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Allison and Diana play with a new toy.

Her offer was open. The rest was up to them.

The issue with Kramer and his brother Owen resided in the fact that both men were friends with her parents and had seen her grow up since age 8. Ten years they watched her blossom into this eager young beauty.

Respect for her parents made this awkward. Yet, their friends were less inclined to worry about her parentage. They wanted to see this young lady up close and personal. At their ages every opportunity counted.

Before long the buddies stepped away from Kramer and Owen to venture over to Monica. The brothers reluctantly followed. Kramer especially knew he might need to defend the girl.

"Monica Leann what the hell are you doing?" Kramer grumbled.

"I plan on masturbating out here in this joyous sunshine. Don't be na__ve Kramer. We all know you've seen me naked through my windows."

"Yeah, but you being out here like this is nothing but trouble."

"Only if you guys get fresh." She wiggles in her hammock seductively.

His buddies offer a variety of pleasurable comments. Her head was swooning at each and every one.

"Who wants to oil me up?"

The two buddies definitely. Owen opted to join them. Kramer was more hesitant until Monica whispers sweetly, "Rub me Kramer. All of me."

"You have three fellas right there. I'll just go tinker on my car."

One of his friends, "Elvis" chuckles, "He's going to jerk off in private."

Monica huffs, "Kramer don't leave me. I might need you to hold them back."

Shaking his head he returns to the hammock.

The other buddy, "Dave" had already showered her with baby oil from head to toe.

He and Elvis immediately went to work glossing her perfect little body. Her tits were a quick focal point. Kneading them for long playful minutes. Monica sighs loudly.

"Such strong hands."

Owen had made her legs and thighs his home. As his hands brushed against her pussy Kramer growled at him, "Knock it off Little Brother."

Monica immediately changes his tune, "He can rub my pussy. I'm fine with it Kramer."

Owen chuckles, "Yeah. She's fine with it. Stop being a wuss. Get in here and feel this wet pussy."

Kramer merely frowns.

Feeling sad for him Monica opens up, "It's just a massage Kramer. I'm not fucking anyone but "Bucky" here."

Her dildo in hand is raised to wag in the air for all to see.

"Lighten up, Buddy. She's cool with us pawing her up." prodded Elvis.

Owen had already dipped fingers inside her, delicately easing them out and in again.

"Owen has the right idea. That feels really good." She exhales.

She takes her toy "Bucky" and places it between her heaving breasts. Crushing her tits around it with her shoulders compression she gives them a Titty fucking show. The rubber crown peeking in and out of her monsters. Each time the crown popped into sight she lowered her chin to lick the crown.

The boys were chuckling and having fun.

Finally, Monica lowered Bucky to her pussy. Owen eased away to give her room. Gradually she inserted the dildo and began fucking herself. The men hovered over her and watched with drool forming.

"Owen your cock is so big." She giggles as her wrist thrusts the toy deeper.

Smugly Owen grins, "Mine's pretty big. But thanks for the fantasy there."

Everyone was rubbing their crotches. Kramer could only shake his head at them.

"I love you guys." She whimpers.

"We love you Little Girl." Dave caresses her left breast.

"I want to cum for you now." She breathes heavily.

"You go right ahead, Sweetheart." Elvis tweaks her right nipple gently tugging at it.

Her body convulses forcing her legs to kick about wildly. The men merely let her torture herself. In her plight she squeals erotically and whispers, "I wish the world could see me."

Elvis looks over at Owen, "You should let her play over at your car lot."

Owen puckers at the idea, "If she wants to."

Leaning in to get her attention Elvis encourages her, "Would you like to do that Little Girl?"

She winces while whimpering, "Yes."

"Let the world witness you playing with that pussy on a new car?"


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