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It was a routine morning jog.

I imagined him mounting his bike, a thousand curious thoughts in his head. Riding up the long hill from our house before the quick decent on the other side to the river rapids. A subsiding erection still thick in his shorts. Each upstroke of his leg a delicate tug at the Lycra around his cock. The friction and the thoughts causing his cock to re-harden. His cock swelling and spreading across to the top of the leg now rubbing directly on it. His cock stiff and fully erect before the top of the hill, the Lycra and the leg maintaining it like a hand in a glove. I even anticipated that as he rounded that last curve before the crest of the hill, he'd look at his watch out of habit to test his king of the mountain times, and wonder how much time he'd lost through the drag from the lump in his new streamlined 'Close Fits'.

On the down hill he'd have space for quick sprints. The friction of his leg would be like a fast pumping fist around a cock. I anticipated that on the home straight along the river bank he'd put in one last sustained sprint. Cock, Lycra and leg in a furious threesome. Thinking one last thought about what he'd seen and what he'd wanted. His cock exploding in his pants, cum soaking through the Lycra

When he returned from the trip two days later, alive and not drowned, I had a surprise for him.

"I'm not taking no for an answer so don't even think about, you're coming and that's that, we leave Friday week."

The day he left I won a holiday in the office raffle.

At the office, when they asked who I was taking I said "just someone new". Jenny said she saw a glint in my eye and whispered to me later "so, someone new to play with? I saw the look in your eye, got a special one to play with have you?" Jenny understands 'my thing' more than anyone, she's a genuine kindred spirit. "Well, lets just say there's an added dimension to getting the anticipation right this time, I'm not sharing this one with you yet." Even as I was saying it I was thinking I probably wouldn't share; not even with Jenny.

I told my son to go check out the pool while I checked in. I hadn't shown him the prize voucher and didn't want him blurting something dumb at the reception.

you have won
A romantic long weekend for two at
New Adventures resort
pamper yourselves in a huge king room for two
all expenses paid
free champagne and plate of chocolate creams in your room on arrival
prize kindly donated by Harden Bonds - the name families trust

When he did see the room, he tried to pull the couch out into a single bed. I said "leave it to me I'll work something out you go and find the gym."

We splashed and baked our way through the sunny day then had an all expenses paid dinner at the in-house seafood restaurant. "I'll sleep on the couch" he said seeing I'd worked nothing out. "Don't be silly, have you seen the size of that bed, you could sleep the Brady Bunch on that and there'd still be room for Alice." I could see some uncertainty in his face. "I'm so worn out from all that exercise you made me do in the pool, I'll be out in seconds, I'm too tired to do any dreaming tonight. I'm just going to wrap a sarong around me and pass out, it's too hot to even get under the covers." He knows when I've made up my mind about things so there was no argument.

"I want some of those chocolates and champagne before I go to bed though." He turned on the television and tried most of the other free resort gadgets (radio, dimmer lights, remote control window blinds) while I got the chocolate and drink. I noticed he hadn't turned on, but was curiously glancing at, the large jacuzzi that was almost in the middle of the room. "Maybe it's there so you can watch television from it" I said as I handed him a flute of champagne "cheers". "Go for it if you like, I'm going to bed soon, you can tell me in the morning what its like." He didn't move, but my mind did, anticipating the fun of some 'my thing' games I could play in there.

With enough champagne in us to fe

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