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Feminist atheist moves to Saudi Arabia with husband.

She was very pretty with dark skin and thick wavy hair. Dark nipples were plainly poking against the material of her gown. "Damn it, Jerry, I've still got some on my face! How the hell do you get this stuff to come off?" She stopped as I entered.

I smiled and introduced myself. "Hello, I'm Doctor Grey. How are we doing tonight?"

The boy stopped pacing and stared at me. "Are you gonna call our parents?"

"Jerry! I told you, they have to keep it confidential! Right?" The girl directed the question at me.

"Yes, that's true. Um...what seems to be the problem?" I started toward her chart but she filled me in immediately.

"Sir Cumalot here shot his load down my throat!"

"Pardon?" I stopped reaching for the chart, gaping at the girl.

She didn't seem the least embarrassed. "I was sucking the big idiot off and he didn't warn me and he started shooting his load and it went down my throat before I could get him out of my mouth!"

"I swear, Maria, I didn't mean to do it! It just happened so quick, I," he looked at me. "Is she gonna be all right?"

I cocked an eyebrow at the boy and picked up the chart. "Maria Esposito?"

"Yeah, I'm Maria. And this is Jerry Williams."

"She don't need to know my name, Maria."

"Shut up, Jerry, it's your fault we're here."

I studied the chart. "I'm confused. What's the problem?"

"He came in my mouth! I swallowed it!"

"That's it? You came to the hospital because of that?"

"We called Poison Control because of that. They said they couldn't do anything about it and to come here."

I sighed and massaged my temple, I think I had caught Holly's headache. "Ok. So you swallowed his semen and panicked. Is that it?" They both nodded. "All right. There's nothing wrong with you. You haven't been poisoned."

"But he,"

"But nothing. Semen is not poisonous. The worst thing that can come from it is a mild stomachache. It's actually high in protein. A lot of people, men and women both, swallow semen on a regular basis."

Jerry seemed surprised but a grin spread across his face. "Have you ever swallowed any?"

"Jerry! You moron, what the hell's wrong with you?"

"No, it's ok," I assured her. "Yes. I have swallowed semen many times and I'm none the worse for wear." Jerry's grin widened. Maria looked skeptical. "I assure you, Miss Esposito, it's perfectly all right. Although," I looked at Jerry and his grin faded, "next time you might want to be a bit more careful. Even though it's safe, if your girlfriend doesn't want to do it, try to keep her up to date. Trust me, you don't want someone pissed off at you with your dick in their mouth." I snapped my teeth and he jumped.

Maria at last seemed relieved. "So I can go home now? And you won't call my parents or anything?"

"Yes and no. Go home and be more careful next time." I moved to the door but turned back, "Oh, and, Jerry. If you keep experiencing premature or uncontrolled ejaculation, you might want to see your family physician." Maria laughed as I left the room. Poor guy, it'll be a long time before he gets his cock sucked again.

I laid my clipboard down at the nurse's station and checked my watch. Ten o'clock. "Well?" I addressed one of the nurses. "Any more sex-jobs?"

"Nope. Sorry to disappoint you, Goodbody, but that's it for now." She grinned. "Must be a slow night, guess you'll have to wait 'til you get home to get your quota of - "

There was a sudden bustle behind us. I turned to see a man hurrying into the ER. Extending from the open fly of his pants was a foot-long black tube. I eyed him as he rushed to the desk. He coughed, looked around him nervously and started stammering.

"I've got...a...I've got something, I need to see a," his fingers drummed on the reception desk and the nurse behind it eyed him suspiciously.

Leaning back I glanced at the black tube. "Listen, Sherry, I'll take care of this one, all right?" She smiled and waved us on. "Come with me, sir, I'll take care of you."

I led him into a room down the hall and sat him on the bed.

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