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I didn't know it was a sexual experiment at the time!

Rose shook her head and mouthed the words "No way!".

Jerry laughed softly, then walked into the pantry. Rose, checked the refrigerator and found the prepared bowls of toppings and a spray-can of whipped cream. She set it all out on the large eat-in island, then grabbed a handful of spoons and set them out. As she did, Jerry came out of the pantry and added containers of nuts, candies and coconut next to the other toppings. His hand rested on Rose's ass and gave it a slight squeeze. She pushed her ass back into his hand, then went to help Amanda, giving him a little wink.

Rose helped Amanda take out the last few bowls and set them on the counter. Each bowl contained three perfect scoops of what looked to be homemade vanilla ice cream.

"Gloria made that this morning." Jerry explained, "She always tries to do all the food prep in advance so that we can all maximize our fun time during the party."

As Amanda closed the big freezer drawer, Jerry put his arm around both Rose and Amanda, standing between them as they all leaned back against the island. "I hope you ladies have had fun today,"

Rose noticed her daughter lean against Jerry's chest, her arms moving around his torso. She was surprised and had never seen her daughter be so affectionate to another man. She also noticed Amanda's nipples were erect and made her bikini puff out. Rose mimicked her daughter and snuggled in closer to Jerry, her arms also hugging him.

"Oh my god," Amanda said, "You have no idea."

Rose giggled and looked up at his face, "Yeah," she added with a big, naughty grin, "You have no idea."

The noise of people entering the house disturbed their moment, and they separated as everyone started pouring into the kitchen. The boys were excited and charged in to get ice cream and began competing with each to see who could make the most outrageous sundae. The oldest Dean boys came in next, carrying boxes. With them were all of the adults except for one. Amanda looked around expectantly.

Bob came in and said, "Hey Jerry, Mike is tending to the fire. He said he'll be up later to get his ice cream."

Amanda appeared to deflate. She had obviously been hoping to see Mike. Gloria put her arms around her husband. "Well," she suggested, "why don't we get someone to take him down a sundae?"

"I'll do it!" Amanda blurted out.

Gloria gave her a big, knowing smile, "I'm sure you will," she said then kissed Jerry.

Amanda started making a sundae for Mike, adding toppings and lots of whipped cream. She stared at the bowl of ice cream as a devious smile appeared on her face. She took a cherry from her own sundae and put it on top of Mike's. Gloria whispered to Rose, "Looks like your daughter wants to give Mike her cherry."

Rose gave the woman a startled look, then laughed. She hugged her buxom hostess and whispered back, "You are so bad."

Amanda came back a few minutes later looking somewhat dejected. She had the now melted sundae in her hand. She sat it on the counter and grumbled, "I couldn't find him. The fire was out, and he wasn't down there."

Gloria gave her a comforting hug, "There'll be plenty of time for more sundaes when Y'all come back. I have feeling you'll be here often." She leaned in to kiss Amanda's cheek and whispered to her, with her mouth next to her ear so nobody else could hear, "I'll tell him he missed on you giving him this." She pulled the cherry from the top of the molten pile of sweets and popped it in her mouth.

Everyone finished their ice cream, and things were winding down.

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