length. We would stand inside the booth and just masturbate for a while even before putting in any quarters for the show.

In almost every booth there was a small hole that was drilled in the at least one wall, but this booth had two. One on the right side wall and one on the left. Until now we have seen only eyes peering through them as we were playing with ourselves giving each other our own little "private" show. But this night would be different. As we stood there enjoying watching each other stroke and rub while tasting our own juices in plain site of each other, the temperature was truly rising. As she was sliding her middle finger in and out of her dripping hole, I noticed the a darkness come over the hole slightly behind her to her right.. Next the head of a cock poked through. It was already hard as it kept pushing into our booth until it was almost touching her bare, bronze leg. She hadn't noticed it yet, but I had, and seeing this large, hard cock reaching around so close to my wife was a delight. It seemed to be trying to bend around and reach for her leg, like it had a mind of it's own. I could see a little pre-cum running down the underside of it all the way to its base where it contacted the hole in the wood. It began to shake as if the owner had it grasped by the base and was trying to signal us that it was there.

My wife noticed me looking at something and turned to see what had caught my attention.

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