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When Mike arrived at the hotel he found Robert just where he was told to meet him. Robert was in the lobby at an open desk with his briefcase open and spreadsheets placed on the desk in front of him.

When they met in the lobby of the hotel Mike was very pleased with the way that his email buddy looked. Robert was also was dressed in a business suit which he filled out very well, he had strong masculine features and dark hair. They met as planned, shook hands and smiled at each other. Mike felt a bolt of electricity as they grasped each others hand for the same time, Robert had firm but soft hands.

This was the man that traded intimate secrets with Mike, things that he wanted Mike to do for him. Mike felt that he had to be the more excited of the two, his buddy could not be as excited he was sure of that.

"I want you to swallow all of my cock when we meet."

They sat in the lobby and made small talk as planned because it would give either a chance to leave if they didn't like something about the other person. Neither left.

"I have someone in my room that would like to meet you if that's okay," Robert said.

Mike just nodded yes and they turned and walked towards the elevator with Mike in front of Robert.

"Will you be able to take both of my balls in your mouth at the same time?"

Robert looked at Mikes back and just smiled, delighted that they finally met. In his mind he was quickly running through all the emails that they exchanged and knew what was in store for him. He couldn't wait to get alone in his room with Mike and feel his cock deep in the mouth of his new friend. They entered the elevator when it opened and each turned around to watch the doors close, as they turned they faced each other just briefly and each smiled.

"I hope that you're hungry", Robert whispered.

Mike just smiled at this rhetorical question.

Neither spoke any more because the elevator was full with other guests on their way to their rooms also. Robert noticed a very cute blonde in the back of the elevator who would normally have occupied his thoughts, but not this time.

"I'm going to save up all my load for you to swallow".

As they left the elevator Mike followed Robert to his room that was at the end of the hallway. Mike was very nervous and had sweaty palms, he was very anxious to get his new buddy alone and hoped that it was safe.

"Am I crazy meeting a stranger in a hotel room?" he thought.

When the got to Roberts room, Robert gave his key to Mike.

"Open the door if you still are comfortable with me and all we planned, if not that's okay also," Robert said.

Mike took the key and inserted it into the lock and turned the handle, he was very comfortable.

Robert put the do not disturb sign on the outside door handle and closed and locked the door, Mike was standing across the room watching.

"I'm going to shoot my load all over your face but you need to suck me clean."

The window curtains had been drawn in advance and the light by the computer table was on and provided all of the light in this dimly lit room. The radio was playing soothing music that was a comfort to Mike as he looked around, he felt safe. As silly as it sounds the room seemed to have sensual atmosphere.

Robert walked over and took Mikes hand and placed on his own cock on the outside of his pants, Mike gave a little squeeze.

"I want you to suck my cock just like we planned, said Robert".

Mike knew the drill; he sat down on the chair that was placed in the middle of the room in advance. Robert stood tall in front of Mike and pushed his groin into Mikes face, Mike reached around and caressed Roberts's ass cheeks.

Robert stepped back from Mike as he took off his sport coat and loosened his tie. He moved back over in front of mike and undid his belt, and pulled down his zipper, he let his pants fall to his shoes as he stood there in just boxers.

Mike watched this quick strip tease never taking his eyes off of the package in front of him, he was very hungry and his mouth was watering badly.

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