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Mike gives wife the best Valentine's Day night ever.

Janet flung his penis up and down time and time again, seemingly challenging herself to see if she could make it smack against his stomach louder each time.

Then, Richard moaned out loud, so loud and drawn out that it grabbed the women's attention away from his penis - even if just for a moment.

"Sounded like a wearwolf there for a second," Carrie laughed.

Janet bent over laughing, so amused at what her teasing had done.

"Please let me come," Richard begged.

Carrie ran her hands through Richard's hair, giving him comfort, and letting him know he would soon have release. She and her daughter resumed stroking his massive rod, and Richard was able to utter just a few more words before letting go another enormous amount of come.

"I love you guys," he whispered affectionately.

The mother and daughter both giggled, and kept masturbating his huge tool.

"We love you too, Ritchie boy," Janet laughed.

After just a few more combined strokes of his erection, Richard climaxed again, and a nice, warm dose of semen shot forth from his prick and landed on Carrie's beautiful feet.

Janet then got a wicked idea in her head as she saw Richard ejaculating, and she held up his shaft, towards the ceiling, and burst into unbridled laughter as a huge come shot blasted Richard in the chin.

Before he could react, another one hit him in his right cheek, then his left cheek. He opened his mouth to voice his surprise, and a warm dose of his own semen shot into his mouth.

"Oh my God!" Carrie laughed, putting her head between her knees as she chuckled so hard her stomach began to hurt.

Richard just sat back, letting Janet aim his prick wherever she pleased. She marveled how much come he continued to shoot, as she now drenched his chest with his own copious seed.

"Another one, oh my God another, and another," she laughed as she counted the come shots. "Jesus Fuck, oh my God another, and's still shooting!"

It was as if Richard was being milked by the two women, as not only the mere fact that he was naked before them aroused him a great deal, but then their teasing, their stroking, and their control over him sent him into a frenzy.

Janet, now reduced to girlish giggles, looked on as Richard's penis shot forth a few more dribbles of come, these ones landing on his tummy. The stepsister finally relinquished control of his rod, and looked at Richard, his face drenched with his own semen.

"Well, Dick," Carrie could barely get out in between gales of laughter. "It looks like you - quite literally - finally got a taste of your own medicine."

He still had his own come in his mouth, afraid to swallow.

"How's it taste?" Janet laughed.

"Salty," he answered, only making the two women crack up even more.

Carrie and Janet were delaying their trip to the bathroom to get Richard a towel. They loved looking at the mess they had created.

"I didn't get you guys this bad," Richard argued, the gooey liquid on his face evidence of Carrie and Janet's skills.

"Oh yes you did," Carrie said.

She now gave Richard a closer look, amazed how much come dripped from his cheeks and chin.

"Well, maybe we did get you worse," she laughed. "But it's all in good fun."
All three of them shared a laugh again, and would soon settle in bed.


Richard could feel the sun shining on his face as he awoke.

It was early the next morning. Real early.

He looked at the clock and it was shortly after nine. He never got up this early when he didn't have to. Especially in the summer.

Maybe it was the fact he forgot to close the shades on the window, and the sun had woken him up.


He knew the real reason. He had so much sexual energy in him these days, energy that was spiked by the regiment Carrie had him sticking to.

That regiment, of course, was that he not wear clothes for the next two weeks. And eager to start the day completely nude, he jumped from his bed, his penis exposed, and walked out of his bedroom.

It felt so weird - and so naughty - that he was completely naked.

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