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"A little."

"Don't be. We're all friends here. Tell me a little about yourself. Do you like your job?"

She answered and I continued to ask her questions about herself and she began to relax as she told us about herself. I kept their wine glasses full. Pretty soon there was a break in the conversation and it was time.

"Ellie, take your panties off and give them to me."

Cindy said, "Ellie..."

"Cindy, be quiet! It's Ellie's decision to wear my hat and she knows what she has to do. We'll take it nice and slow."

Ellie had squirmed a little on the sofa, but had made no move to remove her panties.

"Ellie, don't fuck around. Give me your panties." I was giving her no choice.

She stood up, reached up under her dress, and pulled her panties down past her thighs, over her knees, and down to her ankles. She lifted one foot out of them, then the other. She reached down, picked them up, and handed them to me. Then she sat back down on the sofa. I threw them down on the floor between the sofa and the chair.

She was really going to do it.

"That was good. Are you O.K.?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Good. Have some more wine."

I looked over at Cindy. She had tucked one leg under the other and had a hard grip on the arms of the chair. I tried to relax her.

"Cindy, how old are you?"

"None of your fucking business!"

"You look about 22. Are you old enough to be here?" I ignored her comment.

"26... If you have to know."

"How long have you worked at the store? Do you like your job?"

"Yeah, it's O.K."

"You are a pretty woman, you know. I bet you get lots of looks from guys at the store."

She blushed a little and said, "Oh, not so much."

I turned back to Ellie. Her wine glass was half full.

"O.K., Ellie. You ready? Finish that wine and stand up."

She gulped down the rest of the wine, set the glass on the end table, and, as she stood up, she tottered a little and giggled.

"O.K. Stand right here between us," I said figuring I would have to walk her through this. She moved over so she was halfway between Cindy and me.

"Now, take off your dress."

She looked at me, looked at Cindy, then looked back at me and began to unbutton her dress from the scoop neck down to the waist. After each button she would look up at me and I would just nod slightly. Then she would unbutton the next button.

Finally, her dress was unbuttoned and the top had splayed out around her tits that were captured in a white lace half-bra. She shook her shoulders, reached behind her, and pulled the dress down past her waist and hips and onto the floor. She stepped out of it with one foot and flipped it away with the other foot. She was standing there in front of us, naked except for her bra. She shifted and spread her legs apart slightly and I could see her cunt lips, puffy and glistening with moisture. She was shaved except for a small patch about an inch above her clit.

"Nice," I remarked.

Cindy gulped and I looked over at her. She was staring at Ellie with big eyes and an open mouth. She had let go of the arms of the chair, had finally removed her apron, and was playing with the top button of her dress with one hand and rubbing her leg with the other. She looked over at me and swallowed hard. I could tell she was breathing harder.

I looked back at Ellie who was rubbing herself with both hands right above her pussy. She was rocking slightly from side to side and breathing harder, too. It was time.

"Ellie, do you want to wear my cap?"

She nodded and said "Uh, huh."

"Well, then. You know what to do."

She stopped rocking, reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, slid it off her arms, and let it drop to the floor. As she did, she let out a big breath and said "Ohhhhhhhhhhh..." Then she reached up and grabbed her tits, one in each hand, and began to rub and massage them now that they were released from their bondage.

She stood, naked in front of both of us and looked at me anxiously. She had held up her end of the bargain; now it was my turn.

I scooted forward on the sofa. "Ellie, come over here and squat down in front of me."


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