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A tight fit.

They must use it when it gets real busy. You took my drink aside and popped yourself up on the edge of a pool table and motioned for me to come in close. As you pulled me closer, I could feel the excitement in my stomach. You whispered in my ear, softly,

"Now... what do you really want?" We both knew as I nuzzled my first kiss at the base of your neck, just under your ear. I slowly drew back feeling the soft hairs on the side of your face do an intricate dance with my soft beard. When our lips met, there was a rush of heat, like lightning struck from the inside out. We couldn't keep ourselves out of each other's mouth. Gently probing with intertwined tongues, for what seemed like hours. As I pulled away, I gazed into your eyes, which were now drunk with passion and desire.

"Whatever I want, huh?" is all I mumbled. Your smile indicated that you open and willing to please.

"Anything you want, yes" was all you said as you tasted my lips once again.

"I want you to be my work of art, follow all of my movements and accept every feeling."

"I will, I will," was your reply with heavy breath. I leaned in as we kissed and ground our hips together. Your legs locked firmly around my waist, drawing me closer with each second. I laid you back onto the soft green felt and worked my kisses down your neck and body through the center of your breasts and down your stomach. With your arms stretched above, like you were reaching for some far off place, you moaned softly with eyes shut as I lifted your shirt and began to gently kiss your bare stomach and worked my way back up. When I reached your breasts I paid special attention to each one. Sucking on your nipples peaked them further, as they were already hard from excitement. I lightly flicked my tongue and drew a cool breath across, sending a cool shiver down your spine and into your loins. You let out a small whelp, as if catching your breath, as I gently bit them and sucked harder. As I rose and slowly started to slide you pants off, you unlocked the vise-like grip of your legs around my waist. As I slid the clothes from your body, you began to remove your underwear, and I stopped you.

"I will do it when the time is right," I said as you lay back down enjoying each moment. Once your pants were off I rolled you on to your stomach and motioned for you to stand, bent at the waist, and outstretched across the table. You obliged with a hypnotic willingness. You never questioned what I was doing, for there was total trust. I gently paced two soft kisses on the back of each knee. My hands caressed the back of your thighs as I realized my daily fantasies of this exact thing. I admired and cherished every inch the back of those beautiful legs, which gracefully turned into the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. Kissing and licking until I could feel the heat radiating from you. Slowly, I peeled the thong across and down your ass. Once freed of the sexy undergarment, you arched your back slightly, lifting your chin off of the table. This had a dual effect, one of

"presenting" yourself for further exploration, and the second was an invitation, or more of a pleading for attention.

"Don't you worry, I'll be there soon enough" I said.

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