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She finds love on Valentine's Day with another woman.

When she moved on, working the tables for tips there was nothing that anyone could have done to change her mind about what she was doing. If anything the moment of reflection when she looked at her husband was a just a farewell to a former life. In this new life she felt powerful, in control where in her other life she felt frustrated and unappreciated. There were people out there who would love her for what she was, not just one man who could appreciate her for what she was trying to be.

Reaching David's table was less of an event than she thought it would be. Peaches was anticipating the private room with her sexual ideal, Jeff. She was really very proud of how she put this together, to the point of where David's satisfaction was not a factor. She had guessed on two reactions, he would be happy at the fulfillment of his fantasy and everything would just continue; she would let David in on Peaches' new desires as far as marital fidelity and everything would continue as it was, only thing now there would be more life in their marriage because she had become the woman that David wanted. If, on the other hand, David got upset and left she would still continue with the 'sexual awakening'. When confronted she would tell him about her suffering, his pushing her toward what she is and offer him a choice "take me as I am now or leave me" If he did throw her out then she would just move in with Brandy.

David's presence at the Club had become more of a formality, she was going to have her fun, if he also liked it then so much the better and if he didn't then tough he should have listened when he had the chance. So when David refused to play along with the act, did not 'tip' her it only gave her a slight pause until she looked at him. If he was going to stay at the Club she had wanted him to be really turned on, that is why as she was laying out his clothes on their bed, she did not give him any underwear to wear, she wanted to see the bulge in his pants, she had wanted him to see, feel, and hear what a desirable woman she was and watch him totally lose it as he watched her become the sexual creature of his fantasy.

Now she was in the Club, now the sexual creature was in full bloom and it was looking for a reaction to feed its own lust. David gave her nothing, no money, no desire, no bulge in his pants or lustful stare, no passion. She became angry, very angry "What right does he have to pull out now!!! What does he want!" She was prepared for disapproval expressed as anger but not a total unwillingness to play the game. It gave her nothing to feed on; it shook her confidence in Peaches.

Without any response from David, she took her own anger at him and used it to walk over to Jeff; she could not stop herself, this was going to happen, this is how she was going to get the happiness and attention that she so wanted. She whispered to her hunk, to her sexual ideal, to Jeff that it was time to leave. She gave the signal the she had discussed with the waitress earlier. She watched the waitress speak to David.

Once David figured out what was going on he knew that there was no way that he was going to pay for his wife to have sex with another. The pain, the self punishment, and despair gave way to the realization that he loved his wife and if he was to keep her then he would have to find some way to communicate this to her; to push past the Peaches and reach Laura, for he knew it was Laura that still loved him.

By this time the next dancer had come on stage, she was good and had gotten the attention of most of the patrons in the Club.

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