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My daughter leads me into a college affair.

"Since I am in control, how about you stop tucking your hands underneath your thighs and put them on mine. I mean, why would I have gone through all the trouble to make an entire suit out of chinchilla fur if I didn't want anyone to touch it?"

I hesitated for a moment and then slowly brought my hands up from under my legs and rested them on the top of her thighs.

"Fondle me, lover. Just pretend that the way you stroke me will help me decide what sort of orgasm I let you have."

She grabbed one of my hands and started moving it around on the fur and before I knew it both of my hands were massaging the soft grey hair.

"It looks like we have found our rhythm, sweetie. I love the way your fingers push into the chinchilla as you draw your hands back - it kinda makes me think that you are trying to pull me over top of you, almost like you want to shoot your cum inside me."

She continued to twist her fox fur tail almost imperceptibly as she spoke.

"That would make your orgasm too easy. With you inside me, and your hands grabbing at my body suit and my big ol' fluffy tail, well, you would just thrust yourself so quickly into me that there would be no room for my favourite part - the endless teasing of your cock. You don't want to cum already, do you?

My head was leaning back on the sofa and as weak as I was from her inspired manipulation of my cock I managed to shake my head

She smiled back at me and continued to stare right into my eyes.

"Did anyone tell you that I also like to please women?"

I nodded and just as I did she turned up the e-stim another notch.

"Do you know why I am so good at it?"

I shook my head.

"Well, when I was a little girl I was tongue-tied, and my theory is when the doctor snipped my tongue free he snipped it a little too much."

She lifted my hands my from thighs and put them both around her tail, encouraging me to run my fingers up and down the shaft of fur.

"Ever since then I have had a very mobile tongue. I can stretch it out longer than anyone I know."

Her mouth opened and she let her tongue slip down past her chin. She pulled it back into her mouth just as slowly as it had come out.

"I have been known to reach the back of a man's throat with this baby, too."

She smiled her wry, wicked little smile again.

"In fact, maybe I will fill your mouth with my tongue as you are filling my tail with your cum. You did, after all, leave all of the control in my hands, didn't you?"

I wanted to agree with her but the e-stim went up another level and I was trying to figure out if I should hold on a little longer or just give in to her and feel the streams of cum surge into her catchment.

"Oh, my love," she said, leaning in closer to me, "you've done so well - it's almost a shame that this has to end. Time to collect ... ."

In one fluid motion her hand started jerking the silicone egg quickly, she stepped up the e-stim again causing my balls and cock to lock into one solid spasm, and she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, sealing her lips over mine. I involuntarily screamed into her as I came - the ache of my crotch gave way to what felt like a total release of my soul into her hand, into her massively fluffy tail, and I wasn't sure if I would ever stop cumming. As the electrical impulses weakened she dropped her hand from the tip of my penis and gripped me mid-shaft, roughly tugging at me, squeezing out every last drop that I had before finally leaning back and lifting the Golden Island fox fur from between us.

My arms were trembling and as my hands flitted across her thighs and the knitted chinchilla I felt like I still needed to cum and like I could never cum again.

"So, was that the best orgasm, or what?," she asked as she slid sideways on the love seat, straddling her legs over my pelvis, raising and lowering her leg and rubbing the short grey fur across my exposed belly.

All I could muster was a feeble "Oh god."

I can't remember how long she waited before she spoke once more.

"I wasn't asking you, sweetness."

It took a few moments for what she had said to regi

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