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The Orc queen claims her prize.

Suddenly, you feel warm lotion and a soft hand lathering it into your skin. From the base of your neck down to the tips of your toes it is very soothing, and heightens all your senses making every little touch feel that much stronger.

Then, you feel me, my furry body against yours. First, my chest against your chest, second my furry legs pushing yours apart. You feel my breath down my neck, and into your ear, the gowling of the werewolf as he deciphers what to do to his slave. As you lie there you hear me growl, feel my teeth as they slowly pull from the side of your neck to the front, and down your chest. I pick up my head and continue to both of your breasts.First, your right, my tongue dragging across your skin, encircling your ever so sensitive nipple but never touching it. What a tease you think I am, your body trembling for me. I continue to do the same to your other nipple, until I finally give in, nibbling on it, sucking it as hard as I can and caressing the other with my finger tips.

As I slowly continue nibbling your nipplers back and forth for about fifteen minutes, you are getting very, very wet. I slowly move my hand down your side. You feel my nails slolwy dig into your side, down your leg and around the backside of your thigh and to the area just between your legs. I move my head towards the center of your chest slowly kissing, nibbling and moving down. Feel my teeth dragging along your skin down, around your belly button and to the area almost to yourclit. I bite your hood, licking viscously with my tongue. I take it into my mouth, pulling it apart ith my finger tips to get every last nerve licked. My nails digging into your skin, not breaking it but comfortably hard so it is erotic but still not excessively painful.

Feel my thick, long, moist tongue tracing in circles around the indside of your clit, hitting every inch of nerves. I reach over to my table,and grab something but you don't know what because you are blindfolded still. I continue licking and nibbling you. There is a vibrating sound coming from my left hand. You feel is moving slowly down you leg. I set it on the bed next to you, leaving it on. I grab another bottle by which is used ot lubricate this device. I put ample amounts on it, then close the lid and put it back on the night stand.

Now, you feel me take this device in my hand. You feel the warm tip of it on your skin, moving towards your clit, and finally it is there. You feel its amazing vibrations tingling and making you throb, a feeling you've never felt before. So stimulating, so good.... Nothing like it has never been done to you before. I continue to play until you have satisfied my need to watch you squirm from pleasure under my control. My cock is as hard as a rock at this point, is a throbbing against you. You feel the head as it hits your skin. Feel the weight of my body shift from my face being between your legs to my muscular arms holding you down, even though you remain restrained. Feel me as I come over you, as I reach back to the night stand for that bottle of warm, moist lube. I lather my rod with it, getting it on my fingers and ensuring you are completely ready to be FUCKED HARD by a nine inch monster cock, your master, the werewolf.

My hair less cock, gainst your skin, you feel my head as it glindes into your tight virgin (to a monster cock) hole. Slowly, I slide in the head, watching the look on your blindfolded face. Feel the thickness of my rod spreading the inner walls of your tight hole apart. It is slightly painful but the feeling of knowing you are being taken by a true man, a werewolf and the sheer pleasure of the size and ambiance of the experience overpowers the pain of my thick, meaty cock spreading you apart.

As I go deeper I can feel your body enjoying it as it tenses up, trying to resist.

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