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Young guy jealously watches his bully fuck his mommy.

To be honest, I could only take a few inches. My Dad tried to help me. He placed a hand on the back of my head. He tried to force more of his cock down my throat. I was gagging as I gave my father head.

I can tell you that I wanted my Dad so badly. I wanted to relieve the pressure he was feeling. I am guessing that my Dad was nine inches fully erect. I would pull away for a few seconds and look at his erection. I wondered what something like that would feel like inside my tiny pussy. I didn't get to find out that day. I heard my Dad grunt after a few minutes and then he erupted.

Hot cum was hitting the roof of my mouth. I kept swallowing but there was so much of it. His seed was leaking from the corners of my mouth and also down my chin.

"Oh fuck!" My Dad cried out.

He was pushing harder down my throat. A few times I took most of his dick. His big balls were hitting my chin. This must have continued for a good ten minutes. My Dad finally felt like he was totally empty. I pulled away and used my tongue to lick up what I could. I stood up and went into the bathroom to clean up. When I came back my Dad had zipped up. My Mom was due shortly.

"I don't know what made you do that, but thank you Amy," he told me.

Mom finally arrived but everything was subdued between Dad and me. We kept our thoughts to ourselves until the next day. I couldn't get my Dad out of my mind. One thing kept coming up. I wanted to feel my Dad inside me. I was betting he felt the same way. I got home first the next day. I went into my bedroom and undressed. Dad got home a few minutes later. He called out my name.

"I'm in my bedroom," I shouted out.

Dad walked into my room and there I was on my back with my legs spread wide. Daddy didn't waste any time. He stripped out of his work clothes and joined me. He went right to work licking my pussy. His hot tongue slipped in between my folds. I almost orgasmed immediately. He licked and chewed on my clit. I was barely hanging on. Dad finally pulled away and moved on top of me.

I could smell the sweat from his body. I wanted him to take me. I didn't have long to wait. I felt the tip of his mushroom probing my opening. He wedged his cock slightly past my slit. All of a sudden he pushed in the whole way. I let out this scream when I felt him splitting me open. It was like two wild animals in heat. Dad pushed in the whole way and held his cock motionless. I begged him not to torture me. He began fucking me.

Dad gave me the deepest strokes he could. It felt like his dick was reaching up into my tummy. His balls were slapping against my ass cheeks. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body and then held on. He gave me the fucking of a lifetime. No man ever made me feel that passionately like on that first day. My Dad said that I was his lover from now on. He wouldn't share me.

There would never be another man I would want other than him, I told him. We had to have fucked for around a half an hour. My pussy was feeling raw when Daddy finally came in me. I know he shot his load the day before but he filled me up again. Hot streams of his white seed entered my body. I fantasized that his baby cum was coating my eggs. I wanted him that much.

Unfortunately we had to finish up quickly. Mom would be home soon. What a pain in the ass this was becoming. We were dressed when my mother walked in the door. It would be a few days until we would have each other again. On the weekend we both pretended we were going on errands. Dad found us a room at some cheap motel. We had more time for lovemaking that Saturday.

I ended up riding my Dad's monster cock. I felt like a cheap whore he had picked up. I bounced up and down as Dad gripped my tits in his hands. I have medium sized breasts. My Dad's big hands were able to wrap around my tits completely. He pinched and massaged my nipples until I screamed with pleasure. The best part was that Dad was now stretching my pussy out. I was able to take him easier now.

When a Daddy fucked me he had so much cum to give me.

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