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I can't think of a better man for the job.

We'd just got everything packed away when Wendy and John appeared at the door. I called them in and told Andy to bring his camera. He gave me a querying look and I confirmed my request with a nod of my head. He shrugged and retrieved it from the bedroom. When he returned, I handed him the tripod.

"Wow, Mum," he was so excited and the look on his face repayed me for the expense.

"Well," asked Wendy when we had all sat down round the kitchen table, "did you boys find somewhere to go?"

"I'll get the maps," said John and disappeared next door, returning with a couple of atlases. We spread them out and Andy pointed to a green area on the map. "We thought we'd like to have a picnic in the woods, nice and peaceful. All the beaches will be packed with tourists. So we decided on this place, if that's OK with you."

We can get fairly close on this road here ..." John pointed to the red line on the map, "... and then along this track for a mile or so. Park up somewhere around here ..." he dragged a larger scale map out, pointed to a spot on the track deep in the woods, "... and then walk down to this stream."

They both looked at us expectantly. I looked over at Wendy and shrugged in compliance. "Looks good to me," she said, "so long as we don't have to walk too far!"

"That's settled, then," I announced. "Andy, will you show Wendy some of the photos you took last night, please. She'd like to see them."

"Well, you can't see much on the preview screen, but OK." He flicked a switch on the camera and messed with the settings. "There you go." The first picture was innocent enough, just me sitting by a log on the beach. It was a bit dark but you could clearly see it was me. Andy passed the camera around and we all looked. He then clicked onto the next picture with both of us in the frame and we all saw the sucession of shots, each one showing more of us both.

"Hell, Andy," Wendy exclaimed when we came round to the last of them with Andy's face in my pussy, "these are hot!" I saw that her nipples were sticking out like organ stops and John was sqirming in his seat. As for me, I was so horny knowing these strangers were looking at pictures of me naked, I was worried that my slacks would be showing a dark patch between my legs.

"OK, folks. Show's over." I was first to speak. "You boys get the car loaded - which car will we use?" Andy volunteered to drive. "Wendy and I will make the sandwiches. Shall we take a flask or will soft drinks do?"

"Cola's fine for me," said Andy.

"And me," chimed in John.

"OK then, let's get organised."

I noticed both of them were trying to conceal bulges in their shorts as they stood up from the table - John's seemed quite impressive. Wendy saw it too and gave me a wink and a knowing smile. We got everything ready in quick time then piled into the car. We only had to drive on the main road for about 15 miles. John was in the front seat with the maps, navigating for Andy so I got in the back with Wendy. She sat up close to me and after a few minutes I felt her hand warm my thigh. I was a little unsure of the way things were developing: I'd never been with a woman before but I certainly wasn't repelled by the thought, in fact I quite enjoyed the sensation of her stroking my leg so I allowed her to continue.

It didn't take very long before we were bumping along a country track under a canopy of trees - fortunately the weather had been dry for ages and the mud had baked hard. Andy was driving slowly and carefully to avoid the worst of the potholes and eventually pulled up in a wider space by a style. We pulled the bags out of the back and clambered over the style, setting off down a narrow path through the woods.

The sun was glittering through the leaves, dappling the undergrowth as the light breeze swayed them to and fro, we could hear the birds twittering and chirping as we invaded their territory.

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