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You use the right tools for the job.

I opened it up and used it to draw two circles on the floor, about two feet away from the wall.

"Stand with your feet in the circles! Face the wall!"

"Yes, Master."

I drew two more circles on the wall in front of her, about head high. Remnants of those two circles will probably stain my walls. Aw, what the hell! I was going to repaint soon, anyway.

"Put your hands there!"

"Yes, Master."

I reached into my wardrobe closet and pulled out an old necktie. I stood behind her and blindfolded her with it. I could feel the fear overcoming her as I tied the knot.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you. I promise"

I stood close behind her and ran my bare hands up and down her naked body. Her skin was soft and smooth. I cupped her breasts and fingered her nipples until they got hard. I savored the feeling as I glided down her stomach and around to her backside. I felt her round ass cheeks with both hands. I squeezed and massaged them for a moment. Then I smacked her with my bare hand. She recoiled at the sound of the slap against her bare skin.

"If you move your hands or feet from those circles, I will spank you again. But, next time, it will be much harder!"

I smacked her again on the other side.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good! Now, stand there and get ready for your last normal orgasm! By the time I finish, you will never be able to cum again without fur!"

I was totally fucking with her mind but she seemed to be buying it.

My hands went down, slowly down, past her stomach toward her mound. I ran my fingers through her soft pussy hair. She wiggled her hips and giggled.

"That tickles!"


A moment later, my fingers were rubbing her tender pussy lips. I could feel the tension build in her whole body as my fingers slipped inside. She was warm and wet. I diddled my fingers around inside her for a minute then I slowly went after her clit.

She called out, "Ooh!" as my fingers made contact and began their slow circular assault. It didn't take long to get her to the threshold of pleasure. I decided to tease her for a few moments before letting her cum.

I looked down and saw her left foot rise up off the ground. SMACK! I let her have it across her ass with my bare hand.


"You took your foot out of the circle!" I reminded her.

"Sorry, Master."

I continued pleasuring her. One hand at her pussy. The other roamed her body and squeezed her soft tits. She was cumming, again, in no time. This time, I let her. Her screams were loud and satisfying. He body writhed with pleasure but her hands and feet stayed glued to their spots. I began to get the idea that she'd been somebody's slave, before.

I gave her a few minutes to rest before I asked her the question.

"Have you been somebody's slave before?"

"Yes, Master. Mistress Heather." she said.

"The dyke?"

"Yes, Master."

I thought quickly on my feet. "Well, your slave days are almost over. I've got one last task for you. When you're done with that, you're free to leave if you want to."

"Thank you, Master"

"Stand still while I get ready."

I patted her on the ass just to cop another feel.

"And, don't forget... Don't move or else!"

"Yes, Master."

I took a few seconds to take off my clothes. When I say "seconds", I mean "seconds"! It probably took me less time to get naked than she did!

I slid open the door to my fur closet. The door made a loud rumble as it rolled along its track. I could tell the girl was trying to figure out what I was doing. I pulled out about a half dozen of my furs of various types and tossed them on the bed.

"And, NOW!... You meet my FURS!

I picked up a nice, full length mink coat. I held it up like a bullfighter and positioned it behind her.

"First... Mink!"

I pulled the coat toward her, gently brushing her ass. She twitched when it made contact but she didn't say a word.

"Feel free to comment." I said.

"It's soft!"

I slid it up her back and draped it over her shoulders. She shuddered as the fur caressed her.

"Do you like it?"


I pulled her hands away from the wall and stoo

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