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Two straight guys get cajoled into some gay action.

Having buried his lund in Fulava's chut Anu stopped moving for a while, both of them savoring the taste of a thick lund in a tight chut. After few minutes during which his mouth was busy on her mouth, he pulled out a couple of inches of the lund and slowly sunk back in. If Fulava felt any pain she did not give any indication. Emboldened Anu pulled out about half of his lund and gently pushed in. Her vagina gave a soft squeeze. No pain yet.

Without his conscious effort his pelvis picked up the rhythm of undulating backwards and forwards causing his lund go in and come out of her chut. Her chut was responding by gently squeezing the lund. In fact, Anu felt as if his lund was gripped in a fist and was getting a hand job, only better.

His entire lund and her whole bhos and chut were all drenched in their combined love juices. The lund could easily slide in and out of the chut. However the chut was so narrow that the foreskin and the skin over the shaft were getting forcibly pulled up at the time of penetration. This left the sensitive cock head bare to rub against the vaginal walls. The same foreskin and the skin on the shaft were pulled down like a shirtsleeve when the lund was withdrawn. It felt like her vagina giving him a hand job. Every movement of the lund sparked a thrill, which spread all over his body giving him fine shivers.

While his lund was busy drilling her chut his mouth and hands were not sitting idle. Self-experimentation had taught them some tricks of kissing and they were practicing them. At any time one's tongue was sure to be found inside the mouth of the other caressing the inner smooth skin, teeth and palate. There was free flow of spittle as much as if not more than the flow of their love juices. Both had learned to fuck the other's mouth with the tongue made stiff like lund. They nibbled, licked, sucked and bit whatever place they could reach.

Their hands could not get enough of each other. Fulava's breasts were heavy with engorgement. Her nipples were sore from assault of Anu's mouth and fingers and were in a state of perpetual erection. The areolas were puffier than before. Anu was handling her breasts with love and care but at times was carried away in excitation when unknowingly he would maul her tender breasts like his enemies.

Fulava on her part simply loved his hands on her breasts, lips on her nipples and finger on her clitoris. Early during fucking when the wound in her pussy was fresh and she did not know how to handle the lund to her best enjoyment, she was shy of moving her pelvis. As the lund went on foraging her chut her whole bhos started tingling, her clitoris generated waves upon waves of sweet thrills which spread all over her body and her hips learned movements that brought her clitoris in direct contact with his plunging penis. Her hips jerked backwards and forwards, up and down, right and left, gyrated, swung and bucked without restrain.. At times Anu had hard time staying in saddle. A couple of times the lund was dislodged from the chut. Fulava then had frantically searched for it and brought it on the right tract.

As their excitement escalated and passion piled up they appeared to be engaged in sort of a duel ; and duel it was, each opponent striving to give maximum pleasure to the other. Both had thrown to winds the caution of sustaining injury. They simply fucked on, moaning and grunting with Aaahs, Uuhhs. Siiiisis. Uuiiis and such.

It was Fulava who was swept into an orgasm first. Suddenly she was engulfed by the wave upon wave in the sea of pure bliss. She convulsed from head to toe, became stiff for few seconds and then relaxed completely. Her eyes got winched and saliva drooled out from her mouth. Her chut went into a prolonged series of strong spasms accompanied by jerking and stiffening of the clitoris. It appeared that she had passed out.

Anu was scared.

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