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He discovers wife's hidden secret.

.. I don't know if I was still debating things or not. Part of me wanted to run out of there and go straight back home; but another part of me wanted to see what would happen."

"I made Henry promised several times not to talk about what was going to happen. He promised up-and-down that he would not say anything further laughed about it saying he did not want to start a fight in the gym. My hands did not seem to be under my own control as I removed my clothing. Henry was naked by that time and I could not believe how muscular and tight and black his body looked. I knew more than the taboo of marriage was about to be violated."

At this point my wife and Karen remembered that I still existed and Karen suggested that we continue this conversation in the living room, an idea my wife endorsed heartily. The two women sat on the couch while I was forced to stand up, my wife again reminded me to keep my hands at my side at all times.

Karen looked over at my rising erection "My but it is a small thing," she said laughing giving it a small pat with her hand. Both her and my wife laughed, "I don't know how you managed all these years."

"He does have his uses around the house, and after all it was kind of his idea in the first place!" she said rubbing it in to my anguish because in truth it was my fault; but I also questioned had my internet explorations encouraged her to discover her own fantasies. Deep down underneath it all I wondered if it was something she had wanted to do all along. She did seem to relish her new dominant role.

"Naked except for my stockings and garter belt I got down on my knees in front of him. It was amazing how much attention he paid to me as I wrapped my hand around his huge cock. I had done it before in his truck, but now with the lights on it was something else. I gave it a few pumps up-and-down to him let them know I was there. Then I lowered my mouth to give it a kiss. All the time I could see how much bigger it was than my husband's," she said knowing the pain and jealousy it would cause me. Paradoxically it also excited me which I think is one of the key elements to all cuckold fantasies; but in this case it was becoming now and forever my reality.

"Wow! That is so exciting, I remember the first time I did it but my husband was there watching."

My wife give a little smirk saying that in the future I would watch, "But in a way this doubles his agony," she sipped her coffee and then said: "Too bad other things can't be doubled!" This led them to laugh yet again at my expense.

"When I took his cock in my mouth it barely fit. I took your advice and put one hand around the base and took it in as deep as I could. It tasted so manly. It is the only way I could describe it. He looked down at me and ran his fingers through my hair and brushed my cheek. Then he got me up and had me sit on the bed as he licked my pussy. I know a lot of women say black guys don't want to eat pussy but he definitely did."

"Then when I could not take it anymore he got up and went to his bedside table and took out some condoms and handed me one. My hands trembled so much that I could barely open the wrapper. That is why the next time I do it maybe you should open the wrapper," she said looking at me.

"Or even slip it on him!" added Karen.

Both women laughed at my discomfort and embarrassment. Karen went on to joke about how I should be trained to get the stud ready and clean up after him.

"I managed to roll that rubber onto his cock, and even though it was designed for men who are extra big it seemed to fit way too snug.

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