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Just then she caught sight of him, and gasped. Her eyes widened as she beheld the first Man she'd ever seen, in all his glory. His muscles were corded as they involuntarily flexed with restrained desire; his mane of dark curls sprang from his head, neck, and upper back; his giant cock was a thick stalk sprouting where his legs met; and his eyes were dark and piercing as they surveyed her beautiful body.

She was silent as he started walking again, coming towards her. His eyes never left hers.

He approached and knelt before her as her eyes drank him in. He moved her unresisting hand from her pussy, and replaced it with his own, as he lightly stroked her sensitive cleft.

"I am Alexander," he introduced himself.

Breathless, she replied. "I am... Rachel."

They were silent for a moment, as he continued to stroke her pussy with one hand, and draw circles on her other hand with his thumb. She mmm'ed contentedly, but their eyes stayed fixed on one another's.

Boldly she said, "I... you are the one I have been waiting for!"

A light twinkled in his eye, and he leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met, a mingling of salty lips and wet tongues.

Her naive kisses were things of wonder to him; they, and her brilliantly crimson locks, reminded him vividly of the fey girl Cinnamon, and he shuddered at the softness and moisture of her mouth. Rachel felt shocks run up her spine as he masterfully kissed her.

They paused, their lips parting, and they leaned foreheads against each other. "I love you," Alexander whispered.

"I love you!" she whispered ecstatically back. "I want to join with you; I want you to take my cherry and make love to me."

"Then I will," he smiled, and her heart melted.

"But," she said, "I cannot give away my cherry until a bride-price is paid."


"My mother," Rachel told him. "Rebecca, at the ranch with my sisters."

"Take me there," he said, and kissed her again before pulling her to her feet.

They walked slowly, contentedly, through the rolling hillocks, hand in hand. Within a few minutes, they came to a large open-air pavilion in the space between hills. Made of carved rosewood, pillars (decorated with nude babes cavorting) supported a simple but elegant dome, polished to reflect both sunlight and moonlight.

A fence twined with vines encircled a large space next to the pavilion. Within the fence were many strange women that Alexander could not identify at first glance. Rachel however led him straight to the pavilion. Though it had no walls, only pillars, there were two stories, each hardwood floors with thick lush rugs.

They passed two girls as busty as Rachel, but with differently colored hair. Like her, their pussies were bare and hairless. "Leah and Bilhah, my sisters," Rachel said, indicating the blonde and the ravenhaired, respectively. "Zilphah is away at the moment."

Leah and Bilhah's eyebrows went up when they saw Rachel's companion, and they tittered lustily as they looked at his massive cock. Rachel led him up a spiralling staircase to the second open-air floor, where another redhead, with longer hair nearly the length of her body and slightly larger boobs with bigger areolas, reclined on a thick rug, resting on her elbow. A long braid of her brilliant hair was a tassel sprouting from her right temple, following the flow of her mane. Her tits bounced with each breath she took. Crimson fuzz carpeted her labia.

"Mother," Rachel greeted her.

Rebecca's eyes widened as she saw her youngest daughter's companion. "Welcome, Rachel," was all she said however. She rubbed her legs together a bit as she glanced at Alexander.

"I have met my lover," Rachel gushed. "He will take me as his bride!"

Rebecca licked her lips as her eyes slowly, salaciously, followed the meaty length of Alexander's cock from root to tip. "Congratulations, daughter!" she said, smiling, and he was swept away by the brilliance of her smile. "Now, leave us, that he and I may discuss your bride price."

Rachel bent down to hu

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