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She meets a construction worker who's been watching her.

ticking to her face and she nodded, "I'm ready if you are?"

Linda turned in Maria's arms and kissed her with so much passion; it took Maria's breath away. She pulled away and began plucking away at the buttons on Maria's straining navy blue blouse. As it parted, her large, firm dark breasts spilled over the tops of her black lace bra. Linda lowered her face and buried it in Maria's luscious cleavage.

Maria's fingers combed through Linda's blonde locks. She loved the layers of waves surrounding her face and when she tugged at them, she looked down into Linda's mesmerizing blue eyes. She let out a groan, "My God Linda, you are truly beautiful. If I was Danny, I'd never let you out of the bedroom. I'd love to see you staring up at me later, while you eat my pussy."

Linda giggled, "How about settling for me sucking on your ripe, stiff nipples?" She didn't wait for an answer. Her hands snaked around Maria's lush body and releasing the clasp, she slid the blouse off and drew the bra from the dark-skinned detective. She looked up into Maria's dark eyes, "You have nothing to bitch about Maria, you are gorgeous. That chocolate brown hair, those sexy bangs just make me shiver and those lips, my God, I can get lost in them. I could kiss and suck on them for hours." She slipped up and planted her lips on Maria's.

Their lips met and they fought back and forth for supremacy. Linda got the upper hand when she moved down slightly and sucked Maria's ripe bottom lip between her lips. She sucked and nibbled and she smiled when Maria let out a groan and clutched at her hair, pulling her harder against her mouth.

In the other room Danny climbed up onto the bed and drew Jackie on her feet, "Grab the headboard Jackie; I wanna give a show to whoever is in the room next to us. Let's give them a hot porn show."

He had no idea his current partner and his wife were there, it was just stupid luck.

Jackie could see her reflection in the mirror before her. She was amazed how Danny could control her body and she loved it. Jackie focused on her sweaty and extremely stiff nipples. Her gaze dropped and she saw creamy juices oozing from her pussy. She let out a gasp when she saw Danny's cock slide between her legs and watched as the thick red head parted her dark, wet lips and slowly sink into her pussy. She tried to continue watching, but as he sank deeper into her, her eyes closed on their own. She groaned out and pushed back she felt his nuts resting on her tight ass cheeks.

Danny pushed harder making her large, full tits press against the mirror before her, He swept her dirty brown locks from her neck and leaning in, he continued to pump in and out of her. He ravished her neck and nipped at her earlobe, "Oh fuck Jackie, I could fuck this pussy all night; you know that? I wanna find out how much cum I can pour into this luscious cunt before it overflows."

When Jackie heard that she lost it and started coating his invading cock with her creamy juices. She looked down and saw her juices coating his cock. She immediately produced even more and as it slid out of her, his cock was all white and creamy from their orgasms. Her breathing increased and she threw her head back. She turned her head and locked lips with his. She groaned when Danny cupped her large tits and rolled her dark, fat nipples. They bounced up and down as Danny picked up the pace.

Danny tore his mouth from hers and groaned out, "Here it comes Jackie, I'm gonna fill you up again. He nibbled and sucked on the flesh of her neck.

She looked down and as Danny filled her, she saw his thick, creamy cum oozing out around his pumping cock. She saw his fingers catch her stiff button and rubbing it out, she came again. She was amazed how much of their combined cum ran out and soaked her dark, slender thighs.

Danny slowly pulled his cock from her pussy and they both looked in the mirror and watched their cum flow out of her pussy.

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