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I can't think of a better man for the job.

But she said she wanted to bath... and asked me whats the hurry?

I told her I want to clean myself too... & then suddenly she opened the door and asked me to come inside.

Inside she was only in her black bra & polka dotted pink panties. Seeing her I said "whats the plan beautiful?"

She said "dear, just remove your clothes and come in, you yourself will come to know about the plan." we both laughed on this and then I removed my shirt and all & went inside in my boxers.

But she said, also remove this ... if it gets wet, what will you wear tomorrow. I said okay but you also remove it... she said why don't you only remove my undergarments... I immediately kissed her again on lips. & pulled her near me, but she just turned herself. Now my cock was on her ass... (Though my cock was not yet fully erect) I started to kiss on her neck wildly touching my semi erect cock on her ass. I removed her bra and started playing with her melons. I grabbed them from behind pressed it gently. Then we both removed our boxers and started the shower. Even in the shower she applied the soap on me & specially my cock. She was playing with my cock while I was applying soap on her boobs. Then we both took shower together & cleaned ourselves.

After coming out from bathroom we both were still in towel with no clothes. We both sat on the chair.

Me: honey, its almost 10.3, aren't you feeling hungry?

Sheetal: nope, you have satisfied my hunger of many days... And just smiled at me.

Me: (kissing her hands)

Sheetal: do one thing, first order some drinks

Me: Fine, what do you drink, beer, whisky, Vodka??

Sheetal: whatever you want, I will share from it

Me: Okay,

I stood and called hotel extension, I ordered for 2 Large Pegs of Whiskey and some snacks in our room. But the Hotel in charge said that sir the last order will be at 11, so they requested me to give dinner order if required.

I Spoke with sheetal & ordered and also asked to repeat 2 more pegs of Whiskey.

We both were still sitting in Towel only and chatting on some topic, after about 15min the waiter knocked on the door, and suddenly sheetal got scared as she was only in towel, so she went to bathroom to hide herself. I opened the door, Waiter took the drinks, took my sign & asked when should he come back with food order, I just told him come after about and hours time & then locked the room.. Then I called sheetal out & started to drink. While coming out she switched on the TV. While watching TV, Drinking we were also chatting on various things & in between kissing each other. After my 1st drink got over, i was smoking cigarette near the window. Suddenly she got up & Took cig. From me... & blew the smoke on my face... I grabbed her from waist, pulled her towards me... & started to play with her ass... She again took a puff of cigarette & came close to my lips & blew it in my mouth. I again got passionate & even my little brother got up...

As we both were only in towels my erected cock got out... she suddenly put her hand on it... I just sighed with pleasure. Then She gave cig & her glass to me & bent down... & Started giving me a blow job. I got aroused because of it... I moved myself from window & shifted myself on bed. I was lying on bed, she came upon me & started to lick my cock again... Slowly she came on top & started searching for condom. After removing the condom from packet she put that condom on her lips and started to put in on my cock, but she couldn't do it... So I just laughed a bit. On which she said, it's my first time I am trying to put condom with mouth so don't laugh & gave a hard slap on my balls & with her hand rolled the condom down on my cock neatly and inserted my cock in her pussy... & start riding,

I too started pressing her boobs... after around 5mins she got down & asked me to come on her... after about 5-7 min of pumping her we revealed ourselves. Then I went to clean myself & even she did so.

But while coming ou

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