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Two old friends meet at their ten year high school reunion.

He turned Tina onto her front and slipped the unbuttoned jacket off, then hesitated before removing Tina's trousers. This was a big step. If Tina woke topless she might, just possibly, be persuaded it was a harmless prank in revenge for her stealing his pyjamas. Not once she was bottomless. Roger took a deep breath before slowly pulling her trousers down, half way down her butt he had to lift her hips but then the pyjamas came off easily leaving Tina completely nude. The butt cheeks were firm, not flopping to the side at all and with a faint tan line.

By now Roger had the greatest erection ever, he hadn't had one like this even during that business with the girls hockey team. As he slowly and carefully rolled Tina onto her back it got even stronger. Tina's breasts were as firm as her butt, even flat on her back the nipples pointed at the ceiling. The pubic hair was partially trimmed, a neat triangle just inside the tan line, interesting that there wasn't any tan line on her breasts. The legs looked better than ever. This wasn't really wrong, Roger told himself as her scanned his beautiful flatmate's naked body from top to toe, not an assault. She had borrowed his pyjamas, he was entitled to retrieve them. Not his fault she happened to be wearing them. She was sound asleep and with luck would never know, and she looked so utterly gorgeous like this she should be pleased, he was practically doing her a favour.

OK next job. Get her into her nightie, take her back to bed and with luck she'd wake up assuming she hadn't slept in his pyjamas after all. This turned out to be more difficult than he'd thought. Holding her up with one arm and trying to get the nightie over her head with the other didn't seem to work. Ever careful to avoid waking her, he tried holding her from behind with his right arm round her stomach and the nightie in his left hand, then the other way round. Then tried putting an arm round her shoulders with her breasts pressing gently against him, no easier.

By this time Tina was finding it increasingly difficult to pretend to be asleep. She wasn't exactly an exhibitionist but she craved being caught casually naked, a man spotting her when she had her clothes off for a perfectly normal reason, or letting him think he was a lucky voyeur. She liked the way men looked at her when they thought she didn't know they'd seen her naked. Being careless getting changed and leaving her door ajar was a good one. With one flatmate she had hit on the idea of screaming in the shower, once he burst in through the unlocked door she pointed to a large spider crossing the floor, implying she was too scared even to think of grabbing a towel. But pretending to be terrified of spiders was embarrassingly girly.

Roger was proving difficult, even though he obviously fancied her like crazy he never tried to peer into her bedroom when she was dressing, never tried the bathroom door when she was showering. Even the increasingly heavy hints she was dropping didn't stop him respecting her privacy. Then a couple of weeks ago she had been lying on the sofa in a short bathrobe, amused by Roger's efforts to stop staring at her legs. She lay back and pretended to fall asleep and within a few minutes was aware of Roger standing over her. He actually tried to wake her, speaking her name loudly and shaking her shoulder but she ignored him. Instead of undoing her robe Roger stuck his arms underneath her and to her delight lifted her from the sofa, Tina loved being cradle carried. Rather than laying her on the floor and undressing her, he carried her off down the hallway. This guy might have been slow on the uptake in some ways but he knew how to carry a girl. Most men make the mistake of placing their arms too far apart so the girls butt region starts to drop towards the floor. No problem if she could brace herself or put an arm round his neck, but not if she was pretending to sleep. Roger had it right though, he did all the work and she could play limp and submissive.

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