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The Stain.


I kissed her lips softly and got out of the car. I was fuming at her bloody mother, and her father for letting this carry on. What type of a man lets his own daughter get beaten up in her own home? Megan had told me he lived near by on Deeside. I decided I would like a word with him about what had been going on. But right now my priority was my pet. She'd said her mother was a bit of a bully but I never realised what she'd been putting up with for God knows how long. I was glad I'd asked to move in now. Most of my mates would have laughed themselves silly over the feelings I was experiencing right now; all I wanted was to take her home and wrap her up, to keep her safe from the big bad world and that's exactly what I was going to do. I walked back into the office and knocked on my manager's door.

'You got a minute Steve?'

'Sure Clive, come on in, what's up?'

'Something's come up, I'm going to have to take the rest of the day as annual leave. My phone'll be switched off but I'll check my email when I get a minute.'

'Everything ok? This is a bit sudden.'

'I'm fine. You remember that lass I was telling you about though?' Steve nodded so I carried on. 'Well she's just turned up looking like she'd done a couple of rounds with Ricky Hatton, so I need to get her sorted out, it's just going to take me a while.'

'Ok well let me know how things go. I reckon we can hold this place together without you for one afternoon.'

'Thanks mate. See you tomorrow.'

I quickly logged on to my email to get everything sent to my home address and left. I didn't want to leave her on her own for more than a few minutes. She was still sitting in her car with her face hidden behind her hair. I knocked on her window to tell her where my car was and she jumped at the sound.

'Sorry Sir, I didn't see you there.'

'It's fine, my car's just round the corner in the car park. If you wait here til I get it and then you can follow me out the city, ok?'

'Yes Sir.' She seemed much happier now I had taken control of everything again.

I drove slowly out of the town and along the back roads to my house. She was a good driver and had no problem keeping up with me. I was pleased that she could follow my instructions even though she was feeling so bad. It would make it much easier for her to settle into my routine once I had her home.

I pulled up in the drive. It was big enough for both our cars to sit in, one of the advantages of living in the middle of nowhere was all the space I had around me. The house was built in the 19th century out of old sandstone and had been a gamekeeper's lodge for the big house in the park. I'd spent a fair bit of money on it after the divorce, getting rid of all traces of my ex wife, and now it was modern and comfortable on the inside but kept the charm of the old world, at least that's what a old girlfriend told me. She was a bit of a snob really, I think it was the house she liked, more than my company in it. Whatever it was, now it was my pet's new home. I opened the front door for her and took her inside. I sat her down on the big leather sofa in the sitting room and put the fire on. I stood in front of her, looking down at her poor bruised face.

'Right, have you eaten today?'

'Yes Sir.'

'Do you want tea?'

'No thank you Sir. I'm fine.'

'In that case you can tell me what's been going on. How long has your mother been slapping you around?'

I wanted to get to the bottom of this straight away while she was still off balance enough to tell me the truth. She looked at me, shocked that I could be so forthright with her but spoke obediently.

'I don't know Sir, she had stopped for a while but when Dad left she started it again.'

She stopped and looked down at the floor. Her voice was monotone, flat and she sounded utterly defeated. I sat down on the sofa beside her and pulled her on to my lap. She was so small when she curled up in a ball that I could put my chin on top of her head and make her feel safe.

'Do you know why?' I asked her softly.

'Why she does it or why she waited til Dad left?'


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