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Returning Vet Meets 19 Year Old Girl.

He proved to be punctual and he quickly caught on to the New York business person's sense of go-go speediness. It felt as if everything in the business district was in constant, swift motion during the day. Even lunches were hurried affairs. In the offices of "City Woman" everyone just did their job as efficiently as possible and no one socialized with anyone.

None of the people working for Jessica knew each other outside of work. Manny felt that this was an entirely different scene than the high school where he had been coaching. There, he had begun to bond with the other teachers, mainly the P.E. teachers and even some of the students. Here, he was just the new photographer and no one seemed to really acknowledge his existence. Everyone that is, except for Yleana Decaos.

She was by far the most glamorous figure in the office. "City Woman" was no fashion magazine. It was a woman's magazine whose editor was a feminist novelist. Its articles were on women's empowerment, advice on relationships and interviews with successful women.

Everyone dressed conservatively but Yleana was an exotic super model and she carried herself with a higher degree of sex appeal. She dressed in decidedly provocative clothes; mostly tight skirts, low-cut blouses, sleeveless shirts and tops, short dresses, stockings and high heels. She was always very well manicured and pedicured, her hair always glossy and tidy, falling to the side of her neck in a long waterfall of hair like Old Hollywood actress Veronica Lake. She was as tall as Manny, but being a model her frame was light and she had a tighter body she took care of by working out at the gym religiously.

On the first day of the photo shoots for City Woman's first calendar, Manny realized Jessica had not spoken to him, not even to say "good morning" and was away in a meeting elsewhere in the office. Manny walked into the studio room set aside for photo shoots and found that Yleana was wearing nothing but a red bra and red thong panties.

She was bending down, facing away from him and putting on what she was going to wear for the shoot; a long red fleece coat, a pretty white blouse and creamy, beige colored pants and this "winter" fashion ensemble was accessorized with a long scarf that was a darker shade of red than the bright apple-colored coat. Manny nearly couldn't breathe and felt a hardening of his crotch as he took in the view of her hot ass. It was perfect. It was high, proud and round, tight and looking heart-shaped. Her legs were to die for and she seemed unaware that he was there so she wiggled and writhed as she put on her clothes.

Manny cleared his throat to let her know he had entered the studio. She turned around to see him, her hair suddenly whipping out into the air. She had on just the right amount of lipstick and eye shadow. God she was gorgeous, he thought.

"Uh, Hi Yleana, you ready to do this thing?" he said, in a casual but cool tone, as if he did this sort of thing like it was bodily function.

It was his first time but he had practiced in Jessica's apartment, photographing her. Those photography lessons had been followed by an intense fucking and Jessica had pretended to be a super model. But now here was a real model in front of him, her delicious, fuckable body inches away from him. He put on a face mask of control. He hoped he wouldn't get a hard-on.

"Not quite ready," she said to him, her Brazilian accent like sexy music, "just give me one more minute."

"Should I - should I leave for a moment while you finish dressing?" Manny said to her beginning to head towards the door.

He figured it would be better to keep his eyes away from the semi-nudity he had just seen her in. But Yleana put out her hand in a stopping motion.

"It's ok, really, I'm almost done," she said.

As she put on her pants and blouse she seemed to be thinking about something and she looked at him now and then.

"You don't have to feel shy or embarrassed seeing me like this," she said to him, with a big smile, "you're a photographer and you can't tell me that you haven't seen

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