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Sensual first-time lesbian romance at a university.

Her fingers crept up and stroked her clit as I continued to pump her. I glanced up to see that her tits were still covered, for now, and her eyes were cinched shut, though her mouth hung open allowing her increasingly loud moans to escape.

The only other sounds were the slurping of her pussy around my cock and my hips slapping against the backs of her thighs. My eyes went back to watching my cock appearing and disappearing and her fingers dancing over her clit while my orgasm quickly approached. I felt it rising within me and my cock began to swell even more. Corinne's moans had turned into something like panting and when my cock finally erupted into her, she cried out and I could feel the tremors through her pussy. I continued pumping just as hard until my load was spent and her tremors had abated, then pulled out and lay beside her on the floor. We kissed intimately for a few minutes before she reminded me that it had been a long drive and she needed to pee.

While she went into the bathroom, I pulled my jeans the rest of the way off and sat on the couch in the living room. When she returned, her skirt was back in place and, other than the high color in her cheeks, you might not have been able to tell she'd just been fucked. I pulled off my t-shirt as she came into the living room and, completely naked myself, suggested she might want to shed some of her cumbersome garments. I grabbed the remote for the stereo and turned on some music to strip by.

She began to gyrate, pulling her skirt up and showing her pussy, turning around and bending over, peeking between her spread legs as I gazed at her ass and pussy peeking below it. She let her skirt fall back into place and whipped her long, blonde hair around some before slowly pulling her shirt up until her bra was exposed. She rubbed her tits and pulled her nipples before losing her shirt and reaching behind her to unfasten her bra. She let the bra slide down her arms and leaned forward, hands on her knees, letting her breasts swing freely. Straightening back up, she reached behind her again and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and kicking it toward me. I caught it and dropped it next to me on the couch while stroking my cock, which was slowly recovering.

I lowered the volume on the stereo as Corinne came over to me, first hanging her tits in my face for me to lick and suck, then dropping to her knees to help me coax my cock back to life. She took it in her hand and began licking around the head, up and down the underside and around my balls. As it began to show signs of life, I had her quit for a moment while I reclined on the couch. I invited her to bring her pussy around by me and we ended up in a 69. I slipped a finger into her slippery snatch and immediately began licking and sucking her clit. She went right back to licking and sucking my cock, doing a good job of reviving it. I allowed my free hand to sneak around Corinne's ass, sliding up and down her crack and coming to rest with a finger massaging her anus.

I recalled the first time I'd eaten her, the morning after I'd first fucked her, she reacted positively to my stroking her anus and this time was no different. I decided to go one step further and switched fingers, placing the one slippery with her pussy juices against her anus and giving a slight push. It slid right in. She lifted her mouth from my cock and let out a throaty growl as I gently pumped my digit in and out of her ass. I continued licking her clit and within seconds, she was having an intense orgasm, her whole body shaking.

Once she'd settled down again, I pulled my fingers free and slid out from under her.

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