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Things heat up as someone lurks in the shadows.

The disc jockey had just started playing the John Foggerty song, "The Old Man Down The Road." He knew the girls liked to dance to this one, so not giving them a chance to say no he and Bill grabbed them pulling them out of the booth out onto the dance floor.

Charlie had grabbed Lynn, he liked to dance with her and he especially liked the way she danced to this song. She didn't know it but she was damn sexy looking when she was dancing to this song. Many a time he had left the bar after dancing with the girls all night only to go home and jack off thinking of how it would feel to be fucking her. Charlie knew that was never going to happen as she flat refused to date a truck driver.

They finished dancing and both girls were smiling now at least. He ordered them another drink and he and Bill sat there talking to them.

OK, another song the girls like to dance to, Delbert McClinton with Roy Buchanan, singing "Some Kind of Wonderful". The guys pulled them back out onto the dance floor. They were all laughing when the song ended and were about to head back to the booth when Stevie Ray Vaughn singing "Little Sister" started. No way could he not dance with Lynn to this one, she really got into this song playing the vamp to the hilt as she danced to the music. Both she and Jaye enjoyed this song and watching the two of them together would give any guy a hard on.

They were just about to sit back down when Bill's beeper went off. "Fuck, we got to go Charlie the load is ready."

"Thanks for the dances ladies, we'll see you this weekend." Charlie said as they got up to leave.

"Thanks guys, as always it was fun, catch you this Saturday." Jaye told them ditto and the guys were on their way.

The guys hadn't even gotten out the door when the kid came over again. "Look, can I tell you guys something," he asked them?

''What," was all Jaye said to him?

"I haven't been fucked in eight months and I'm really horny." Jaye and Lynn both busted up laughing over his straight to the point statement. "I'd like to fuck you, you made me really horny watching you dancing with those guys." This statement he directed to Lynn.

"Oh, you would huh? Just how old are you anyway," Lynn asked him.

"I'm 24, does that really matter though? I have a nice cock and I can make sure your well taken care of, I promise you. I'm not a wham, bamm, thank you kind of guy." This he said with a big smile.

"Look hon, I'm flattered, really I am, but I'm a bit to old for you. I'm 48 and old enough to be your mother."

"I love older women. I've always been attracted to them honestly."

"Look, number one, it's not safe to go off with a stranger and number two, especially if that stranger happens to be an older woman. You might bite off a little more than you can chew, if your not careful."

Shit this kid was in for trouble, Jaye saw the look in Lynn's eyes and knew he was heading for more than he could handle.

"Stay here, we have to use the bathroom and we'll be right back," she told him.

They were both laughing by the time they got into the bathroom. Thank god they were the only two in there. "I'm going to take little Mr. Horny, I've got a nice cock home and teach him a lesson," she told Jaye.

"What are you going to do to him? Come on tell me, don't keep me in suspense?"

"Give me a half hour after we leave then come to the house and let yourself in, come back to my bedroom as soon as you get there. Try to be quiet, I don't want him to know your there until I'm ready for him to know," she told her.

"Not fair, damn it give me a little hint at least?"

"You'll see for yourself when you get there. Come on let's get this show on the road. It's 1:30, it will be a quarter to 2 by the time we get there so you come over about a quarter after 2 OK?"

When they went back out to the booth Lynn told him she was going to take him up on his offer. The kid was excited to say the least and followed them out the door. Lynn told him to follow her in his truck.

As soon as they were inside her house she ushered him quickly back to her bedroom.

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