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Alex's story continues in modern day LA.

.." Kim wanders away down the hall, whispering into every room.

I sigh.

* * *

I'm the last one in. Nikki does a head count and closes the doors behind me.

Michelle's standing behind the bar, whipping up shot glasses.

Lisa finds a stool beside Saku, and I sit at the far end with Crow.

"What's going on?" she whispers.

"I can't tell you," I say.

I find a smoke.

"Alright - who here has heard the rumors Cypress won't be coming back from the Market?" Michelle says.

Every hand goes up except Crow's. She gives me a 'whuh?' look.

"So the secret's out. And the truth is this; the old ones found us as soon as Cypress got here. Somehow - we don't know. They'll attack us today, unless they get Cypress."

"Wait - 'get' Cypress, what do you mean, 'get' him?" Crow asks.

"Take him. Alive," Lisa says.

"Who's fuckin' idea was that?"

"Theirs. They said they could come in now and wipe us out, or we could give them...the swordsman, is what they said."

"That's retarded," Crow barks. "If they could come in and wipe us out, don't you think they would? I can't believe you guys went along with this - do the guys know?"

"Oh, why do you even care? You dumped his ass anyway," Lisa snaps.

And Crow pauses.

She can only gape at Lisa.

But Michelle's staring at Crow. Her eyes shoot from Lisa to Crow. Crow to Lisa.

"...that's why..." Michelle whispers.

"...fuck this," Crow says. I reach for her as she hops off her barstool and find she's already gone.

"Fuck it, let her go," Michelle says. And returning to the bar, I find a shot in place for me.

"So - who said yes to this little plan involving Cypress without consulting the rest of us?"

It takes everyone's eyes a moment to settle on Lisa.

"Did it occur to you that perhaps Cypress could have found a way to make it all work? He does that, you know."

But Lisa just shakes her head.

"No, Cypress is having problems. Like, up here," she taps her forehead. Michelle pauses for a moment, but continues.

"And then you proceeded to lie to Crow, telling her I fucked Cypress."

"I thought maybe you came back to the restaurant," Lisa shrugs.

Everyone's staring.

This is something everyone has always sort of hoped would happen. Michelle and Lisa have only had an old-school bitch-out once. This should be good. But-

"Whatever," Michelle shrugs. "Sophie?" she looks to me.

Oh, God, no.

I'm already quaking as I hop over the bar.

Public... speaking...

I'm sweating, but I pull my hat down tighter, looking at Michelle's boots.

"Are you sure?" I whisper to her.

She just pats my shoulder.

"Go ahead," she says.

" as Chief Medical Officer in the field, I invoke Rule Fifteen. I believe Lisa is in an unfit state of mind to lead, and relieve her of command. I suggest Michelle as replacement," I say.

My face is pale, but I'm sweating. And I can't see anything. I can't see anything.

I pull my hat up a little.

Oh, there we go.

Lisa is just staring blankly at me.

"You... little... bitch," she says.

I can't think of anything to say.

But Michelle's hand is on my shoulder.

"All against?" Michelle says.

Lisa's arm shoots up.

Then Saku, and of course Diane. Kristen follows shortly, but Martha doesn't stick with her floor. Her hand stays near the shot in front of her, despite an elbow from Saku

"I still stand as leader," Lisa says. Saku shakes her head.

"No you don't - Sophie's the Medic," Saku says. "And she relieves you. But I vote for yours truly." But now Martha elbows Saku and shakes her head.

And now, Saku caves.

And now instead of four on three, it's one to six.

And Lisa can't do anything but agree as Michelle tells them to figure out a way to get the swordsman back. Clapping an arm around my shoulders, she leads me out of the bar.

"Get Crow back," she says to me. "Tell her Cypress needs her."

I sigh.

When Crow wants her Alone Time, you give it to her.

But an order's an order.

And you always know where to find a pissy Crow at the Forks.

I squint in the early-afternoon Sun, and pul

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