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College freshman relieves stress with her friend and a toy.

"Nope," Ali said, smiling, "with Lynn, it's a promise, not a threat."

Sami's tall, slender body with that great looking ass caused a rush of heat to my crotch as I watched her step into the pool using the steps on the shallow end, opposite from where I was, in the deep end, holding onto the side of the pool. Ali sat at a table nearby, breaking out our stash box that she had brought with her, spreading some bud on the table to clean and roll.

Ali had never mastered the art of rolling joints free-hand and had to use a rolling machine. While she began that process, she said to us, "Ladies, I'm going to prepare a couple for us to enjoy, so I'll be a while before joining you but feel free to continue where ya'll left off the other night," that reference causing Sami to blush again, just a bit.

Kicking away from the pool side, I swam towards Sami as she waded towards me. Slipping under the water, I opened my eyes, kicking my body towards the blurry vision of Sami's body. Breaking the surface just before I would have run into her, I arched my back so that my breasts slid up her legs, rubbing against her pussy as I broke water, wrapping her into my arms at the same time.

Tilting my head up towards hers, I pulled her head towards me, our mouths opening as we began our kiss. Sami had her arms around my head as our kiss evolved into a searching expedition by our tongues of the other's mouth. I held her tight to my body, both of us breathing heavy from arousal, and dropping my hands to her ass, I pulled her pussy against my body.

Her hips were slowly moving, slowly rubbing her young pussy against me, the heat from it cranking up my desires even more. Dropping my head to her neck, I sucked and kissed on it as she moved her head slowly enjoying the feel of my mouth and tongue, soft sounds of contentment filling the cavernous space of the pool room.

As I took her small breasts into my mouth, one at a time, my mind-video replayed the poses Sami did for me when I shot her series; replayed those erotic poses, reminding me of the times I had thought about doing this to her, of sucking her tits.

Sami held my head tight to her boobs as I enjoyed them with my mouth, her hands running through my wet hair, pulling on it at times as she moaned her enjoyment.

Ali was to tell me, the next day, that watching us in that moment was such a turn-on for her that she stopped rolling the doobs in order to masturbate as she watched our erotic tableau unfold before her eyes.

She admitted that it was a "delicious self-fuck thanks to you two", winking at me.

Feeling an urge come over me, I clamped my teeth onto one of Sami's large, hard nipples, gently biting her. Increasing the pressure from my teeth, I heard her take in a gasp of breath and reaching for her sex with my hand, I slipped first one, then two fingers into her snatch.

Her breathing became heavy enough to be heard by Ali as I increased the pressure on her nipple, while I fingered her with increasing lust, willing my fingers to be a cock as I fucked her harder and faster.

"Fuck, oh sweet damnation, fuck, fuck," she cried when she climaxed, her voice becoming coos of pleasure from my efforts. She pulled me from her breast, her mouth surrounding mine as she tried to swallow my head with her kisses, murmurs of lust muffled by our mouths melded together.

"Damn Lynn, Damnit girl, that was fucking unreal," she gasped, holding my head between her hands, her eyes moist with emotion.

My own need for release was knocking loudly, my hips grinding against her, my pussy begging for attention. Taking her hand in mine, I plunged it under the water to my sex; she knew what to do, did this young daughter of Mississippi, and slipping two fingers into me while rotating her thumb on my swollen clit, I climaxed very quickly, biting into her neck when I did.

Gasping, I regained my breath, and said to Sami, "Back 'atcha, girlfriend, yourself," slipping from each other's embrace to leave the pool, to join Ali at the table.


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