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A brother returns to his sister.

" he warned.

Stepping back close to her, he kissed her lips, two hands moving the hair covering her sweet breasts revealing their fullness to him. Caressing them lightly her nipples hardened to his touch, aching and straining.

She arched into his touch moaning lightly against his lips, this was the first time she had been bound by another, and it excited her, she was always in control of the humans she had been with before, yet she was dealing with no human she reminded herself. She could not think, his hands at her nipples, two at her ankles, two at her thighs caressing between her legs, spreading them wider, and another two bracing himself to the wall. She was aching and shivering, wanting more yet wanting control, her mind was trying to fight him, yet her body was lost, reacting to each stroke, and each caress.

He could sense it, her fighting for control, not wanting to beg, and he could also feel his hard throbbing arousal wanting to burst free and slip in between her silky thighs, into her wetness. He too was fighting for control, yet he reminded himself, he wanted to tame her; she was a challenge he would not lose.

His lips left hers to trail down her neck, nibbling at her collar bone, and then slowly downward taking a nipple between his teeth his nibbled and sucked. Her chest heaving beneath him and her soft moans exciting him more.

Each nipple was a feast to him, taking his time inhaling her scent, suckling, nibbling, kissing, as one hand slid between her thighs and above her wet, soaked panties, stroking and teasing.

She squirmed and arched, moaned and panted, biting in the urge to beg for him to stop and take her. He would not break her, no one had tamed her and none would. She could feel the moistness slipping from her onto those wet panties he was rubbing against her, she could smell his hard arousal her legs barely holding her up, she bucked her hips against his hand, straining for relief.

He licked lower, kissing her tummy, circling her navel with his tongue, he could smell her hard scent of cum, and he could feel her shivering beneath him. He loved it, wanting more.

Then two hands gripped the hem of her skirt and with no mercy, ripped it from her slender form, the sound of ripping fabric filling the room, the urge to rip her apart filling him. He eyed her white little panties with pure raw need to lick and taste what was hidden beneath it. Yet he didn't rip it from her, he kissed down one thigh then up, then treating the second thigh to the same tenderness. Lifting one leg, he placed it on his shoulder, letting it lay there, his lips tracing kisses up in between her thighs, till he reached her moist panties. He hungrily licked them, tasting, inhaling then sucking her gently through them.

She let out a deep moan, she felt his lips there, sucking making her wetter, making her want to beg she fidgeted her arms straining against the silken web wrapped around her wrists, her hips bucking and her voice strained as she whispered "god!"

He looked up at her and said, "you are evicted my dear Angelina he wont help you now."

This time he returned two hands to her hips, and two grabbing the panties by the sides, looking up, and with one little tug he ripped her panties from her skin, leaving her bare to his eyes and lips.

He smiled as he looked down and saw that she was completely bare to him, her mound exquisite as all of her, her beautiful moist pink pussy begging to be touched, begging to be licked and sucked. He growled and gently began licking her mound then lower till he was at the source of her heat. His hands still holding her waist as he felt her buck and shake against his lips. He sat back and said "scream for me angel, beg me, beg me to fulfill you, beg me to relieve you" and returned his lips once more, sucking at her clit, tugging at it, then sliding his tongue down between her folds, probing her, tasting her from within.

She could not bear it anymore, she tried to hold her cries and pleads, yet she could no more, and as he spoke to her s

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