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A pregnancy test.

Cat noticed his very erect cock sticking out of his un-zippered Levi's as he stood there waving it at her. "Don't worry, it won't take long," he added. "Been playing with it the last few miles waiting for you to wake up."

Resigned, Cat approached him. "Where?" she asked looking around for some reasonable place for privacy.

"Behind the bathroom," Tex stated already beginning to walk in that direction, his prick now leading the way. All Cat could do was follow.

He was right about one thing though, it really didn't take long. As urgently as she still needed to pee, obviously his urgency to cum was even greater. She stood holding his discharging prick in hand as he got a sick delight out of spraying the back side of the building with his cock-juice.

"Don't take long," he told her. "I'm on a schedule."

Cat headed into the restroom, finally emptying her overfull bladder. When she had finished, she wet a wad of paper towels, filled them with some of the dispensered soap, and finally began washing her breasts.

She couldn't have been in there more than ten minutes when the sound of the truck's tires throwing gravel up in an obvious hurry reached her ears. Racing out of the bathroom, she saw Tex already reaching the end of the parking area. Running as fast as she could, cutting across the picnic area, she nearly reached him as he again turned, increasing speed now as he prepared to enter back out on to the highway.

"Hey mother fucker!" Cat screamed. "You've got my stuff!"

Her satchel, containing all her worldly possessions was still inside his rig. And...he knew it. She saw him stick his hand out the window waving good-bye, then blowing his horn in some sort of sadistic satisfaction at leaving her stranded there with nothing but the proverbial shirt on her back, which ironically, she was still merely holding in her hand.

All Cat could do was wave back, though she used both middle fingers in doing so.

She stood there briefly watching the taillights of his rig disappear down the road in the rapidly growing light. Once again she turned towards the RV, wondering if she dare approach them and ask for a ride. She knew however through experience, the likelihood of that happening was remote. Most would merely chose to ignore her completely, no matter how loudly she might pound on the door. A few actually carried guns for seeming protection, and would no doubt chase her away. Cat decided her best bet was to head out onto the highway itself. At least the chances of hitching a ride would be far greater rather than hanging around the rest area waiting for someone to show up, and then if she was even lucky enough, convincing whoever did in giving her a ride. No, her best bet by far was making it out onto the highway itself and hopefully catching a ride.

Cat finally put her tank top back on, reaching the highway, and began to walk. The odds of catching a ride eventually weren't all that bad. Families traveling together would pass her by, ninety nine percent of them anyway. She had gotten a ride once from one such family, but then had had to endure a lecture about women hitchhiking alone until she'd asked to get out. Most of the time it was single guys, mostly salesmen traveling alone that picked her up. Usually they were pretty safe. Though most of these seemed to get off becoming suggestive if not downright vulgar. At least that she could put up with, even flirting back, as usually they were harmless with a wife and kids at home, and no intention of sticking their dicks into some strange pussy they weren't familiar with. Cat always got a kick out of seeing them act, like naughty little boys with "I fucked this hitchhiker out on the road looks," that Cat knew most would love telling their friends and buddies about. Without it really ever happening. No...the scary one's were the single guys who seemed normal. She'd heard the stories, and had passed up more than one such offer for a lift.

Cat had been walking for at least twenty minutes without so much as a single car passing her by.

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