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An excerpt from A Birth In Eden.

Turned out that your tire size wasn't in stock, so it would take till after lunch to get it fixed, and you on your way.

I gave you a ((HUG)) and then let you know I was off for the morning, and if you wanted, we could just relax till your tire was ready.. You smiled and graciously accepted my offer, so we decided to stop at the store next door and get some drinks and food. We packed our new treasures in the small cooler I had in my trunk and then had a decision to make . I suggested rather than put up with the rat race in town, that we just go back to recreation area and have a morning picnic.. You agreed and off we went..

I knew just the spot to go to. Only a few miles away, and with a short hike, we would have a stream to enjoy our meal beside. A new glow seemed to be on your face, a smile on your lips as we turned into the park entrance. I ignored the under construction signs, as being the project manager, I knew the area well, and also that we would not be disturbed in our lunch. My crew was at another site today. We parked near the start of the trail, and unloaded our goodies.. I had the cooler and you brought the tarp and blanket to sit on.. Up the path we went, talking about anything and nothing, my eyes enjoying the view of your lovely form ahead of me.

After about 15 min we came out to the meadow, or should I say the terraced slope beside the pond. An old dam made the small pool in front of us, and all we could hear was the sounds of the forest surrounding us. I spread out the tarp and blanket as you explored our surroundings, returning as I finished. I reached out and gave you a ((HUG)) which finished in a wonderful kiss. One I felt to the core. We settled down on the blanket. I leaned back against the log retaining wall and you leaned back against me, your head on my chest, and we began to talk. We spoke of our loves and the pleasures we both enjoy. The pleasures we missed, my hand stroking your body as our words flowed till you turned around and looking into my eyes, once again our lips met. This time we continued till we both felt a warm fulfillment.

I sat up more and you moved to straddle my lap, facing me so that we could enjoy our kisses.. no more words were needed. I moved my kisses from your lips and began to kiss further down your neck.. Hearing your sweet moans as my lips brushed your hot skin. I used them as directions for my trembling hands, reaching out and to undo the buttons of your blouse. This revealing more skin for my lips to caress.. Soon the swell of your breasts was beneath my lips. and your blouse was on the blanket beside us..

I moved my kisses back to your lips, and our tongues met in a torrent of passion. I felt you reaching behind your back and as I looked into your eyes, you hunched forward and your bra gently fell from your breasts. My hands were pulled like they were magnets to begin to squeeze your breasts, kneading them, and my fingertips began to roll your hard nipples. I felt you pushing them back into my hands and your kiss said only "more please". I could not resist and my lips moved to capture your first nipple. The feel of it passing my lips, my tongue finding it's firmness and as I sucked it into my mouth, a gasp from your lips with the feelings of it entering. I slowly let our nipple slip out, my teeth gently holding on, till it finally popped free. I blew on it gently, marveling in the way it grew even harder. Moving to the other breast I offered it the same, till my mouth knew not which one to suck on as each was so incredible to feel each on my tongue.

I pulled you forward and as your breasts ground into my chest our lips met once again.

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