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A chance encounter with porn star.

She put it down over my lap (great, I thought, at least I have more camouflage in case I cant "keep a good man down" as they say) and then she jumped in under the covers on my wife's side of the bed.

"One condition", I said. "If I pass out first, which is likely for your old man, you can finish watching Saturday Night here, but then you have turn off the TV and scram."

"No problem-o", Kim quickly answered, "and you're not such an old man, you goose". (I never heard her use that expression before, but she had been using a lot of new expressions lately. Maybe she picked them up from her new friend Julie.) She reached over and kissed me on the cheek and then nuzzled her head on my shoulder while grabbing some popcorn. We settled in to watch SNL.

After a while I felt a bit drowsy and asked Kim to remove the tray in case I got too sleepy. She twisted around a bit for position and leaned over me. I could feel her body against mine, her hips pressing into my side, her breasts swaying right in front of me, and I swear she rested her hand on my lap just for a moment as she steadied herself before grabbing the tray. Afterwards she settled back in position with me on my back and her on her side leaning up against me as she threw one arm over me to cuddle. I could feel her breasts poking my side and she almost wrapped her leg over me.
"A penny for your thoughts," Kim whispered in my ear, but I was already pretty drowsy.

"Don't forget to turn off the TV when it's over" I mumbled as I started to drift off


That night I dreamt about my college days again. Short clips of classrooms, dorms, and days of fun blended together until my dream settled on Penny. I'm not sure why, but lately I dreamt of her a lot when my wife was away and tonight my dream was so intense that I could practically smell her scent. I dreamt we were lying in bed together, spooning. She started slowly grinding her panty-clad butt into my crotch. She used to do that a lot when she was in the mood - it's funny how a dream can bring back a vivid memory that you had totally forgotten. I loved the sensation of her grinding against me; so I pulled her butt into my crotch tighter, dry humping along with her rhythm. I reached around her waist, finding her arm in the way as my hand sleepily stroked her belly.

My hand gently followed up and down her arm, working up her arm until I felt her small, firm tits, taking a moment to caress them both, pausing to run my hands over her chest between them, then pressing lightly against her stiff nipples with my palm and fingertips. She shuddered and her breathing was shallow, she was getting hotter with each moment. Penny was almost always horny. As I follower her arm down, I realized that her hand was stuffed into the front of her panties. I let my hand wander further down over her panties and felt her fingers moving in her curly hairs through the soft cotton material.

She was fingering herself, alternating techniques, running her palm over her clit with her fingers stiff and then pumping her fingers in and out of herself. I was enjoying the feeling of her fingers below the material, but allowed my hand to drift further south, letting my fingertips tickle the area where the skin of her thighs met the bottom of her panties. She was humming and squeaking in pleasure at the sensation and ground her butt into my stiff rod more deliberately as she continued pleasuring herself. I let my fingertips work the bottom edge of her panties until I could run a couple of my fingers under the elastic to mesh with her own soaked fingers. The next time she went for her clit, I pushed my fingers into her tight wet hole and she gasped in pleasure. She sighed and hummed stronger as I worked in and out of her.

I began to smell her sex as she pulled her hand out of her underwear and reached back grabbing my rock hard cock through my pajamas.

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