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A spa owner is seduced and turned by seductress Bree.

Absentmindedly she let her fingers wander her body. Eventually they settled just above her pussy.

In the shower, David was trying to think of thoughts that would lessen his arousal. He couldn't masturbate with his mother in the next room. It felt so wrong. But nothing he thought of helped him shrink. All he could think about was the blonde woman getting drenched by cum and his mother standing there in a small bathrobe. He felt more ashamed realizing that seeing his mothers smooth legs turned him on more than the porno.

A realization suddenly dawned on him that he brought nothing in to the bathroom to change into when he got out of the shower. Like his mother he also preferred to sleep in the nude. With his bedroom right off the bathroom he never had to worry about wearing a robe or anything before. So he never brought one in with him or a change of clothes for that matter. Now he realized he had to walk out to the main room with just a towel wrapped around his waist. That thought finally worried him and made his cock shrink to a manageable size.

Not wanting to waste the chance to emerge with a reasonable sized dick he quickly shut off the shower and grabbed the towel. He wrapped around himself and hastily opened the door. He started to walk to the main room to get his suitcase when he froze in his tracks.

Three things shocked him. The first was that the TV was still on. The woman impaled by her partner's rod. He thought his mother would have turned it off as soon as he went into the bathroom. For some reason she chose not too.

The second surprise was seeing his mothers pink panties lying in the middle of the floor. During Rachel's wicked idea, it never occurred to her to return her panties to the suitcase. She simply forgot and left them where she last had them. David quickly realized that his mother was probably wearing nothing over her cunt.

The first two shocks caused his cock to stir under the towel. The third amazing sight made it spring to full staff. He looked towards the bed and saw his mom lying there with her eyes closed. She was not asleep; cause David could see movements under the covers. A soft moan escaped Rachel's lips. David knew she must have been masturbating.

David couldn't help himself from letting a gasp leave his mouth.

Rachel's eyes shot open and saw her son standing there with just a towel on. She turned bright red realizing her fingers were buried inside her pussy. She removed them and tried to find the appropriate words to say but nothing could come out. Unfortunately the TV broke the awkward silence.

"Fuck me hard, damn you," screamed the blonde.

David turned his focus to the screen then sort of chuckled at the situation. Rachel soon began laughing as well. They realized how awkward this was and just decided to laugh it off. Hopefully this would any tension between them.

"Yeah I kinda forget to get clothes to change into when I went into the shower..." David said to break their own silence.

"No worries, honey," Rachel said trying to act as normal as possible given the fact they both caught each other in embarrassing moments. "Just grab something now."

David hastily grabbed some boxers from his bag. Rachel couldn't help but notice how large her son's cock was when it tried to peak out from the towel. It had to be at least as large as the man on the television. It didn't take long for David to return from the bathroom with boxers on.

He scrambled to bed so that his mother wouldn't notice his hard-on. Rachael however eyed it appreciatively. "My son will make some girl very happy' she thought.

In David's to get in to bed quickly, they both realized that the television was still on. This time the scene showed the woman getting titfucked by a different man. Every time the top of the cock reached her mouth she licked the tip. Both the blonde and the man were grunting and groaning.

"Oh sorry Mom, I'll go turn it off now."

"Good idea David"

David clambered out of bed.

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