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You make passionate love.

He gazed at her eyes and then at her bust, the nipples pushing against the halter dress. Lower, her skirt barely covered her long, tanned legs.

He took a drink again hoping she wouldn't detect his tension. Holly leaned forward and put her glass down on the table and Greg emptied his glass. She took his glass from his hand and put it also down on the table. He sighed a bit, his face cracking a smile. Holly took his right hand and drew the fingers to her lips. She brushed them across her lips and then licked his middle finger before taking it slowly in her mouth.

"I like your hands, the fingers are long and slender like that of a pianist's," Holly remarked.

"I play the organ, ah the church organ that is."

"Hmmm, I suppose you play it religiously," she purred. Then she uncrossed her legs and put his hand on top of her right leg, just above the knee, his thumb was along the top while the rest of his fingers curled around to the inside of her thigh. The contact burned into his fingers. Her skin was amazingly firm and smooth.

Greg wound his left hand around her shoulder brushing the nape of her neck. Their eyes locked. No exchange of words but their silence spoke volumes. Slowly their wine tainted lips drew close to each other. Her fragrance was alluring. Greg's hard-on throbbed in his pants as his hand slowly moved up, fingers caressing the inner thigh. A rush of excitement was filling him. She watched his hand inched its way under her skirt.

"Do you realize you are nearing the pleasure zone?" she said glancing at him. Greg halted for a moment and gulped nervously.

"Am I doing the wrong or the right thing?" he said as his hand momentarily froze. Heat emanated from there like there was a small exhaust inside her. Her nipples were excitedly distended under her halter top.

"I figure you know what you're doing, don't you?" He licked his upper lip. Give an inch or two and he had to be feeling her panties.

"I find you irresistible, Holly," he croaked. He was surprised how far his hand had gone. He had not gone this far with any girl he knew. He had felt other girls but only through their clothes but with this one he was practically almost there.

Holly's lips parted and her tongue traced a slow path over them. Suddenly she lurched forward and kissed him. The movement caused his hand to grasp her pussy. His lips embraced her mouth whilst his fingers caressed her soft tender flesh through the fabric of her wispy underwear. Simultaneously with this, his left hand had reached under her arm and felt the side swell of her breast.

After that wild introductory kiss, she spoke again.

"You're touching me. Do you know how I feel with what you're doing?" His fingers pushing between her legs feeling her panties while his left squeezing her breast. To Greg this was the greatest feeling he ever had.

"I hope I'm making you feel good," Greg managed to say.

"Yeah, that feels sooo good," she gasped, closing her eyes and full lips opening sensually. Greg kissed the column of her neck moving to her lips. Her response was more sensual and passionate. Tongues swirled against each other. She moaned in her kisses as Greg's fingers slid along her soft cleft catching her moisture of arousal.

When they finally remembered to breathe, Holly pulled over the neck of her halter top and peeled it off her body. Greg immediately closed his hands on each breast, fondled and sucked the nipples.

"Take off the damn clothes, Greg," she said unbuttoning his shirt. As the shirt was shrugged off, he stood up and undid his belt buckle to pull off the pants. Holly unsnapped her skirt and bared the white panties that enhanced the smooth swollen pussy right between her legs. She tugged the side of her panties as if in a race with him of who's going to be the first to get fully naked. When her panties were off she slouched on the sofa and awaited with bated breath with Greg's revelation of himself.

The wine hid Greg's shyness and his manhood sprang forward when he had tugged off his underwear.

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