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Cousin surprises her with sexy story.

Nobody seemed to notice that we had disappeared for a while from the BBQ.

Everybody was so engrossed in their conversations it seemed like we were always there. You gave me this coy look and kissed me on the cheek and headed off to meet with the rest the guys by the BBQ. I walked over to the cooler to grab both of us a cold beer. We sat around for the rest the evening eating dinner and talking with our friends. It had to be close to 11pm before we decide we should head home. You had gone over to warm up the truck as I finished saying good-bye to everybody.

I quickly climbed into the truck and we left for home. I had noticed that you put on some nice music to listen to. To my surprise it was the cd from our wedding. We slowly drove home when I noticed that you weren't going directly there. I looked over at you and you just smiled and winked. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Next thing I noticed that you where pulling of the road. You told me to relax and just enjoy the trip. We soon reached our destination. You had pulled up along side the river. There was a nice sandy beach area and I noticed what seemed to be a fire pit. You told me to just stay where I was at and relax. You would be back in a minute. I just sat there in the truck relaxing to the music and sipping on a killian's red.

I watched you walk down to the fire pit and start a fire. As you walked back to the truck I thought to my self I have to be the luckiest woman alive. You opened my door and reached your arm across my stomach and leaned in and kissed me. What I didn't notice you do was grab a couple of blankets from behind your seat. You slowly turned me towards you with your right arm. I followed you out of the truck, I started to shut the door but you told me to leave it open so we could enjoy the music.

The night air was warm. You walked me down to the fire and I watched as you spread the blankets out for us to sit on. We sat there for a while with you just holding me and watching the river go by in the moon light. We both had finished our beers and in need of another one. You quickly volunteered to go get us another one. I sat there waiting for you to come back. I heard you kneel down behind me and felt your warmth as you reached forward and kissed me on the neck. You where kissing me gently from my shoulder to my ear. Your hands had come around me and where caressing my side, stomach and had moved up to my breast. Your hands are so warm.

You made yourself comfortable behind me again and I could feel you lifting at the bottom of my shirt. You whispered into my ear for me to raise my arms. As I did you gently removed my shirt that I had on. To your surprise it was one of my tanks with the built in bra. Thoughts quickly ran through your mind of how hot that was. I could feel your hands run back down over my shoulders and out my arms to my hands.

You interlocked your fingers with my bringing my arms back upward and to your neck. As I grabbed hold of the back of your head, you let go of my fingers and ran your hands down the inside of my arms. My breast where firm from the excitement of your touch. As your fingers lingered over my breast they felt how hard my nipples where. Your fingers are gentle and soft as you grabbed my breast and squeezed on my nipples.

I could feel you kissing my neck and shoulders. You slowly where moving from behind me to my side. I had to let go of your head. As I did though you scooped me up with your arm and laid me down on my back.

I could hear the fire crackling in the back ground and the water running by. Your breathing was harder and it stood out the most. I watched you kiss me on the stomach and up to my chest. You started to kiss each of my breasts and bite on my nipples. My back arched forward as it made me start to drip with wetness. The passion was flowing between the two of us.

I reached up and ran my hands through your hair.

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