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Debby Ryan and Bridgit Mendler need to work things out

Her firm tits sprang out at me menacingly.

Casting her top aside she moved down to her hipsters, removing them and her high heeled slingbacks simultaneously, but gracefully. She now stood before me in only her red silk panties. She slid her hand down from her navel to her own soft spot and, for no more than a minute, stood there stroking her quim, eyes closed, in a dream world.

She slowly slid her panties over her hips and let them fall to the ground. She stepped out of them and directed her gaze at me, nodding her head only once. A little hesitantly I moved the vibrator to between her legs, which she had spread slightly apart. My hand nuzzled against her pussy for a moment as I found her entrance.

The narrow tip of the vibrator slid easily in and slowly I began to feed half of its length into her dripping vagina. She was breathing in and out through quivering lips, her eyes closed, again off in her fantasy world. When almost four inches of the toy was inside her I switched the machine on to maximum power and revelled in her sudden squeal of delight.

Slowly I began to draw the vibrator out of her pussy. I used the tip of the shaft to tickle her outer lips before pressing the vibrating head against her most sensitive area. She drew in a gasp of air before breathing out a quiet yes. She began to sway with the ripples of pleasure slowly spreading all over her body. She placed her hand on my shoulder to steady herself against my teasing.

I slid the head down the length of her pussy to where her vagina lay invitingly for her glistening love toy. I slid almost all of the vibrator into her this time, rubbing my thumb on her engorged clitoris when just the butt of the toy was visible.

Wendy was quickly coming to climax. I could sense in the quickness of her breath and the wild abandon with which she was wailing and tossing her head about. I began to smoothly pump the vibrator in and out of her, feeling her inner walls put up more resistance.

Suddenly she took over proceedings herself. She began to rapidly push the vibrator in and out of her, still with her hand on my shoulder for support. She let out one final long, lingering moan before she collapsed onto her knees. She looked up at me and smiled wickedly before whispering a faint "Thank you."

Positioned as she was, between my legs, it did not take her long to consider the next course of action. Still staring and smiling at me she began to rub the front of my jeans where a large bump had certainly made itself noticeable. She beckoned me to stand up, and when I did she undid my top button, pulled down my zip and slipped her warm hand down my shorts to where my cock was standing to attention.

She stroked it for a few moments under the cover of my shorts before pulling it clear to behold in all its eight inches of glory. Because she herself had not stood up while unveiling my manhood, she now knelt facing it. She snaked her tongue out initially, tasting my cock and wetting it too. She then took just the head of it into her mouth.

I cast my head back for a few moments, savouring the sensation of her tongue and lips with my eyes closed. When I chose to look down I could see a most sluttish picture of this blonde head bobbing up and down on my engorged dick.

She was a long way from a deep throat expert, but she done the basics right, taking as much of my thick shaft into her mouth and allowing her tongue to slide over my purple helmet with gentle force. She removed my cock from her mouth and began gently stroking it, peeling back the foreskin and rubbing the underside with her thumb.

"Do you want to come now or will you save it?" she asked me. "Go for it " I said, I've got plenty more where that came from." With that she began to vigourously pump my cock with her hand, while clamping her mouth over my swollen helmet once again.

The joint forces of her hand and tongue proved too much for me to handle for long.

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