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Fun amidst the book stacks.

look at that ass?"

There was no answer from Mick, but also no protest so I guess that Steve was right and even the most timid of guys wont miss the chance to see a half naked woman.

Pretending to stir a little in my sleep I brought my left knee up, arching my body slightly so my pert ass poked up and out giving access to the crotch of my panties

"Fucking hell her ass is so smooth, those panties need to come off."

One of them said.

Jake continued to explore the smooth flesh of my buttocks as I heard him say.

"If any of you guys doubt how much fun we can have here watch this."

He ran a finger along the leg of my panties following to where they gradually disappeared into my ass, gliding down between the cheeks until it tickled over the crotch of my panties which were soaked and stuck to my pussy lips.

I heard gasps.

"Fucking hell she does look sexy there dude, those panties are sunk right into her pussy" Said the new guy in a lustful way.

At this point Mick decided to try and be the voice of reason

"What are we doing, show some respect, cover her back up and let's go."

On hearing this I knew that they would be torn between doing the right thing and lustful curiosity as to what might happen next, I loved knowing they were all staring at me and didn't want to lose the moment so I moved again.

This time I slipped my left knee over the edge of the sofa exposing a view right up between my legs, I knew my panties were on full view and that the shape of my pussy would be visible through the inadequate thin fabric.

If they decided to go now they were stupid but I doubted that they would listen to Mick with what was now on display and continue to ogle the 'sleeping' wife.
I turned a little more as if in my sleep and moved my body over to the edge of the sofa my legs felt way too far apart for my own decency, but it made me feel horny.

The room was silent and the intensity of the situation was huge, there was a damp trickle between my legs, the cool air hitting my thighs and I felt a rush all over me.

It was all I could do to stay still and keep my eyes closed with my head buried in the cushion so they thought I was asleep, taking a chance I moved my head slightly, still keeping my face in the cushion but turning it and squinting my one eye open slightly. In the adjacent mirror I could just see them standing there staring at me, Jake, Terry, Mick and the guy whose voice I did not recognise, Mick's friend Carl.

Jake broke the silence.

"You go if you want but I think Jules would hate to leave us in this state."

I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down then felt pressure on the sofa as Jake rested one hand by my side so that he was leaning over me, he eased his weight down until I felt what I guessed was the damp end of his cock press against the curve of my buttock, it twitched against my skin as he jacked his cock.

Moving until his hard dick was nestled between my ass cheeks he pressed against the thin lace and gently thrust against my buttocks, humping my ass through my panties.

The other guys must have been wondering how I could have slept through it as I continued to pretend to be asleep. I was desperate to push back but kept still since I wanted to see who else would join in the game.

I soon felt Jake start to cum and squeezed my cheeks around his shaft as he pressed it firmly against my body, squirting his cum, soaking my ass through my panties.

Squinting I could see the others rubbing themselves through their clothes in the mirror, but Mick stood there seemingly in shock.

As Jake moved off me he slipped his fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them slowly over my ass, the thin lacy cotton soaking up his cream as they travelled down, I knew my pussy would be on show any second and slid down more 'in my sleep' hiking my hips up to allow him pull my panties down to my knees.

As he slipped them further down my legs and over my ankles, I lay there with my heart hammering in my chest, vulnerable with my skirt hiked way up over my back.

Terry stepped closer to where I wa

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