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Staff plans an orgy at the Christmas Party.

' In the meantime I intend keeping my eyes open and my mouth shut."

"I had a similar attitude when I came into the business and received my first real promotion," Matt beamed. "I wanted to change everything by my mother told me that Rome wasn't build in a day and for once I listened."

"You've been a good boy Matt. It appears to me from what I've learned the business is prospering."

Matt's chest puffed out a little and he asked felicitously, "Care for some wine Kerri?"

"Thank you but no. Not during work hours unless it's a social occasion."

"And this is not a social occasion?"

"Matt, you organized this gathering to sort me out because I make you feel uncomfortable but I got in first and slammed you. Now isn't that the truth?"

"To my astonishment Kerri the young woman I didn't think I liked, I'm finding myself doing a real about-face. You are quite amazing. God, if you and Vienna gang up on me..."

"You are a tough cookie Kerri but there is a strong sense of romance about you," Vienna said, taking Kerri's hand. "I'm reminded a little of myself at your age. One day soon I'll tell you about the time thirty-one years ago when Matt told his father he proposed to marry me."

"Mom, I've heard that..."

"Ow!" yelled Cass, bending down to rub his shin.

"Oooh," Kerry said, glaring at Cass. "I'd like to hear that story Vienna, perhaps over a drink when the men are not in the house."

"What a romantic notion," Vienna smiled and laughed with Kerri.

* * *

That evening Kerri shifted in the Coben's house, known in the neighborhood as Coben Mansion. Later on the bed, with Cass's dick in her hand Kerri said, "I have been studiously examining this little darling in my hand for growth rings but have failed to detect any."

"Little darling?"

"Don't be vain. It sounds sweeter than big darling. Answer the question."


"I'm twenty-six. I think I told you that."

"You women lie without lying. You told me no such thing and you know it."

"Devious people can be interesting Cass and that's why I find most older women interesting; they have learned the art of the flexibility of language."

"You mean they've learned to lie and twist?"

"Wasn't that what I just said?"

Cass grinned and held up his hands in surrender. "I didn't expect to have you in my bed so soon."

"Well I'm off to find another bedroom. I know when I'm not wanted."

"Stop teasing."

"Okay but seriously Cass, tell me when to go and I'll push off. I'll even leave my job if that would please you."

"Thank you. I'll keep that all in mind."

"You're a real asshole Cass, thinking I was a hooker."

Cass scowled and said what other type of woman goes into a bar alone after 9:00 at night.

"I'd have no idea and I'd think you haven't a clue about female independence. Like all men you think a women going into a bar alone after dark is looking for only one thing and that's not to find out the time."

"You're funny as well as interesting and possessing a great pair of tits and a fucking excellent pussy."

"I'm glad there's something about me that appeals to you. I didn't think it would be my brain and personality."

"Ah, thinking about women being devious, you bopped that asshole who jilted you."

"Dream on Cass. You keep asking that."

"And you keep on denying it."


"You brazenly warned my father if he wanted a baseball bat around his skull you were just the girl to do it?"


"What other woman would make such an aggressively statement?"

"None I would hope because I like being original. But women slam guys with baseball bats every day."

"How do you know that?"

"I read about it in the newspaper. What do you read, comics? You really don't know what you're talking about Cass. Why don't you fuck least you know about doing that and do it well."

"You are so exasperating at times Kerri. I believe you bopped Kevin Cross."

"Well go and visit him and asked Kevin what he thinks. I have his address. Goodnight."

"Kerri, we were about to fuck?"

"I was but all you wanted to do is attempt to play Dick Tracy and solve a crime.

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