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Memorial weekend swingers party.

I closed my eyes and listened to Nick talk about how good it was to fuck my tits; I listened to Donald moaning as I jacked him off; and finally I could hear Mike groaning over the slurping sounds of his hard black cock getting a good sucking from my married white mouth.

I was totally lost in the pleasure of being a white housewife servicing 3 black cocks at the same time, when a loud groan and Mike's hands grabbing my head snapped my attention back to him. With both of his hands digging into my hair, he was furiously jack hammering his cock in and out of my mouth. He had me sucking on him, like a starving baby would a bottle. Nick now started moaning and groaning loud and fast. Donald's body was jerking hard and I was yanking on his shaft as hard and as fast as I could. Mike began to moan, "I'mmmm....going to.....cummmm".

With that, he yanked his cock out of my mouth with a loud "POP". His black seed began squirting out of his cock in thick loads. He shook his cock side to side as he orgasmed, his nigger jizz cascading down into my hair and onto my face. The feeling of his warm cum dripping down my face totally got me going. I started jerking on Donald's cock so hard, I thought I was going to end up pulling it off. Donald by this time was shuddering uncontrollably and his moaning was nothing but sounds of pleasure, "I'mmmm.....cummmm.....innnggg. Unnhhhh."

Donald's back arched and stayed like that for a few seconds. Cum shot all over both me and Nick. I had it all over the side of my face and tits. Nick's hand holding my tit and part of his waist was covered in Donald's cum. Nick was now breathing faster as he increased the pace of pumping my firm white tits with his thick black cock.

"My turn....to.....cum," was all Nick grunted, before a stream of sperm erupted from his black cock, firing his load up at my chin and throat. As Nick stepped back from me, jerking on his cock, I watched as his black love juice fired onto my tits. Once he was done, I went about cleaning up the mess I had made. I licked up all the cum that was still on their cocks and like the black cock loving slut that I was, I swallowed it all.

"Guess we'll have to find out if this slut is as good at fucking as she is sucking", Donald said, as he started to move the table out of the middle of the room.

As Nick pitched in by moving the chairs, Mike wasted no time. The moment the center of the room was clear, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the floor with him. As he worked on inserting his semi-erect cock into my pussy, he began kissing me all over my face. I glanced up to see Donald and Nick stroking their cocks, before I looked back at Mike. His dark hands were beginning to feel all over my creamy white breasts. He cupped a tit in his hand, twirled the nipple between his fingers for a moment, before devouring it. I moaned with enjoyment as I felt his black rod stiffen in my married white cunt. As Mike's cock began pounding my pussy faster, I found myself moaning louder. Mike was totally lost in my tits, kneading them and licking my nipples every now and then. He buried his black face into my white cleavage, licking and sucking all over my tits. Along with my moans of pleasure, I was soon begging for more, like the black cock loving whore I was. "Ohhh yes. Lick my white titties, suck my white titties, fuck my married pussy."

Mike was too busy eating my tits to respond verbally.

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