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She loses her cherry.

She hopes Big Daddy likes her outfit. She's not used to wearing dresses, but she knows he likes them on her. He went out and bought this one for her, a black dress knee high with lace on the shoulders and back. He also got her matching lace thong and bra. Baby Girl has gotten used to wearing thongs for her Master, and Seeing Big Daddy in his suit and tie has got them soaked halfway through the dinner. He is always a simple wardrobe man, but she finds it adorable but so sexy that he dresses his best when he's out with her. His eyes rarely leave her shape, as if he's taking all of her in his view. Out of nervousness she plays with the bracelet he got her for her last birthday.

"Are...are you alright?" she blurts out.

He doesn't change his look, all he does is give a thin smile.

"Baby Girl, look at every guy in here. They all wish they were sitting where I'm at, I am doing very well."

He has a way of completely understanding her. He gives an answer that best calms her nerves.

She gets too flustered to say something romantic back.

"Must be a hell of a comfortable chair."

He gives a rare full smile. He really is enjoying himself. She thinks her bladder is saving her from getting too worked up. She asks to excuse herself and she heads to the bathroom. When she gets in she sees that the bathroom is empty, which is perfect for her to collect herself. She checks the mirror first, makes sure her makeup is put together. She fixes her hair out of habit. She looks at the mirror and takes a couple of deep breaths. Whatever the past consisted of, the man out there loves her for her. That must she knows. Her though t is interrupted by the though she really has to pee. She finds a close stall and steps in. Being a borderline germophobe she makes sure the toilet is lace with toilet paper. The opening of the bathroom door reminds her that she didn't lock the stall. As she turns the knob, she sees a pair of shoes in front of the stall that that make her heart skip a beat. She opens the stall door to see Big Daddy standing there.

"Have a seat Baby Girl"

She drops down the toilet seat, cold sweat but her panties are now soaked. The staff knows them; they would talk if they caught her and her Master. He walks in front of her and closes the stall.

"You excused yourself, but you didn't ask my permission to relieve yourself". Her mouth goes dry, "May...May I pee Master?" He unzips his fly and pulls out his thick white cock.

"First take of this"

She doesn't hesitate, in one big gulp she takes his entire member. She fights off her gag reflex to take his dick as fast and hard to the back of her throat as possible. She feels his hand guiding the back of her head, so she feels she needs to go deeper. As she goes the full length, she feels her stomach trying to kick the foreign object out of her mouth. Just as she tries to pull back, he keeps his hand to the back of her head, keeping her from moving. Her eyes tear up as her throat is violated.

Finally he let's go, and she jerks back as saliva drools down he mouth on to her dress.

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