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Getting more than a little wet in the pool.

As his piano teacher, I look at his hands a lot. Richard's are large; his fingers are long and move over the keyboard like he owns it.

Second, I often sit beside my students when I'm teaching, and many times, while Richard was concentrating on the notes in front of him, I'd be concentrating on the size of the package between his legs. I know, not very professional of me, right? Oh, well. . Any way, there's another reason I say Richard has a large cock. I've seen it.

Yes. That's right. I've seen Richard's cock-and more than that, I've touched it. I've stroked it. I've tasted it, and ... best of all, I've felt it inside me. I've felt that wonderful, uncircumcised, 18-year-old fuck-tool of his deep inside my hot, cradle-robbing pussy!

That's how I know Richard has a large cock. I've fucked him.

There. Now you know.

It all happened yesterday-at his piano lesson. Actually, there was very little time for piano.

I wore a sheer silk blouse with a push-up lace bra under it.

I also wore a skirt that was shorter than anything he had ever seen me in. And I don't usually wear stockings and heels when students come to my house, but I did yesterday.

He noticed right away that I dressed up for our last time together. He couldn't take his off me.

We sat on the sofa and talked about school and about girls. I told him he was going to be very popular in college with the young women there.

That embarrassed him. He said he was always shy around girls.

I told him that didn't matter. I told him some girls would just come right after him, shy or not shy.

And then I demonstrated what I was talking about by kissing him on the lips.

That got his attention.

I told him if a girl really wants him, she might not wait for him to make the first move.

"They might do this, Richard." I told him, as I took his hand in mine and pressed it to my breast.

"They might let you feel their firm, young tits, Richard."

I kept my hand over his, to show him it was alright to touch me like that... and I kissed him again, this time working my soft, warm tongue into his sweet, young mouth.

I unbuttoned my blouse, and moved his hand onto my bra. That seemed to really encourage him. His kissing got hotter. He was kissing me with his tongue ... and slipping his fingers inside my bra.

Soon, he had one of my nipples in his mouth... nibbling on it ... sucking it.

I slid my hand up his leg.

The poor boy's jeans were now so tight around his crotch, I could see the outline of his engorged dick.

I undid his belt and unzipped him while we were kissing.

And then I slipped my hand inside his cotton briefs; his 18-year-old cock was hard as a rock ... and ready to explode.

Fortunately, I was able to get my lips around the head of it before he released that warm, sweet cum of his. I nursed that beautiful cock of his.. licking it and sucking it ... swallowing every drop.

Of course he was embarrassed that he had so little control, but the teacher in me-or maybe it was just my lust for young cock-calmed his fears by telling him to relax.

"Don't you worry about it, honey," I said.

"I loved what just happened, And besides, in a few minutes, you're going to be hard again .. and this time when you come... it'll be inside of me."

I told him I knew how to increase his confidence around girls, and led him into the bedroom, where I took off his clothes, and then instructed him to take mine off.

By the time he got me down to just my panties and my thigh-high stockings, his 18-year-old cock was standing at attention.

"My panties, Richard. They're in the way." I asked him to take them off me ... and he did.

Then, I stretched out on my bed, as he stood beside it. I could see he was already gaining confidence. He stood there proudly, like a hunter looking down on his conquered prey: his naked piano teacher who had just sucked his cock was lying there on her bed... right in front of him ...her legs slightly parted... her smooth, bare cunt-lips pink and wet...so inviting.

It was an invitation the naked teenager eagerly accepted.

And this

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