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You both use each other for orgasm.

The instant pain that erupted from my jaw was bewildering. I actually blacked out for a while. How long it lasted, I don't know, but it was enough time for Pastor to render my pants, underwear, shirt and bra useless so I was completely exposed to him. When I came to, his penis was already back in my mouth sliding in and out with a frantic rythmn of a man possessed.

I was not a virgin at that time. I had learned to love giving head to my fiancee and even let him pop my cherry in college. But when our relationship soured and we went our separate ways, my sex life came to a screeching halt. It had been years since I had taken a cock in my mouth or my pussy.

Yet here I was, in a dank, dark church basement getting mouth fucked by my married minister.

God, my life sucked.

A groan from above gave me a split second warning that the Pastor was about to cum. Feeling his cock harden even further, I steeled myself for the onslaught of his invading seed. His cock twitched once, twice, and then erupted into me. The first shot went directly into my throat. The second and third filled my mouth with a disgusting flavor of salt and sweaty, unwashed genitals. I was sure I could taste his wife's cunt on him, too. The fourth shot overflowed my lips and it spilled onto my chin, dripping down onto my chest.

Pastor Peter collapsed onto me, fully pressing me down onto the table even further. I turned my head to the side and quietly spit out as much of his disgusting white sperm as possible. I could feel that first shot slowly slide down my throat into my stomach. The only satisfaction I could gain was knowing my stomach acids would quickly deal with the foreign invaders.

I laid still for what seemed like an eternity. Pastor's body shook with the after shocks of his orgasm. His breathing was ragged and his full weigh was supported by my body. The hard table surface was painfully pressing against my spine. Although I tried to keep them at bay, this quiet moment allowed enough of the situation to bring tears to my eyes.

My sniff alerted Pastor to my agony. Turning his body so that his mouth was hovering over mine, he gently kissed my tear-streaked cheek. His hands began to move over my tense body, roaming over my firm breasts. Finding my nipples, his fingers tweeked at them bringing them to full attention. He moved his head to my collarbone and licked the skin while his palms massaged my taunt nipples.

Tiring of this gentle foreplay, Pastor lifted his head and grinned at me.

"Wasn't that fun," he asked, leering into my eyes. "You always wanted to suck my cock and feel my seed shower your tongue."

The tears instantly dried up. I tried to contain the fury and fear beginning to well up inside me.

"Get off of me, creep. What do you think your wife will say when I tell her you raped me down here?"

Pastor laughed heartily. His fingers began another assault on my erect nipples to the point of being painful. Then his hands encased both of my breasts and squeezed hard. I yelped.

"That hurts! Stop it! GET OFF!"

"I fully intend to do just that," Pastor smirked. "Get off, that is. Your mouth is wonderful in its own right. I wonder how that pussy of yours will feel? Oh, you didn't think I was going to neglect that, did you," he asked as my eyes widened. "No, my dirty little girl, we're going to have fun filling that hole up to its brink with my seed."

"WHAT?? You could get me pregnant, you bastard," I cried, straining against the ropes that bound me. I was on the pill and knew the likelihood of conceiving was small, but the chance was still there.

"No matter to me," was the simple statement. Immediately, Pastor got up off of me. The sudden absence of his weight was an instant relief. My hip bones and breasts sighed at the release of pressure. Watching him shed his pants sent a shiver of revulsion down my body. I actually started to gag, knowing that he was going to put that filthy, married member of his in between my legs.

His hands gently slid between my legs, feeling the slit of my woman's entrance.

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