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Submissive gives all of her body function to Master.

I didn't want to cum so soon; we still needed to eat and had all night to play. I hadn't taken a pill yet either and I needed to do so before we really got started.

Don't make Randy cum, stop in a minute and tell us all it's time to eat.

I focused on not shooting my load down Becca's throat until my wife called an end to the appetizers. She suddenly stopped sucking Randy and stood up.

"That should tide us over until later, don't you think?" she said wiping her mouth. "Dinners ready. Let's eat and pick up this again after."

Becca slowly took my throbbing member from her mouth, looking up at me like she didn't want to stop.

"We better listen to her," I said smiling down at her.

"But you were about to cum," she said confused.

"There is time for that later, let's go and eat."

I was instructing my wife what to say and do the entire time now since the chip was activated. So everything she did and said was mostly from me. When Randy and I were able to stand, we both began to try and put or dicks back in our pants but I had my wife stop us.

"Now hold on. Don't put them away just yet. I have an idea. I'll sit next to Randy and, Becca, you sit next to Trent. During dinner we'll try and keep their dicks hard while we eat. How does that sound?"

I looked at Randy like I had no idea she was going to say this and he looked back shocked as well.

"Okay, sure I can try and do that, Mrs. Jenkins. Whatever you say," Becca said.

"Good, it's decided then. You might have more of a struggle with Trent, he's already going soft," she laughed.

"I'll keep on it," Becca said crossing to me.

She grabbed my half hard cock and stroked me back up before we walked to the dining room. This was going to be the best meal I've ever had. I loved it how whatever my wife said everyone would do. It was like since she said it, it was irrefutable. Becca seemed bent on pleasing her and keeping her job, and Randy was going along with everything as well. I played the obedient husband to a tee.

Randy's cock didn't need any encouragement; he walked all the way to the dining room, sat down and watched my wife serve us without his cock even dwindling a smidgen. I on the other hand was helped out twice before our plates were full.

"Now make sure you keep him hard. I'll be checking throughout dinner on your progress."

Becca just smiled, placing her hand around my shaft once again. My wife sat down next to Randy, reaching over to grab hold of his hard cock. She gave him a few strokes for good measure and began to eat. We all followed her example. Becca sat on my right and kept her left hand on my cock the entire meal, stroking it every time she felt me softening. Randy didn't have a problem at all. What it would be like to be young again! Cindy stoked him every once in a while just for fun but he didn't need it.

"How's my husband doing?" my wife asked half way through the meal.

"Good, he's still nice and hard, Mrs. Jenkins."

"Good girl. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how your boyfriend is doing. He has an amazing member."

"Yes, he's very excited to be here," she smiled over the table at him and my wife.

Once our plates were mostly finished my wife stood up, after stroking Randy one more time.

"While I clear the table, Becca, will you see to Randy and Trent while I'm gone? You can take them to the sitting room again if you like. Keep them nice and hard until I join you."

"I'll do my best, Mrs. Jenkins," she answered stroking my cock at the same time.

She had managed to keep me hard and throbbing the entire dinner, and find time to eat. We all stood up, while my wife stacked the plates and took them to the kitchen.

"Okay, this is crazy! What has gotten into Cindy? This is way to strange," Becca said pulling me by my cock to the sitting room.

"I really don't know, but you know how she gets if she's upset. I suggest we just go with it and see what she has planned."

"Yeah, what the hell, I'm having fun," Randy chuckled.

"Sure you two are, but I'm doing all the work!"

"I'm confident that will change.

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