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She was even hotter in real life than she had been on the telly.

Dave and Pete had chatted about what they would do to her if they ever got her alone. They smiled at each other as they followed, realising almost at the same Moment that this would be their chance......

Amy opened the door to the dressing room, went in, and was followed by the two lads. Dave mentioned his keys were on the chair behind the door. He closed the door behind them to look for them, and found the keys where he had dropped them.

"Amy, you were fantastic, helping us to win all that money." Dave smiled. "Let's give you one last hug before we go."

Dave wrapped his arms around Amy and pulled her to himself. Pete stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her so she felt she was the meat in the sandwich of these two men.

At first Amy was fine, but the hug was going on longer than a natural hug. She wasn't sure, but her instincts told her Pete was enjoying the hug in a more than "normal" way - she thought she felt something through his trousers as he stood behind her. "Okay, lads, enough, have to go and get something to eat." But then Dave moved his hands so that he was holding on to Amy's wrists, and held them behind her back. And then felt Pete from behind reaching around and cupping her tits over her blouse. This was wrong. All wrong.

"Please, let me go, stop it.........." Amy whispered, then began to struggle....... but she found quickly it was a futile struggle. Held between the two men, hands gripped firmly behind her back, Dave suddenly pressing his lips to hers - in seconds they had her helpless, unable to move or the cry out......

Pete was stood behind her, his arms reaching around and squeezing her tits, then moved his mouth near to her ear. He began to whisper to her. "Babe, you can't move, so please listen."

Amy knew she was in trouble, but knew she needed to listen because she might know what they were doing, what they were planning, although she already knew it might not be good...... "Babe - you want to know what team DP stands for? It's what we like to do to gorgeous women like you. It stands for double penetration."

It was clear to Dave and Pete that she was innocent, she didn't know what that meant, and didn't have the space to work it out. Pete continued. "Double penetration. Dave here likes to fuck women in their cunts. I like to fuck women in the asses. And we like doing it at the same time...." As Pete finished his sentence he ripped open Amy's blouse, then pushed the front of her bra up over her tits, then grasped her nipples, rolling them between fingers and thumb, while Dave held her firmly.

Amy was shocked, she was horrified. Somehow she couldn't speak, even when Dave moved his mouth from hers. And she was hating Pete because he was so good at what he was doing, somehow there seemed to be a direct link between her nipples and pussy. It was Dave who spoke to her this time. "Have you ever had two men fuck you at the same time?" She shook her head. "Have you ever been fucked up the ass?"

This time Amy let out a sob: "no, please, no I've never done that, it'll hurt. Please no........"

Pete had released her nipples - Amy almost felt bereft as he moved his hands away - but then he pulled the blouse down her back leaving just her wrists inside the sleeves, impairing her movement.

While holding the blouse, he undid the button on her skirt waist band, undid the zip, and let the skirt fall to the floor. With his spare hand he grasped her panties and pushed them down to her knees.

Amy blushed - if they had taken them off it would have been less humiliating, somehow, than leaving them halfway down her legs. For Pete and Dave it was obvious - the blouse around her arms, the panties halfway down her legs - both would drastically hamper any attempt she might make to struggle and break free.

As Pete had removed her clothes, Dave had stepped back slightly, and quickly removed his trousers and underpants, allowing his cock to break free.

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