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Not every Novice becomes a Submissionette...

Though I wanted nothing more than to let him stare under my skirt all class, I was determined to reel him in for more than an ongoing peep show. I slowly brought my knees together and resumed taking notes. He at once began speaking more normally and returned to the board, outlining and underlining and becoming very animated about the topic. Right as he began to fully hit his stride, I opened my legs again, and grinned up at him as he once again stumbled over his words and dropped the chalk. As he bent over to retrieve it, I spread my knees further apart, and ran my left hand up my thigh, close to but not touching, my wet pussy. He hesitated for a moment; apparently enjoying the eye level view, then rose with the chalk and turned away from me to once again write furiously on the board. I marked that as the end of the game for today, and spent the rest of the class actually paying attention and ignoring his hopeful glances at my knees.

The next three classes were filled with more of the same, until one day when he clumsily asked me to come to his office later that afternoon to discuss my class work. I spent the couple of hours until our appointment getting ready for him - taking a shower, taking care to shave my pussy bare and smooth, rubbing scented lotion into my tits and stomach. The weather was still warm, so I chose a strapless plum colored sundress and some black sandals. I considered, and then ruled out a bra and panties, opting instead to allow for easy access. I was hoping at least for a thorough kiss and grope session, but had my sights set on a quick and dirty fucking bent over his desk. Just thinking of it made my nipples tighten.

I knocked on his office door and turned the knob when I heard him call for me to come in. He was sitting at his desk, writing something in his date planner, and had not looked up yet. I shut the door behind me and clicked the lock, ensuring at least a few minutes of privacy with my prey. As I stood there, waiting for him to finish his notes, I could feel my anticipation slide down my thigh. I was excited, nervous, thrilled to be here, with this man, who knew only slightly more than nothing of my plans for him.

I walked closer to him, clearing my throat a little to gain his attention. He looked up as though startled, and dropped his pen, his hands stuttering over his desk in search of it. He nearly shouted hello, and then repeated himself more softly, standing and extending his hand to shake mine. I took it, softly running my thumb over his knuckle as I said hello. He took his hand back, shoved it in his pocket and leaned back against his desk trying to strike a more casual posture.

I took a step forward, and asked him why I was here, why had he wanted me to...come? We were only about a foot apart now, and I could smell his aftershave, feel the heat coming off him. I lightly ran my finger tip down the sleeve of his shirt, barely touching the fabric, but making contact all the same.

I looked at his face, and tried for the first time to judge his age. The fine lines around his eyes put him at at least 30, probably closer to 35. The age difference thrilled me for a reason I didn't yet understand, and in that moment, I didn't bother to question it.

I asked for his first name, and he gave me Thomas, and then pushed his hand through his hair, exhaling raggedly. He looked at me and told me that I was a very pretty girl, and reminding me that he was my professor. I replied that I knew both of these things already, and asked again why he wanted to see me? He straightened, which brought him closer to me still, and he started to reply but stopped mid-sentence when I moved my hand to rest on his belt buckle.

We looked at each other for perhaps a full minute before he moved in to kiss my mouth.

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