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Wife's high sex drive and how she uses it.

And she was get wetter quick. Man this felt great. He stroked in and out for a while, and then climbed off. Still hard, he moved over to Pam Harris and put it inside her pussy.

Mrs. Harris tried not to react as the boy put his thing up her vagina again. Since the last time this had happened, Pam hadn't been able to stop thinking about it. She felt so sinful, because part of her wanted so desperately for it to happen again. It had felt so incredibly good. Pam had never felt anything like it, and God forgive her, she wanted to feel it again. Now here it was. The boy's penis was back inside her, and as he stroked her hole, that warm wonderful feeling was starting to build up again.

After a few more strokes, Alex left and went back to riding Mrs. Lake. Pam was completely confused. She was disappointed to be empty and she couldn't imagine why. Her body wanted that boy back inside her. It shouldn't be that way, but it was.

Meanwhile, Barbara Lake was getting plowed again. Like Pam, she was enjoying the feeling, but she still wished the boy would stop. She needed to time to think about what was happening and adjust to it. But then the boy was gone. He was going back over to Pam and getting inside her again.

When he began to settle back on Pam Harris, the woman threw her arms around him and pulled Alex in. Alex began to stroke again in her pussy. Pam was really wet now, and he was getting close. He wasn't sure that he could last to change pussies again. And even if he could, Alex wasn't sure Mrs. Harris would let him go.

Actually, Pam didn't know what she was doing. Why had she grabbed that boy and pulled him into her. He was having sex with her, and Pam was enjoying it. That wonderful warm feeling was really building. Pam didn't understand it, but she wanted it to continue. It just felt so incredibly good. Her body was beginning to shake, and her breathing was getting short. The woman really didn't understand what was going on, but she was just going to go with it. The shaking got harder and harder, and then Pam lost all control. She screamed and shrieked, and began slamming her pussy back against the wonderful rod that was stuffed inside it. It seemed to go on forever. From somewhere, she heard Alex yell and realized that he was thrusting back against her. The next thing she knew, Pam was just lying on the floor trying to breathe, with Alex collapsed on top of her also trying to collect his breath.

God that had been good. Alex had fired everything into Mrs. Harris. He could hardly move now. The boy was still lodged in her pussy, and he really didn't have enough energy to even pull out of it. Not that it mattered, Pam wasn't moving any more than he was.

Pam started to come back to reality. That boy had just come inside her. Why had she let him? More than that, why had she wanted him to? Because she had to be honest with herself and admit that she had indeed wanted him to.

Things might have slowed down at that point, if Mike Harris hadn't come home just then. The older boy still wasn't really sure he believed what Alex had told him, but it was worth finding out. The minute he walked in, he heard strange noised coming from his sister's room. So he headed right up there.

The people in the room heard the noise, but no one really reacted. Alex and the girls knew who it was and didn't care. Barbara and Laura didn't really know who it was. Pam might have done something, but she was still recovering from her session with Alex. The boy had just managed to roll off her, when her son walked in the room.

Mike had been told what to expect, but he still didn't believe it. There was Alex and the five girls all naked. And sweet Jesus!, what a rack Mary had. Not only that, but his mom and two of her friends were there naked as well. Dear God! If he thought Mary had a set, he couldn't believe her mom. Were those real?

Alex could see his friend staring at Mrs. Lake's boobs. "Mike, go ahead, check 'em out. It's ok."

Well, Mike wasn't about to argue.

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