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Flight to safety.

The way her hips were rubbing on my already erect cock bellied her statement.

Her back was now to the kitchen table. "You make me too hot to cool down Honey". I pulled her head toward me and resumed kissing while my right hand was caressing her breasts. Her nipples were already hard from arousal. I broke the kiss again " The kids are not due back for an other 30 minutes and there is one thing that I really want right now... and it's you".

"Ok, but let's make it fast", she said.

We resumed kissing. My hand went underneath her skirt and I started to caress her through the fabric of her panties. She was already very wet.

She wasn't inactive and she started to undo my pants and took my hard cock out. My hand found the waistband of her panties and my fingers dove for her pussy. My fingers went to her well-lubricated cunt then I started to gently rub her clit. She was moving her hips in synch with my caresses and her moans pitched up a bit.

She broke our embrace and turned around. She was now facing the table. She lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to mid-thighs. "Now take me! Hurry!" she said while bending over the table.

Without delay, I pushed my cock straight in her very wet and slippery cunt. Right away, I started to thrust hard and Nancy answered with her own push on my cock. Her head low over the table, her panting increased with the force of my fucking. Her moans were turning to a wail and not too soon because I was about to cum and was having a hard time trying to wait. When I finally felt her pussy starting to clench on my cock, I finally let go myself and I came inside her, trying to bury myself deeper in her at each spurt of cum.

We stayed like that for a few seconds, with my now deflating cock still buried in her. We finally separated and straightened up, me pulling my pants back up and Nancy her panties.

"Honey, that was a great quickie!" Nancy said. "What came over you?"

Ok, now was the moment of truth!

"Well, I have very good news. You know how much I love my girls but always had wished that we also had a boy?"

"Uh, yes!", she answered, totally confused now.

"Well, I will soon be the father of a boy" I said.

Nancy was stunned. "What? I don't understand! What do you mean by father of a boy? I am not pregnant"

"Not with you but I will become the father of a boy in 5 months from now if nothing goes wrong, God forbid!" I said, forcing a smile on my face.

Well, the force of a mighty slap in the face soon erased the smile. It was expected but it still hurt a lot.

"But Honey, I love you! It was only an accident. It was only sex!" I argued with her but to no avail.

For the next few hours, Nancy went through the whole set of emotions, from devastated and betrayed, to angry and mad. The girls were sent right to their bedroom while Nancy vented her frustration and anger. Soon, I was packing a suitcase and was out of the house, never to return.

The next week I was served with divorce papers. Motive of divorce: infidelity. In our state, that means a lot. I was only granted a few hours of visitation of the girls each week. I received frequent phone calls from Nancy who needed to vent her emotions. She was hurt, deeply hurt. I never had an answer to her repeated question: "Why did you do that to me? To us?" As I knew it would happen, all my requests to put this behind us, and go on as before, were met by a wall of anger and total rejection. I was a bastard and she would take me to the cleaners.

Four months later, we finally made it to court. My lawyer did contest her proposed uneven separation of assets as well as the proposed custody of the kids. The judge started to go over the motive. He asked if I was contesting the infidelity charge. My lawyer did create a surprise when saying that not only was I not contesting the infidelity motive, but that I was submitting a medical record to prove it. Both my wife's lawyer and the judge were quite taken by surprise.

"You realize s

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