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Straight man is seduced after a workout.

"My guests will be here soon, please wait by the door my pet," he said as he left the room.

So I went into the front room and had a seat on the couch. I didn't have to wait long as the doorbell rang about 15 minutes later. With a deep breath I rose and walked to the door. My heart was beating fast and my palms were sweaty with anticipation. When I opened the door there was a tall, well built man of about 40 standing there. "Welcome," I said as he entered.

"You must be the new help Scott was talking about. Tonight is going to be fun," he remarked as he looked me up and down. My cheeks grew red under his wolfish gaze. I showed him back to the patio where Scott was getting dinner ready.

After getting Scott's guest a drink, I returned to the foyer. The process was repeated twice more until Scott and his clients were all enjoying themselves by the pool. All three were over 40 but were in decent shape. One was really attractive and the other two were what I would call fairly average looking. I was lost in thinking about what they were packing in their trousers when Scott announced that it was time for martinis and he had a special recipe in mind. Scott brought me over to the bar and had me pour a decent amount of Ketel One into a large tumbler full of ice. Then he told me to shake it. As I did all of them were transfixed by my bouncing breasts. "That's enough," Scott said after a bit. I strained it into a martini glass and looked up at Scott to see if there was more to this. "Time for the garnish sweetie," Scott paused to smile and then continued, "Now stick your finger in that hot little pussy of yours and get it all wet."

So now it was really starting I thought as I reached under my skirt and slid my middle finger between my lips and into my now very wet sex. "Good, now rim the glass with your finger and then dip it in the center," Scott ordered. As I did as he asked, his guests stared on with mouths agape. My finger ran along the edge of the glass and then into the cold vodka. "Be a good girl and lick your finger clean darling," Scott finished. I raised my finger to my lips and placed it right on my tongue. Then I sucked it into my mouth like a little cock. "Gentlemen, I give you the ultra-dirty martini!" Scott said with obvious enjoyment to his friends. He was rewarded with cheers and cat calls. I made a drink for all of them, one at a time much to their delight. I know this was supposed to be humiliating, but it just got me hotter.

For dinner Scott grilled steaks and I served them. I got drinks and ran around for them. Things were pretty tame until dinner began to wind down. Then I started to feel hands on my legs and ass as I walked by. The liberties continued as I cleaned up. My pussy was stroked every time I passed. My ass was also a favorite target for wandering fingers. Finally, the biggest guy, his name was Jim, simply picked me up and carried me into the living room area. He stood me up on the coffee table and told me to lose the dress. I paused for just a moment and then undid the two snaps that held my skimpy garment in place. Then I pushed it down, fully exposing my breasts. As it fell past my hips my shaved pussy was in full view. All four men had something to say about that. Jim was the first to dive in. He licked and sucked on my tits as I stood there. Then Duane came around behind me and slid his finger between my legs. There I was in nothing else but high heels and stockings as two men were busy with my body and two more looked on. I had never felt sexier.

Jim lifted me up off the table and onto the couch.

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