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Daddy/Master finds himself in a new situation.


I had worked out a route that avoided the major roads to the port. Over the years I had almost perfected it, there being one stretch of about 10 miles that for some reason always seemed nearly empty. Here I could put my foot down and make good time. Amy had reclined the seat a little and was more animated than I had seen her, nervously checking the road every now and then.

She turned to talk to Sarah and in doing so opened her legs wide, affording me an excellent view of her white panties. She was rocking on her seat a little as though attempting to scratch an itch without actually touching it.

"Daddy I have a surprise for you - give me your hand"

She took my hand in hers and eased it down the front of her knickers.

"Like? I shaved it this morning. Does it feel different? Do you like it?"

I looked nervously in the mirror but couldn't see if Sarah had noticed

"It's very smooth. And wet" I observed

"As always with you. Now Daddy? Pleeeeeeeeease?"

"Oh my God AMY!"

Sarah, it seemed, had noticed

"What are you doing? Oh MY GOD!"

Amy turned to her. "It's cool Sare, daddy loves to feel my young cunt, don't you pater?"

Embarrassed I made to withdraw my hand.

"Nooooo" she whimpered, clamping my hand between her legs. She seemed to purr as she manoeuvred herself into various positions, each one eliciting a moan of pleasure as my fingers contacted yet another erogenous zone.

"See, daddy has magic fingers. Well that's what I think anyway - Oooooooooh SHIT! Already?"

She gasped for breath 4 or 5 times and then screamed as she came, her head tossed back, eyes shut tight. I felt her lips pulsate against my fingers as she leaked her ooze into my hand.

"Jesus daddy, 10 seconds? That's a record."

Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes shone with excitement and lust as I slowly withdrew my hand from her panties, letting my finger linger as it slid up her crease.

I licked her cum from my fingers - I know she likes that- and carried on driving.

It's true, I do have magic fingers. I don't know what's going on there, maybe some kind of electrical pulse, or a chemical synergy point, but suffice to say I am quite popular with the women. With Amy it had happened by accident. She had noticed a tingling in her fingers when I held her hand and she said it made her tickle in her chest and throat. While she was growing up she always wanted me to hold her hand until she drifted off to sleep. And later, in her teens, she had often asked me to massage her feet and hands. I can only guess how she resolved the feelings after I had left her.

Then one day it happened. Last year on another trip to the castle she had astounded me by taking my hand and placing it on her panties. Within 2 minutes she had brought herself off using my fingers as a vibrator. She said she was driven by some kind of lust monster that had just taken her over. She also discovered she was multi-orgasmic and within an hour I had completely worn her out. And guaranteed her undivided attention for the rest of my life of course.

I caught Sarah's eye fleetingly in the rear view mirror. What she had made of it all I don't know. Amy had never told anyone else of our arrangement and now here she was inviting strangers to our villa. She diffidently averted her gaze when she saw me looking. The scent from Amy's orgasm was everywhere. Amy herself was dozing off, her legs slightly open and her soaked panties just visible. I was finding it quite difficult to drive, what with the intoxicating fragrance and the full on erection bursting to get out of my trousers.

Casually I adjusted the mirror slightly.

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