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Twins get more involved.

Cindy smiled to herself as she thought, if only they knew. She watched Chad leave the office and as she felt herself moisten slightly, she moved to her desk to close up the office.

Chad went home and showered getting ready for the evening. He knew he wanted her but was not sure of her boyfriend. Cindy seldom talked about him, other than she was happy and he was wonderful. He was not sure what that meant, but he would find out tonight.

Cindy left the office and went home to Thomas. When she entered their home Thomas smiled at her, she smiled back and thought how much different Chad was. Cindy said as she walked down the hall to their bedroom, "we are having drinks and dinner with a co-worker and we need to get ready." She walked into the bedroom and undressed. As she climbed into the shower, she looked at her self in the full length mirror. Her breasts were full and ample, her stomach tight, her legs smooth and as she turned, she looked at the spot between her legs. Just to be on the safe side, she took her razor into the shower with her.

She showered, washing her body and then shaved between her legs making her nice and smooth and showing off her full lips. She smiled as she dried and dressed. Stockings and thin pair of pink panties and a matching bra adorned her body as she picked out a mid thigh black skirt and white top. She watched Thomas as she moved to apply her make up. She smiled at her image in the mirror as she finished then looked over at Thomas. She sighed as she thought she would love to see Chad standing there instead, but smiled and said all ready. Standing to show off for Thomas as he watched her turn around showing off the body he adored, but secretly thinking to himself, I am not good enough for her.

They moved to the car and Thomas drove to the Red Bull. The Red Bull was a lounge and restaurant on the upper scale of eating and meeting places. Thomas and Cindy walked in the door and looked around. Cindy was looking for Chad but did not see him, she felt a little anxious as they were shown to a table in the back. Cindy sat on the bench as Thomas took a seat across from her; he smiled as they ordered their drinks. Cindy kept looking at the door, as Thomas spoke to her. She was not listening but looking, when she saw Chad enter and look around. She kept herself from waving as she saw Chad look back at their table and smile as he then made his way through the lounge.

Chad stopped at the table and looked down at Cindy and then at Thomas. He smiled as Cindy introduced him to Thomas. Chad's hand took Thomas's as he squeezed slightly as he said hello the instead of sitting next to him slid onto the bench next to Cindy. Chad ordered and they got to know each other with small talk. As the drinks came, Cindy let her hand rest on the bench between her leg and Chad's. Thomas saw this but said nothing. They ordered dinner and ate, talking the whole time. Cindy would laugh at Chad's jokes and would let her hand move under the table to touch his thigh as she readjusted her napkin on her lap from time to time. The sexual tension was almost unbearable.

After dinner they moved into the lounge and again Cindy sat next to Chad as Thomas sat on the other side of the table. When the music started, Chad looked at Thomas and said, "You don't mind if I dance with Cindy, do you?" Before he could answer, Chad stood up and took Cindy's hand leading her to the floor.

Chad put one hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist as he moved them onto the floor. Thomas was watching closely as Chad moved closer sliding his hand from her hip to the small of Cindy's back. He knew they were close as the moved back and forth on the floor. Chad's hand moved back and forth then would slide down slightly. Cindy moved closer as she felt the bulge in Chad's pants press against her mound. She felt her lips become very moist as they danced. She knew he was much bigger than Thomas and began to wonder what it would feel like inside her.

The dance ended and they were slow to separate and move back to the table.

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