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Pan goes back to Jax's house to getting used hard and deep.

y are you dressed like this tonight?"

I asked innocently, "What do you mean, I was about to go to bed when you rang the door bell."

"No, I mean you look so different tonight. I have never seen you so scantily clad, not that I am complaining. Just wondering to what I owe this good fortune to, that's all!"

"I was actually hoping to have some action with Roby tonight since he'll be gone the next four days and so went on an elaborate shaving and showering and dressing-up-like-a-slut routine to give him a good time. But when I was all ready and went into the bedroom, he was already fast asleep. He was very tired and even skipped tennis practice." So here I am. Does that answer your question, Raja?"

It was then that I noticed what he was wearing. It looked like a colorful sarong and I asked him what it was. It covered him from waist to ankles. He was wearing a T-shirt on top.

He said, "It is called a Lungi in our language. It is just a large piece of soft fabric, which can be wrapped around the waist and will stay there depending on how you tuck it in around the waist. It is our traditional nightdress for men. Not only is it comfortable but it is convenient for action in bed. Most of the time though, we have to look for it in the morning; it has this habit of sliding off one's waist during sleep. Since we don't wear any underwear, we look like James Bond when we wake up.

At this I burst out laughing and said, "I like you very much Raja. Time seems to fly by when I am with you."

"Thank you, Jill. I feel the same way too. I cannot take my eyes off you when you are in the room. And dressed like you are right now, it is impossible for me to concentrate on anything else!"

I asked innocently, "How am I dressed, Raja?"

"To be honest, you are dressed like a slut, a beautiful slut and behaving like a bitch in heat! And I love to be the guest of honor." The way he said it turned me on very much.

"Thank you, Raja, I am glad you like it. The man it was meant for missed his chance so here I am available to anyone that wants me." And saying this, I laughed out loud like it was supposed to be a joke. But he did not laugh and was quite serious when he said, "Jill, I don't want to appear rude or brash, but I am having a hard time controlling my urge to make a move on you. I know it is not proper, but you are making this very difficult for me, dressed the way you are."

I loved the way the conversation was going. It turned me on so much! This was the sort of dialog I craved for from Roby and here this lovely young man was dishing it out for me to lap it all up! I decided to help him along and so went over to the sofa and sat down. I had one leg on the coffee table in front of me and the other leg was spread out to rest on the edge of the sofa. This pose caused the shorts to not only ride up my thighs but also to tighten around my pussy and the soft mound was even more pronounced. Then I leaned back on the sofa into a relaxed position with my arms stretched over my head. I knew I had him. His eyes were gobbling up everything I had to offer him visually. And that's when I noticed his lungi keenly. There was a big bulge in the center, a huge one. I looked at it openly, knowing he was observing my stare. It looked as though his cock was struggling to push aside the lungi and peep out. My heart was in my throat and the desire in me was heating up my pussy and it was dripping wet to the extent that the moisture could be seen in my crotch. Without taking my eyes of the bulge, in case his cock did escape out, I softly caressed my pussy over the soft shorts, spreading my thighs out a bit more.

I suddenly asked him, "Hey, Raja, how does it stay around your waist like that? Could you show me how you wear it, please?"

He eagerly moved forward and unwrapped the cloth from his waist and showed me the free edges and then deftly wrapped it around his waist and tucked the hem in.

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