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Mike and Simon work through their differences.

Then ever so slowly she began massaging its entire length, which grew noticeably from the attention. She had barely touched the cock when I again noticed movement on the opposite wall. As I looked over, my mouth dropped open. Jen again read my eyes and looked in that direction. This time she gasped "Oh my god!" Protruding through the opposite hole was a huge black cock! At least nine inches long and much wider than my own.

"I guess you have a choice to make." I laughed. "No, WE have a choice to make" she said as she reached out with her other hand and lightly stroked the huge black cock. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Would you like to see this big cock fuck your sweet little wife?" she asked. "You know I want it more than anything!" I blurted out, thinking that she may be changing her mind.

Glancing down at the black cock she said, "Well I'm only going to ride this one, if you take this other one up your ass!"

I was speechless. We had not discussed this scenario, but she looked at me for an immediate answer. "Take it or leave it!" she whispered. While I had put dildos up my ass a few times over the years, I never dreamed of having a real cock shoved up there. "I'm counting to three, then I'm getting dressed and leaving!" she threatened. "One...TWO!..." knowing that I was about to miss my chance of finally seeing her fucked by another cock, I blurted out "Okay! Don't go!" I practically pleaded.

With a smirk, she offered the smaller cock to me. I slowly reached down and took ahold of the first cock, other than my own, that I'd ever touched. The lube had made the rubber very slippery, so my hand easily slid over its length. Again, the cock jerked upward from the attention.

We both glanced out the window. The teacher was still forcibly holding the school girl down on the desk and was now feeding the head of his cock into her cunt from behind as she fought to avoid being raped.

Meanwhile, Jen had rolled a condom onto the black cock and was coating it with the lube. She then looked over at me and held the tube out "You better get lubed up yourself" she quipped, obviously enjoying my predicament. I slowly extended my hand and she squirted a large amount into my cupped hand. I locked eyes with her, hoping she was only joking. "Go ahead" she insisted. I brought the cream to my anus and inserted my middle finger. It quickly disappeared. I moved it around in an effort to relax my asshole, all the while slowly stroking the cock in my hand. I didn't know if I could go through with this but was absolutely sure that I needed to see my wife impaled on that giant black cock, so I quickly added a second finger and moved them in and out of my ass.

Jen squeezed some of the lube into her right hand and massaged some of it onto the cock, then rubbed the rest of it around the opening to her pussy. Holding the giant cock in her right hand, she turned away from the wall and slowly backed up, positioning her pussy directly in front of the cock head. As soon as it touched her lips, she moved it up and down her slit, slowly allowing the head to enter her folds. "Ooooohhh!" she gasped.

I thought the two fingers in my own ass would widen it enough to allow the cock in. Jen looked over at me as she sank back taking another inch of cock. "Do it!" she commanded. "Do it or I stop right now!" The sight of her working that cock into her pussy had given me a raging hard on. Not wanting it to stop, I positioned myself as she had, holding the cock in my right hand and loading it up with lubricant, I backed in between the armrests, the cockhead has now touching my asshole. I slowly pushed back. At first my ass resisted, but then the head disappeared inside. The initial shock startled me. A combination of pain and pleasure, mixed with knowing Jen and I were both going to get fucked by strange cocks, made me relax slightly as another inch went up my butt.

Glancing out the window, the teacher had now worked his entire cock into the student's pussy and was slowly seesawing in and ou

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