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Cindy helps Andrea discover her true self.


I start blushing now, as you get up from your chair and walk over to me, with my head down, looking at my feet. "But I don't know what you're talking about," I say in voice that lets you know I actually know exactly what you mean.

"Ok, I think we've played enough games now," Right after you say this to grab my arm and pull me gently to you. Then, you whisper softly in my ear, "I want you too, let's go for it". I look at you and just stare into your eyes for a few seconds, and then you move your head closer and kiss me. It's a strong passionate kiss, and I return it. We kiss gently and you move your hands around my back and start moving then down slowly to my skirt. I put my arms around your neck and pull you in closer to my lips. Our bodies are pressed hard against each other now, and we're grinding each other whilst madly kissing. You move your tongue inside my mouth and I let you in, and start feeling it with my own tongue. Your hands are massaging my ass and feeling all over. You start squeezing a little and I love it. I lift one leg of mine and put it around yours and start grinding them together.

After sometime of us grinding and kissing, you start walking backwards and fall into your chair. You sit down and then I get on top of you. My ass is grinding into your cock through your pants as we start kissing again. We start playing with each others' tongues some more, and then you start pulling off my blouse over my head. You reveal my black lace bra underneath as you pull away from our kiss. Then, I stand up and pull down my skirt, revealing matching panties and a garter belt. I get back up on your lap and start undoing your belt and zipper. I pull your pants down just enough so your cock pops out. I grab it with one of my hands and start jacking you off. I hold my hand on your cock and stroke faster and faster. Feeling the massive thing is one of the best feelings in the world for me.

Then, I put one hand on your shoulder and lift my ass off your lap and hover it above your cock. "Fill me up, baby" I say right before I lower my ass on your cock. At first, I move down slowly until I feel you at my hole. I pull my cheeks apart a little, to let you enter in. As soon as I feel the tip enter, I start moaning. Even though it's just the tip, it still starts stretching my hole. I can feel my cheeks spreading apart as your large tool enters me. Then, I move completely down on your cock, and I am now sitting on it, with my own sticking right out of my panties. I move my ass around on your cock and then start bouncing on it a little. Every time it goes all the way inside me, I moan some more, I'm getting a little louder each time and as we pick up pace. You start moving your thighs up and down and now I'm really riding it. I let my legs relax as the bounce up and down then I put my hands on your shoulder and ride your cock as hard as I can. I bounce up and down on it, feeling it enter deep inside me. You have your hand wrapped around my cock and are stroking me gently as I impale myself on your cock repeatedly. Then we kiss again, and it's the best feeling in the world for me. I have my ass full a nice thick cock, and mine getting jacked off, and your lips on mine. It just feels amazing and we continue like this for a little bit longer.

I get up off your lap and stand up.

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