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A young slut takes her first step into a different life.

"Hey, buddy," he said, "Maybe we'll get to see some action tonight." ... Mario only the enigmatic way that he always did...while his cock fought for control in his tightening pants.

Once inside the house, Mario followed Joe upstairs while Joe got him situated with the shower. Mario was impressed at the beautiful Italian cobblestones in the shower and estimated it was large enough to hold at least 6 people. It had 2 sprays and a seat, and you could stand under the pulsating blast of water that was aimed at you every-which way. There was every product you could imagine in there, including some very nice men's products. He could hear the three of them laughing and talking downstairs as he soaped his long, muscular rangy body. He began to get hard as he thought of Jess and Lisa together. Lisa had told him that Jess was amazing at eating her pussy, not as good as HE was of course, because he was a Master but he remembered them talking about it.

He began touching himself...stroking his large cock and moaning softly...the hot water and soap-suds running down his body...his balls...his hardening erection. To his surprise, the shower door suddenly opened and there was his Goddess standing there...with Jess and Joe. They were all carrying more Margaritas...and were all naked. His hard-on immediately became HUGE as Lisa came up to him and started stroking his body while Jess fell to her knees and enveloped his rigid Italian sausage in her petite mouth. He looked at the Chef, as he always did, for tacit agreement and she smiled as she took Joe's cock in her hands and began to stroke it. She pulled Jess's wet hair off her face and held it back so she could cram more of Mario's penis in her mouth. Lisa held her head forcibly as she forced Jess to deep-throat Mario. Joe became rock-hard as he watched his petite wife choking on Mario's massive meat. Lisa kept on pushing Jess's head back and forth on Mario's cock and he was so excited he was having trouble maintaining control.

All four of them began caressing each other's bodies... soaping each other...washing their hair...feeling the sensual water splashing down on their aroused bodies. Jess was loving the soapy, slippery feel of Lisa's giant melon tits as Joe was finger fucking her. Lisa took a cock into each hand and rinsed the foursome off. They followed her out of the shower obediently as the Birthday girl wantonly positioned her hourglass Marilyn Monroe-like frame across the bed. "Hey guys," she purred... It's STILL my birthday, hmmmm?" With smiles on all three of their faces, Mario, Jess and Joe all climbed up into that big soft bed and there were three sets of hands...three sets of tongues...stubble...soft silky hair...pubes, Jess's proud erect tits...all of them went to town on the Chef. Mario told Jess he would show her how to make the Chef crazy Joe was suckling and caressing Lisa's 42DD tits while Jess sat on her face. Mario was kissing and licking and sucking on Lisa's pussy...oh...soooo... good as she was pulling on Joe's cock while licking Jess's tiny little tight pussy that smelled like flowers.

Jess reached down and began to rub Lisa's clit as Mario stuck his long tongue inside of her, then in her ass.

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