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Shona & Jane show visitors around.

Her breasts were slightly smaller and not as firm, and her hips slightly wider and not as taut, but her sexy appeal was undeniable even after all this time. Her eyes, still lovely and expressive, had developed some laugh lines, but this only gave her pretty face more character. Her legs were still long and fit and shapely. Mandy had aged well over the past two decades and she knew it.

Mandy put on one of the plush white robes hanging in the closet. She had a glass of wine and had some fruit sent up. While lazing about that afternoon, Mandy thought about how she would make love with Luke, and she could feel herself getting wet. She lightly caressed her breast and touched herself between her legs, but resisted the need for satisfaction, knowing that this would come later.

She heard the knock on the door and opened it with confidence. Luke swept into the room, with the same intoxicating burst of energy that she had only thought she could remember. He was dressed in a sport coat, a dress shirt and jeans, tight in just the right places. He looked like a retired athlete, only a few months from game shape. His hair had thinned only slightly, and had taken on flecks of gray. Luke's eyes sparkled and danced the way they always had, and Mandy could feel the flood of love and passion that seemed to have always been there.

After only a few moments, the former lovers could not resist each other. Luke took Mandy into his strong arms and they looked deep into each others eyes. Luke brushed the hair away from Mandy's face and then touched her face, tracing her soft skin. Their eyes met again and he leaned down to kiss her, their lips softly meeting and their tongues dancing and exploring.

Mandy sucked Luke's lower lip between hers and ran her tongue over and over it again, and then inside his mouth, darting it in and out. Luke kissed his way up Mandy's neck to her ears, and she could feel his warm breath. He took her earlobe between his full lips, and held it while he licked it slowly with his soft tongue.

Feeling how Luke was kissing her neck and ears and mouth made Mandy anticipate how he would make love to the rest of her body later. She could feel her passion starting to make her pussy wet and she began to grind her hips against Luke. She could feel his hardness already against her belly, and she moaned against his lips as they kissed. Her hands fell down to Luke's firm ass and she pulled him closer to her.

Luke took Mandy's hand and led her toward the bed. She lay back and watched Luke undress. He tossed his sport coat over a chair and quickly stripped down to his boxers. Luke hesitated for a second, and then boldly, almost proudly, removed them. Fully naked, he stood before Mandy, his hardness rising against his flat belly. Mandy's eyes met Luke's and then gazed slowly down his fit body, stopping hungrily at his meaty cock. It was large and firm and more erect than anyone that she had been with for awhile and she could feel her pussy get wetter still.

Luke held Mandy's ankles and pulled her toward himself, until her ass was on the edge of the bed. He knelt between her legs, unwrapping her sexy body from the loose confines of the robe. Mandy watched with curiosity as Luke removed the belt from the robe and tossed it towards the head of the bed. It was Luke's turn to gaze, and he looked hungrily at Mandy's taut body, his cock pulsing involuntarily as he took in her breasts, rising and falling with her quickening breath, and her firm outstretched legs.

Luke kissed the tops of Mandy's feet and toes and moved up her ankles, his lips tracing light butterfly kisses on her smooth skin.

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