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Sue's adventures begin Continue.

Lazily, I start to open my eyes, smiling that sly little smile that lets you know I want more from you. You softly whisper "Good morning, beautiful. I've been waiting for you to wake up."

You roll me over onto my back, sliding your legs in between mine, slowly separating them to allow yourself to lay on top of me. Your cock is hard and pressed against my inner thigh. My body trembles under you as the anticipation of finally having you inside me grows more intense. Much to your delight, you feel me wiggle under you, trying desperately to maneuver in a way that will force your cock to just touch my aching pussy. My clit is hard. It is straining to brush against you in any kind of way. Fuck! You drive me soooo insane. You take great pleasure in torturing me. Making me tell you what it is I want you to do to me. You laugh that devilish fucking little laugh you have when you think I will get all shy and not tell you what I want.

Well is NOT that day! I've had enough of you laughing at me. It's time you were taught a lesson! Sooo, what is it that I want? asked for it!

Put your fucking face between my creamy thighs. Stick out that fat wide tongue that you claim to use so well. (Yes, I'm doubting your abilities....prove me wrong) Separate my pussy lips and slide it deep inside me. Fuck me with it. Damn. Is that ALL you got?? You little bitch. It shouldn't take much effort to get me to cream all over your fucking face since you already have me so fucking hot. What the fuck is your problem?! Does my little cocksucker need some pussy-eating instructions? Maybe I'll have more success if I do it myself!

Roughly you grab my thighs and start pushing your face deeper into my soaking wet snatch, making me fuck your entire face. Even though I am loving this, I refuse to let you know that I am. I play it off as though you're not effecting me at all. However, the juices that are flowing from my greedy cunt are telling you a different story.

When you feel I've had enough of that, your mouth totally envelopes my hard love button, and my swollen pussy lips. Your tongue remains plunged deep inside my womanhood. You fucking dirty bastard! I soooo fucking love it when you eat me like this! (And your bitch ass knows it!) Just before I am about to explode on your face, you stop! Oh HELL no!

This infuriates me beyond measure. You look up from between my thighs and say "So, do you still think your little cocksucker needs some pussy-eating instructions?"

The look on my face alone tells you what a son-of-a-bitch I think you are. But just to be sure you are clear of what I am feeling...I smack your face. Not too hard, but enough to knock the cockiness out of your tone of voice. You look stunned. What's the matter? Didn't think I had it in me, did ya? You realize at this point the monster you have created.

Yeah, at this point we are both so fucking ready to explode. I don't even want to suck your delicious cock. I just want to fuck it! Insanely hard.

Sensing the raw pure animalistic need to have one another, you grab my arm pulling me so that I am sitting upright on the bed. Taking a handful of my hair, you pull me to my feet on the floor. Putting your face within an inch of mine. We both can feel each others heartbeat, we are so fucking turned on.

Then, in a nasty, dirty, lustful tone you say to me, "Don't you EVER fucking smack me in the face like that again bitch. Understand?"

I just roll my eyes at you as I say, "Uh huh...whatever asshole!"

"Asshole??," you snarl back at me.

"Yep motherfucker, that's what I fucking said. What of it?"

This only fueled your rage to have me that much more. You know I love pushing your buttons.. After all, I do it sooo well. This time we want each other with the same ferocity.

In one fluid motion, you bend down to grab a hold of my ass cheeks, lifting me up off the floor, spinning around and pinning me up against the bedroom wall.

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