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Ladka picked it up and began talking.

"Oh really? Oh yes I see..." Laughter. "Yes, it is really. Okay yes of course I will. Thanks Veronika." Then she put the phone down. Then it hit me what she said, she said Veronika.

Ladka got up and shut the office door, locking it behind her.

"Veronika told me to check if you were wearing a bra. If you aren't then I'm to spank you." She told me.


"Take off your sweater now, otherwise I'll tell the whole company what you are wearing." I followed her orders. She ran her hand along my blouse, feeling my skin through the thin silk material. "Hmmm... Bend over and drop your trousers." I did as I was told. "Hmmm, nice panties, nice suspenders." Then thwack! She beat my behind repeatedly. "Pull up your trousers. Tomorrow you must wear a bra, otherwise I will tell the whole company you wear women's clothes. Also, paint your finger nails, they look awful."

That night I slept alone, wondering what I let myself in for. It was now too late to go back, but I also didn't want to take it further, I hoped they wouldn't. I put on a pink satin long nightie and went to sleep.

The next day I wore a bra to work. Under the sweater it wasn't visible, but Ladka soon made me take off the sweater. At midday she locked the door again, and went over to her handbag.

"I spent the night with Veronika and Paul last night. It was good fun, they taught me a few things. Drop your pants and knickers and bend over the desk." She told me. I complied as I watched her strap on a big dildo. She lubricated me by spitting on my hole and rubbing it in. Then she forced in the fake penis.

"Tomorrow, make sure you wear a teddy underneath your clothes. And I've been told you have some white trousers at home, wear them. Also, make sure your blouse is a satin one, with lacy lapels. Don't worry, I'll let you wear your sweater."

I did as I was told, putting on a loose fitting white satin teddy, which had lacy trim and thin straps going onto two little lacy triangles which would cover my breasts if I had any.

Again the sweater covered all, but when I got to the office, I was hit by a wall of heat. Ladka had a vicious smile on her face as she saw how I suffered.

By lunchtime, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I had to take my sweater off. Ladka gave a wolf-whistle as she stood and locked the door.

"Drop your trousers, and open your blouse." I did as I was told. "That's a sexy teddy, it feels so smooth on you. Do you like that sort of skimpy underwear?" I nodded. Once again I was pushed over the desk, had the crotch of my teddy pushed aside, and had my arse fucked.

Later that afternoon, Veronika called to tell me that she was staying till Friday at the hotel. This made me even more upset.

"Tomorrow to work, I want you to wear the same white trousers, but this time, make sure your blouse is a silk lacy one, okay? And wear a corset this time, a black one, with a little lacy trim going round the knicker area, and wear matching suspenders. You can wear the sweater again."

I dressed as she asked, and looked in the mirror. Through the white trousers and the blouse, the black suspenders and corset were clearly visible. I decided to wear a rain coat to work. However, when I went to find it, it was gone. I did find one long coat though, it was made out of a type of plastic and looked feminine, but it was passable.

My office was roasting hot again, and the sweater had to come off. Ladka saw how I was dressed and giggled with delight. Once again, I got the same anal treatment.

In the afternoon, Martin and Phil came into the office and locked the door behind themselves.

"Ladka told us everything. Don't worry, we won't tell the boss, if you drop your pants and get on your knees." Martin told me.

I did as I was told and Martin and Phil took out their dicks.

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