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Finale... For now.

She walked into the kitchen and offered me a seat at the bar. She pulled a bottle of white wine out of the fridge and began to pour us two large glasses.

"So I'm assuming you've been told how this is going to work?" Jennifer asked as she handed me my glass.

"I have been given a few details, but I would like to hear from you exactly what you are looking for so that I can better serve you."

"Well, my schedule is a little crazy," she paused to take a sip from her glass, "some days I will be out shooting the entire day, other days I won't be shooting at all. It just depends on the weather and what scenes they are planning to shoot. My main goal is to have you in constant contact with me. If I am out, I want you texting me and sending me sexy photos and videos. I want to be turned on while I am on set, so that when I come home I am ready for fun. If I am here at the villa, I want you to be with me. I assume that you have been told that I enjoy videoing and photographing my sexual adventures and I want to take this opportunity to build quite the collection. We will have access to this entire house, the pool, the beach, all private so we can just focus on having fun."

Jennifer seemed to have a lot more sexual hunger than Taylor had. It sounded like things were going to be a lot more adventurous with Jennifer, which excited me. I was tired of just normal romps in the bedroom, it was time to get a little bit crazy, and Jennifer seemed like the perfect person to get crazy with.

"What does your schedule look like today?" I asked.

"Our first day of shooting isn't until tomorrow morning, so I have the entire day free."

"Great! Why don't I go change into my swim trunks and we can spend some time at the pool and the beach."

Jennifer nodded in approval and led me to my "butler quarters". Inside the quarters was an entire apartment unto itself. I saw no luggage in the room, but was pleased to find all of my clothes placed in the closet and dresser. I slid open a few drawers until I found the swimming trunks. I stripped down and removed a pair of highlighter yellow jammers. I was about to slip them on when I realized I had an opportunity to send her some pictures. I began to walk around the room and take a variety of pictures of myself nude, a few showing off my cock, a few more showing off my naked body. "Here is to hoping you will want to skinny dip later", I sent along with the juicy snaps.

I slipped on my trunks and walked back to the patio. I found Jennifer sitting at a bar top table on the patio completely naked, with her red bikini balled up on the table.

"Who said we have to wait until later?" she said smiling as she got up from her chair and walked toward me.

I was mesmerized by her sexy body as she walked toward me. Her tanned body strode toward me as her breast bounced and swayed. The skin on her breasts was dark, but was slightly lighter than the rest of her body. Her body seemed strong, yet elegant. She had something to her body. Her large breasts paired well with her gorgeously thick thighs. Her stomach was slim and flat. She had an hourglass figure like I had never seen. My cock rose inside my trunks as stepped up close to me. Jennifer grabbed my trunks and slid them down in a steady jerk. My hard cock flopped out and stood at attention.

"Someone is happy to see me!" she smiled staring at my dick. Jennifer bent down and grabbed my thick member and placed it in her mouth. She gave it a slow stroke with her mouth and then pulled her mouth free, letting my cock flop back upright.

Jennifer grabbed my hand and led me toward the pool.

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