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Light awakens from the change.

" She paused, looking down at herself in exaggerated shock. She pulled the sheet tighter. "What am I supposed to wear?"

Ryder climbed into his pants. "I'll send someone in with something."

Angel disappeared into the bathroom, and Ryder stepped outside. He grabbed one of the many servants rushing around and asked her to bring some clothes to his room. The servant nodded, her hair falling over her face, and wordlessly walked away. Some memory tickled in the back of his mind, but he couldn't place it.

Rey had no such problem. Her heart pounded in her chest as she walked away from Ryder. She forced herself to stay calm, but he hadn't recognized her at all. "Bastard," she thought. He'd remembered her when he was screwing her every night, but he hadn't called her to his room in weeks. Now she knew why. He'd replaced her with a human, one he'd convinced with some story about a Bond. Rey fumed quietly, biding her time.

She found an appropriate dress, a sky-blue draping thing with no back and a leather belt that went around the waist. She took it back to Ryder's room and walked in without knocking. She heard the shower going and realized that the human was inside there. She went to lay the dress on the bed, pausing only momentarily at the sight of the rumpled sheets. Then she went over to knock on the door.

"Ryder?" came Angel's voice from inside. Rey stifled the urge to scream at the woman.

"No, miss, I brought you some clothes."

The sounds of the shower ceased and a few moments later, Angel's head peaked out from behind the door. She gave Rey a once-over, still glowing from her tussle with Ryder but not willing to ignore her instincts completely. She didn't trust the girl.

"Thanks," Angel said. When Rey didn't move, she continued, "Is there anything else?"

Rey forced herself to smile. "I'll help you get ready."

Angel shook her head. "That's all right. I can manage."

Rey considered pushing the subject, but Angel didn't look like a pushover. She bowed her head and turned to leave. Angel watched her, but had a thought. "What's your name?"

"Rey," she answered.

Angel dressed and readied herself best she could, finishing just minutes before Ryder came back. He was wearing a pair of black slacks and a pressed violet button down shirt. Her eyes roved over his body, a small smile dancing on her lips. "You look good."

She held out her hand and Ryder spun her around slowly. His hand came to rest on the small of her back, pulling her into him. He kissed her lightly. "You're beautiful, as always." His hand crept up her back, coming to rest on the clasp of her dress. He latched it with one hand. "Hmm. Didn't someone come to help you get ready?"

Angel tensed. "I didn't like her. She... I don't know. She wasn't good."

Ryder made a noise against Angel's neck. "Who was she?"

"She said her name was Rey."

Angel felt Ryder stiffen. "She's someone to you," she said said quietly. "That's why she didn't like me."

"Used to be someone," Ryder said gruffly. He drew back, holding Angel at arm's length. "Used to be. Before."

He slipped his arm around her shoulders and led her out of the room and down the hallway. Slightly surprised at his unwillingness to talk about it, Angel didn't say anything else.

They came to a gigantic door, a double oak paneled thing with exquisite engravings carved in it. Ryder pushed it open and Angel followed him into a huge room. It was mostly empty, occupied only by a solitary man pacing at the other side. When they walked in, he stopped and turned, and Angel caught sight of his wings.

She drew in a breath involuntarily. His wings were bigger than Ryder's, stretching nearly fourteen feet behind him, and they were pure white. She felt her jaw go slack as she took in the rest of him. His features were chiseled, almost hard to look at. While there was softness in the way Ryder looked at her, there was no emotion or warmth in this angel's gaze. His brief glance at her was cold, sending unpleasant shivers down her spine.

Ryder motioned at the angel.

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