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A return.

"Well what is this?" he asked in a mocking tone, moving his fingers in and out of her pussy, taunting her with the audible sound of her readiness. She was ashamed of how wet she was for him, and he knew it, that's why he was taunting her. "See? I told you that you would enjoy this. Look how VERY ready you are," he said, still pumping his fingers in and out. "My servant," he whispered and then lowered his lips to hers.

His kiss wasn't rough as she expected considering his actions earlier, but it was a most thorough kiss, his tongue forcing itself deep into her willing mouth as he continued shoving his fingers deep inside her pussy. She moaned into his mouth, unable to stop herself, and she began moving her hips against his hand rhythmically. The thought kept running through her mind that she should be protesting his actions, even though she couldn't push him away, she should at least be attempting to plead with him, but she couldn't bring her body to agree with her mind on that. She loved this stranger's touch, he knew her better than any other lover she'd ever had before. God she was terrible, shamelessly fucking his hand this way and returning his kisses, and she didn't even KNOW this man! But what he'd called her was right....she was his servant now, a willing slave to anything he wanted.


When he broke the kiss, he pulled his fingers from inside of her and he left the bed. She didn't know where he'd gone or what he was doing, but she strained to try and hear. It couldn't have been long that she lay there waiting, but it felt like forever to her as she lay there bound and blindfolded, wondering what he was going to do to her. He hadn't left the bedroom but he was being very quiet as if he knew she was trying to hear what he was doing. When he joined her on the bed again she realized what he'd been doing, he had been undressing. She felt his weight over her, his hard cock pressing on her belly as he slid one of his legs between hers. Immediately she began moving against his leg, seeking the friction that would bring her pleasure, and moaning out against her will. But he made her stop, slapping her hip and hissing at her again.

"Be quiet," he commanded sternly. "You'll receive punishment if you disobey me again." She wasn't sure what kind of punishment he meant, but the way he said it, she didn't WANT to know what he meant. She willed herself to lay still, to stop humping his leg and to stop moaning at the pleasure of his touch, but that was one of the hardest things she'd ever attempted. He moved down her body, telling her that he wanted to taste what was his. His words made her shiver inside, to know what he was about to do. His tongue slid into her pussy and she had to bite her lip to quiet her moans, but ohhhhh that felt so good. He lay there between her legs, tongue-fucking her while his fingers started rubbing her clitoris. She unconsciously began to raise her hips against him, not even aware of what she was doing, but he made her aware of it very quickly as he leaned back from her and slapped her pussy, his fingers striking her clit far too rough for comfort. She held back her scream and once again willed her body to lay still, to suffer the pleasure he was bringing her. He didn't speak this time, the slap was all he did to show her that she'd been disobedient. And to her surprise, she was more disappointed with herself for being disobedient than she was bothered by the slap he'd given her. She didn't understand it, she'd never had a lover treat her this way, and she didn't think she should enjoy it. But she did.

Giving her no warning, his tongue began viciously assaulting her clitoris.

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