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She crumbles her best friend's resistance.

As soon as she touched his throb for the first time his body shook. He stood before her, half naked and they closed their eyes and tried to reach their destination: the bedroom.

Their hands groped one another and they struggled to stop their sexual frustration, the fire in their genitals causing them pain. Finally, they reached the bed, fell onto it hard and stripped one another with fiery instinct. She had to admire his body as he lay in front of her; every inch of him screamed all man with his muscular, toned physique.

Her body was equally hot: curvaceous and tanned. He took a second to glance over her feminine curves before his mind took over and he started to caress his hands and tongue over her figure. He pushed her onto the bed and his rampant licks moisturised her shins, causing her body to turn goose pimply. His hungry licking action caused a shiver to race up her spine and aroused her nipples into hard peaks. Her breasts were firm to his touch and he loved their perfect size for his large, masculine hands. He kissed them ever so gently to tease every bone in her body. His lips were soon between her legs, hungrily lapping up her saturation.

The more he licked her scent, the more he grew attracted to her flavour. His tongue circled her pulsating clitoris and forced a loud, pleasurable moan from between her shapely lips. He pushed a finger into her wet slit to feel her river and he couldn't believe the delight after only a few minutes of foreplay. His finger reached her g-spot and he pressed it firmly while she moaned against his ear, tickling it a little. "Wow! You're extremely wet Susie. It turns me on so much."

"Shut up and kiss me now Ross?" she insisted and he moved his tongue, full of her love juices, towards her pouting lips and kissed her hard.

"I can taste myself on your lips and I'm delicious."

"Fuck me you horny bitch. You're turning me harder," and he didn't tell a lie as he pushed his hard girth next to her warm, inviting sex. He shared her juicy delight in an erotic, long and growing kiss and started to experience even more attraction to her spontaneous spark. He had never been to bed with a girl who had tasted her own sex before. In his eyes, she was a special girl, a spontaneous girl with a wild, fiery sex drive.

Their bodies lay side by side and he brushed his fingers, saturated with her juices, against her throbbing clit and massaged her toward orgasm. He pushed another finger into her damp hole and pressed firmly against her g-spot.

"Oh yes, stroke me there sexy. That's my sensitive spot. Masturbate me harder now?"

"You're so incredibly wet. I can't wait to fuck you?"

"Really? You might have to wait for that."

"That's just mean. I'm stroking you toward orgasm and you're not going to relieve me as soon as you've cum?"

"That's right. I'm a cheeky chimp me, not a monkey sign for nothing. I don't want to talk right now, just kiss me and bring me to orgasm, I'm so close."

He kissed her tasty, full of her sexual lubrication lips and his instinct sensed her orgasm building up, from her breathy moans that she whispered beside his ear, turning him harder. He built up her pressure and took her to that frustrating peak where only an orgasm could relax her body. She bit gently on his lip and gripped his penis tight with her hand, rubbing it up and down insanely hard, displaying to him her peak of tension. She loved the gentle flickers of his fingers over her peaking clit, and whether tongue or fingers, she loved a guy to stroke her to orgasm.

"Oh fuck, I'm cuming Ross, keep it there," she screamed as his finger pressure increased, his lips gently licked against her sensitive ear, and he forced her orgasm out, causing her orgasm to ripple out. Ten seconds later her body had relaxed itself and she whispered a confident "your turn sexy," which brought a cheeky smile to his face.

A pink glow spread across her chest after her bodily contractions and he knew she wasn't an orgasm faker.

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