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Exploring my girlfriend's body.

"Sure," I said. I guess it would be nice for me to dry off a bit before sitting down. She came back out the bathroom while rubbing her hair dry with one towel and holding another one out for me to take. I followed suit with her in drying my hair blinding myself for a minute. As I pulled the towel away from my eyes I noticed something rather interesting catch my eye. Susie had finished drying her hair and was in the process of pulling off the top of her uniform. As the wet cloth peeled off the skin, the shirt pulled the soaked sports bra she wore with it, her two breasts plopped out and jumped up and down before me. She had a nice round belly and her two nice melons fit perfectly over her cute pierced belly button. I stared shocked as she continued to not care at me watching her as she kicked off her work shoes then took hold of her skirt and unzipped the back of it. Her legs were plump and full but I could still make out the green underwear she wore over her nice pale skin. As she turned away from me and walked into the room with the washer, I received a good view of her ass as the panties were pulled into her ass crack. While she walked she pulled the panties out of her soft ass crack.

I kind of shock my head a bit as I heard the water from the washing machine kick on. I started to dry my face again before I heard her come back in.

"So? You gonna rip off those cloths so I can toss them in the wash or you gonna sit around soaking wet?"

I looked up at her. She had pulled on a white cotton robe over herself. She looked nice with her hair matted down and the great cleavage she was showing. I didn't notice she had the type of breasts that shoved against one another and wearing that robe really exposed that fact.

"Oh uh yeah sure." I pulled off my shirt. I wasn't exactly well built myself. I had slight man boobs and large love handles but it didn't matter much to me. I handed her the shirt in her exposed hand and she waited patiently for me to hand more. "Uh, I kind of don't have any boxers on."

"That's okay Sweet. Just here," She said as she handed me a large old beach towel. I unbuckled my belt and dropped the pants quickly as I wrapped a towel around my crotch. It wasn't that I had anything to hide I just didn't always feel like exposing myself. Not that my 6" was a problem, although some have said my bag is rather large. I handed her the jeans and the socks that followed. She took them and threw them in the wash and closed the lid behind her. When she came back in, she tossed the pillows off the couch and then pulled out a folding bed from in it. She then climbed onto the bed and pulled the pillows back on then grabbed a set of covers from behind the couch's bed board.

"So, where do I sleep?" I asked.

She giggled, "Don't be silly and get in here with me." She clicked on the TV and I shrugged to myself as I tightened the tuck-in on the towel before climbing in next to her.

We sat and watched some morning kid's show but it wasn't before long before I felt a hand slide down the covers next to my side. Soon, I felt a slight weight on my leg over the towel. In a moment the hand slipped into the towel and around my balls which had already swelled slightly from seeing her breasts and ass earlier. Her hand was soft, yet firm as she put a slight pressure in her grip as she massaged my testicles. Eventually her hands slipped away from my enlarged sac and around the base of my shaft. She moved slowly up and down the beam, but avoiding the head. Her hands moved with the sounds from the T.V., dancing with every word and song that came on. It was enough to excite me but not enough to climb to orgasm.

As the minutes passed in silence, I felt the weight of the bed shift as she moved from her resting position and pulled away the towel around my waist.

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