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Knowing your now fully awake makes my cock throb to the point where it feels like the head will explode.

Feeling your hands on the back of my head, your fingers laced in my hair as you grind my face into your pussy.

Flicking the tip of your clitoris with my tongue I take it between my teeth and start to hum so that the vibrations from my lips and teeth cause you to jerk and your breath to catch. Squeezing your breasts and taking your cherry sized nipples between my thumbs and forefingers I roll them around hearing you moan even louder. Looking up I see your head thrashing back and forth. I kiss my way up your lower tummy kissing and licking my way up your body savoring the taste of your skin. Pausing only to kiss your belly button I swirl my tongue around it slowly in ever shrinking circles until I slip my tongue inside. I can feel you thrusting your hips upward at me, grinding your throbbing pussy against me, the heat from it like a roaring inferno of passion.

Your nails raking my back as your thighs grip me to pull me inside you.

Inching my way up your body I bury my face between your lust swollen breasts, I turn my face first left then right, licking first one nipple then the other. I work my tongue up, down and around each of your succulent breast licking from the underside to the sensitive outer side along your arm causing you to shutter.

Feeling you tremble beneath me excites me even more, but I keep my excitement in check so that I can devote all of my attention to making love to you. I know from your reactions and mine that this is merely the beginning of something beyond extraordinary if extraordinary can even begin to describe the act of making love to you.

Licking and kissing my way up the cleavage of your magnificent breast I feel your hands clutching my ass, your nails digging in as you pull me up closer to you. With my throbbing cock inching its way closer and closer toward the engulfing rapture of your pulsating pussy I kiss your neck and nibble my way along your collar bone to lightly bite your shoulder.

With an explosion of desire you begin to thrust your hips upward harder grinding yourself on me trying to engulf my cock with your lust inflamed pussy.

I bury my face in your neck biting and sucking as I reach underneath you, sliding your hips up closer to me so you can wrap your thighs around me. Slowly I press my hips forward, the tip of my hardened cock barely grazing the outer lips of your pussy. With your hands clutching my ass tightly, your thighs pulling, pressing me deeper and deeper between your legs you raise your ass off the tangled sheets to take me inside of you.

An almost animalistic cry of lust and desire escape your lips as the head of my cock slides between the velvety folds of your pussy. I moan into your neck as your wonderfully hot pussy engulfs my cocks head. With a lust and desire I can no longer contain I lung forward impaling you with my cock.

Our eyes meeting, our lips locking in a kiss so hot they feel as though they will ignite in an unbridled passion, our tongues swirling around and around, our hands roaming each others bodies, our love, lust and desire rising higher and higher in an all consuming inferno of our lust.

I moan even louder as you tighten your pussy around my thrusting cock.

My balls make a wet slapping noise on your perineum as I thrust into you over and over, again and again the burning heat of your fully erect clitoris searing a path of desire along the length of my shaft.

Our excitement rising with every thrust of my cock, the sensations heightened with every movement of our bodies. I drive my hardness into your wetness and you thrusting your pelvis upward to meet my every downward stroke.

Our senses bombarded by passion, lust, desire, and love, the smell of sex filling our nostrils with its sweet aromatic sent of pure animalistic pleasure.

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