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Her beliefs had gotten stronger over the years and especially after the death of her own parents.

Soon the dishes were being shuffled around the table and when their plates were full their dad tapped his glass. "I know you are all wondering what the good news is I want to share with you," said their dad. "First I just want to say I have the best wife in the world and the best kids and I hope you will all support me."

They all looked at him with anticipation as he drew out the moment.

"Today I was offered the vice president's position at our main office, it would mean a move from Jacksonville to Atlanta." said their dad. "I told them it's a big decision and I needed to talk to my family before I could accept."

Jeff looked at his mom and her mouth was open in shock. "Move to Atlanta?" she said obviously surprised. "Atlanta? When do you have to let them know by? "

Wendy and Jeff looked at each other just as surprised as their mom. "Well, we don't have to rush," he said, "but they would like an answer by the end of the week."

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room as everyone digested the news.

"Dad let me be the first to say congratulations!" said Jeff. "I know how hard you worked for this promotion. You have always been the man I look up to and emulate."
"Thanks, Jeff," said his dad, "that means a lot to me."

"Does this mean you will be selling our home?" said Wendy. "What about my school? I still have three more years at least!"

"It's okay Wendy," said Jeff calmly, "we can work it out."

"Bill, I'm sorry," said Sue, "Jeff's right you have made so many sacrifices over the years I am glad your company has recognized you. Congratulations! Atlanta is a beautiful city and I can't wait to move there with you! I love you!"

"Thanks," said Bill, "that means a lot to me. The company will put us up in a rental house until we want to sell this one. And of course, Jeff will have a new listing!" he laughed.

The rest of the meal was filled with talk of Atlanta and the amenities there. Jeff had never seen his dad so excited and his mom was getting into the mood as well. The only one who was having a problem was Wendy as she sulked throughout the dinner. After the dishes were cleared and his parents relaxed in front of the TV Jeff asked Wendy to come downstairs to talk with him. His dad gave him a thumbs up as he knew Jeff could get Wendy to understand the importance of his promotion.

Wendy entered Jeff's basement suite first and he followed her in locking the door so they wouldn't be accidentally disturbed. As soon as the door shut Wendy turned and threw her arms around her brother hugging him tightly.

"Oh Jeff, what are we going to do?" she said. "I don't want to move to Atlanta!"

"Relax Wendy," said Jeff, "first off no one said we have to move, it will just be mom and dad. Be happy for dad, okay!"

"But where will we live?" Wendy said. "I hate the campus dorms."

"You heard dad, his company is renting a house for them so we don't have to worry about moving," said Jeff. "Besides that means we will have the house all to ourselves!"

Suddenly Wendy's mood shifted from despair to utter joy and happiness. "You're right!" she exclaimed. "I never fucking thought about that! Oh my god I am going to fuck you every night until you scream for mercy!" she laughed.

"Shh, mom and dad will hear you," said Jeff.

Wendy was trying to smother Jeff in kisses but he was too tall to reach instead she knelt down in front of him. "If I can't reach your lips to kiss you maybe this will do instead," she said as she undid his pants and pulled them down. She loved that lately, Jeff had decided to go commando, so much easier to get to his cock.

Wendy's excited mood transferred over to her cock-sucking and Jeff was the beneficiary of the sudden change. She bathed his cock with her tongue, licking, sucking and deep throating him. She tasted his cum on his cock and knew he had recently had sex with someone.

The thought of his sister sucking his cock with their parents right above them was risky and stimul

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