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As everyone turned to face them, they shifted into their dragon forms, the smaller of the two was maybe fifteen, sixteen feet tall when sitting and at least twice as long, the other was double that. The large dragon conjured up a large basket, setting it down in front of him. Everyone filed in, huddling together in the bottom of the container as the dragon picked them up in his forepaws as he slowly rose up into the air, the smaller male following.

"What do you think they'll do with us?" a waif of a girl asked nervously, shivering in spite of the heavy cloak around her.

"I've heard when the king chooses you, you become a part of his harem. And if you can't take him or you refuse, they serve you for dinner," another replied in a monotone voice, no doubt she was in shock.

"I've heard that they tie all the girls naked to slabs and every male in the flight mates with them until they become pregnant, in order to increase their numbers and take over the rest of the continent," another said through her tears.

Niri tried to huddle in closer, but the other girls backed away. Many of them glared at her.

"I don't get why they chose you," one of the prettiest girls from their village snapped, "You look absolutely atrocious, and clearly you have no self control."

"Maybe they thought she'd make a good snack," another girl said, causing everyone to bust out laughing.

"Or perhaps our transport has a thing for pigs," the first girl added, renewing the laughter.

Niri turned to face into a corner and curled into herself as best she could; both to keep warm and to keep the others from seeing her cry.

Hours passed one after another, everyone quiet as they kept each other warm. Niri ended up falling asleep in her corner for a while, waking up with a start when the basket touched down, everyone startled. As they stood and stretched, she noticed night had fallen, the stars amazingly bright.

The howling winds and bitter cold hit them hard as they got out of the basket, stepping out onto a cliff close to the top of a very steep, very icy mountain. Both dragons shifted back into their human forms and led them into the large cavern before them. Everyone was smart enough to keep quiet as they were led through the twisting maze of tunnels, moving deeper and deeper into the mountain.

At least thirty minutes had went by when their guides came to a stop in front of a pair of gargantuan solid wood doors, carvings of dragons in flight adorning them. The smaller male slipped in through a small door nearby and not long after, the huge doors were pulled open, swinging in. Their other guide started to lead them into the huge hall, scores and scores of dragons lounging along the walls and in alcoves running several feet up.

Seated on a pile of cushions against the very far wall, was the largest dragon Niri had ever seen. She'd seen a few of the Sapphire guards before, and none of them held a candle to the flight's King. He could easily hold all twenty-five girls in one paw, and probably still have room left. As they approached the king, the other dragons moved closer, curious about the new arrivals. Niri noticed a few pairs of dragons with young ones running around them or finding a perch somewhere on the adults.

"My lord!" the representative announced, bowing low when they reached the foot of his throne. Niri had the presence of mind to mimic him, knowing that she might live if she showed respect. "I have brought more maidens from Solara Village. I hope they are to your satisfaction."

"Well, let's have a look at them," the king said, his voice surprisingly soft for such a large creature.

Niri remained right where she was while the other girls moved back out of fear, leaving her directly in front of the king. She couldn't help but tremble as he lowered his head to the floor, looking at her from her eye level.

"'re probably the first maiden sent here that isn't scared of me."

"With all due respect, Your Grace," she said, her voice shaking slightly, "I'm utterly terrified."

"Yet you show great

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