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Brandon asks a question, Mel and Katy make a request.

Liz rose to greet me and kissed me on the lips. It reminded me of how intimate we'd been on my first visit to her town house. I wanted her for myself, not to share with these other women.

"So nice to see you again, she said. "I'll let the others introduce themselves."

My thought was that we ought to eat each other's pussy first, then get around to the other women. But that would have been very rude, so I smiled and said, "It's marvelous to meet both of you, after all the nice things Liz told me."

God decided not to strike me with a lightning bolt after such an obvious lie. Maybe she wanted to see what would happen next.

One one side of Liz was a tall gal who spoke with a British accent.

"I'm Ashly. Nice to meet you."

I hated her immediately because I knew, don't ask me how, that she'd licked Liz's tits and cunt shortly before I arrived. What fucking nerve, to smile and say how nice it was to meet me, after doing to Liz what I was planning on doing. The bitch spoke with a British accent. Big deal! I figured her for a phony.

On the other side, the redhead smiled at me.

"Hi, I'm Roxy, from Brooklyn. Liz has told me so much about you that I've been waiting to meet you in person. I'm very good at being bad. I can play submission and punishment games any way you want. You in charge, or me in charge. Which do you prefer?

"Check with me later," I said. I'm not often at a loss for words, but how do you answer such a question from a stranger? I made a mental note to look her up someday because what she said intrigued me.

After having drinks and food served to us by Maria, Liz yawned and said, "Edith, your bag is upstairs, on the second floor. You'll be sharing that bedroom with Roxy."

What a bitch she is! Liz was going to sleep with Ashley, and I was supposed to be with the woman from Brooklyn. I almost walked out, but thought the better of it when Liz winked at me.

Roxy took her clothes off, with no fuss, when we went to the second floor bedroom. She has big tits and a tight ass. I figured that it was stupid to think about Liz and Ashley downstairs, when I had a live one to keep me occupied upstairs.

Roxy put her arms around me, kissed me, and held me tight. I could feel her tits and ass as she did that. Then she unbuttoned my blouse and sucked on my nipples. I forgot about what was happening on the first floor as we ate each other. She lay on top of me, with her mouth on my cunt, probing for my clit. She found my clit, which was waiting for her, having come out from behind its hood.

I was under her, with my tongue in her crotch. It was like heaven, lesbian heaven, when she said, "Your turn on top, honey."

We reversed positions, continuing to eat each other. Then we lay side-by-side,and did the same thing. I was finally worn out and said, "Roxy, let's get some sleep. OK?"

I was sleeping soundly until I heard Liz's voice. "Come on, you two. Breakfast is served downstairs."

Roxy and I put on clothes and found Liz and Ashley starting on a breakfast served by Maria on the floor below.

It seemed strange to me, very civilized and nothing said about sex the preceding evening.

Then Liz took charge, "Ashley has to catch a flight to London, and Roxy is going home to Brooklyn. I've called cabs for both of them. Edith, you're staying over with me, is that OK with you?"

"Fine with me," I said, as if there were some doubt about my staying. Of course Liz knew that I was going to stay. She was playing a little game with me.

I kissed Roxy when the cab arrived. She slipped a piece of paper in my hand, saying, "Call me any time you're lonely."

The bitch Ashley departed in a cab shortly afterwards, leaving me alone with Liz.

"Edith dear," she said. "Now that we're alone, I can give you my full attention. Is that what you want?"

"Of course that's what I want! I'm so hungry for your tits and cunt that I've been unable to sleep since Tom left. Don't play games with me."

She came over where I was sitting, bent over, and kissed me.

"Sorry about that.

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