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Kay liked it so much she went back for seconds.

Her words echo inside of Virgo's head. Are you scared, Virgo? She has heard those words before, but in a different voice. A deeper voice. The voice of the man who she owed her life to, the voice that forced her to keep going when that life became too difficult to bare. She wasn't then though, she had no fear in her at all. Because she knew what was going to happen to them both. She would run, run as fast as she ever had and never ever stop. She would run, and he would die. Now though, Virgo is at a loss. She does not know what to expect from these men, for they are not like her people in any way. More than that, they are not like the people she has been hiding amongst for all these years either, and that frightens her the most. Will these men, these soldiers of this "Almighty Lord", be more or less evil than the race she has come to know.

"Yes." She admits. She is scared.

He watches her walk through the hall, watches her move her way through the string of drunken men, shifting ever so slightly right and left to avoid their reaching hands. Her face is blank, there is no desperate sorrow there as he had expected. But then, there wasn't this morning either, when she had asked him of their fate. There was curiosity, and anger. Perhaps even hope. But she did not seem to be in despair. And now, lined up like cattle while the men survey them to choose their prizes, the girl looks frightened yes, but she stands with her back straight and her head held high.

Is it necessary?

She had asked him, and he felt compelled to answer honestly. No, he did not think it was necessary. The lord did not need their land, or their provisions. The attack wasn't even about that. He was simply bored. He wanted blood and pain, he wanted to conquer the people, feel their fear. And now that he had succeeded in that, he wanted to celebrate. And the only way their lord knew to celebrate was by doing so between the sweet thighs of some poor, terrified lass and she screamed and withered beneath him.

Jonathan himself had been the same way once. It used to be that Lord Leofrick and him had been very close, and they would share their spoils with each other, partake in their games together. Sometimes, one would even be courteous to let the other watch, and then have a turn for themselves. In time though, Jonathan had grown tired of their games. Jonathan had grown up, he had seen the world. While Leofrick stayed in Pearl to take over the thrown and began playing his games at a much larger scale, Jonathan had gone off to war and fought many battles, before returning to marry a rich lady his lord had chosen for him. Her name was Lady Alys Peronell, and she was beautiful. He loved her greatly for the entirety of their relationship, brief as it was. She had been murdered during an invasion one night, and Jonathans heart broke in many different ways. One, for the love of his dead wife, and two, for her betrayal. She would have survived and been alive today had she not been in Lord Leofrick's bed while the invasion occurred, and Jonathan found himself struggling to forgive either one of them. He had never even considered being with another women ever since her death, and instead chose to live a life of celibacy.

Until now.

He would gladly forget his oath to his late wife in favor of tangling that fine blonde hair in his calloused fingers, holding her eyes with his own while thrusting inside of her lean body. Though taller than all the others, she was still a mere slip of a girl, probably no older than nineteen, and very tiny compared to him and the other men. He imagined the sweet sound of her cries while he worked over her, bringing her to completion, and himself as well. Yes, for the first time in many years, Jonathan would participate in tonight's celebration and win himself the gem he found.

Lord Leofrick, however, had other ideas for the girl.

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