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We'll be in the lounge when the manager is able to see us."

The concierge went into a back area while we went to the lounge. "Kneel here." He said as he sat at a table.

A waitress came over and took his order. He ordered a Vegan nova for himself and nothing for me. I seemed to have become the center of attention. Looking around. I saw that, while there were a few other slaves in the lounge, I was the only human one (there are some things it does not pay to be first at). Humans are one of the few races that show their early stages of arousal visibly (other races display to other senses, such as smell). I seemed to be in some weird kind of feedback loop. The more that people stared at me, the more aroused I became. The more aroused I became, the more that people stared. Why was I responding this way? I have never been an exhibitionist and do not enjoy showing myself in public. What has happened to me?

The lack of touch limited my excitement somewhat. Mr. V. seemed to not notice what was happening, but I suspected that he was not as oblivious to his surroundings as he let on. Blessedly, the looks eventually stopped, probably because nothing was happening. After an hour, the waitress informed us that the manager would see us now.

We were led to an office in the back part of the hotel. Inside was a human woman. She was shorter than me, dressed in a professional business suit. She stood and shook Mr. V.'s hand. "I'm Cally Halreck. How can I help you today?"

"My slave was taken in your hotel. Understand that her former belongings became the property of the hotel itself."

"Yes. We foresaw the potential ramifications of Blanchet's full membership and instituted policies to make such 'transitions' orderly and not a financial burden on the hotel. You can understand, having a guest enslaved before they pay their bill could result in a significant loss."

"I understand. Your company's foresight is commendable. There is one item from her belongings that I would like to obtain. I would, of course, be willing to pay for it. The item is a virtual room. Would it be possible to purchase the device?"

"Unfortunately, the items have not been properly inventoried as of yet. It will take several days to finish the process."

"I have to leave in the morning and virtual rooms are extremely hard to find these days. Is there any way to 'speed up the process? I would be willing to pay extra to reimburse the hotel for the extra man hours needed to expedite the process."

"There may be a way. Are you familiar with Kroklin?"

"Yes. In fact, I purchased Kroklin equipment for my slave tonight."

"I enjoy the sport. I would like a chance to play with a human. If you will allow me a few hours tonight, I will see what I can do to clear the virtual room for you to purchase."

"That will be eminently acceptable. Do you have a site suitable for Kroklin?"

"Yes. We maintain a room on the seventh floor for guests with slaves who enjoy playing."

"Very good. I will prepare her and deliver her to the game room within the hour. Will that be acceptable?"

"Yes. I'll start my people on finding the device."

They shook hands and he led me out of the office. I had never heard of 'Kroklin' before and was not sure I liked it. What kind of game do you play with slaves that requires them to wear protective gear? I was definitely not going to like it.

"I was hoping to introduce you more gradually to your duties," my Master said with a frown on his face. "From your lack of panic, I assume that you don't know what Kroklin is."

"No master I don't. Why should I be panicked?" I asked with trepidation.

"You understand that on Blanchet, slaves are property, not people.

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