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e., looking at her tits) had him being raced to the first-aid room; almost as bad, it was the end of his favorite Mr Cool shirt by Tommy.

A week would pass before he'd see Adelaide again because that day she left on a four-day executive training course held 200 miles away and conducted by the Union of Likeminded Churchwomen. The main item of study was 'The 100 Top Ways to Eradicate Office Promiscuity'. Due to that particularly intense study topic and no males being permitted at the live-in course, Adelaide returned home in tears, ending a depressing working week. She called four ex-favorites from college but each one of those guys confessed his wife wouldn't allow him to go out, at least not someone possessing Adelaide's attributes.

Depressed even deeper, Adelaide spent most of Saturday assisting her mom re-pot plants and cross-pollinating flowers with cotton buds and on Sunday she joined her father at his request to watch mindless (to Adelaide) car racing; she also were required to play poker with Chad.

Adelaide arrived at her desk on Monday thinking; perhaps she should resign and volunteer to wash dishes in a Convent. Her phone interrupted that line of thought.

"Hello my princess - come to my office now."

Adelaide found the dummy who had walked into a pillar on his first day at the office was also there. She gave him the once over, noticing immediately his body was A-type - A-type diminutive actually. His looks were good enough for a girl to take home for her mom to approve as a steady dater and he dressed much too good for this workplace so she gave him the Big Tick and smiled warmly, provoking him to scramble to his feet.

"Sit down Sam, it's only my daughter," Chad growled.

Ten minutes later Adelaide was in Sam's office, being briefed about Sam's duties in the new role of company strategist which he found difficult to explain. So they went out to lunch in the hope that some wine would ease transcribing jargon into something even half comprehensible to Adelaide.

It was a forgettable lunch and Sam and Adelaide returned to the office at 3:00, both pie-eyed, watched by Chad through narrow eyes. But he relaxed when finding they weren't touching; nor were they chastised for taking a three-hour lunch - Chad only had a thing about guys having a three-hour lunch break kicking tires in new vehicle showrooms or women takng such a long break to go shopping.

Sam and Adelaide disappeared into Sam's office which resulted in Chad's PA complaining: "Darling, Sam's had my PA much longer than two hours and this is only Day One."

"Well, Anastasia, they're young kids attempting to find common ground. I kind of like seeing them together. But you keep an eye on them, do you hear? Phone building security and get closed-circuit TV installed with monitors on your desk and mine and miniature cameras secreted in Sam's office. Remember, I'm paying you two hundred a week to be her chaperone in this building."

Behind the closed door in Sam's office, Adelaide asked casually, heart thumping: "What are you doing this weekend?"

Nicely stewing in alcohol, Sam acted cool: "Anyone and everyone I can."

"What, you mean seduction?"

"It's how strategists' think, Adelaide."

She clamped her thighs and sighed. "Care to drop around Saturday for lunch so mom can look you over?"

"Er, what about Chad?"

"Fuck him, he's only my father."


Standing up to leave, swaying noticeably, Adelaide told Sam he'd been very verbose and complicating in describing his role with the company to her, but at last he'd made the breakthrough. "All what you said reduces down to the simple explanation that you have to think up stuff daddy hasn't thought of."

Sam's mouth gaped: "Adelaide, that's brilliant.

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