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Once the door to her room was closed behind her she pulled out the items from the bag, it took her a few minutes to realise that there was also a small piece of paper, it explained that the very small bundle of red string was in fact a bikini and she now had the fitting instructions, also in the bag was a beach wrap, very sheer and not very big.

Sue followed the instructions and managed to work out how the bikini fitted, with it on she looked at herself in the mirror.

Andrew watched smiling as his sister put on the bikini, he had seen some like it on a porn site and after some searching he had found one on eBay. It consisted of string only, the bikini bottoms were made from a string around sues waist knotted at each hip, there was a string that went front to back attached to the waist string, in effect a string that would disappear down between her pussy lips and back up between the cheeks of her bottom, nothing else no material just a thin line of string less than 10mm thick. The top was the same just string, with it in place Sue had a triangle of the bright red string around each breast, her tits were in no way covered up, and the red string just highlighted them. Sue adjusted the string between her moist pussy lips until it ran through the centre of her slit, her lips opening like a flower either side of the now hidden string as her hanging lips began to swell with her arousal. Sue tied the beach wrap around herself, it covered from just above her breasts to only just below her pussy, it was very sheer and she could see the red string through it, she could also make out her nipples and the darker line of her pussy slit. Now dressed as instructed she stood at the window and waited, staring into the darkness of the opposite window.

Andrew looked at his sister, he wasn't sure that he could go through with his plan, he hadn't realised quite how little Sue would be wearing or quite how exposed she would be, maybe she would refuse him for the first time, he didn't know what to do. Eventually he decided that he would leave it up to her, he needed to remain in charge, and if she turned him down he could then offer up something as a punishment.

Beep; you will pack a bag with a towel and sun screen, make yourself some sandwiches and a drink as well, you will walk to the bus stop just passed the pub and you will take the 10 AM bus to Heather Point. The driver will let you know where this is. The towel will be to lay on at the beach, at no point may you use it to cover yourself. Once you arrive at Heather Point I will instruct you further.

Andrew made it to the 9:30 bus, he had once passed Heather Point on his way into town, Tom had told him that there were some secluded pathways down to a sheltered bay below, only a small beach but because it was sandy it was popular with the locals, but being so secluded it was never overly packed, Tom had mentioned that some girls went topless there which is why Andrew had remembered it.

Sue didn't want to wait to long for the bus dressed as she was, although she had begun to enjoy her exposure of late this was the least that she had ever been out in public wearing and she felt a little uneasy, she timed it so that she only had to wait a few minutes before it arrived. With her bag over her shoulder she climbed on, the bus driver stared at her as she waited for her ticket but Sue was enjoying the attention she was getting from him and once she had paid she picked a seat which was as close to the driver as possible so that she would remain visible to the driver for the journey. Throughout the short journey Sue adjusted her wrap a few times, the wrap kept falling away once she was sat down to reveal a lot of her bare flesh which gave the driver something to look at, Sue questioned him about where her destination was enjoying teasing the older man.

The day was bright and the temperature was already rising nicely wh

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