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Big cats never hurt, but a little pussy can be dangerous.

That actually made me feel good, I was flattered. This gorgeous-looking, beautifully put together young man, ogling my forty plus body, not those of the twenty somethings.

As I left the gym and headed down the stairs to the changing room he was just behind me. Suddenly, and inexplicably, my mind went back to the previous Friday. I thought of Grant, the male hooker I had invited to a hotel room I had taken for the afternoon. I found myself almost trembling as I reached the foot of the staircase at the same time as him, for my mind was recalling the amazing time I had with that hooker.

"Hi Mandy, how are you?" A girl I had got to know quite well at the gym asked. She went on. "Are you ok?

"Yes sorry Gill, I was miles away," I replied as my mind recalled Grant's big, black cock exploding sending streams of his cum all over my tits which I was holding together to receive his offering.

"I'm just going to press some weights, see you soon," Gill said.

"Great, I'll see you later then." I said stammering a bit at the clarity of my recall of both him cumming on my tits and the two fucks we had later.

I had all but forgotten my mystery admirer, as I peeled off my tight vest, sports bra, trousers and thong in the changing cubicle. As I struggled them off I wondered why sports gym gear for women especially has to be so tight or, was it just me? No I knew it wasn't just me, I concluded standing there naked looking in the mirror. We all wore our tops, singlets, shorts, cropped pants, long trousers or leotards very tight. Now that may be fine for the twenty something stick insects, but for forty old year old, rather more voluptuous DD cup thirty seven inch hips old birds like me, it wasn't quite so appropriate, I thought my eyes running up and down my nude body. Still mystery man hadn't minded, I thought as I cupped my boobs and contemplated masturbating, so arousing had been the memories of last Friday.

As I slipped into the 'sensible' bikini, the hunk who had been eyeing me up in the gym came into my mind: could he be part two? The only problem at the moment was that this was only the Wednesday!

I was wearing a yellow bikini, the panties of which were quite full. They covered all of my bum and the waistband was quite some way up my tummy. The bra wasn't cut that acute across my boobs so, given that it was a bikini, I wasn't showing that much. Past experiences had taught me never to wear skimpy ones at the gym pool.

I tied my hair up into a roll at the back, pinned it and then walked out of the cubicle and with my towel and water bottle in hand I entered the pool area. That contained a large swimming pool, five or six different spas, several types of a shower, a couple of saunas and a steam room.

I showered and slipped into the pool. It wasn't until I had finished a few lengths that I saw him standing leaning against the sauna talking to one of the instructors, a pretty girl aged around thirty with blonde hair. I glanced at him and saw that he seemed to be focusing entirely on her, but then he looked over her shoulder and, although we were twenty or so yards apart, our eyes met. I ducked my head into the water. The same thing happened on the next lap and the next. I finished my swim, pulled into the side and walked up the steps wondering, but not daring to look down to check, if the cool water had hardened my nipples?

He had moved round to one of the spas and was sitting on the low wall staring at me: did that mean they had? He was wearing fairly tight shorts, his body and hair were wet, he looked good.

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