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Bandit women tie him up, and familiar faces meet.

We talked about my life, theirs, how the Disjunction Event that started this all "monstergirl" business when CERN blew up. Basic gossip to wake us up and tend to our jobs.

Mine was simple today. Since Japan had most things robotic, all I had to was to oversee the robots collecting the strawberries, and drive the tiny electric cars carrying the "organic produce" (which was a retarded fad if you ask me). The work after lunch would be hard, since the farm doesn't do heavy machinery, I had to cut wood like a frontiersman, and unpack and spread fertilizer.

Shit job, but it feels nice. Why?

One always has a cow-girl at his side, ears twitching happily when we all work together. Dirtied overalls, hooves, laughter and strong monstergirl arms are something I have to compete against. Honestly I felt like I didn't do much, especially Ruto, who chopped a massive tree down, and heaved it over her shoulder, and into the river for sawmills.

"At least I'm useful."

What was that? Ruto smirked when she heaved the log and sent it with a majestic splash and mumbled that sentence. I didn't have stamina to think if it was genuine sympathy or lack of confidence in herself.

I didn't want to ask.

Of course, that evening was the milking time. My dream job.


Holstaurus Milking Room!

Imagine stalls for milking cows, made a bit kinkier with leather restraints, and soft pads for humanoid occupants. Now add a hobby room's worth of stuff. Books, music, and a radio, and put it all in a wooden room smelling of warm, clean hay.

That was the room.

Already Cara was at the ass-end of the room, face beet red, her overalls opened and her nipples softly suckled of milk by two suction cups, her hands gripping the railing like it was her life. Her eyes grew when she saw me, and her ears drooped; completely hiding her face from me. Funny, I had to relax her skin before milking with a massage according to instructions. Well...She just arranged for everything herself...Shyness' benefits...

Kuriimu was far more friendly; she had even waited for me to enter so she could have me strip her top, and massage her chest with a wet, hot towel for relaxing.

"Hey there chief. Hope ya enjoy your time doing this!" She giggled as I smiled and wrapped the hot, wet towel around her chest and back to squeeze and relax her muscles.

I shrugged and smiled. "I have to confess: I like this job."

She laughed loud enough to startle Cara reading a book as she was milked by the pumps: "Who wouldn't? Men from your country like huge breasts right?"

Smartass. After some minutes of warm massage with a towel on her breast tissue, I held my hands to pull her nipples gently, which made her bite her lips as I pulled the soft nipples and secured each to the suction cups, pulling her enormous breasts into the cups to harvest the rich white milk in short gushes.

Kuriimu hissed, biting her lips. "Ouch...feels always ticklish...heh" She giggled. "Can you hand me my tablet please Anon?"

I handed her personal tablet, smiling as she kept reading about singing and painting from Wikipedia, her bountiful breasts being sucked by the machine. Kuriimu pulled out a pair of earphones from her pocket, jacked it in, and started listening to music, relaxing on the railing as she was milked. After giving me a peck on the cheek!

Happy holstauri are a cute sight to behold. Jiggling, huge boobs of huge monstergirls are milked, and everyone is happy. And their cow ears flicking at the wind, so cute!

Time for Chiizu. Her serious look softened when she entered the room, seeing the other two quite comfortably settled in. "Looks like you have done good work, Anon..." She slowly removed her overalls' top, revealing massive breasts without shame. She simply sat next to Kuriimu, gesturing to her chest curtly.

"Alright. Hot towel."

I put the towel back to the hot water, quickly squeezed the hot water out, and advanced on her, and sat behind her.

"Be careful OK?" She spoke in English this time.


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