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Melody suprises herself and it pays off.

Lizzie was a young, vibrant, beautiful woman, and I would welcome her in my bed anytime, but she wasn't Becca, and it was Becca I Loved.

She and I made love for about another half hour, under the watchful gaze of Lizzie. Becca had two more gentle, shivering orgasms, marked only by a few gasping breaths and a rapid dilation of her pupils, which only I could see. I pumped her full of cum a few minutes later, after which I rolled off and laid back, closing my eyes.

I heard a few soft moans from Becca, and lifted my head to see Lizzie licking her Mother's oozing pussy clean. A few minutes later, she was performing the same service for me. Job complete, she moved up beside me again, and the three of us cuddled together under the covers for a recuperative nap. It would appear that I had the best of both worlds.

We dropped Lizzie off at the airport Sunday afternoon. It was a short flight, one that she would be making every available weekend for the foreseeable future. Besides the obvious reason of a Mother enjoying her daughter being home again, we had formed a trio of sexual gratification. During the week, it would be life as usual for Becca and I, but on weekends, I would share Becca with Lizzie, who would share me with Becca, who would share me with Lizzie.... I think I got that right.... it's very confusing.

When we returned from the airport, I went outside to do a little yard work, and Becca did some inside cleaning. Becca often did housework in high heels..... just high heels, nothing else. In response, I would clean the pool in the nude. It was fun, not knowing what to expect. We settled back into our normal routine, which is to say we went back to fucking each other silly.

When Lizzie came back home the next weekend, the three amigos reunited, and I had some one on one with Lizzie as well. At one point, I woke from a nap and went to find the ladies.

I found them in the backyard. Lizzie was reclined in a poolside lounger, and her Mother was between her thighs, eating her pussy gently. Her eyes were glazed, and when she finally focused on me, she smiled lazily.

"I have never cum so much in my life. You two are going to kill me! If it's not your cock, then it's her tongue! She's a fast learner!" she giggled, causing Becca to peek up from her position. She just waved at me and kept licking.

I came home from work one day and found them together in our bedroom, working a gigantic double-headed dildo with great skill. They had gone lingerie shopping and stumbled across this little hole-in-the-wall sex shop along the way. There they had found their new toy, a bright pink monster over two feet long and almost eight inches around. Somehow, with determination and a lot of lube, they had managed to stuff both of their pussies to capacity. Less than six inches of pink plastic remained visible between them. It was such an erotic sight, I couldn't help but pull my cock out, and start stroking. That got them going again, and about the time they were grinding out another orgasm, I was spraying my load on both of them.

Summer led into fall, and with it the unavoidable family dinner at Thanksgiving. I had reason to dread it. Clay was going to be there, and we would finally be out in the open with Becca's whole family. Both Lizzie and Becca agreed that he probably wouldn't take the news of his Mother's involvement with any other man well. It was a given he wouldn't like me, a mere four years older than him, fucking his Mom. He'd positively shit if he knew I'd bedded his sister as well, and probably have a stroke if he found out about Lizzie and Becca together. Of course, we weren't planning on telling him the last two bits of information.

Turkey day was fast approaching, and the potential fallout over our relationship was weighing heavy over our heads.

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