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Female doctor with bad attitude gives Black man a physical.

He answered by thrusting his cocking me extra hard.

It was a fuck of self-gratification, each of us satisfying our need to release pent-up emotions.

Greco groaned like a wounded animal as his sperm escaped ejaculating into my vessel. I was close enough that his cum triggered my own orgasm. I bit my tongue as my cunt shuddered with its much-needed climax.

"Thank you. You may go now." I dismissed the worn-out caretaker.

Silently Greco got off my unresponsive body and dressed.

"Wednesdays shall be your days to service me." I advised Greco as he left my room.

Greg's car lumbered down the lane early that Friday afternoon. He usually did no arrive until almost dark after the commute from Bangor. He was not alone, a young redhead lad sat beside him in the BMW.

"This is Jeffery, Jeff is my new assistant." Greg introduced us. "I invited Jeff to spend the weekend with us and relax."

A weekend with thus young stud, the gods were smiling on me.

Greg and I enjoy a fairly open relationship. I am aware that he enjoys the odd young secretary in the city and he knows I am not faithful during his absence. I do not know what he had discussed with Jeff but imagined fucking me was included.

It had been a warm day and Greg suggested a dip in the pool before dinner.

I changed into my black one piece and joined them. I found at my age what they didn't see fascinated them more than what they could. The one piece gave my breasts good support accenting their size. The leg openings were high cut displaying a large expanse of white skin and my mound pressed out against the tight crotch of the suit.

The suit had the desired effect on out young guest. I found his staring at me no doubt imagining what treasures lay beneath the opaque material. With a little luck he would soon find out.

Dinner was uneventful. I learned Jeff was engaged to a young schoolteacher and due to be married in six months. He told us is fianc__ was a high school sweetheart and had been the only love in his life.

While he did not actually say so I got the distinct impression Jeff was still a virgin.

After dinner Greg got out a game that we played with a few intimate friends. The gist of the game was that everyone got naked and performed outrageous "dares".

We all had enough to drink that our inhibitions had vanished. The stage was set for an exciting threesome.

Taking the lead from Greg I quickly began loosing my clothes. Soon I was sitting in just my bra and panties with Jeff's eyes popping out.

"I think we should fuck my wife." Greg said.

Jeff did not believe what he had heard, an invitation to fuck the almost naked woman sitting across the table from him.

It promised to be a perfect evening. I was to be fucked by my husband and a promising young virgin. How I adored being the first for a hard young cock. My pussy was moistening already.

"Oh dear, two of you!" I feigned distress.

"Don't worry, she could handle the whole office." Greg assured Jeff.

"What makes you think I haven't?" I smiled.

My mind flashed back to the previous year's Christmas party.

It had been at the exclusive Glendale Golf and Country Club and I had been a sensation in a red sequin gown with a neckline that plunged to my navel and a side split up to my waist. In a true spirit of adventure I had worn the dress sans underwear.

Six cocks had discharged in me that night, including old man Bartlett's, the proprietor of Bartlett Enterprises.

One after the other they had taken me into the cloakroom and hiked the sparkly dress up over my ass and buried their dicks in me.

I recall he wonderful sensation of dancing with my husband and his boss's cum leaking down my legs.

"Why don't you show Jeff how proficient you are at sucking cocks?" Greg brought me back to the present.

Jeff was amazed; his work associate was suggesting his wife should suck his cock.

Boldly I reached into Jeff's shorts and grasped his erection.

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