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You're sitting at home reading when...

As I stripped I always got nervous, like it was the first time.

Standing there in my panties she notices the small pre-cum stains in my panties and she laughed...asking me if I really thought I deserved to cum if I could not keep my panties clean? Not sure how to answer, I mumbled a response in which she became angered and slapped my dick in my panties... She stated that this moment was not about me, but that she had certain needs. She informed me that she had only cum twice today, and that she was still extremely horny.

She forced me to my knees. Where I could see up her very short skirt. When I looked at the crotch of her panties, she slapped me across the face and asked if I had permission to look? She quickly slightly hikes her skirt up and turns around and forces her ass into my face. Reaching back she grabs to back of my head and forces my mouth onto her ass.

All I could smell was her musty scent, a scent the proved to me that she had indeed cum at least twice that day. Before I could react she quickly reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees (she never believed I hhad a right to see her without her panties on at least partially). Bending over she reached between her legs and brutally grabbed my clit and forced me forward face first into her bare ass. She growled at me to do what she wanted. I quickly flicked my tongue out and she forced her ass onto my tongue and she allowed the tongue to bath her nether region.

Quickly I understood how horny she truly was when she was bucking her ass back and forth into my face, allowing me to tongue fuck her ass. A few minutes into the process all her muscles were clenching with pleasure, and I could tell that she was cumming.

I knew from her state that this was not the end. She looked down and saw my "boy clit" straining against the silky panties and leaving spots of pre-cum. She quickly reached out and violently grabbed my clit and squeezed. Laughing at me for not being able to control myself. She laughed that I was such a pussy, getting that turned on by licking her ass. Asking me if I even wanted to cum, she had me so well trained that I was afraid to cum, but loved all the pain and pleasure of getting close.

She again laughed at me because of the complete role reversal. She stated normally the man "jacks off" two or three times a day, and sought to cum as frequently as possible. She chuckled as she thought of the idea of me cumming. She said that I was really the woman of the relationship and that I did not deserve to cum, because my instrument could not satisfy her...

She slowly pulled her soaking wet panties back up, and making sure that her short skirt covered everything... Thinking that we were done for the moment I started to move, to be greeted by a face full of spit... "Bitch, I did not tell you to move!" I apologize and she stands me up and turns me to face the bed.

She had apparently set this up earlier. Next to the bed was a bench, and on the bench was a suction cupped realistic dildo. The thing was scary, at least 9" long, and a couple of inches in diameter. Immediately, I was gripped with fear as I saw that the tip already had lubrication on it.

Grabbing me by the hair, she jerked me over to the bench. "You fucking cunt...I still need to cum, but you can not do it. Pull your panties down to your ankles to stupid whore." I slowly maneuvered, and pulled my panties down to my ankles as she still gripped my hair. She immediately saw my "clit" and started to laugh. "You are a tiny little boy compared to that cock...trust me I had that one in me earlier today and it filled me nicely, I can't even feel your pathetic dick in me."

She apparently was amused by my tiny cock, as she stared at the cock on the bench she started to moan slightly and move her free hand around her tits. Obviously, becoming aroused she yelled at me "Cunt, sit down, NOW!"...

I looked at the bench as she released my hair.

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