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Threesome return to the cabin.

Free to ignore my inhibitions. Free to be as loud as I wanted to. Free to tell him just what I wanted.

"Oh, Kevin!" I moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

He complied. His huge cock went deeper inside me, pounding the back of my pussy.

"Yes! Rub my clit! Rub my clit for me!"

I could do it myself but I wanted his big hands on me. Besides, I was still balancing mine on the ceiling.

We were fucking so hard I was surprised that his hand could find its way but it did. With just the first flick of his finger, I felt like I would release instantly.

He was close too. I could tell. He was groaning my name in his cute little-Kevin-way over and over until his sounds became less intelligible.

I came first. All the clit stimulation plus that perfect, fat cock inside of me. It was too much. I screamed his name at the top of my lungs. No neighbors to worry about, I let myself let go.

He was waiting for me to finish first. He fucked me even harder and soon I felt his own release. Mmm. His cum was so warm inside me. I loved knowing that I could do that to the guy who 20 minutes ago was awkwardly hovering over my cubicle.

Kevin was still catching his breath when I noticed it. The time! We had 15 minutes to get back to our meeting!

We had to run this risk of getting a speeding ticket but we made it back in time. Barely.

Before I knew it, we were sprinting to the meeting, barely any time to acknowledge what had happened. We arrived just in time, but as we both sat down, I noticed he was sweating. From the running or the fucking?

15 minutes into the meeting, my mind was still racing, my heart still beating heavily. I imagined he was the same. And just as I glanced over to see how he was holding up, I heard our boss speak his name, "and now Kevin will be presenting. . ."

He looked over at me nervously and stood up, wiping his hands on his pants. His hands were shaking as he began the presentation to the group. Poor Kev. He's too sweet and shy for public speaking.

I corrected myself. Not always that shy. If only the rest of these people knew what we just did.

Sitting there, with my pussy still full of his cum, I knew I saw Kevin differently than the rest of the group. I looked him up and down, squinting my eyes to see if I could see that fat cock of his through his pants. Kevin, you aren't the best presenter but you sure know how to please a lady. I wondered what he was doing after work.


Just minutes from doing what I had to admit was a pretty darn good job in the car with Liv, she then had to see me at my weakest. I've never been good with groups and talking never was my thing. I walked into that room feeling 10 feet tall and after a few minutes of fumbling my way through the presentation, I felt about 10 inches.

Liv had to have seen how hard my hands were shaking. I knew I should've tried to memorize it but instead I had my typed out notes. She had to be blind not to see the paper shaking as I gripped it tightly in my hands.

Ugh, just when I thought I had a chance with her.


KevinStanton: well, I guess I blew it

LivBarry: actually, I think I was the one who did that

KevinStanton: haha, yes you did. amazingly I may add

LivBarry: you may

KevinStanton: i meant the presentation though

LivBarry: you were so cute up there, kevin

KevinStanton: thanks but I'm not going for cute

LivBarry: ok, then . . . you were so fuckable up there, kevin

KevinStanton: oh really???

LivBarry: yessir!

KevinStanton: you're going to make me blush. so the presentation. . .

LivBarry: it was fine

KevinStanton: no, it wasn't.

LivBarry: well, tbh I was too focused on looking at your bulge

KevinStanton: can you be serious for a minute?

LivBarry: ok, sorry. you clearly didn't think you did a good job so that's what matters

KevinStanton: yeah, it was bad

LivBarry: so you say. . . but, here's the deal. this was just the dry run, right?

KevinStanton: well, yeah, the actual client presentation is tomorrow night

LivBarry: tomorrow night?

KevinStanton: yep, west coast.

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