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A white wife submits to her black lover.

She shudders to think the punishment for falling or tripping up. Chris would like nothing more than to give Leena a righteous whipping. The walk is of one hour's duration, no more.

Leena feels that she should get used to being exhibited naked, wearing only a steel collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, and---due to her time of the month---a protruding pussy plug. But she is still humiliated and mortified. Her head with short hair stubble and the five-o'clock shadow in her hypogastric triangle embarrass her a maximum. She would feel so much better with a clean-shaved, smooth pussy. The stubble is ugly and uncomfortable for her. She notices that some girls are shaved, not sheared. Could there be some reward system. She also observes that no girl is permitted hairless armpits. There must be some limit there.

The one hour walk leaves Leena exhausted. She is glad to be back in her cell. Again Chris does not remove her cuffs. Leena hopes that one of the male guards will feed and water her in exchange her permission for anal penetration for spoon feeding.

Leena recalls the two male guards, Gus and Oleg. Gus is the guard who does the oral examination and Oleg the guard who does her anal probing. Oleg is clearly the more ranking of the two. Leena wonders why Oleg does not simply take her; she wonders why she would need to consent? In any case, eating from a bowl with her hands behind her back is not satisfactory. In her mind, at least, begging to be sodomized seems a paltry, picayune price to pay.

As before, later in the day Oleg enters the cell and brings two bowls: one full of water and the other full of oatmeal with some fruit. Leena now senses that pleasing Oleg has its reward; she realizes that Oleg has certain privileges. She coyly beckons to Oleg: "Please feed me, Master," she begs. Then she coyly smiles and adds: "A girl was so pleased to give you anal sex yesterday. She dreamed about you all night long. And you know what, Master?" She does not give him time to answer but continues: "She came three times thinking of you. Please sodomize butt fuck this dirty little slut and she will forever be grateful." Even though the girls are prisoners, the male guards are limited. Oleg fetches a spoon from his backpack and feeds Leena. Leena feels a deep humiliation at being fed like an infant or toddler.

After she has been fed and watered, Leena turns over on her stomach. From her prone position she spreads her legs, inviting the use of her Glory of Glories. Oleg parts her glorious hemispheres and observes her comely rosette. Her anus winks a naughty brown eye inviting penetration. Oleg wastes no time in driving his strong shaft, throbbing with irregular veins, into Leena's tiny, tight, taut glory hole.

Leena rocks and writhes, all the time talking dirty to Oleg: "Fuck this nasty, filthy little slut in her ass. Master. She loves your cock in her ass. Spread that asshole, Master." Oleg gladly obliges her in that regard. "Tear it up, Master. Fuck me harder, faster, deeper."

Alone at last, Leena tries to get comfortable. She moves her heavy brown woolen blanket around and pulls it around her. Her handcuffs are tight; she will have to sleep on her belly. The pussy plug hurts more and more as menstrual fluid continues to back up, being retained by the plug. She has to urinate frequently, a difficult situation as she must somehow kneel over a drain hole in the floor. Her every move is chronicled and recorded by one or more of the cell cameras. For the first time she is embarrassed by the silent observers' attention.

Leena tries to remember how she got here.

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