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He dared her, and no way was she going to back down.

The acrid smell of marijuana suddenly registered in my brain. "Come on, it's your turn Cyn," he urged. She took a deep drag as Mike laughed,"That a girl...hold it in your lungs,' he told her as he then passed the weed to the doctor.

Cyn looked up at Mike and they kissed, their mouths open, Cyn sucking Mike's tongue into her mouth then exhaling the marijuana smoke into Mike's lungs. No one seemed surprised by their intimacy. Mike's right hand cupped my wife's right breast as their intense kissing went on. Cyn's hands were beneath the water. My penis stiffened under my robe. Shannon (the doctor) and Joe each took turns kissing Allison as the weed made the rounds between them, then back to Mike who laughed again as he again held the pot for Cyn to inhale, again exchanging the smoke in an opened mouthed french kiss.

"Hell, why don't you two fuck and get over with," the doctor said to Mike and Cyn as the weed was passed backed to him. Mike laughed loudly as his hand returned to Cyn's breast, both drinking down more wine. "We're getting there," he bellowed,holding his bathing suit above the water and flinging it onto the patio.

Mike pressed Cyn into the corner. "Your fingers are fantastic," I heard him whisper to her. "That's what all the boys tell me," she teasingly replied. Then the music stopped.

"I'll get it," Mike said as he stepped from the pool. His dick shocked me, stiffly pointing upward as he went into the den to change the cds. His cock was thick, very long, simply enormous. The others laughed at his immodesty. Stunned, I realized my wife was responsible for Mike's erection.

The doctor called out,"Cyn, it's time to shed that bathing suit...we're skinny dipping you know." She didn't answer; she seemed semi-asleep in the shallow corner of the pool,her eyes closed. I suddenly realized that the other three were also nude.

"We'll take care of it," Mike told them as he stepped back into the pool. His tongue reentered Cyn's mouth; he used it as a dick to fuck her mouth. He pressed her into the corner. Her legs rose above the water and encircled his waist as he hunched rhythmically against her. He pulled down the shoulder straps of her sheer red one-piece bathing suit. Cyn protested.

"Not here," I heard her protest. "Let's at least go inside."

"Honey, we've never done it in front of people,"he urged. "They know about us. Let's do it right here,-live dangerously with your old man upstairs sleeping like a baby." He fed her more wine. The weed was passed to him and she again inhaled it deeply, kissing him as she exhaled,sharing it's intoxication with him.

The three others moved beside them, Joe and Shannon both kissing and fondling Allison. Her breasts rose above the water as she stood briefly. She was lithe with small tits and pointed areolas. "Who's going to fuck me first," she asked. Joe moved against her, pinning her to the pool wall beside my wife, her knees also rising above the water to embrace her lover.

"Hell, I guess I'll have to take seconds on both of them,"the doctor muttered. Mike responded with a laugh and again maneuvered Cyns's straps off her shoulders, rolling the stretched thin fabric down revealing my wife's gorgeous breasts. This time there was no protest from Cyn. Her eyes remained closed. The other two men stopped what they were doing and gazed intently upon her tits.

The doctor spoke first: "I hope her pussy is as delicious as those tits."

"Better than any pussy you've ever had...you'll see," said Mike as he stepped back to roll the bathing suit down her legs, lifting her exposed shaved pussy to the water's surface, then he threw her suit onto the patio only a few feet from where I stood in the shrubs. "I shaved that pussy for her," he bragged as his hands under her rear held her cunt at the surface. His claim cut me like a knife,-Cyn had told me she had shaved her pussy to be sexy for me.

Cyn seemed asleep as they talked about her.

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