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Head of security has a sexual playground.

Carrie had been in California for just a few days and was already missing Jack and her own bed. Being a model is glamorous, but very hard work. Twelve hours a day primping and prepping countless garments in endless poses over and over again. She was taking a much deserved break from the shoot, and used the opportunity to call Jack at his office. His voice sent a chill through her body. He always had that effect on her. He was her one and only true love. They spoke only briefly, and then she was back to work. The end of the week couldn't come fast enough for her.

It took Jack a couple of days to make the plans for Bob's sexual interlude. He had to be careful not to hurt Bob's feelings by making him feel like a mercy case. Just as he couldn't let on to the girl he picked up his true intentions. Carrie would be home in a couple of days, so tonight was the one and only opportunity to make this work.

Jack picked up Bob and as per usual they dined at Carson's. Jack was visibly nervous and Bob asked why he was acting odd several times. Jack just parried the inquiries as best he could. Once at Bell's Blues Bar, Jack pretended to drink a lot, Bob did drink heavily. As the night progressed, very few opportunities to pick up an available girl presented themselves. Those that did were apparently concerned about Bob hanging around during the courtship phase.

Jack had just about given up, when a luscious, blonde, girl of indeterminable age approached and hit on Jack. God, Jack thought, she's a knock out. Slender, with pert breasts and a heart shaped ass to die for. Her blonde hair flowed over her shoulders, delicately framing her face which glowed of youthful exuberance. Jack went to work on his plan. He began to ply her with alcohol, lots of alcohol. When the Bar lights flashed for last call, Jack had set the stage for his father-in-law's salvation. With a broad smile the girl accepted Jack's invitation to accompany him home for the evening.

Jack pulled the keys from his pocket and opened the door to his apartment.

"Hurry," The girl implored in a slurred, anguished manner, "I need to pee."

"OK," Jack said, "It's through there." Pointing to the bed room door, he was thinking that this was a perfect opportunity to pull the switch.

After she disappeared into the darkness of the bedroom, Jack turned to Bob and said, "Pop, you're up. I can't be messing around with her, I'm married."

"I wondered how long you were going to go before you came to your senses." Bob muttered. "But I'm pretty drunk. I might not perform."

"Well, it's up to you, but there's a beautiful young girl in there just waiting to get laid." Jack chuckled.

Tentatively, Bob moved to the bedroom door, peered inside, then disappeared as the door closed behind him. Bob could just make out a form on the far side of the bed. Nervously, he hurriedly stripped naked, and slid into the bed beside the still female form. Moving up closer to her, he reached out and felt her smooth warm flesh from her shoulder to her hip. She was completely bare. The stirrings in his loins began to spread through the rest of his body. His manhood became aroused, and surged with a determined strength belying his age.

He reached down, tentatively, shaking perceptibly, and felt the downy soft fur patch that was perched above her vagina.

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