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Sir they went to speak to the other Elders also about if anything similar has happened in any of the other packs." Ian finished.

"What about my daughter telling a human boy about us what was decided about that issue?"

Looking completely puzzled Elder Ian said "Nothing Sir. It was decided that it was harmless, because it was a dream and that the boy probably wouldn't remember."

"Really then why did they the Elders council meet last night to decide her punishment for telling the boy." Padrick demanded.

"WHAT. No no no that isn't possible sir. We all what I mean is all our pack Elders decided nothing would happen." Mary began to visibly tremble. Elder Ian reach over and held her hand to reassure her even when he himself was scared. "Sir none of this is making any sense what so ever. It was decided weeks ago that nothing would come of this that there was no reason to be alarmed. As Mary stated earlier it was believed he most likely wouldn't remember it as anything but a dream." He stated a look of confusion on his face.

Padrick relaxed knowing that these two Elders where in fact unaware of the situation and most likely side with the pack. "Mary be at ease it's all right." Padrick said getting up and going to her. Crouching down and taking her hand in his he continued "I had to be sure that Simon__ was right in her letter."

Mary took a deep breath letting it out slowly before she spoke. "If what you are saying is true it could mean that the Elders council corrupt. We must stop them before..."

"It's alright Mary it isn't the Council. Sadly it is our own Elders that have become corrupt and power hungry. I phoned the Sanctuary last night to see if they had any new information about what was going on with Rohaynna. There was another incident last night by far the worst one. Anyway I phoned and they were in a meeting. I ended up having to demand to speak to one of the pack Elders. Simon__ finally came on the phone and started saying how they were talking about Rohaynna's punishment for telling a human boy about us. I lost control of my wolf." He said with a sigh.

Elder Ian leaned forward in his chair looking at Padrick "Sir you were reacting like a father should. That is one of the things that make you a good Alpha. You show that your mate and child come just ahead of the pack but only as long as the pack is not in any danger. Even with the problems you are facing with Rohaynna you have made sure that the pack was safe at all times. That is what the pack likes to see. They know that your family is your world but they also know that you would die to keep any pack member safe."

"Thank you that means a lot to me. I just hope that they will agree with what I did. I admit that I let my wolf have control but I agree with what he did." With a sigh he continued on telling them what he did "When I heard her say that I told her that if they thought that they were going to punish her then they could consider themselves pack less and banned from our pack lands. I have also stripped them of Elder status so they would only be able to join another pack as regular members." He grimaced as he finished and waited for them to respond.

"Good. That is exactly what should happen. Any other pack member that was caught doing the same thing would have either been killed or exiled from the pack. As for the Elder's Coun...Oh I just realized; sir does that mean you want us to leave as well?" Mary hesitantly asked glancing at Padrick.

"It is up to you both. Although I hope that you will remain with the pack and begin to train new Elders. You have both been pack since birth I don't want you to go but I will understand if you feel it is necessary." Padrick said honestly.

The Elders looked at each other and nodded to each other then Mary began to speak, "Alpha we would like to stay this is our home, we don't want to be anywhere else. We will gladly train any new Elders that need it." Mary relaxed for the first time since they had stepped foot into the office.

"Thank you both for your loyalty.

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