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The Final Chapter.

Neither of T/them wanted to feel stuffed.

"Did you enjoy the meal?" He asked.

"It was wonderful. Thank you for bringing me here."

He smiled at her and rested His hand on her leg under the table. she shivered. she had completely forgotten that she had nothing on under her dress. her legs were still crossed, but His hand felt warm and gentle on her leg.

"Uncross your legs, little one."

she looked around the room to see if anyone would notice. It appeared no one could see what was happening under T/their table. He smiled as she looked about. He had already done that. He refused to humiliate her. she uncrossed her legs, but held them together as she looked back at him. When she felt His fingers slowly slide up the inside of her thigh, she bit her lower lip to keep from whimpering.

"Did you care for any dessert, little one?"

"What? Dessert? Ummm, no. I'm too full for dessert."

His question caught her off guard and she blushed. He was asking her about more food while His fingers were so close to touching her sex? And then she realized He was teasing her.

"You brat," she smirked.

"What?" feigning innocence. And then He whispered with a wicked grin, "Dessert will come later."

Part 4

she woke up before He did. It was usually the other way around. she had never felt so happy, so safe, so loved as she had the last few days. It had also been years since she slept as well as she had been sleeping these last few nights. she wasn't sure if it was T/their love making or just feeling so relaxed and safe in His presence. Although she had to admit, sex the night before, after the Italian dinner, had exhausted her. she smiled at the thought of it. she had been wet most of the evening without panties. Upon returning home, they were all over each other, kissing, holding, caressing, and undressing each other. T/they were both naked by the time they reached the bed, with their clothes scattered in the living room and the bedroom. she purred as she remembered the lust filled love making that happened after that.

He stirred slightly and she found herself returning to the present. she loved being held by Him like this. They were "spooned" together. her back was pressed against His chest. Her bottom was neatly tucked against His hips and pubic bone. her head was laying on the pillow with His arm under the pillow, with His face less than an inch from the back of her head. His other arm was draped over her body and she held His hand against her belly with her own hand.

she closed her eyes and returned her thoughts to the night before. she smiled as she remembered His hands and His lips touching the different places on her body. Without realizing it, she began to move His hand between her thighs. Also, without realizing it, she woke Him. But He did not move or stir. He was still groggy, but slowly was becoming aware of what was happening. He smiled when He realized what she was doing and He did nothing to stop her or even let her become aware of Him being awake.

she gently manipulated His fingers to rub against her folds. He realized that she was already moist. she whimpered quietly and then bit her lip to silence herself. she was suddenly aware of His fingers touching her.

"Oh my god! What am I doing?" she thought.

she stopped for a moment, but did not remove His hand. But her lust was too strong. she started to manipulate His fingers again.

Enough was enough, He decided. He slide two fingers inside of her. At the same time, he wrapped his other arm around her, using His hand to hold her opposite shoulder. she gasped in surprise and then moaned in pleasure.

"Did you think you were going to do this without Me, little one?" he chuckled.

she stammered, not quite knowing what to say and finally, ended up saying nothing.

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