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Mitzi shows offf for the people in the truck next to us.

They had gone on a sensual shopping spree, buying domperidone, breast pumps, fenugreek, and mother's milk tea by the cart full.

That had been four months ago.

In the present, Brian brushed his fingertips against his lover's cheek and looked compassionately into her beautiful green eyes. "I do want this," he said quietly. "I want it so badly. And it will happen very soon. We just need to be patient."

Lori sighed and pulled away slightly, laying her head back against her pillow. "I just don't know what else we can do. You suck three times a day. I pump every break. I take the supplements and drink the damn tea. It's like... is this not meant to be?" She rolled over and faced the wall, curling into a fetal position.

Brian snuggled up close behind her, putting his arm around her and spooning her soft, curvy body. He couldn't even imagine how difficult this had been for her. The hormonal mood changes, the aching breasts, and the constant disappointment of feeling like, despite their best efforts, they weren't as far along as they should be, had all taken their tole over the last month. He kissed Lori's shoulder and stroked her arm in silent comfort. "I love you," he whispered in here ear, "milk or no milk."

"I know," she sighed despondently, restlessly adjusting her head against the pillow.

The two lay in silence like that for some minutes, gathering their thoughts, synchronizing their breathing, and silently comforting each other. After a time, Brian suddenly stirred, as if waking from sleep.

"I just remembered something," he said against her shoulder. "I found something interesting at work yesterday."

"Hmm?" Lori mumbled, rolling to face him.

"Did you know there's a goddess of breastfeeding?"

"Really?" Lori looked at him quizzically, her frustrations diminished, but not forgotten. "Where? What religion would have something like that?" Admittedly, Brian would be the one to know of such things. He was a professor in world religions at the local community college. They had met at a convention for the publishing firm where she worked, where he had been talking about the similarities between the myth of Gilgamesh and modern interpretations of superheroes. She had fallen in love with his sense of wonder regarding the world's myths, and his youthful, compassionate face that looked like it could have come from any of those stories. With his curly blonde hair, hollowed cheeks, pointed chin, big, full lips, and track-runner physique, he looked like he could be Perseus returning from defeating the Gorgon.

"The ancient Greeks; who else?" Brian's fingertips toyed with one of Lori's perky nipples. "Her name is Rumina. She brings women's breast milk, and protects nursing mothers and their children."

"Just mothers, or any nursing woman?" Lori found herself grinning, in spite of herself. She quite liked the idea of a goddess of breastfeeding. It almost made their venture feel ordained. Divinely sanctioned.

"Oh, I like to think Rumina would be open minded," Brian returned her grin with a cheeky one of his own.

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