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But Yoko was not done. Taking a second piece of rope, she circled Amanda with three tightly spaced loops which ran across her chest just at the level where the upper slope of Amanda's breasts emerge and captured her arms just below her biceps. This piece of rope was immediately followed by a third, which Yoko carefully positioned so that it would lie in the crease just beneath Amanda's breasts. After studying her work with a critical eye, Yoko made a few refinements, all of which were clearly intended to adjust the pressure which the ropes were exerting, paying particular attention to those places where they came in contact with Amanda's breasts.

Once Yoko was satisfied, she stepped back and reverted to her role as a proper Japanese hostess. Bowing, she invited us to sit down and let her serve us in a traditional tea ceremony. Taken aback by her suggestion but seeing no way to refuse, I lowered myself to a cross legged sitting position next to the table. However, with her arms unavailable to her, Amanda could not follow suit and remained standing with a perplexed look on her face. Seeing Amanda's quandary, Yoko immediately came to her rescue, saying

"Please excuse my impoliteness. Of course you cannot seat yourself and, when the tea arrives, you will not be able to drink it without assistance. You are now dependent on me for even the most rudimentary functions, and the scope and depth of your dependence will only increase as the evening progresses. Thus, I will help you seat yourself and, when I bring the tea, will bring the cup to your lips so that you can partake of the tea ceremony. However, before seating you, I think that I should remove the rest of your clothes. They can only impede your limited movements and later would interfere with what I have planned."

Acting as if it were the most conventional service that a hostess could perform for one of her guests, Yoko sank to her knees and divested Amanda of the rest of her clothes: skirt, panties, and finally socks. Rising, she went behind the now naked Amanda, clasped her arms around Amanda's waist, and gently lowered Amanda to the floor. Yoko moved so swiftly that she left Amanda no time to object. However, once she was seated, Amanda looked on the verge of rebellion. For one thing, she was thoroughly humiliated by her own helplessness, a humiliation which was augmented by Yoko condescending manner of dealing with her predicament. Secondly, seated, Amanda was much more acutely aware of her bindings. Although she had made them snug, Yoko had not tied any of the ropes very tight, and so, as long as Amanda was standing, they rested on but did dig into her flesh. However, seated, her body lost some of the tone which it had when erect, with the consequence that the ropes asserted their presence with greater authority, particularly those holding her breasts. Whereas they had grazed against her breasts as long as she was standing, the constriction caused by those ropes now forced her breasts to bulge slightly at their sides and to rest more heavily on the rope beneath them. Thus, her vanity as well as her sense of amour-propre were offended. Conscious of but undeterred by Amanda's obvious anger, Yoko once again knelt before Amanda and delivered another brief lecture.

"Amanda, I know that I have offended you and that you are angry about the state in which you find yourself.

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