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Nevertheless if even part of what the armored knight had said was true Yshomatsu may be in some sort of trouble.


"Woo boy, steady there," The wind picked up all of a sudden and startled Titus' horse. It howled past his ears like a screeching banshee. Movement caught his attention at the monastery, one of the men walked outside. Titus turned to his flagman, "Get ready."

The man rose from his seated position upon the ground. Unbeknownst to Titus, Sir Blake was just playing it safe by posting a man outside. A few minutes past before Titus realized it and relaxed a little.

The cold breeze chilled the General to the bones. As much as he loved war he never sought it. If a fight could be prevented it was his duty as General to prevent it. This whole event troubled him, the things Sir Blake had said seemed more like a story or legend of the Gods. Had he witnessed such things, he believed in the Gods of course. However in all the battles he fought over the years, the Gods never joined the fight, so why now in the hands of a monk.

Could it be that one of the Gods had stepped in to tip the tides of war, or something worse perhaps?

"Sir what's that?" One of the men shouted out.

"The man moved, hardly a sign of trouble," Titus responded as the man posted outside the monastery began to move towards the building only to stop after a few feet.

"Not him general, off on the horizon behind our men." Titus squinted in order to see, at first nothing caught his attention. Before he spoke out he saw it, a small fog was forming behind the men.

No, fog wasn't the right word of it, whatever it was, it was pink. The substance grew in mass until the forest behind the men was hidden from view. It remained there for a moment, resembling a big pink cloud.

None of the men noticed it behind them and Titus was beginning to worry.

"We don't have a flag for this, one of you ride down and warm them the very Gods are upon their heels." All of the men cracked up in laughter at the Generals attempt to lighten the moment. A rider nodded and nudged his horse forward.

"Go with him and head to the others if they too have that thing behind them," Titus spoke to another rider who quickly nodded and was off.

A few minutes later the two riders separated and quickened their pace.

"Holy hell, wave the flag... Prepare for battle," Titus commanded. The monk's had to be behind this. The first flag was waved, all those sitting returned to battle formation, siege weapons were lowered and loaded.

Titus looked on feeling helpless as the horseman reached the men. The other rider disappeared from view behind the monastery. Before anyone could react something happened.

The pink mass imploded upon itself and vanished.

"What trickery is this...?" Titus screamed out only to gasp out in sheer terror as the mass once again exploded out at an alarming rate. However instead of the pink cloud this time the mass was a greenish black, blackest at its core. The mass expanded, enveloping the men who panicked running out in all directions.

As the men scattered in all directions the mass' core appeared to be changing form, until a shape or silhouette was clearly visible. The black silhouette continued to grow in density as more of the black mist collected together. Eventually the mass / mist's greenish black was simply a green tint as all the hints of black formed into the silhouette and moved.

The form appeared to stretch out her arms followed by... Wings, wings spread out behind the silhouette. A second later objects fling from the green mist towards each man running away. They looked like long purple tentacles. Either that or ropes, but ropes didn't have a mind of their own. The tentacles reached out and snatched each man and proceeded to pull them back into the mist.

The distant screams filled the valley and could be heard by the main army.

"Sound the attack now," Titus screamed, flags waved and horns sounded before siege weapons fired boulders at the monastery.

"Aim at the mist," Titus screamed out,

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