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Erotica writer finds her dream girl.

As close as her hips were I had plenty of leverage and went full in as far as I could each time.

She somehow pulled the top of my pants off my penis and pulled them down below my testicles. It was standing straight up. She took one look and looked up into my eyes and back down. She never stopped fucking my fingers or skipping a beat. She got a hand almost wrapped around it and then had an enormous orgasm. She closed her eyes and gasped a number of times and I followed her hips as they jerked crazily and finally slowed down. It was fantastic feeling her squeeze my fingers during an orgasm. What a trip.

She rolled over against me and I ran my fingers along her face and through her hair and finally put my head back and let her rest, my penis still standing strong, against her somewhere.

She recovered and was off to bed and I did too. The next day she was up early and off with some friends. Over the next few days we had some great times going out and hanging out and talking. No sex stuff.

Nice conversations with Lori. She was clearly thrilled. I always wondered if she had any encounters on her dig trips. Hoped so. She hasn't mentioned any and I haven't asked. Sex with someone new is a very nice thing to happen. She should have some of those.

One evening while watching tv and dressed for bed Cass said, "Dad, could I ask about, uh, your . . .?"

"My penis," I said. That sounds like a penis question."

"Yes, if you don't mind," she said. It looked, well, large."

"Now you know how I got mom." I said, "It wasn't my looks or personality or other really good qualities. It was my penis. It isn't really large. I think you were just too close and it loomed large and don't forget your state at the time and what happened."

"Dad, it's large." She was looking thoughtful when she said that. "How large is it? Do you have to do anything different, or make arrangements, or what? I'm a little curious."

"It's about eight and a half and nicely fat," I said. "That's not that large and don't forget a vagina grows for birth. It can handle me quite easily. You just go slow until it fits. It's a fun thing and makes for some great sex. Never be wary of a large penis if the user goes slow and has fun."

"I sure would like to, uh, you know," she said. "Maybe, uh, sometimes . . ."

I said, "You would like to take a better look." She nodded 'yes'. I said, "Would now be ok?" She nodded 'yes' twice. I said, "Our bed is a king. Would that be ok?" She nodded 'yes' three times, smiling the whole time. She had been thinking about this since. We left the music on and went off to the family sex den, commonly called our bedroom.

I pulled the bed covers off to the floor, Cass helped, and climbed on. On a pillow as normal I said, "If you would like to see from down to up you have to be quiet for a little bit. When it seems down pull my pants off and pay close attention. Don't get distracted. While you're watching you could disrobe and it may go for the full effect. Enjoy yourself." She was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

A few minutes and she pulled my pants off. She pulled her top up and off and then her pants down and off. Watching intently she got in a kneeling position right at my hips. I already had my top off so the effect was great. My penis moved upward with the strength of a tank. I was up and running. Didn't take long. I said, "Straddle my hips and put your clit right up against my sack and you should have it full strength." She did. It did. Her warm folds against my sack caused the head to swell up threatening to burst. It was a tremendous sight looking down my body.

She moved backwards so she had room and wrapped a hand around near the top.

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