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Girl gets wild on a singles-only cruise.

I was almost within reach when I was yanked back and flipped on my back. I struggled to break free as Jamie held me in an embrace and said, "Just relax and give in you little dyke."

My vagina begged for release, but the name-calling seemed to give me an adrenaline rush and I pushed her off me and fell on top of her, my breasts in her face. "Breast smothering begun, green," I heard, a rush of pride at getting some points back.

I lay on top of her for a few seconds, before she pushed me off and we began a stand-off that lasted until the whistle blew announcing the end of round one.

Exhausted, I crawled to the side and Jenny handed me a bottle of water. I downed almost all the bottle before looking up at the score blue -245 green -104. I sighed; we were down by a lot. I sighed again when I realized there were two more rounds to go.

Jenny said, "You did good out there."

"Thanks, but I was a complete mess out there," I countered.

"The first round is usually pretty intense," Jenny said.

"Agreed," I replied.

"Unfortunately, you have to start round two," Jenny informed me, explaining, "the second round starts with the wrestlers who didn't start the first round."

"Oh," I sighed, my body still drained from just the first round.

"Just tag me as soon as you can," Jenny said.

"I was trying," I pointed out. I finished the bottle of water and looked at the clock, thirty seconds left.

"Be strong," Jenny said.

"I tried," I laughed back, realizing for the first time that I was naked in front of all these women.


I returned to the ring and was staring at Shay who was again facing me. Seeing her smug face, rejuvenated me and doubled my determination to be strong. I glared at her trying to harden my resolve to be victorious.

Shay smiled, "Two more rounds until you're mine, brainiac."

I shot back, the words out of my mouth very unlike me, "Two more rounds till I make you my slut."

She laughed just as the whistle blew signaling us to begin.

Both of us were tentative at first, not wanting to lose our position. For over a minute we didn't touch each other, until she reached in and pushed me back, I pushed her right back and she stumbled onto her back. I pounced and tried to hold her down. We tumbled and fought over another minute before I got her head between my legs to hold her off. As I kept her neutralized, I leaned forward between her legs and slid my finger inside her vagina.

"Pussy insertion green," the referee declared.

"You fucker," Shay cursed, struggling to get out if my leg grasp.

"You're dying for me to fuck you aren't you slut?" I quipped back, getting into the banter.

I only had a few seconds of insertion before she bucked away. As she laid there recovering from my leg grasp, I crawled over and tagged Jenny. Together we held Shay in place. This time, Jenny moved between Shay's legs while I put my legs on her arms and began playing with her breasts.

"Pussy licking and breast foundling are under way, green," the referee announced.

"Like that, slut?" I asked.

"Fuck you," Shay said through gritted teeth.

"Jenny, she wants to be fucked," I said and watched as Jenny moved her hand to Shay's completely shaved vagina.

"Fuuuuck," Shay groaned, as Jenny's finger filled her.

"Finger insertion too, green," the referee declared.

After a few seconds, I got greedy for more points and in a quick move; I slid my legs back, and my vagina in her face, as I tried to get vagina smothering points. Unfortunately, this gave Shay some leverage and she pushed Jenny back. I grabbed her arms, but lost my balance and in a blink if an eye I was tossed onto my side.

Jenny quickly held Shay down and I began to as well when the buzzer sounded ending the double-team and I reluctantly moved to the side, exhausted, and downed more water. I looked up at the scoreboard blue -- 245 green -- 231; we were only down by fourteen points. I now understood that the points really came about in the two on one time. I cursed myself. If I wouldn't have been greedy we would probably be in the lead



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