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You use the right tools for the job.

Every time we were alone she would toss her hair to the side away from me, exposing her graceful neck with its creamy skin. I knew I was in for a long hard evening of subtle teasing.

It seemed to take forever to get everyone checked in and to their camp sites. Once we got them all checked in Billie kissed me and said see you at 1. My heart nearly stopped from the excitement.

The hours ticked by; all I could do was wait with anticipation for all of these youth and other adults to go to bed so I could slip away quietly and serve my Mistress.

Finally the last propane lantern went out...midnight...I was going to be able to do this.

I gave myself 15 minutes to walk down the long drive to the big house. I managed it in 10. I went to the side door as instructed and found it unlocked. I went in and the house was lit with candles. I took a seat in the parlor and waited.

At 1am sharp the door to her apartment opened and her hand beckoned me in.

By this point in time my cock and balls were killing me. My ass was raw from the rubbing of the hook between my cheeks.

I entered the room and was blinded by a flashlight directly in my eyes. Then she put a blindfold on me and lead me back to her bedroom.

She helped me undress and then pushed me forward onto her bed. I made no effort to catch myself. I wanted her to see I trusted her.

She rolled me over and began releasing the hook from my cage. She asked how many times I had pulled it out..."not once" I replied.

"Mmmm...good boy! We should clean you out then huh?" And with that she lead me to her bathroom, had me empty myself and then began a nice comfortable enema. The warm water trickled in at first and as she saw I was relaxing she opened the nozzle a click or two. Soon I had taken the entire bag. She had me hold it for a bit.

She removed the nozzle and told me to relieve myself. When I was finished she started a second enema saying she loved a squeaky clean ass and she wanted to make sure I was well hydrated.

Once she had me all cleaned out she lead me back to the bed and had me lay so I was bent over the edge with my feet on the floor and spread apart, exposing my ass and balls. She started smacking my ass. It stung at first then the warming sensation began.

She grabbed and tugged down on my balls. I whimpered and tensed up but did not move.

She asked if she would ever have to restrain me. I said: "No ma'am, I was trained better than that."

She said she was very happy for that because a true sub will restrain himself out of devotion to his Mistress

She dug her fingernails into my back and scratched me hard...the entire length of my spine. My back arched lifting my shoulders from the bed but I didn't try to get up.

Billie then began lubing my ass. She said something about it being medicinal as well to take the sting out of having the hook in so long. Then she slid her slender fingers into my tight ass, probing me to see what I will take. One finger at first...then two. She found I was tight but very receptive as I relaxed more and more. She asked if it had been a while since someone played with my ass; I responded yes...too long.

She slid a third finger in and then a fourth. She asked if I had ever been fisted. I said I hadn't she said that was going to change.

She slowly removed her fingers from my ass and added more lube. She said she wanted me to see something and told me to remove my blindfold. I did so quickly...if for no other reason than to see what she was wearing. I smiled as my eyes focused on her totally naked body...well almost totally naked. She was wearing a harness and strap-on. She showed me that it had a total of three dildos: the one I could obviously see, one in her tight pussy and the other in her perfect ass. She said she was going to fuck me until she had an orgasm.

She stepped back around behind me and soon I felt her pressing the head of the strap-on against my hole.

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