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Intensive therapy continues aboard the Enterprise.

She sat on the top step.

"You seemed to enjoy playing solo for the camera."

Toni nodded.

With her index finger, Melanie motioned for her to swim toward her.

"Wait!" replied Toni. "I'm straight. I even have a fianc__. We're getting married in a few months."

Melanie smiled. "Does he know you're bi?"

Toni shook her head. "I'm not bi!"

"Neither am I," replied Melanie. "But that doesn't mean we can't have some fun taking pictures together."

Toni sat beside Melanie. "Do I have a choice?"

Melanie sat back on the steps, propping herself up with her elbows. "Of course you do. In fact, you can leave right now if you want to. I'll give you your clothes back and delete all of the photos on my camera right in front of you."

For about two minutes, there was dead silence. Before Toni could reply, Melanie spoke.

"I knew it! If you really wanted to leave, you'd have left as soon as I said you could. You're enjoying this."

Toni took in a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. "Yes. I've never been like this before around another woman. And I am enjoying it!"

"Move in closer," said Melanie. "Pretend to lick my nipple. But don't touch me."

Toni slid closer to Melanie on the step and stuck her tongue out.

Melanie pressed the button on the remote.


From that angle, it looked like Toni was licking Melanie's nipple.

"Now, another one. Only this time, pretend to touch both of my nipples with your index fingers."


Melanie sat on the top step, out of the water. She spread her legs wide.

"Come in closer and pretend to lick my clit."

Toni rolled over into the water and placed her face between Melanie's legs. She turned her head sideways and stuck out her tongue, an inch from Melanie's clit.


"Place your hand in front of my pussy like you're fingering me."


Melanie got out of the water, dried off, and looked at the pictures they had taken.


She looked up to see Toni lying back on the steps, her hands working her breasts and clit. Melanie smiled.

"Looks like you enjoyed that, too!"

The sound of her voice broke Toni's concentration and she stopped what she was doing.

"Yes, I did!"

Melanie thought for a moment. "Then, I have something else for you to do, which I think you may enjoy as much if not more. There's a little club five minutes from here. The owner is a friend of mine. I'll change and we'll get you something to wear. You can't walk in there in your power company uniform."

Toni donned her bra and panties. Then, Melanie found a white button down top and white shorts that her sister had left there from her last visit. They turned out to be a perfect fit, if not a little bit tight on top. That was easily fixed by having Toni open the top three buttons, revealing much more of her cleavage than she normally would have liked to show.

While Toni used the bathroom, Melanie made a quick phone call.

A short drive later they arrived a Linda's, a stylish club with a bar, stage and tables -- and no men allowed.

All of the tables were filled with young women, all stylishly dressed as if coming from work for a drink and some fun. The waitresses also were young women as were the bartenders. Up on the stage, the owner, Linda, was talking into a microphone about how a special guest was on her way.

"And here she is now!"

As soon as they walked in, Linda spotted Melanie and Toni and waved them up to the stage. She cued the female DJ to play some dance music. It was loud and had a heavy, rhythmic beat.

"Go on up on the stage," said Melanie.


"Go on! You're the main attraction. You get to keep half"

Toni's heart was racing. "Half of what?"

"You'll see."

As if in a trance, Toni started to bump and grind to the music.

Melanie stood off to the side, capturing the whole thing with her camera.

Linda shouted into the microphone.

"How much for her top?"

One of the young women called out, "Ten!"

Another yelled "Fifteen!"

Another called out "Twenty!"

The bidding stopped at $30.

Linda collected the cash from the top bidder, who walked up on stag

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