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A girl goes to an interview not knowing what to expect.

They had been on a trip to Italy to speak with one of The Judgment leaders, Jamie McLeish about the out-of-control younger vampires, it was one of the projects he had set out for them. They had been excited about it. He, himself, had discussed it many times (being an elder), and was tired of running off to Italy every couple of months.

The four fledglings were quite young in vampire years, he supposed considered babies. The oldest was Chaos, a twenty-three boy who had been turned only six months ago, and who was his favorite student. The prospect of adventure and a noble title excited all them: Abel, Chaos, Lucrestia, and Alice. He had been like them at a time in his life, well non-life. Dante had been changed prior to the 19th Century, so after a couple of thousand years, you kind of just got tired.

He looked just as he had at the age of twenty-five, the age he was turned. Vampires tended to not change very much after their transformation, their features and talents were simply intensified. So, if nothing else about him was to change, at least his preferences could.

The young woman he had turned hadn't yet taken in the vampiric features, she still had human blood in her system, but in about two days, she would become pale and extremely thirsty. However, she looked beautiful now, so he really couldn't imagine it would really change the intensity so much.

Dante forced his mind off of his musings and watched as the black limo in which his little prot__g__es' had taken drive up the vast and long tree-shrouded drive-way and watched as they all jumped out.

Little Alice jumped out of the front seat with the driver and ran full-speed towards the house. Alice was a bit of an outsider among the other vampires, besides with Fabrian, who he suspected had interest romantically in Alice. She had been found in an alleyway two months ago, with what they thought was another of the out-of-control vampire feastings. It was common for some of them to make mistakes and accidentally turn the humans. Her auburn hair bounced off of shoulder as she ran, and before he knew what she was doing, she launched herself into his arms. The others got out more slowly, their gracefulness portraying their distaste at Alice's behavior.

Cold-eyed, blond-haired Abel looked at her with a speculative gaze, and him with what he presumed was envy. Lucrestia with her nose up in the air and her curly black hair pinned up gracefully, and Chaos with a disinterested and immensely bored gaze in his dark eyes, and his bronze hair hanging in unruly locks.

Alice beamed at him and let go, gracefully stepping from the stairs to grab her suitcase. As the young vampires drew closer, Chaos's eyes sharpened first and then narrowed on Dante.

"You smell different." he said in his usual murmur.

The others gazes sharpened and their nostrils flared, and then their gazes became wide and somewhat confused. Then, they all turned towards the entrance of the house and set their black suitcases down in the hallway.

"Someone is here." Abel said. Dante motioned for them to sit on the plush black sofa that sat in the parlor. They cautiously took a seat and some of them fidgeted, but all of their gazes were trained on him.

"I...have some news." he said in a solemn tone, staring at each one of them. "Two days ago, I was in Pampa hunting." he paused, watching them.

"And....?" said Chaos impatiently.

"And there was a particular incident..."

"Was it about the rouge vampires?" Abel interrupted and everyone tuned to give him a glare worthy of a vampire. Then, they all looked back towards him.

"It was cold that night. I jumped onto the library roof, looking for prey, and I did find prey." he paused again. "And I smelt blood. Beautiful, floral smelling, rich blood, it was the sweetest smell that had every tainted my nostrils. So I followed the trail." he noticed most of the young vampires were listening intently.

"Then I found where the smell ori

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