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She is waiting for his return and what it will entail.

It really didn't smell too bad, I thought, kinda nice actually.

That was the first session that Patti ever actually touched my dick, it was just a bump, an accident. Wow was I aware of it, though. I was thinking great success.

That night Martha asked me what I was wearing, I told her deodorant. She wrinkled up her nose and told me it stunk, but that night in bed she went down on me for the first time in maybe 5 years. While she was gobbling away I imagined it was Patti down there, I came so hard that I thought the wife was going to strangle.

Of course she jumped up and ran to the bathroom to spit it out as I lay there wondering how this stuff worked.

It sure did seem to. Martha came back out and cuddled up next to me naked, in short order my old weenie responded again which delighted her and I bent her over and hosed her good from behind as she went into the "yiyiyiyiyi" stuff she always does. I can't kick, Martha is a damn good fuck, that's part of why I married her, I just wished she would get in the mood a bit more often.

But there was no change in the massage sessions except for Patti every now and then bumped my pecker, and a couple of times she even ran her hand up my leg so far she touched my nuts.

I knew I needed something more, so I did a search. There was dozens of websites selling pheromones, I bought some of all of them, even one that said "100 times stronger".

Man. 100 times? Hell, that should do it!

Nope, no real change, although now Patti was using just a medium size towel over my butt, she had mentioned something about it being warmer in the Summer and she wanted me comfortable.

I just told her that whatever she was comfortable with was fine with me. I was still giving her $70 each massage session and still getting nice long ones, at the least she did make me feel good.

I also noticed the picture of her and her hubby was gone from the massage room.

I took that to be a good sign.

So I did some more snooping. I found a website that made CDs with messages hidden in the background.

"Breaks down her inhibitions and she doesn't even know it!" it said. Then a bunch more stuff about "restrictions from upbringing" and "restores her natural sex drive!"


Wow. Sounded good to me!

Just what I needed, no way could she resist that AND the pheromone stuff.

I cleverly mentioned that a "friend" had made me this neat CD, it had beautiful violin music. I went on and on about how much I liked it, she smiled and told me to bring it over if I wanted to and she would play it during our session.


So I lay there listening to this recording of some guy who was probably in learning mode, playing scratchy violin music that I can only say was awful.

I should have listened to the fucking thing first.

Patti's reaction to it was nothing. Nothing at all.

I was a little bit pissed off, the thing cost me a hundred bucks.

I took the CD home, put it on my isolater, it is a tool that lets me take out certain parts and just listen to the horn line or the bass, whatever. It didn't take me long to figure out what was wrong, somehow they had sent me the damned "Stop smoking" background, and neither one of us smoked.

Probably never fucking going to either, after that.

I sent the thing back with a crabby letter, the company was pretty good about it because a week later I got a phone call from their rep.

He apologized and offered to make it up to me by making a custom CD.

That sounded cool, the background would even use my name and offer suggestions of exactly what I wanted her to do.

Hell, I wanted her to whack me off at least, told the guy so. He just laughed, said that was easy.

10 days later I had a CD that said "beautiful music", so off to my massage I went armed with the newest pheromone that had no scent at all, they claimed. I just handed Patti the CD, she took it and stuck it in the player.

Halfway through the session Patti bumped up against my balls, pretty firmly. I waited and darned if she didn't do it again, and no apology like she always did before.

Hell, I was harder than a Stallio

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