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Tor turned around and carried her to his bed. He walked around blind, so it was when his knee bumped into the mattress that he knew it was time to throw her. Bethe bounced on the mattress, laughing, her smile looking especially bright on her gorgeous, tanned face. She began to pull her pants off, but then changed her mind, deciding to sit up and help him strip instead.

"You have far too much on, my Lord," she laughed.

It was true - Tor had multiple layers of clothes to take off. First, there was a fine, short-sleeved tunic made of red linen, which Bethe was eager to remove. Underneath that was a shirt of mithril chainmail, which could protect against all but the most powerful of blows despite being as light as cloth. Bethe helped him remove that, too. Finally, after they worked together to strip him of the shirt he wore beneath the mithril, his torso was finally bared.
Bethe immediately pressed her palms to either side of Tor's abdomen, her eyes feasting upon his mocha-colored body. He was magnificent. Like her, he was physically fit. But unlike her, he didn't enjoy exercise. Although he was lean and sleek like a runner, he actually hated running.

His motivations for keeping in such fine shape were different than hers. Bethe exercised for the sake of job performance. Tor, on the other hand, was motivated mostly by vanity. He was determined not to end up like those stereotypical wizards who hid their soft, clumsy bodies underneath loose robes. Not only that, but since he and Bethe saw each other naked on a regular basis, it wouldn't feel right for him to look like a weakling while she looked like Anella, the Patron Saint of Warriors.

Following a period of mutual admiration and the touching of naked torsos, the two of them worked together to remove Tor's pants. He fumbled with his belt while she unbuttoned his pants. The moment they both pushed his pants down off his hips, his cock sprang out, nearly smacking her in the face. Hazy-eyed and grinning, Bethe marveled at the wizard's cock. It was darker than the rest of his body, and oh so thick. Unable to resist touching it, she ran a couple of her fingertips along the fat ridge that stretched along the entire length of the shaft's underside. She then wrapped her long, calloused fingers around it to squeeze and stroke. Tor's head dropped back, his jaw went slack, and he moaned towards the sky.

"You've got so much pressure built up tonight, hm?" Bethe purred as she pumped him with her hand, making him shudder. "Did you not get any satisfaction from that fairy? That means all of this is for me, hmmm?" She peered up at his face to enjoy the pleasure painted upon it. Then she dropped her gaze to the organ that swelled within her grip.

"Yes, it's all yours!" he gasped before grabbing her shoulders and shoving her back onto the bed so suddenly that she let go of his throbbing rod. He took a breath and attempted to steady himself.

"My apologies, darling," he said while removing his boots and taking his trousers off all the way. "If you kept that up, I'd end up cumming too soon."

Before Bethe could complain or try to reclaim his cock, Tor grabbed the sides of her already unbuttoned pants and began to tug them down. Rather than object, she grinned and helped him by kicking off her boots and wiggling out of her trousers.

Her pants were thrown aside. Now that the two of them were completely nude, Tor grabbed Bethe's legs and spread them. Laughing, she tugged her legs out of his grip and forced him to recapture them. But when she saw the uninhibited lust on his face, she became practically paralyzed. There was no longer any desire to fight him, even playfully.

Now that her resistance had ended, he wrapped his fingers around her ankles, held her legs up in a 'V', and took a long, lecherous look at her legs, as well as what lay at their junction. Although so much of her body was hard and firm, her pussy looked so soft. Bethe shivered, loving how vulnerable and open she was to him at that moment.

Tor's cock was fully engorged by that point.

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