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I said imploringly, "Audrey ... please ..."

She looked back at me, and with a fire in her lovely eyes said to me,

"No daddy. I want, you fat hard cock, inside me, RIGHT NOW!" and with that, she slowly slide her hips forward. My cock slowly slid into Audrey's pussy.

It's hard to describe the bliss I felt at that moment. Her pussy was so warm and wet. And yet, my cock felt like it was sliding into a tight fleshy glove. It was the most wonderful feeling I've ever felt. As my cock slid all the way inside her, she sat on my lap with it deep inside her warm, tight, meaty pussy.

And then we started to fuck. She slowly slid her hips up and down on my cock. With her back towards me still, I had my hands on her hips and directing her up and down. Audrey is a very different type of lover from Katie. Whereas Katie fucks much more quietly but with the air of being the one in control of the situation, Audrey is loud, she likes to moan, and talk and make it known verbally how she's feeling, and she fucks more passionately.

She was quickly riding my cock quite hard. She leaned back on her arms, and reached down and lifted her legs up slightly, and started to fuck her, moving my hips up and down fast, driving my cock into and out of Audrey's tasty pussy.

"Oh god daddy ... oh yea ... oh god yea ... push your cock in deeper ..."

I was glad for my sexual activity earlier, because having cum twice already, I felt I could keep going forever without cumming. Then I slowed down the fucking. I asked her to sit on my lap, with my cock still in her pussy, and then I sat up behind her. It was magical, because, as it happened, I'd had a full length at the foot of my bed, and as we sat, fucking in the sitting position we could see each other in the act of coitus.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Audrey, her back towards me, was sitting on my lap, and our legs were spread. She was slowly moving up and down on my lap, riding my cock. The moonlight fell nicely on her silky night gown and on her smooth lovely thighs, and as she spread her legs more, we could see in the mirror, as my cock would slide in and out of her as she rode on my lap.

I reached down between her legs and while we fucked, started to rub and massage her clitoris. As soon as my fingers touched her clit, she let out a moan, and a loud 'oh god, yes'. She leaned forward riding faster. It felt like we'd been fucking forever. My cock and her pussy felt hot from all the rubbing and her juices were all over my fingers, her crotch and her inner thighs. Then she suddenly slowed down, squeezed her thighs together, hard, squeezing my cock even more in her tight pussy. I felt her vaginal muscles start to contract.

"Oh ...fuck...I'm cumming daddy."

She said and then held her breath and her muscles tightened, I felt her strong vaginal muscles contracting violating all around my cock. I held my breath hard, and did everything I could not to cum. I knew there was no way I'd be pulling out at this point. After about 20 seconds she let our her breath, took some hard short breaths and then her muscles tightened again. I continued rubbing her sweet little clit.

Finally, she let out her breath and nearly collapsed against me, leaning back against me, while I supported her. My cock was still nice and hard inside her pussy. "Oh god daddy, I've never cum that hard. You're magical". While we sat like that, with one hand I reach for her belly and caressing it gently, made my way up and took her ample breasts in my hands. Watching me in the mirror, she let out a giggle. "You like them don't you?" I nodded. As I continued to play with her breasts, I nodded, "how can I not? They're perfect. Now honey, I want you to slowly get up from my lap, we're not done yet."

She got up slowly, letting my cock slide out of her, along with her juices. She looked down at my lap, at my wet glistening cock, standing at full attention.

She pulled her night gown over her head, and for the first time I was able to gaze at her completely nude body.

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