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Bobby finds Paula home alone and...

Your hand is grabbed and pulled up to his crotch where you feel the throbbing bulge of his cock beneath his pants. Reflexively your fingers try to wrap around the hidden shaft. You don't notice your legs opening more and the hand on your thigh inching higher.

"Yes you do," he sighs. "You like having a hard cock in your mouth."

Your other hand releases the wrist and moves to the other crotch as well, finding that bulge too.

"You see how you've affected us. How horny you've made us?" The one whispers.

That's when the hand reaches under your skirt. His fingers find your sex, touch you. Your hips jump reflexively, pushing you forward, toward that contact. Fires roar in your loins, your desire burning, raging. You whimper as his fingers press and rub at you, plying between your swollen labia, dipping into your juices and gently massaging the edges of your opening. Most of your protest dies out. The other hand returns to your breast, squeezing the aching mound, molding it. You begin to squirm, your hips rolling and your back arching. They continue kissing your neck.

"Your horny too, aren't you."

Your hands dig at their crotches. You sigh and lean back.

"How about if I eat you while you suck his cock?"

"But- But I shouldn't," you whisper.

"It'll be okay," you're told. "Just some oral pleasure. Nothing really wrong in that."

You don't agree but you allow them to maneuver you into a lying position on the couch just the same. Your blouse hangs open. Your skirt is pushed up into a pile at your waist. Your legs are spread open, exposing your sex to their eyes. They comment about how wet you are. How hot you look. One guy kneels down, his hands cupping your thighs and his thumbs caressing the outer edges of your pussy, teasing you with their closeness. His hot breath washes over your wetness. The other man stands next to the couch and starts undoing his pants. You try to watch him, watch for him to reveal the rigid cock you've been scratching at. But then a tongue licks your clit and lighting bolts shoot through your body. Your head rolls back, your eyes closing, a long sigh coming from you.

Fingers in your hair turn your face outward. You manage to open your eyes a little and you see the man's crotch near your face. You reach out and grip the cock's base as its head is pressed against your lips. You open them, accepting it into your mouth, feeling it slide across your sensitive nerves. You moan. Your lips touch your fingers as he shoves his hips forward, then holds still. You suck on him, your tongue swirling over his shaft as you start to work your lips back and forth. Sliding your lips along his shaft you fuck him with your mouth, the solid pole's ridges brushing across your lips.

Between your legs the other guy is licking your pussy over and over. His tongue swipes up and down your slit, it pushes at your opening, swirls over your clit. Up and down, round and round he works it, attacking your pussy with vigor; making you wetter, hungrier.

The man above you cups one of your breasts and squeezes the aching mound. You whimper more while sucking deeply on him.

"Oh hell yes, she does like sucking cock," he groans happily. "That's it bitch, fuck me with your mouth."

You readily oblige, pumping your lips along his shaft, your hand tugging at its base.

"Damn her mouth is good," he groans happily.

Your hips are rolling and humping themselves at the man eating you. You feel an orgasm building inside you; feel it growing, inching forward. Then your clit is licked hard and it explodes through you. Your legs kick. Your muscles clench. You twist and squirm spastically. You jerk your lips off the cock you've been sucking and your head rolls back, your mouth hanging open. You moan out. The guy's hand is heavier on your tit, squeezing and molding it. The other man holds your legs open and continues to lick at your clit. You writhe under their duel attentions, your orgasm crashing through you, your hand continuing to tug at the cock.

Then, as the orgasm slowly fades, you settle back, your legs growing limp and lo

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