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Ruth lets herself become his toy.

That mouth he wanted answered like a self-assured but subservient slut: "I am so ready for that."

Rob reached into his pocket and, after fumbling for a bit, pressed the button that unlocked the doors. He politely held mine for me as I entered and then closed it, the smell of expensive leather my first impression. He quickly got in as well, locked the doors and proceeded to drive in practiced fashion to a parking garage only one city block away, his breathing deep and rapid as he repeatedly looked over at me. Swiping his card as he entered, he drove in practiced fashion to a secluded but not entirely dark parking space between two huge utility trucks.

The silence was deafening as he looked at me in what little illumination came from the garage lighting, turning on an overhead map light and dimming it just slightly so that he could see me clearly. Excitedly reeling, as if I thought that this was what I should be doing, I removed my blazer, folded it inside-out and lay it over the seat, paused to look at him and smiled my best 'come hither' smile before I slowly hiked up my dress and painstakingly removed my heels, taking time to give him a long look at my legs.

"You smell sexy as hell" he said, and then offered in a halting voice "and your, your tits feel good enough to eat even under that top."

"Is that what you want to do Sweetie? Eat my tits?" I smiled serenely as I took both in hand and pushed them together despite that still they were covered by a bra and a blouse. He took a deep breath and swallowed, watching as I surveyed my chest and massaged my boobs, lapping my tongue in a serpentine curl.

I little by little unbuttoned my blouse to my navel. On a whim, I asked him, "does Diane strip for you, Sweetie? Or are you in a hurry usually?"

He chuckled, "you're both such naturals. That sexy gene. I wish I could bottle and sell it. Hell, I'd give my wife. . ." he started to say before he caught himself.

"No," he continued, "Diane just gets down to business. But you've got, I mean, you're so fucking hot you're worth every penny. Uh, four hundred" he blurted out, fishing for a number since I really couldn't help him here.

I have to admit, though guys can't wait to get their hands on my boobs, never before was a first date-the only thing I had to compare this to-so up front and honest about what he wanted. I decided to play the role to the hilt and just go for it, feeling as if my inner whore finally had awakened.

"Maybe we can do things differently, Sweetie. Why don't we can crawl into the back seat. I'll strip to my wet little panties for 500" I said, as if that was a god-awfully good deal. But I could see that he was about ready to burst, and that if I wanted, I could finish him in two minutes, most of that unzipping his fly and fishing out his cock that was obviously primed to erupt. "I can feel how wet they are just from thinking of licking that big stick of yours" I rolled my hips with my hand on my crotch, "My cunt's so slippery I can't wait."

"D..D..Done" he stuttered like a breathless auctioneer, a proper business deal finally having been transacted. He reached for his wallet and shakily pulled out five one-hundred dollar bills.

"Thank you Sweetie" I said as I took the money, pretended to massage my crotch with the bills and then stuffed them into my blazer.

"Oh god" he said as he watched me touching myself, his eyes glued to the darkness between my thighs, "you're so welcome. You're welcome. I just realized I don't know your name" he said.

Without missing a beat I said "Melody." Where that name came from I don't know (as my real name is Kristine Bellona). Maybe my inner whore had a name even I was previously unaware of.

He smiled and said, "oh my" as his hand tentatively made its way to my knee and slid up my inner thigh.

"Seems like you already have that down" I said as I playfully snapped my knees together on his hand. "Let's get into the back seat."

"Ok" he said, "but strip first" he said playfully, "I want to see that sex

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